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Devil's Secret - Chapter 1




Devil's Secret - Chapter 1

The Mexican Drug Lord

Authoress Jennifer



Note :

The cracking sound from my room door made me jolted up

"Please dad not tonight I'm tired "I muttered gently

"strip "he commanded

His voice was hard and full with anger

His in a bad mood that means ,he isn't going to take it easy on me

I didn't want to piss him off further so I just did as he said

I came down from my bed and removed everything I was wearing

he grabbed my boobs and squeezed them roughly

I didn't feel anything but disgust.

he removed his pants and ordered me to suck him

I knelt down in from of him and did as he said

he emptied himself in my mouth and I swallowed it ,I dare not spit it out

"Very soon princess ,very very soon princess ,I will get to eat you bit by bit "he said sucking on my boobs

yeah he hasn't had sex with me yet

Like he always says "I want you to be fully mature"

"why ain't you moaning"he asked pushing me over his laps

"sorry Dad"was the only thing I could say

"you like pissing me off princess"he whispered in my ears and spanked my butt really hard

Isn't this just pure wickedness ?

He spanked my butt really hard again making tears drop from my eyes

I already had bruises and marks on my butt , hitting is again was making all the pain rise up

He hit it for the third time and this time I cried even more

"I've warned you never to cry"he muttered throwing me on the bed

He hates to see me cry whenever he dose anything to me

But this time I couldn't help it

He tied me up to the bed and removed his pants belt

He began wiping me so hard that my skin felt numb

I dare not cry else I would get something worse

After making my whole body unrecognizable he untied me and walked out of my slamming the door

That's the kind of person my own Dad is


That whole night I stayed on my bed numb and broken ,I couldn't move nor feel anything.

The ray of sunshine hit my face and I moved gently

I was still naked

I managed to get dressed up wearing something that will cover my whole body

I picked the money I kept under the bed last night

Yeah I slipped out some money from my dad's p_nts last night because I needed it.

"Who's the bestest sis in the whole world "I yelled and my sis chuckled

"me of course "she replied with a bright smile

"and you look horrible this morning,did you get any sleep"she asked me and I nodded

"of course I did " I lied

"and why are you dressed up like someone avoiding covid 19" she asked making me roll my eyes

"guess what"I said and her eyes sparkle

"Dad's finally dead"she said and I hit her arm

"Don't say that sis,his still our dad "I replied

"but he doesn't care about us "she muttered

"Just forget him okay,the good news is that I've finally gotten some money we could go for your check up at least let's know what's wrong with you"I said and she smiled widely

"Can we go now ,I'm tired of being on this bed for weeks and doing nothing"she replied making me chuckle

"Alright let me help you up"I said and she nodded

My sister has been sick for weeks but we didn't have money to take her for treatment and dad doesn't care

I helped her up and hailed a cab to the hospital

"How are you related to Anna Owens "the doctor asked

"I'm her sister,her all and all ,Daisy Owens"I replied proudly

"No parents "he asked

"No parents "I replied and he nodded

"How old her you"he asked

"Twenty by next month"I replied and he nodded

"I will just go straight to the point ,your sister has a stage four cancer which is spreading fast now due to lack of treatment "

"If we don't start treatment now ,we would not be able to control it again"he said

I felt my whole world stopped that moment, nothing was moving and the doctor waved at my face.


"You look like you just got hit by a truck" Anna said making me laugh

"Are they not done with the check up ,I'm beginning to hate the smell here "she asked and my heart sank

How do I tell her ??

she's just 15

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