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Through The Shadow 2 -Episode3




Through The Shadow 2 -Episode3
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


"My Good? I don't understand. What do you mean?" Ciara asked spitefully swallowing hard on what the doctor just said.

"Ciara Cole. Parents dead. Sold out by Uncle to the present owner. 100% Still her property blah blah blah.." he ranted out boringly, reading her biography.

"Not much to tell about yourself" he stated. And then continued.

"Well i am here to help sort some things out with you. First, let's talk about your escape. 
How did you land with Louisa Sullivan? 
That's a hard question that baffles the whole of us." 

"She rescued me" 

Doctor Madolf arched his brow."in what way?"

"I was almost raped that very night.  she saved my life and dealt so hard with the 'foolish fucker' as she had called him.  She is my guardian Angel" Ciara quoted.

"Hmmmm interesting. The Louisa Sullivan we all know isn't capable of such. She is a mean brute. Not a nice person or a super hero that rescues a little girl from an attempted rape.

So telling me she rescued you is so ironic" he scoffed in disbelief.

"Damn you doctor! She saved me and my ass that night from Ma'am schwez. She's way better than you all. She isn't as bad as you all think she is. There's a good in her and you guys can't see it because you are all Blind!!!" She shouted in Anger making a fruitless effort to freed herself from her seat.

Doctor Madolf maintained his cool. He hasn't spilled the truth out to her face yet. So she can vomit all those lies in that little head of hers.

"It's okay then. If she's that good as you claim she is, why are you here? Why didn't she drop you off at school the day you were taken? If she's that good as you truly claim, why hasn't she found you yet?"

"What?"it came out from her mouth almost like a whisper.
"What do you mean?" She added again arching her brow at the doctor.what was he trying to say?

"Louisa didn't drop you off at school on Wednesday. The very day you were abducted. Isn't that worth to think about?"

"You.Are.Lying!!!" Ciara shouted pulling a force close to him to bite him hard on his dirty lips. But once again, she was held back by the seat she was tied to. Huuhhhh!!!

Doctor had to shift a little bit backwards cause he isn't sure of what this little girl is capable of. She is full of suprises.

"Believe what you want Ciara Cole. Louisa doesn't want you back. She planned all this up. Don't you get it? She's fed up with you. If she really wanted you back, she'd have found you by now. 

The only person here that cares so much about you is ma'am Schwe....

"Stop it! That's a lie!" She faintly cried out.
"You are lying. Stop it. I don't want to hear anymore of it."

"Louisa can't be trusted Cole. It's within her grasp to find you. But where is she? She let you take a walk down even when she knew your safety was at stake. She lied about every th...

"I said stop!!" She weakly cried out in defeat.
"Until you get used to the fact and face the truth, then I'll stop. But for now, I think I am done. I'll resume with you again by tomorrow.
But before then, just do yourself a favor and ponder on these words. And make sure you see the truth for yourself" 
He commented arranging his documents back into the briefcase 

"Good day Ciara Cole" he finalised and left her in a hopeless state.

"Louisa would never hurt me. She loves me so much. You are all lying Bastards. Louisa can't do this to me. 
No no no no way!!!!! Just let me go and see Louisa. Let me go back to her. Please " she wailed pleadingly with countless hiccups.

"Any progress?" Ma'am schwez asked doctor Madolf.

"Only time will tell."he retorted.

"There is no time doctor. I want you to Break her tough spirit. All of it. Cause this task she's going in for isn't meant for feelings" 

"She's tough Schwezilia. She's really tough and brave too. Breaking her spirit's gonna take Time. You saw your self through your device all that transpired in there with the both of us. She's really hard to get on" he added.

"I know Madolf. I know. That's why I want her. She's the best specie for this job. She's brave and I love her spirit. But there are too many feelings. Too much feelings attached to it. And it's drawing her back. That's why you are here. Detach those feelings and break her spirit!" She ordered.

"No problem. I'll continue to do my job. I've given her something to think about before tomorrow just like you instructed.
I must confess, you picked the right specie. But you ought to know that what you want to put her into isn't a thing for children like her".

"I know...no one will suspect her. That's why I chose her to be my Specimen A. And I know I am not making a mistake." She smiled.

"Okay. That's it for today. I'll report back tomorrow.  hope to see progress" he replied and left.

"Shadow!!!" She called out 

"Yes Boss" He answered Huskily.
"How is the preparation?" She asked

"Almost ready Boss"

"Good. Be done with it. Time is slipping off our fingers and we can't afford to be caught. I know that idiot Louisa will be everywhere in search for her.
There's only one set back now. And that s Ciara,our little Cole. I need to prepare her for SAC" 

"But Boss.... isn't she too tender for such cell?" 

"No shadow. She's well capable. We just have to pass through some processes and you'll see how good the Latter will be" 
She retorted grinning wildly..

TBC ✍️

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