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Water Mate - Chapter 21




Water Mate - Chapter 21

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Proteus' standpoint

I swam behind Galatea who was leading me into the deepest and darkest trench in the ocean. The trench was the legendary prison for evil sea creatures, ones locked by the sea gods and goddesses. The prison keepers all rose alerted as they saw me with Galatea.

"We don't have time to answer them, we have to free her before Amphitrite finds out what we are up to!" Galatea shouted, creating dark fire balls in her hands. "Kill them!" She shouted and threw the balls at the keepers.

I spun the trident in my hand and zapped it at the surface. A big ball formed above us and sent beams of ice across the trench, freezing every single soul except Galatea and I.

"And this is why I wanted you, you make working easier." Galatea laughed.

"Just lead the way." I snapped. She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Fun sponge," she muttered. She continued swimming deeper into the trench. When we finally reached the bottom of the trench, she stopped at a giant gate. I had never been so deep down in the prison. "This is where she is."

"The gate is chained," I pointed out, pointing at the giant blue chains sealing the gate, "and protected, I can't touch it."

"You are not suppose to touch it, you are suppose to combine your powers with mine and rip the chains apart, not touch it." She huffed, twirling her darkness in her hands.

"Where am I pointing the blast?"

"The center of the X, it would drain my energy completely but you will have enough powers for the next stage."

Then, I'll kill you.

I spun the trident again, summoning it celestial force. The trident glow, it heat burnt into my hand, going against my command. I ignored the heat and pointed the trident at the center and released the blast, combining the golden energy with her black sea twist. My arm started weakening, I grunted, it felt like I was about to be paralysed. I added my other hand to the trident and held it tighter, the energy draining from me wasn't like I expected.

"How many powers did Amphitrite use in creating this!" I shouted, my tail was sinking me. My breath was being sucked out of my gills, my tail weighed like a million thousand pounds.

"Hephaestus created it and then she added her powers with the ocean, you cannot easily tamper with a creation of Hephaestus. Now shut up and do what you have to do, I am losing strength here!"

"You! What about me?!" I shrieked angrily. "The trident is fighting my bloody command!" I closed my eyes and drew energy from the ocean, I could still draw powers from it even if it doesn't give me much.

The keyhole snapped, flying the chains off the gate. I let go and fell down to the ground. I sat on my tail, breathing heavily, that was a rush. Galatea laid wasted on the ground, breathing heavily, more than I was.

"Now, free her." She commanded. I point the trident at the gate, creating a wire and using it to pull the gate open. I sucked in a deep breath when I saw the mermaid chained down.

I had never seen anyone tied down with so much chains, never in my life. Twelve chains held both hands, I couldn't count the chains holding her torso and the giant one tying her neck to the ground. Her tail was black, like crude oil floating in the ocean with poisonous spikes protruding out of her tail. The shackles around her tail was even worse and her eyes were binded by lead, along with her mouth. Her hair was the same as her tail, like liquid fog dancing in the ocean.

"Free her before the gates close!" Galatea yelled. I felt something ominous, freeing her wouldn't be a good idea.

"If it isn't the king of the sea," a voice purred in my head, "didn't think you would be the one to free me... Oh wait, I did. Now are you going to free me master?"


"How did you get into my head?"

"Same way I can be in your dreams, I live to serve you master, to your command."

"The sea maid also freed you," I said, looking at Galatea, "I only serve the one with the trident."

"And the maid?"

"I do to her what you want me to do," she replied calmly, "but if you don't want to free me, then let me rest master."

I couldn't leave without her, I swam up and entered the prison. I placed the trident on the ground, standing it up. I swam back. Electricities charged from the trident, shooting at the chains one after the other, breaking the power around it. I watched as the bolts shattered the chains one after the other, one by more the heavy chains tumbled on the ground. Immediately her hands were free, she grabbed the shackle on her neck and easily broke it, next was her eyes and mouth.

"Finally!" She shouted. She stretched her hand forward, my eyes widened as the trident went to her. Immediately it touched her hand, the remaining chains fell off and the trident slowly turned black, as black as her hair.

I moved back as she laughed maniacally, the fog around her tail spread around her body, attaching itself to her hair. She swam out of the prison with a cryptic grin and blinked her lashes at me.

"Hello master, I am finally here, what would you have me do?"

"Kill her," I instructed, inclining my head to Galatea. Her eyes widened with horror, "and do it fast."

"With pleasure." She slurred.

