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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 58




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 58

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

Flash Back

"So..?? I asked as he tasted the food

His face expression changed as he forced a smile on his face

"Uhn... Is it bad?? I asked looking worried but he continue eating the food then stopped eating

I could hear it... It was a stone

"Hey, spit it out" I said while stretching my hands forth but to my surprise he swallowed it

"CJ?? " I exclaimed

"How do you expect me to spit it out when the food is soo tasty " He said as he continue to eat the food

I decided to taste the food myself

I picked the chopstick and eat the first bite, my eyes widened as I quickly ran to the sink and spit it out

It was the worst food I have ever tasted in my life.

I looked at CJ but he just continue eating the food, I walked over to him and wanted him to stop eating the food but he refused

"C'mon stop eating the food, you might get sick" I said and he shot me a glance

"Can't I eat in peace?? you don't expect me to waste this food because you really try hard to cook for me" He said and continue eating.

I just kept looking at him

The food was really bad but he didn't care...

I quickly went to his back and wrapped my arms on his neck and hugged him tightly

"I love you CJ and I promise that the next one will be better " I said and he caress my hand as he continue eating



"You should finish up your meal" The doctor said but I just couldn't eat

I just kept thinking of CJ

It wasn't his fault that he got married to kayla

He got married to her because he has no choice

"Doc. Can I be alone for now, I promise to eat " I sort of whispered and he nodded then he left

I looked through the window and let out a sigh

It was raining and I also recalled when CJ pushed me out inside the rain just because I jokingly choose Eric over him.

Eve's POV

"Who are you?? I asked then my eyes went straightaway to his left hand and my eyes widened when I see the bracelet that Eric do wear

He quickly use his right hand to cover it and force a fake smile

"I have to leave now " He said and turn to leave but I quickly held his hand

"Eric?? I called

I really don't know why I call him that

Eric is dead but why am I feeling this way??

"What did you just call me?? Have you forgotten that Eric is dead?? The guy said

"Maybe you're right, Eric is dead but why am I having this strange feelings that he is somewhere close looking at me, why is it that everytime I am in trouble, you always come to rescue me and....

"That's because Eric told me to do so before he died " The guy said and I nodded

"Yea yea you said it was his last request " I said then I looked at the gravestone then back at the guy

"Why are you wearing his bracelet?? I asked

"You asked too much question miss "

"Do you know how hard it is for me to accept the fact Eric is gone, I cried all night and.. and I always long for him and I wish he could know what and how am I am feeling now " I said with tears welled up in my eyes

"I guess he knows exactly how you're feeling now " The guy said and I looked up at him

" He can't know how am I feeling right now because he doesn't have feelings for me, the only girl he is madly in love with is her best friend, don't you know?? If he was to choose between Mina and I, he will definitely chose Mina.. Don't you know??

"Of course I know he will chose Mina " The guy said and I turned away sadly

"But his heart will definitely go for you " The guy said and when I turned to look at him, he removed the mask and to my greatest shock

It was... Eric


I couldn't finish what I was about to say as he pulled me close and placed his lips on mine

I was startled

Is this a dream or what??

He kissed me roughly but passionately on the lips.

His tongue instantly darted into my mouth which I welcomed.

After several moments, he pulled away.

I gasped as he let go of me.

I opened my eyes and looked at him then I started crying

"I am sure this is another dream, I wish I never wake up from this one " I whispered

Eric smiled and finally put the coat around me

"Sure it is a dream " He said and turned to leave then he stopped and grabbed my hand

"C'mon let's go, I need to show you something "

I looked at his hand as he held mine tightly then I felt something

Was I really in a dream??

Suzy's POV

I held my chest as I hid behind the tree

The flower fell off my mind as my heartbeat kept increasing

I was on my way to put the flower on Eric's gravestone when I sighted Eve with a guy kissing.

I was surprised at first

Surprised that Eve was kissing a weird guy in a graveyard not until the guy held her hand and turned making me receive my greatest shock


My eyes widened in shock as I quickly hid behind the tree

I watched as they both left the Graveyard

How come Eric is alive or am I just imagining things??


