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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode2




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode2
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


Seon flipped through his file  records. He just arrived work that morning and in a short while, he'll be leaving to check on Louisa.

She isn't present at work today. Again.  
He'll visit and maybe update her on the new grounds.

There's improvement on the new strategy they mapped out for the company. Louisa will surely be gra......

The door suddenly barged open. 
Seon swiftly turned his head to it's direction. Just to see bayley.

He was startled. What's she doing here? Has Louisa sent her?. He asked within himself as Bayley shut the door behind her and walked over to him.

"Hello handsome"she pouted.

"Good morning bayley.... How may I help you?" He asked with all formalities.

"Well, seon I just came by to say hi. Hope there's nothing wrong with that?"  She asked taking a seat opposite him.

"No...no not at all. It's good you came now cause I'll be leaving soon" he smiled arranging the files which was all over his table.

"Oh. I see.  A leave.Boss isn't around, so your freedom is within your....

"I'm going to see Løūïsã and update her on the company's development" he cut her off. He isn't stupid to take a leave on his own just because boss isn't around.

"Okay" she smacked her lower lip.
"Well..."she began standing up from her seat. " I didn't come here for formalities" she continued moving closer to him. " I actually came here for this." She replied seductively, sitting on his laps. And just when seon thought he has seen it all, Bayley surprised him more by planting her lips on his.

Seon was dazed and speechless as Bayley mated his lips.  Rolling her tongue in and out of his mouth.

Seon has no control over this. Seems bayley was the one in charge here. He unconsciously fell for her sweet lips as they rocked their mouths with tender care. Feeling each other's Brook and mating their tongues.

"I want you seon" she admitted into his mouth. "I'm going crazy about you" she added removing her face from his.

"I want you so bad"she confessed interlocking her eyes with his.

Seon was puzzled. He tilted her away from him. "what's wrong?" She asked standing up from him.

"Nothing. This is not just right" he retorted standing up as well.

"There's absolutely nothing wrong in what  we are doing seon. Since Sunday's party I haven't really been myself. Thanks Have actually been looking for ways to tell you I like you a lot. I liked you the very first day I laid eyes on you. Please don't make me feel I made the wrong decision by telling you how I feel about you" she started towards him.

"I ....I have to go"...he stuttered picking up his files. "Louisa is waiting for me".he added

"It's he right? It's Louisa. You like her don't you? I see the way you react when you talk about her. You want her too. Just like every other man. 

But you know what? It's just a waste of Time. Louisa feels nothing for you. She feels nothing for no one.

Are you gonna push me away just because if her?
Someone who barely cares if you exist?"she asked stirring more closer to him.

Figures. "I still don't know what you mean. I have to lea..." Bayley cut him off with another liplock. 
"Imagine I am Louisa. Imagine it's Louisa kissing you right now" she added amidst the kiss.

Seon's heart fluttered at the mention of Louisa. 'oh Louisa' he grunted pulling her closer to himself as he feverishly kissed her. He's actually imagining bayley to be Louisa. And the idea is turning him on.

They continued their major lip lock while Bayley's hand performed it's work on his shirt. Slowly unbuttoning them. One by one. 
Seon held her waist firmly against himself. Still lost in sheer imagination as they kissed tentatively.

He didn't even realize bayley has successfully unbuttoned his sleeves. Till he felt movement on his trouser belt. He jerked back to reality.

"Stop.."he whispered breaking the kiss.

"I am Louisa rememb...

"You are not Louisa!"he shot back at her. Almost infuriated at her assumption. So much he wants her to be Louisa. But she isn't Louisa dammit!!!

He pulled her hands away from his short and withdrew from her.

"Louisa won't do this. She doesn't behave this way. She won't get loosed to this extent" he rasped buttoning his shirt.

"Wha..."Bayley choked at his words 

"If you'll excuse me" he grunted leaving his office.

Ciara Drowsily  blinked her eyes which were obviously  heavy on her lids. In an attempt to dab it, she realized she was tied behind a chair. 
She gasped!
Now she remember where she is.

A place for torment. Time Will tell if she'll ever make it out alive.

Her Eyes darted the nooks and crannies of the bloody room. She was surrounded with varieties of dangerous weapons and toxic materials.
She needed no body to tell her what those things were meant for.

To torture those who broke the laws of their cells and unfortunately, she happens to be one of them.

She broke the law the very day she never returned for her day's catch. The very moment she started living with Louisa.

The very Louisa Sullivan everyone is scared of. 
Speaking of Louisa. Is she worried about her whereabouts? 

Why hasn't she made a move to rescue her from Madam Schwezilia's den?.
She sobbed silently. Wondering what would become of her fate now.

She felt like screaming. But it's gonna be of no use. She'll only make the agents Know she awake. She sobbed more silently. Wishing Louisa was here with her.

It wasn't long when the door opened. Came in a man smartly dressed on a plane suit.  Not what Ciara was expecting. It's obvious he is an agent of Ma'am schwez. But isn't he too dressed up for such a dirty job?. She asked no one in particular.

"Closing the door behind him, he drew a chair closer to Ciara and sat directly opposite her.

"Let's talk" he demanded dropping his briefcase. 

 Ciara shuddered. What's in the briefcase? His torture equipment? A syrup to drug the life out of her? A gun? A knife? Or worse deadly animal like snake???

As if he read her mind. "Relax..it's just notes and other documents" he blurted out.

"Who are you" she fearfully asked.

"Call me Doctor Madolf" he replied. 
Ciara looked puzzled. A doctor? In rest house? What does she need one for?.

"If you're here to torture me better be done with it. I am ready for anything" Ciara huffed out in Anger and irritation.

"Such Bravery" he commented under his breath. "I am a doctor Ciara. I don't hurt patients. As my field of study, I am a therapist. I help people. Just try to flow with me and you'll see that everything happening to you is for your own good" he responded picking up his jotter and pen.

"My good? I don't understand. What do you mean?" 

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