"Proteus you can't do that! We made a deal!"

"We never made an oath binding us together love, goodbye." I smirked.

"No!" The dark sea maid plunged the fork of the trident into Galatea's back. The witch screamed in pain. I watched as Galatea thrashed about, her body crinkling up like foil wrapper on heat. The sea maid sucked the life essence out of her, sucked her energy and powers into the trident.

Galatea gave a loud screech before she puffed into ash. I smiled with satisfaction, that was done.

"Now, what else do you want me to do?"

"What is your name?"

"Achlys, my name is Achlys, do you want to know a secret?" She asked gigglingly.

"What secret?"

She swam up and around me, "when you are trapped all your life and left to nothing else but your thoughts and desire to destroy your opposite, you learn to overcome things, like commands."

"What?" I asked puzzledly.

"Thanks for the trident master, see you in Tartarus." Before I could register what happened, I felt something plunge into my head, sinking into my brain. I looked up at her hand, her claws sank into my head.


"Sorry master, I don't take command from anyone but myself, and I badly need to feed." Blood rushed out of me and into her, I had swam myself right into a trap, met my death due to greed.

"And when I'm done feeding from you, my pretty sister is next." She whispered. My eyes slowly closed as all my blood left my body, a god taken to Hades.

Finn's standpoint

I listened to Casmir as he gave the report of the treasures that were safely delivered and the illegal traders that were caught. I had to admit that Floriana did a great job handling the kingdom when I was sick. Her ideas worked like a charm and the traders were caught within days. I had taken over my position since she passed out, shock was one of the reason she fainted, stress was the other. She had been out for days and it felt as though it had been years. I guess it was her own foolish way of dealing with things.

When I said days, I didn't mean she was completely unconscious, I meant she locked herself up in her room. Florry didn't take a bite out of anything, refused for anyone to enter her room. The only thing I knew was that she was alive behind the door of her room, crying herself to stupor. Axel told me her sister wasn't any different from her, I really didn't want to tell them.

I could walk properly now, it felt so good to be able to use my own legs and move easily without feeling any pain. The only person I needed now was my mate to stop causing me emotional pains. How did I get myself into this emotional struggle?

Lida screamed from somewhere, Casmir stood up in alert. I already knew who it was, he had been over energetic since Florry named him. Casmir sped out to help his sister, I sluggishly stood up and followed him. Lida stayed perched on the upper part of the wall of kings and queens, claws clinging to the wall as she screamed. Sebastian stood on the floor trying to jump high enough to catch her.

"Sebastian, get away from my sister, she is not a toy!" Casmir shouted.

"But she's so squishy, and she smells like bunnies!"

"Sebastian, leave Lida alone, how many times have I warned you to stop trying to eat my vampires." I sighed.

"But she's squishy," he whined, "can I at least get one bite?"

"No!" Casmir and Lida shouted.

"Okay, chew you!" Seb shrieked and crouched to pounce on Casmir.

"Sebastian, I am not a...aaah!" He ran for his life. I should probably get that thing chained down. "Help!!!"

"Sebastian sit!!!" I shouted, I heard the crash from the other hallway, the crash that showed he fell. I ran to the hall and stood in front of him as he fought to disobey my command. "Do you want me to put you with Knight a..."


"Then you'll be a good boy and stop causing trouble."

"Why can't I chew the squishy toys?" He complained.

"Because squishy toys are vampires," I paused as a sinister idea made it way to my head. I grinned mischievously.

"Oh goodie, you want to play with Sebastian!"

"That's right boy, I want to play," I smiled, itching his head, "remember that vampire lord you think looks like a fluffy pillow?"

"He doesn't look like a fluffy pillow, he is a fluffy pillow, but you won't let me sleep on him." He pouted.

"If you can find his house, I give you permission to go use him as a pillow, make sure you ruffle him a lot and don't get killed. Succeed and I will let you play with my condemned prisoners."

"More squishy toys?! Oh goodie goodie! I'll get the pillow real quick!"

"Sebastian, stand and go," I said chucklingly, releasing him from the command. He whooped and took off, screaming 'pillow'.

Casmir who was still plastered on the wall groaned. "Did you just send your killer specie confuse cat after Lord Modred?"

"Eh," I shrugged, "he's a growing boy."

"Can you help me unflatten myself? I'm stuck." He groaned. I chuckled, he looked so flat. The guards were swallowing their laughs.