"You what?? Min ho yelled but I didn't answer

"Why will you do such a thing?? And to someone else baby?? What if something happen to Mina?? What if she lost her life?? Like what the fuck is wrong with you??

"Min ho I don't know... I just don't know " I yelled back

The doorbell continuously rings

"Who is that?? I whispered

"Maybe your fucking wife "

"But what is she doing here?? I think the police are also looking for her mom for trying to kill Chairman wol bin " I said

"Who cares?? Min ho said and quickly went to unlock the door

"Who is it?? I asked but he didn't answer

I stood up to check who it is and I was shocked to see Mina

Mina?? I whispered

She removed her rain coat and hung it in a corner then she entered

"Wh.. What are you doing here?? I asked and Min ho hit me on my shoulder

What the fuck was that for??

"It seems you're not happy to see me or were you expecting someone else.. Perhaps your wife?? She said

What is she doing here??

What is she up to??

She is definitely up to something which I don't know and which I am curious to know

"Your parents are somewhere hiding and I believe their son must know their whereabout or are you still planning to take their cover forever " She said

"So you're here because you think I am hiding them somewhere " I asked and she nodded

"Don't you know so many are already hating on you because of this, and also don't you know you can win their love by telling the police where they are " She said and I scoffed

"So what about you??


"Will I be able to win you back?? I asked but she didn't reply

"Of course no I guess "

"How about we make a deal" She said and I arched my brow


"Yeah... "

"So what's the deal??

To be continued.....

The story is gradually coming to an end.. �

Episode 59

Eve's POV

I looked around the house and it was really beautiful, i looked at Eric but he was already looking at me.

How come he is alive??

Has he been alive all this while??

"Did Mina know that you're alive?? I asked and he shook his head

"Miles you're back " Someone said and i turned to see a beautiful young lady with blonde hair, she was wearing a short gown revealing her thigh

She went to Eric and put her arms on her shoulder

I swallowed my spit hard and i was damn hurt

Who is she??

Why is clinging unto Eric??

Is she her new girlfriend??

If she is her new girlfriend then why did he kiss me??

Different thought keeps running through my head but i manage to force a smile

"Err.. It.. It.. felt weird talking to someone whom i thought.. Uhm.. Uhm...

I paused and the lady giggled then she looked at Eric and smiled

"Come, i have something to show you " She said and grabbed him by his hand and i felt somehow

"Eve you can come too " She said and i was surprised

How did she know my name??

I slowly followed them and they both enter a room which i followed

The room was clean and tidy and it was empty except some pictures pasted on the wall, i gasped as i looked at the pictures closely

It was the picture of CJ's parent, Mina's fake mom, the Seoul national Hospital doctor and even Claire's picture.

"Are you sure about this?? The lady asked Eric while looking at me

"Anyway i will leave you two, i need to track down where the real bitch is hiding " The lady said and patted Eric's shoulder before leaving

Everywhere was silent and i couldn't take my eyes off the pictures

"I think i owe you an explanation" He said while breaking the silence that has engulfed us

"I don't think so, what is there to explain?? You and your new girlfriend are actually.. Wait.. Wait.. What am i even saying??

"New girlfriend?? Eric asked

"You don't have to deny it, i am not blind, i could see everything between you two " I said and Eric smiled

His smile is just everything

He look more handsome than before

"Well.. Her name is Shin-ah, she's a prosecutor and she's working for me, i am trying to reveal the truth, some people need to pay for their crime and be punished by the law " He said

"Perhaps are you the anonymous ?? I asked and he nodded

"I'll explain better to you later, you should go and change now" He said and was about leaving

"Don't you think you should show yourself to Mina?? I asked

"Of course i will but not now " he said and walk away

Why is he still wearing the bracelet??

