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Devil's Secret - Chapter 3




Devil's Secret - Chapter 3

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



After biting my lips which I'm sure they will be swollen by now I stared at my computer screen


Download complete.

Oh My God

oH my Gosh

I have Five thousand dollars in my account right now .....oh I need to breath

I took a huge glass water and surprisingly I drank everything

I quickly took all the things I needed an straight to the bank

I cashed out the three thousand dollars and took it straight to the hospital

I dropped the dollars on the table and the doctors eyes widened

"Let's just say my relatives, friends, neighbors are really generous "I said with a smile and he nodded

"Give her the best treatment ,my relatives, neighbors and friends won't be happy if anything goes wrong "I added and he gave me a reassuring smile.


"Hey buttercup "I called and she rolled her eyes

"stop calling me that "Anna groaned angrily

"Good news "I said making her eyes lit up as usual

"Just tell me dad is dead"she added

"Gosh ya unbelievable ,I told you to stop saying that "I said to Anna

"You just can't blame me sis "she said making me smile

"well I got a new job and guess what they agreed to pay me before I start "I said exictedly and she frowned

"Don't fool me sis,I might be sick but not a dummy " she replied

"okay fine ,I stole it from Dad and he won't notice okay " i added making her give me a toothy smile

"See how's becoming a bad girl "she said in a mockery tone

"Just get ready for treatments okay "I said ruffling her hair

"So i will go get us some clothes and other necessary since we would be here for a while "i said kissing her forehead

"bye buttercup"I half yelled

"Arrrrh go away "she yelled back angrily

I was just beyond happy today ,at least in no time my sister will be okay and then we will use the remaining money to run and go really far away.

I reached the house and saw my angry looking father staring at me

"You f*cking b*tch" he cursed dragging my hair

"where is my money " he yelled angrily pushing me towards the door

"I didn't take any money"I lied

"Dad please, please"I begged but dare not cry

"shut up whore , you will regret ever stealing "he yelled pulling off my clothes

Now I was completely naked ,He tied me to the dining chair and walked out

My heart was beating so fast and I know this cant be good

He came back with a pen knife and lit up the stove

He began heating up knife ,All effort to untie myself and run away seems pointless

He came back grining at me

"Please Dad I have the money ,I will give you back , even more please don't do this" I begged as my throat went dry

"You think I care about the money again,I just loved to see you suffer ,to see you in pain "He replied placing the hot iron on my lap

I yelled loudly as the hotness came into with my skin and pireced through the flesh

I couldn't cry

I dare not cry

i pressed my lips against each other trying to hold the tears and scream

He smiled widely to himself as he left me there in pain .


Unknown Pov

I trapped rapidly into the system as I blinked my eyes

Am I dreaming or what

Five thousand dollars just got deducted from

Who the hell got access to the and the hell did he do that

This is our most highly secured account and why will the person take that small amount of money .

"Hello Boss there is an emergency I think you should come see"I said on the phone before the call ended

Minutes later boss walked in angrily

"why the f**k did you call me here "he asked

"someone broke into your main account and stole five thousand dollars"I said nervously

"what...it's impossible ,it's the most secured no one can do that"he replied

"well someone just did " I said

His eyes went dark immediately and I feared for whoever just stole from us ,,he is just going to die but the death is going to be a painful one

"Find the m*therf*cker"he snarled angrily walking out .

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