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The Slave And I - Episode 36



(Can A Prince Fall In Love With A Slave?)

The Slave And I - Episode 36

GENRE : Drama, Romance, Suspense

©️Authoress Ti Fi 


They grabbed me immediately Arjun fell to the ground. I was crying and sweeting profusely. This is my end, no second thoughts about it.

They led me to the presence of the king and then dropped me, making me fall to his feet.

"Pull her up." He said and the guards grabbed me and pulled me up. I was so scared to look into his face, so I kept my head bowed. 

"How dare you!" He ranted and before I knew it, a very hard slap landed on my face. I lost balance and fell to the ground in tears.

"I want her beheaded right here right now!" He yelled and my eyes widened. I looked at the unconscious Arjun, and I knew this time, he won't be there to protect me.

"Please my Lord." I mumbled trying to touch his feet.

"Don't you dare!" He roared and shivers ran down my spine. It's finished.

They grabbed me by the hand and I looked up at Niran, maybe he could do anything to save me.

But he equally looked sad and confused. For the very first time, I saw fear on his face. 

They quickly laid down a wood, and made me bend, resting my head on it.

"Say your last prayers." One of the men said and I shut my eyes losing all hope.

"I pray this wicked King dies and that Medan would be free of slavery for good. And I pray that Arjun finds happiness in his whole life and never think he is guilty for my death." I mumbled solemnly so no one would hear me.

"Go on." I heard King Maeko say and I tightened my eyes. I heard them draw out the sword and I felt him place it on my neck the first time. 

I felt the coldness of the sword, and it's sharpness. Just him placing it on my skin, I felt it made a cut on my skin.

He did it the second time, and there was another cut. I knew on the third my head would be away from my body.

At least,I won't feel so much pain. He lifted the last one and I felt my heart stop.

Immediately, we began to hear gunshots and for one minute, I thought I was shot because I was lifeless already. 

Only for me to hear someone fall next to me. In shock, I raised up my head to look at the person, and I saw the person that was to behead me was shot. 

Everyone was at alert trying to get where the gunshots came from. Guards surrounded the King, Niran and Kaleb. While the rest stood in front drawing out there swords.

"Father we need to return to the Palace now. For your own safety." Niran said and the King nodded looking scared.

I stood up and also stood behind a guard. I don't just see myself dying anytime soon. My hand was on my bleeding cut behind my neck,I could feel the pain, imagining if he actually added Pressure.

I shook away the thoughts and looked at Niran.

"Grab her, she will be punished Tomorrow morning. We need to face this first." The king said and I felt butterflies in my tummy.

At least knowing I would live the night was a great relief for me.

"Let's move. Be careful and vigilant." Niran said and I looked at Kaleb to see him staring at me.

"Why Is he looking at me that way? I hope we are cool." I asked inside of me still staring at me.

Two guards grabbed me, and then two also carried Arjun and we began to walk away from the cave.

I didn't know what was going on, but I knew it was somehow for my favor. We saw the fire from the other side of the woods.

"They are coming from there." One of the men said pointing to where the fire was coming from.

"We can't face them now my King. We aren't equipped for this war. All we can do now is escape and then when we get to the Palace prepare very well." The head guard stated.

"Then take us to the Palace." The kind said and they all bowed.

              PRINCESS HANA 

I paced around the room anxiously. Niran texted me all that happened, even to the point of the King ordering them to behead Akira. 

My heart kept beating very fast, and then my door opened and Aaron walked in.

"Hana." He called and I looked at him and ran to him hugging him tightly.

"Aaron." I called trying to gain comfort in his arms.

"How is Akira? Have you heard anything?" He asked looking scared and I looked at him sadly.

"Father ordered them to behead her." I mumbled and his eyes widened.

"What??why would he do that!" He yelled in tears and more tears rolled down my eyes.

"I hope they weren't able to." I said and he looked away.

"Nothing can stop King Maeko!" He yelled in frustration and just then,my phone beeped. I opened it quickly to check the update from Niran.

The Plan worked Hana. We are coming back home,with Akira still very alive. I will explain what Happened when we get home.

I read aloud happily and I saw Aaron stopped pacing.

"She is okay Aaron." I said smiling and he didn't change his contenance at all.

"Whatever happened, or what ever you planned won't stop the King from executing Akira. Didn't you see how furious he was?" He asked and I sighed.

"We just saved her life. We would come up with something." I said and he flung his hand in the air.

"That's just it, this problem won't stop. That's why we can't be together Aaron. Akira is on the edge! I can't do this. What if you run out of ideas? Then she is dead." He said.

"Aaron..." I called but he stopped me.

"No Hana. It's better to just stay far away than go through all this." He said and I felt so hurt.

"They fought for their love and they are conquering. We can do this too. Once we resolve this, we would finally be free." I said smiling and he shook his head.

"No Hana. We can't be free if your father is alive. He has been the source of sadness to almost everyone in this Palace. My mother doesn't have a life of a own cos of him. No resolving can change who King Maeko really is. Till then, we can't be anything Hana. This is frustrating." He said walking out of the chamber before I could say any words.


I couldn't stop crying thinking all about Aaron said. I knew he was absolutely right, and I needed to do something about it.

We all deserve to be happy but he won't let us.

My door opened and I looked at Niran as he walked in.

"Hana." He called looking a little happy. But when he saw me, he rushed to me.

"What's wrong Hana?" He asked and I looked at him.

"Aren't you tired of Father?" I asked and he sighed.

"Who won't be? We are all tired of him Hana,what's wrong?" He asked and I sighed.

"I want to be happy Niran." I said hugging him tightly and kept crying on his shoulders.

"You would be happy Hana." He proclaimed and I shook my head disengaging.

"No. Not father is still here Niran." I said and he sighed nodding.

"Yes. I know but we can't do anything about that." He said and I shook my head again. 

"There is something I can do." I said and he furrowed his brows.

"And that is?" He asked.

"I am going to kill Father." 


Omo this is hot oo 

Hana wants to kill King Maeko 

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