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Devil's Secret - Chapter 2




Devil's Secret - Chapter 2

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



"Anna you have cancer"I said gently trying to hold back the tears that was threatening to fall

Her green eyes pireced through my as I could see her heart shattered

I didn't know what to say or do again

"I could fight it right "she asked with hope in her eyes

I quickly nodded

"yes we could fight it but you need to be strong for me okay...I believe in you"I added and hugged her

I stroked her hair as she cried .I couldn't cry too ,I needed to be strong for her and not show my weakness .

Anna fell asleep and I made my way out to go meet the door

"Hi "I said dryly and he gave me a small smile

"Anna's sister right"he asked and I nodded

"How much is it going to take for her treatment to be done "I asked

"Well from what I have put together three thousand dollars will start all the necessary process "he replied and my jaw dropped

I have never seen such amount of money in my life talk more of owning it

"Right now you have to go meet families, friends and neighbors , just who ever you have because your sister's life is at risk "he added

"I know this is much for you but you have to be strong "he said patting me .

I dragged my feet out the hospital and my stomach kept crumbling

I haven't eaten anything and I was losing energy

I stopped by a small Cafe and got my self a small breakfast

I was in my own world thinking when two van drove past me to a nearby alley

Curiosity kills a cat right ??

I followed behind them hiding when they dragged a man out of the car into the alley

They were four in number and they looked really deadly

one thing they had was a tattoo at the side of their neck

The man they dragged out of the van was blindfolded so i couldn't see him clearly

One of the men brought out gun and shot him,I quickly used my hands to cover my mouth

they turned to check if anyone was watching which made me hide properly

They went into their van back and took off while I ran away like someone being chased

I mean ,I just saw where someone was killed

I went into our apartment and thankfully father wasn't home which gives me time to do what I came back for

I quickly ran to his room and began going through his stuffs

thankfully I saw some dollars there and I took them

they weren't even close to what I needed ,I carried my favorite boots to sell and they money still wasn't a bit close

An idea popped into my head and I rushed back to get my old laptop

I used half of the money to buy a laptop battery

At least if I could see good job online I can beg them to give me small money so i can pay a little for my sister's treatment.



After spending the entire night on my laptop I couldn't find anything,who am I kidding

I don't even have half of the qualifications required ,all I know how to do I hacking and stuffs like that

I scroll through when my eyes caught a familiar company

They are like all over the country ,their branches are everywhere

I don't know the owner and I'm sure him/her is insanely rich

They won't even notice if they lost money beside they stay in far away Mexico

Oh crap what am I thinking .....I'm not doing online fraud

After battling with my thoughts I decided to do it for my sister I can't just watch her die and this people might probably not notice that the money left their account

After saying a little prayer I began creating a fake account and location before hacking Into their account

it wasn't easy but for a computer witch like me ,,I could crack anything

The account I hacked into was not the main company account so I guess they won't really notice

The amount of money there made my eyes fall out of it's sockets

Holy Moon!

I can't even count the figures

They won't definitely notice

I decided to remove five thousand dollars and waited patiently while it loads......

Not without biting my lip nervously and saying prayers I never did before .

I hope it goes well

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