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The Slave And I - Episode 10



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 10

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi


I sat at the dinning table, alongside with Katika who was looking pissed. 

"Are you alright?" I whispered to her as the remaining family joined the table.

"Your brother Prince Arjun released Akira of the punishment I gave her. Without even telling me. He even said I was wrong right in front of her." She said angrily and I got pissed.

"Why would he do something like that?" I asked and she shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know. He should be the one answering that." She said looking away, and I saw Arjun walking to the table with Hana.

"Where is my sister?" She asked looking around.

"I am here Sister." Maya replied grinning and I furrowed my brows wondering why she looked so Happy.

The maids began to troop in with trays of different dishes in their hands. They began to serve us while I just stared at them as they did.

"So you wouldn't say anything to your brother?" Katika asked and I sighed.

"What was the punishment anyways?" I asked looking at her.

"I asked her to wash all my clothes without the use of the machine." She said and I looked at Arjun who was discussing with Hana.

"And then Arjun interrupted and stopped her right??" I asked and she nodded.

"He even said things to me right in front of her. It's so annoying, and I did this because of you. So you need to do something." She said and Hana looked at her from the end of the table.

"I will." I said as the maid dropped the food in front of me.

I saw Arjun looking around, and then I noticed Akira wasn't among the maids.

"What did you do?" I asked Katika and she shook her head.

"I did nothing. What are you taking about?" She asked and I looked at Maya.

"Akira is not here." I said and then she looked around too.

"That's true. Maya..." She called and she looked at her.

"What? Why are you all looking at me? I didn't do anything." She muttered.

"I know that look, and I know you did something. But thank you for doing it." Katika said and Maya smiled.

"You are welcome. And you too Prince Niran. You are highly welcome." She stated and I looked at Arjun.

"Looking for someone not worth it?" I asked and he looked at me.

"Stay out of this Brother." He said coldly.

"Looks like you are giving this slave some special attention, I don't seem to understand!" I said in a loud voice that made Father and mother look at us.

"What Is going on here!" Father smacked and I saw him swallow hard.

"Nothing. The brothers are just having some minor talks." Hana answered before I could say anything.

"I want Silence! Do we understand." He smacked and we all kept shut. 

Arjun stared at me angrily, and I returned the looks with a smrik. 

Hana actually saved his a*s, and that of that slave. Hana looked at me and gave me this disgusted look.

I don't actually care what they think about me. I owe nobody my attitude.


After what Niran did, I knew he certainly knows something about Akira's absence. I stood up and walked out of the dinning area.

I walked down the hallway and I began to look for Akira. I knew I shouldn't let anyone know I was searching for her. 

And calling out her name is another problem. 

It then dropped In my head that I should ask Nikita about her whereabouts, since she is the one responsible for them now.

I walked to the kitchen, and then I sighted her busy with the other maids. There was also Vanna and Mei.

"I need to speak to you Nikita." I said and walked out of the kitchen. She followed immediately and I turned to look at her after moving far away from the kitchen.

"My Prince." She said bowing her head.

"Where is Akira? I didn't see her at the dinning table with the other ladies." I said worriedly.

"She.. she was called by Princess Maya few minutes before we started serving." She stated she I grew angry.

"How dare her." I muttered in anger.

"I am sure she is fine my Prince. She is probably helping the Princess out." She explained.

"Do you know where she took her?" I asked and she shook her head.

"I don't know my Prince." She replied .

"And you don't know who must have seen her?" I asked again and she shook her head.

"Thank you. You can go. But know this, she is your responsibility so you should know everything about her." I said.

"I am sorry my Prince." She pleaded.

"I understand you were busy, but this shouldn't happen anymore. Go back to the kitchen, I will look for her." I said.

"I should be the one doing that my Prince. I will look for her, please go and eat." She said calmly.

"I don't take orders from you Nikita. Do as I say, go to the Kitchen and keep on working. I will search for Akira." I said and she gave another bow before walking away.

I began to walk down the hallway again, not knowing exactly where to go or where to find her. 

Poor girl, I wish she never came into this Palace in the first place. And now she is here, I will make sure she doesn't suffer. 

I sighted Aaron meters away from me. He looked restless and I perceived he knew something about Akira.

"Aaron." I called and as soon as he saw me, he ran towards me with his head bowed.

"My Prince." He said panting.

"What Is it Aaron?" I asked feeling scared too,but I kept a straight face.

"It's Akira. When Princess Maya called her, I happened to be close by. She hit Akira severally on the face and then locked her in that room."

"She gave the keys to the guards and told them not to open it up for anyone. I pleaded and pleaded but they didn't even act like I was talking to the at all." He explained as I stared at the room he pointed at.

"Calm down." I said walked to where the guards were. Immediately they saw me, they gave their bows.

"Give me the keys." I said and they released them immediately without saying a word .

"Wait here." I said to Aaron, and I ordered the men to open up the door. 

They opened it, and I saw the room lights were off, making it look dark. I looked for the switch and turned it on.

I saw Akira at the middle of the room, lying down with her face turned to the ground. She was sobbing.

"Akira." I called and she rose up her head to look at me immediately.

"Prince Arjun." She said bowing her head. I walked up to her, I bent in front of her and I raised her head to see bruises all over her face.

"Why did she do this to you?" I asked in anger.

"She said because of you. And if she sees me with you, she would do the same thing again." She said and I sighed shutting my eyes.

"She would regret this!" I said within gritted teeth standing up and she held my hand back.

"Please don't go to her. Please." She said and I looked at her hand that was on mine. It was warm and soft.

"Akira she has to pay for what she did to you." I said and she shook her head.

"Royals don't pay for what they do to slaves. She has every right to do this to a slave. That is what we are slaves. Going to her will worsen the situation and she will hurt me the more." She said in tears.

"You are no slave to me or her, or anyone. Hana is your master and she would never treat you like a slave but a friend. This isn't acceptable." I said hating the way she looked.

"All she wants is for you to hate me. And that shouldn't be hard." She stated.

"I am not hating you and you are not staying away from me. I would never let anything bad happen to you. I promise, this is the last time." I said pulling her into a hug and she weeped on my shoulders.

"Come on. You need to get out of here." I said pulling her up.

"What if she comes back for me and doesn't find me here. She would punish me." She said sadly.

"I will be there to stop her. Anytime, just call me, I would be there to defend you." I said and she stared right into my eyes.

I stared back and then quickly looked away.

"Aaron is waiting to take you to you room." I said and she nodded. I let go of her so she could walk, and then I noticed she was leaping.

"I sprang my foot." She said as soon as she noticed I was looking at her leg.

I sighed and held her by her waist side helping her out of the room.


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