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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 59




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 59

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Eve's POV

"You know it's hard to know which one of you Miles like the most " Shin ah said as she pour some wine inside the glass and gave it to me

"What do you mean?? I asked

"You or Mina " She said as she glanced at me then she smiled and looked away.

"Miles is a hot cute guy which any girl would love to be with but sometimes it is hard to predict what kind of girl he wants "

"Uhmm... Why are you telling me all this?? I asked as i sipped the wine.

"Because i think he love you more than his best friend Mina " She answered making me scoffed

"That is impossible, you only said that because you don't know anything about the past, the only girl in Eric's heart is Mina and i don't think no one can ever take her place in his heart " I said not knowing why i said that

"Hmmm.. Then why did he show his face to you??


"He said he only want people to see his face on Mina's birthday which is in the next two weeks i guess, if he truly love Mina more than you then he wouldn't have let you know that he is alive " Shin-ah said as she keep pressing her phone

I bit my lower lips and held the glass tightly

"You're missing one person " I said and she looked at me


"Suzy "

"Oh.. Chu Jung, CJ sister " She asked and i nodded

"Well one thing is for sure, Eric did not have any feelings for Suzy cos he never ever tell me anything about her " She said as she continue pressing her phone

Not too long, she gasped and started calling Eric's name making me nervous

"Eric... Eric" She called

"What is it?? What happened?? I asked but she did not answer

Eric came downstairs and looked at me then back at Shin-ah

"Is something wrong?? He asked

"I need to go now, Kayla's mom has been arrested "

"Really?? How come?? So fast??

"Well.. Kayla is dead " Shin-ah said and i gasped


"Yeah, i think she was trying to terminate her pregnancy which lead to her death and her mother couldn't bear the loss, so she turn herself in " Shin-ah said as she grabbed her jacket and quickly walked towards the door.

"Wait.. " Eric said "I hacked into the doctor system and i was able to find some phone records between him and Kayla's mom and how he murdered Claire, one of his nurse, i will send it to you " He said and Shin-ah nodded before leaving

I was scared and i couldn't alter a word

So Claire was murdered..

I knew it

Eric walked over to me and held my hand

"You seem terrified " He said but i didn't say anything, he pulled me close and hugged me tightly as he kept caressing my back



When i got to the doctor office, i went to him and held him by the collar

"How dare you?? I said

"What are you talking about?? You asked me to do it and i did "

"No no no. .. You shouldn't have " I yelled

Why am i trying to blame the doctor??

It's all my fault or maybe it is not

If Mina had told me the truth, this wouldn't have happen

I released the doctor and drop to a squat and ran my fingers through my hair as i burst out crying

Mina will never forgive me and i will never forgive myself because of what i did

Mina's POV

I looked at handcuff on her hand and i didn't know when tears rolled down my eyes as i recalled about the past

Flash Back

"Why did you wake up late?? Why are you not going to work?? My mom asked but I just kept mute while rubbing my ear

"Ohh, don't tell me they've sacked you" My mom asked

"Mom, the manager was so cruel and mean to me, he makes me work for two hours non stop, so.. So.. So.. I quit " I said with a pout looking down at my feet

"Mina, this is going to be 13th job. You lazy asshole, can't you just be like your sister for once, she always help me in the restaurant but as for you, all you do is to press phone and eat " My mom yelled

"Mom, stop comparing me to Mimi.. " I yelled back

"Oh my goodness!! You're really useless to me, you can't cook, you can't work, due to your laziness, you dropped out of school, who is going to marry you?? Who?? You just get yourself a dumb rich guy, useless brat " My mom hissed and walk away



"Why?? Why did you do it?? I asked but she didn't say anything

"I.. I.. thought you really do love me but you don't.., you.. you

"I did not regret what i did and i will never apologize for anything, everything was your father's fault, he shouldn't have exchange his own daughter with mine " She said then the police began to drag her away

"He caused everything, he exchange his daughter with mine thinking some assassin are after his family so he gave out his own daughter and collected mine because he wanted to protect his own daughter " She yelled as the police forcefully drag her away

I slowly followed her with tears in my eyes

"And you know what?? I am also responsible for Eric's death " She yelled and i stopped as my eyes widened

"Wait.. Stop" I told the police and quickly walk over to her

"You shouldn't be saying all this, don't you think it will put your life in danger, the police are only arresting you because you tried to kill my father, aren't you feeling empty inside that your own blood daughter is dead "

"I was the one that killed Eric, i poisoned him, i wanted to get rid of him, he wouldn't stop coming to my restaurant and i couldn't stop giving him the poisoned doughnut " She said and my heartbeat increased

"Eric.. Eric died due to Leukemia " I whispered

"No that's not true, the doctor lied to him " She said and i stumbled backward

"And you also know what, one of the reason CJ got marry to my daughter is because of.....

I just kept looking at her and couldn't alter a word

Flash Back

"Hello, i don't care who you are, you can't keep threatening my personal life due to what my parents did " CJ yelled over the phone

"If you refuse to get marry to Kayla then i will make sure i reveal your parents secret to the whole world "

"Okay go ahead, just do it... They deserve it.. Afterall they never give me what i deserve which is their love, you're free to do whatever you want, i don't care " CJ yelled

"Good .. then Just know that Mina's life is not safe, within 3days, i will slowly kill all those special and close to Mina starting from her younger sister Mimi"

"Nooo... Nooo.. You don't dare do that.. Noo" CJ said then the unknown person hang up

Mina was shocked and she could see the evil smirk on her face

CJ got marry to Kayla because of m e??

He was trying to protect me??

I watched as the police dragged her away

To be continued.....

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