"Help him, nobody should disturb me again. In case anyone comes to make a report, tell them my mate and I went out."

"Yes m'lord." They chorused, laughter seeping through their voices. I turned to head to my office. A loud scream waved through the castle, causing a earthquake.

Glass shattered, the windows cracked as things fell down. The scream came louder than before.

"Suzanne!" I ran straight to her room where the scream was coming from. "Suzanne! Open the door!!!" She only screamed again, each scream came with a greater earthquake. I kicked the door off it hinges, the door fell into the room. "What the hell...!"

The room was engulfed in water, like a fish tank only that the tank was the entire room. Things floated in the room, only Suzanne and the bed remained put. She was tossing and turning in her sleep, screaming and crying. I held my breath and walked into the water. I pushed the floating furniture out of the way, I made my way to the bed and carried her into my arms.

"No! No! No!" She screamed again.

"Finn! Get her out of there and wake her up!" Claudia shouted from nowhere in particular. "Get her far away from any water, now!"

Listening to her shout, I ran out of the water room, completely soaked from head to toe. I came out of the room and released my breath, the water felt different, like it wasn't water.

I didn't look back, I zoomed out, running to my room. When I glanced behind me, the water had formed a hand and was coming after me. I scoffed and came to a stop, I never run from anything. I dropped Suzanne on the floor and clasped our hands together, I connected my mind to hers, reaching out for any power that could help me. Water was one element I wasn't so good at.

Cold ran down my spine, I felt chill crawl on my skin. Her power of ice latched on me, like it was waiting for me to reach out for it from the beginning and help it master. The water fist turned to ice, crystal ice. Then the ice shattered to glass.

Whatever that was, it was trying to kidnap my mate. It's high time she spills what the heck she is running away from.

Suzanne's standpoint

I was swimming, I wasn't sure what I was running away from, but it was coming after me fast. I knew it wasn't Proteus, he wasn't powerful enough to link himself to my dream. Something had been awfully wrong, I was worried and tried to connect my mind with the sea creatures to find out what the hell was wrong with the ocean, only to have my connection hijacked by someone.

"Run, run, run sister, but you can never hide." The voice laughed, it was female and not Galatea's. I stopped swimming and looked around the trench I had been swimming in.

"Who are you? Why are you after me? Did Proteus send you?"

"Send me?" She laughed hysterically, "the ocean should have told you about me sister, keeping me a secret is a very naughty thing for it to do. But again, I guess your daddy wants to protect you." She taunted.

"Who are you?"

"Me? I don't know, I am who you are sweetie, I am what you can never comprehend or defeat," I kept turning around, looking for who it was. "I should probably warn you, Proteus is dead, I took care of him for you honey."

"That's impossible, he can't be dead, no one can kill a demigod that easi..."

"And yet I am in your dream," she laughed, "you have no idea how long I have waited for this day, the day I would be free and finally destroy you! Kymopoleia, do you not know who I am?"

"I don't, and you will never be able to find or reach me." I said confidently. She burst into fit of laughter, her laugh echoed in the trench.

"Really sweetheart? You have no idea what is happening while you sleep, soon I will have you in front of me and you won't be able to stop me, you don't even have your full powers yet. Oh honey, you don't know who Achlys is, I am stronger, especially now I have the trident."

"How did you kill Proteus?" I cried. How could she easily kill them? That's impossible!

"I wouldn't say I completely killed him, I just took his soul and turned him to my mindless puppet. I will have you soon and then... What! Who is that brat taking you away!"


"Urgh! How is a vampire interfering with my plans! Get her!" I was confuse on what the moron was saying, not until I felt a familiar presence reaching out to me. Finn was trying to connect his powers to mine, something was going on out there.

I felt his hands around, I reached up and clasped my hands with his, letting him take whatever he needed.

"No!!! Why you...! You will pay for t..." A blue portal opened behind me. "Who is this one now!"

A hand stretched out, grabbed me on my shoulder and pulled me into the portal. I could hear her screaming as I was pulled away from her world. I fell down on white sand, the beach. I coughed as air hit my wet skin.

"Are you alright?"


She tackled me with a hug, I held her tight. "I was so worried, I almost lost it."

"How did you..."

"She came to me," I raised my weak gaze to who spoke, it was Kale. I beamed weakly, he saved me again. "You better be careful Floriana, things are about to get from bad to worse. I can't help you again, using my powers is taking a big effect on my wolf, I have to stop using it. Right now, I can only help once, and that would be when we see."