I thought Mina told me he threw it away

Author's POV

Mina continue to look outside through the window as she recalled about what has transpire between she and CJ

Flash Back

"Your parents are somewhere hiding and I believe their son must know their whereabout or are you still planning to take their cover forever " Mina said

"So you're here because you think I am hiding them somewhere " CJ asked and she nodded

"Don't you know so many are already hating on you because of this, and also don't you know you can win their love by telling the police where they are " She said and CJ scoffed

"So what about you??


"Will I be able to win you back?? CJ asked but she didn't reply

"Of course no I guess "

"How about we make a deal" She said and CJ arched my brow


"Yeah... "

"So what's the deal??

"Tell your parents to turn their self in to the police and i will forgive you and come back to you " Mina said and CJ was silent for a while as she kept looking at Mina

"If you can't do it, you're going to lose so many things, if you can do it, so many people hating on you will surely love you back including me " Mina added "That's the deal"



Mina brought out her phone and dialed Eve's number but she didn't pickup

"Where could she be?? I hope she's okay " She thought and quickly checked her location(GPS) on her phone, after a brief search, she squeezed her eyes shut and opened it


What is she doing there ??

She called her several times but still she wasn't picking so she decided to send a voicemail

"Hello Eve, i have finally find a way to let CJ turn his parent in, after everything is over, i will be leaving this country, i will appreciate it if you keep this a secret, i will tell you the details later "

Mina hang up and let out a sigh

"So you were lying to CJ?? Min ho said and Mina spun around to looked at Min ho standing next to the door

"So you're eavesdropping??

"You promise to go back to him if he could turn his parent in and now he is on his way to do so and you're planning to leave him?? Min ho said and Mina scoffed

"He deserves it and you mustn't dare to tell him anything or else....

"Are you threatening me??

"No i am not"

"Do you know how hard it is for CJ but you don't care at all, all you care about is your best friend, that is why you end up getting pregnant for him" Min ho said and Mina eyes widened

"Wh.. What??

"Don't pretend as if you don't know because CJ also knew about it, he knew you're pregnant for Eric "

"I was never pregnant for Eric, the only thing connecting i and CJ is the baby inside me, if not.... I will hate him so much and will never ever forgive him" Mina said

"Wait.. You mean CJ is the owner of the baby??

"I now regret having sex with him.. uhm.. without him knowing but.. " Mina paused and smiled "but that's the way life wants it"

"So... So... CJ is the.... Oh noo"'Min ho rubbed the back of his head in annoyance

"Are you okay??


Suzy couldn't stop crying as she just kept thinking

The thought of Eric being alive should make her the happiest girl on earth but it seems Eve has ruin it all.

Something struck her mind and she knew exactly what to do


On the other hand, CJ was driving his car and receive a text message from the doctor telling him that the job was successful that he has terminated the pregnancy.

His phone started ringing and he checked the caller

It was Min ho

He put him on speaker as he concentrated on keeping his vehicle from drifting out of its lane.

"Hello "

"The only reason why Mina forgive you and why she chose to forget about everything you did is because of one thing and that is the thing connecting both of you together and without it, you will never ever have Mina again "

"What are you talking about??

"The unborn baby which you told the doctor to terminate turns out to be your own baby " Min ho said and CJ eyes widened as he hit the brake

"That is impossible "

"Remember the night before you left her, that was when it happened " Min ho said and CJ try to recall

Flash Back

"Err Mina??


"What happened yesterday night?? CJ asked and Mina eyes widened

"Did something happen yesternight?? He asked again as he looked at Mina suspiciously

"Of course yes something happen " Mina said and slowly move away from him as she continue blowing her hair

"Something like what??

She looked at him through the mirror and smiled

"You kissed me thrice even when i asked you not to"

"Then can you explain what happen to my clothes?? He asked looking down at the cloth Mina put on him when he was deeply asleep


"Don't be silly CJ, have you forgotten that you changed your clothes yourself.. You must have been so drunk that you couldn't even recall what happened yesterday " Mina said and CJ put his finger on his temple

"Why am i feeling somehow? " he muttered as he went to the bathroom



"CJ are you there?? Hope the doctor hasnt done anything?? Min ho asked but CJ was speechless

To be continued...

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