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The Slave And I - Episode 9



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 9

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


I stood up from my bed, I wanted to take a nap but it wasn't flowing at all. My Spirit was troubled.

I was walking to the toilet, when I saw Akira at the side of the garden washing these hips of clothes. 

"Who the f**k gave her so many clothes to wash with her bare hands when there are washing machines around the palace." I said to myself.

I stared at her and I saw how stressed she looked. And just then Aaron son of Nikita came Into the picture and I saw him helping her spread the clothes. 

He walked closer to her and she smiled widely, making me smile too.

"This isn't fair. Who would do this to a new girl in the palace." I thought walking out of my chamber.

I got out and I saw Princess Maya walking towards my chamber.

"Prince Arjun. Are you going somewhere?" She asked smiling and I nodded. I was still very pissed about Akira washing those clean looking clothes with her bare hands.

"I need to see to something right now." I said walking away from her. I hit the hallway down to the garden.

 I couldn't guess who would do this to her, but my instinct kept telling me it was all Niran's plan to make her suffer since he is the only one she has offended.

But leaving a but... The clothes are that of a female. Then it dawned to me, only one female can be this cruel. 

Katika. Trying to make her suffer for what she did to her husband to be.

In anger I walked to the garden, calling two Palace maids that were walking down the hallway with me. 

I got to where Akira was and immediately she saw me, she stood up and made a bow. When Aaron saw me too, he did the same.

"Take the clothes to the washing machine." I said to the maids that were with me and Akira rose up her head in fear.

"My Prince. I was given the order to wash these clothes without the machine. If I don't obey, I will face the consequences my Prince." She said fearfully.

"I am the Prince of Medan, and I order you to pack these clothes to the washing machine now!" I said and she ladies packed the clothes and left.

I looked at Akira and I saw how restless she was.

"Excuse us Aaron." I said without looking at him. He gave another bow and he walked away.

"Look here Akira. No one has the right to order you around except your master, which I suppose is my sister Hana."

"You take orders from only the king and queen, and I don't think they would give you orders when they have their maids."

"The only maids open to things like these are the ones I called, because they have no master, they are the palace maids."

"So know where you stand. And stop letting them afflict unnecessary pain on you because you are special and they are jealous." I said to her and she stared right into my eyes.

"Akira even in this palace, though you can't speak up for yourself, let me know. Tell me anything you think is not right. I will stand for you, for anyone maltreated here." I said and I saw her beautiful smile once again.

"That's so kind of you Prince Arjun." She said smiling and I nodded smiling too.

"If Princess Katika come to you after I meet her now, tell her I ordered the maids and you couldn't stop them because I threatened them. Okay?" I stated and she nodded with that smile still on her face.

"Thank you my Prince." She said and I smiled. We stared at each other until a voice interrupted.

"Prince Arjun?" I heard Maya call and I turned my head to look at her.

"You can go now." I said putting on a straight face and she nodded killing the smile on her face too. She walked away with her head bowed.

"You two seem to get along." She said looking kinda pissed.

"C'mon Maya, get along?? With a Maid?? That's hilarious." I said smiling.

"You were smiling at each other. I saw you two." She insisted getting me angry.

"I smiling doesn't mean we get along. Or is a crime to smile in my own Palace?" I asked and she shook her head.

"It's no crime, but it's a crime for her to smile back and stare into your eyes." She muttered.

"Look here. I don't want any of these maids to see me as a wicked god. So I do everything to make sure I am cool with all of them. At least they need to know that one of the royals care about them."

"So I can let them look at me in the face if I want. I am no monster nor god." I stated and she smiled nodding.

"I understand you. Lunch would be ready soon, let's go prepare." She said and I smiled giving her my hand and we walked away from the garden.

We walked down the hallway and I saw Aaron and Akira coming towards our direction. Opposite us.

Our eyes met and we stared at each other as we walked. I wanted to smile, but then I remembered I was with Maya, so I kept a straight face.

She looked away too as soon as Maya looked at her. They bowed their heads and walked away.


"The lunch would be served soon. We need to get to the kitchen." I said and then Aaron stopped me holding my hand.

"Before then, you haven't told me what you and Prince Arjun discussed." He said and I heaved.

"It's nothing serious." I said smiling.

"Why do I feel you are lying to me?" He asked and I shook my head.

"Why would I lie to you? He helped me get rid of the heaps of clothes, and told me that I should tell Princess Katika that he was the one that dismissed me." I said and he nodded.

"Okay, but you need to be careful. You can't trust the Royals." He said and I sighed.

"I know. But Prince Arjun is nice to me. He isn't like any of them." I stated and he smiled.

"If you say so. I just don't want you putting your life at risk." He said and I held his hand.

"I will be fine." I said and he smiled. 

"Hey you. Are you done with the clothes?" I heard Princess Katika say as she approached us. She had maids and guards following her around.

"Prince Arjun dismissed me. He asked some palace maids to pack them and use the machine." 

"I couldn't stop them because he threatened them. So they did it and he asked me to leave." I stated with my head bowed.

"Why would he do that without telling me?? And did I dismiss you before you left?" She asked angrily.

"Because I have the right to, and because I asked her to." Prince Arjun answered from behind us and I looked back to see him approach us.

"Prince Arjun, I needed her to do that work alone." She said and he walked right in front of her.

"She isn't your maid, you could have asked one of the Palace maids. She needed to help my sister too. And as her master, she needed to answer to her."

"So next time,use the palace maids. They can be used by anyone. And for the use of hands to wash clothes, that isn't necessary. There are washing machines everywhere around the palace." He muttered and she nodded speechlessly.

"Fine." She said and began to walk away. Aaron looked at him speechlessly and I turned to look at him too.

"Thank you." I said happily. It was so relieving to know someone can stand up for you around here. 

"You should go now. Nikita is asking of you. She is in the kitchen." He said and I nodded. 

I turned to walk away when he spoke up again.

"Just ignore the Princess." He added and I looked at him and smiled. I bowed my head and walked away with Aaron.

"That was so... Nice of the prince." Aaron said and I nodded.

"Now you see he Is way different from the rest." I said happily and he nodded.

We walked to the kitchen and then we saw the maids were very busy already.

"Hey." I heard another person call and I looked back to see Princess Maya.

"Come here." She said angrily and my heart skipped.

"What did I do this time? For crying out loud! I'm not the only one here." I yelled in my mind looking at Mei and Vanna before walking out again.


What Happened again bayii 

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