"How did you know Kale could help me?" I asked Claudia. She sighed heavily.

"Amphitrite, she sent me to get him, it was either him or I do something else. She wishes to help you but cannot interfere, this is your fight, not hers." The wind blew my wet hair around.

"Who is she? Who was that?"

"I will tell you when I meet you, for now this is the least I can do," Kale said as he crouched in front of me. He bit his index finger and placed it on my amulet, I watched as his blood flowed into the amulet turning it red. "That would keep her away from you for a while, in the mean time, better complete the mating with Finn before it's too late."

"How long do I have?"

"I don't know, but you better mate with Finn, as soon as you wake up. Finn has a strong aura that repels evil or what he doesn't like, you need to mate with him to have access to his powers, you need it. Mating with him would also unlock your full form so do it fast." He warned sternly. I nodded and sniffed.

"Thank you big brother, for the save, thank you Claudia."

"Don't thank me yet, get yourself together and stop mourning me. Instead be there for Sandra, she needs you now more than ever. I might have lost my flesh and bones, but I am still here in spirit, watching over you too. No matter what happens, I will be there to pull either of you out, death isn't going to have either of you, I will make sure of that."

"You can't always..."

"Even if it means giving in to Eros to protect you both, I would. Now wake up, complete your mating, go crazy and then be ready for what is to come next. I need you to train Sandra, she needs to learn how to control her powers and that cute anger she has, I will be back to see you both soon, okay?" I nodded childishly. "Now go Floriana, go."

I opened my eyes, Finn was looking down at me with worry. He heaved a sigh of relief when I opened my eyes.

"What the hell happened?! You almost destroyed my castle and gave me a heart attack!"

"I...I...I.. don't know, I don't know. Someone hijacked my dream and...and...Kale saved me, Kale and Claudia."

"Damn that wolf and his powers," he muttered, brushing his hair out of his face. "Are you hurt? Your amulet turned red."

"Kale, so no one would hurt me..."

"Okay why is he protecting you? Does he like you or something?" He asked jealously. I honestly don't know why he always protects me, but I'm glad he do.

"Claudia begged him to, stop being jealo...why are you wet?"

"I don't know, maybe because your freaking water powers went AWOL! Your room is ruined now! Some kind of water hand tried to take you away from me!"

Why is he yelling?

I sat up with a frown, I almost got taken and he was acting on jealousy, seriously?!

"Finn, Kale and I don't have anythin..."

"I know!" I flinched, jerking back. My back hit the headboard of his bed. "I know," he said softly, "I just witnessed possibly the sea trying to take you away from me, doesn't that mean you will return and never come back to me? Even if you go to Kale, I would have been more happier, at least I know where to find the guy I would kill. I can't enter the sea, I can't attack anyone who would take you. Even though I stopped it, I still feel worthless..."

"Finn," I called dumbly, unsure of how to stop my crying mate. His tears had thrown me into a state of confusion, I didn't know what to do. He remained kneeling on the bed, face bowed as he cried bitterly. "Finn, please s..."

"You are going to leave me, I don't want you to leave, I can't let you leave." He cried.

I drawled closer to him and nervously wrapped my arms around him. "I am never leaving you Finn, we are stuck together."

"Then who is trying to take you away from me? Isn't he better than I am?"

"He killed my mother, how is he better? Look Finn," I pulled back and cupped his cheeks, "you are better than any man I know, even if you are crazy and have a lot of flaws, I love you. Remember I promised you that I won't leave?"

"Who are you Floriana? Are you Floriana or Suzanne? I don't even understand anything again."

"Sit," I ushered him to sit beside me, "I am Floriana, your Floriana. After I died the first time, the ocean brought me back to life in this body, I am her. I am a sea maid, a celestial mermaid. We are stronger than mermaids and most sea creatures, we have tails but ours are like glass, see through glass. I am the only one who has a different tail, I don't even know how my tail is now, I lost it years ago."

"Why did you leave the ocean?"

"The acting king of the sea wanted me as his wife, to gain control over me. He killed my mother, abducted me and forced me to live with him under captivity until I would be old enough to wed him. Fortunately, I escaped and came here, but coming here cost me my tail and true powers. Proteus is dead now, someone else has killed and enslaved him and she now wants me." I explained as I slowly mopped off his tears.

"I won't let you go," he growled, his eyes turned red, "I am your mate and I will protect you."

"Finn," I called nervously, "will you make love to me? I want to complete our mate bond today and now."

"With pleasu..." Something hit the ground, like thunder. There was a strong commotion outside, the castle was under attack. "What now!"


"Finn, dress up!" I shouted as I climbed off the bed, I had to stop her before she destroyed my house. I quickly stripped myself, hurried to his wardrobe and threw on one of his shirt. I ran out of the room with my wet dress, I had something else to worry about.

"Your Majesty, we need to get you to safety, we are under attack!" Casmir shouted as he blocked my way. "An unknown force from the sky is attacking us, icy blue thunder keeps striking the ground and castle, turning it to ice."

"I know who it is," I pushed him out of the way and took off with my speed. Stormy was turning everywhere to a frozen nothingness. I carefully stepped on the ice, gazing at the gathering cloud. "Stormy!!! Stop destroying my house!!!"

Stormy descended down, adding a dramatic thunder to her landing. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms. "What is your problem? Do you always have to use violence in everything?"

"You're alive, I thought something bad happened to you," she cried. Stormy rushed me in a hug, pressing her head on my side. "I was so scared, I'm never leaving you again."

"It's alright," I wrapped my hands around her neck and breathe, she smelt funny, "did you kill someone when coming here?"

"Some stupid griffin tried to kill me, I killed him first. Who brought you here?"

"My mate, I found my mate."

"And you let him dominate you?" She scoffed. "I am disappointed, I expected better from you."

"I am more disappointed in her," Finn growled from behind me. He drew the shirt down, "couldn't you wear some pants? Your thighs are everywhere."

"Seriously? That is what you are hung up on? It was an emergency!"

"Don't yell at me, go inside right now and wear something more appropriate." He commanded like he owned me.

"Don't command me, you are not the boss of me!" I flared, turning around to face him.

"Not the boss?! I am your mate and you ran out of my room naked!"

"How is this naked?!" I screamed, pulling the shirt I was wearing to exaggerate my point.

"How is this not naked?!" He shouted back, pointing at my thighs. The shirt stopped mid thigh, I shouldn't have worn it.

"Well sorry if I was trying to save your house from being destroyed!"

"It was an emergency and yet I still managed to get something proper on!"

"Wow, this is entertaining," Stormy laughed, we both glared at her, "what? It's funny, you are stuck with a vampire and it almost look like there's a serious sexual tension between the two of you."

"Okay, get out of my house and don't come back," I snapped, pushing her away, "and fix this mess you m... Why is the ice melting?" The ice wasn't just melting, but the magic around it rising up and mending the damages.

I looked at Finn, his eyes were red and centered on the destruction. "Wow, he can reverse my attack? Cool."

"Hey Stormy, want to meet my new hippogryph?" I asked smirkingly as Knight flew closer.

"Oh please, I already know about the black birdbrain that lives here, can't fool me. He better not try to touch me or I'll kill him."

"I wouldn't even touch you if I'm paid to," Knight said with feign indifference. Stormy turned around and glared at the new company, I could swear I saw something in her eyes. "Don't ever attack my home again or next time, we'll fight."

You go Knight.

"Aren't you going to attack me? You know, force me to mate?" Stormy asked quizzically.

"Why should I? If you are going to live here, you better respect my number one rule."

"Which is?"

"Stay away from me and my stuffs, don't say hi and don't try to talk to me. Florry, I'm glad you are okay, and now bye." He spread his wings and took off to the sky again.

"Suzanne lookee! A friendly male!"

"He just told you to back off, he don't like females..."

"Or anyone for that matter." Finn grumbled.

"He's perfect! I'll go pester him and make his life miserable!" She squealed.

"Sure he... Wait what? That wasn't what I meant..." She took off, "Stormy you are suppose to befriend him, not make him miserable!" I shouted after her. "That girl never listens to me!"

"You never listen to me!" Finn exclaimed, throwing his hands up in exasperation. He looked at the gate and growled. "I said use him as a pillow, not drag him here like a toy!" I looked towards the gate too.

Sebastian had someone's head trapped in his mouth, the person's body being dragged along. The muffled cry proved he was still alive and fighting for his life, but couldn't. I looked at Finn chidingly, he sent my pet to do what?!

"Sebastian, put him down!" I shouted. Seb spat him out and leapt into the air in joy.

"Master is awake! Hug!" And then he ran to me.

"No, no, no... Oomph! Ow!" Stupid specie only licked me more.

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