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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 56 & 57




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 56

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



Mina quickly emerged from the car and started running to only God knows where

I paused for some moment then I quickly came out of the car and ran after her

"Mina Mina... " I called but she did not stop running

The breeze was blowing through her hair and she was really running fast but I finally caught up with her

I held her hand but she angrily jerk it away and looked at me.

I was startled to see her teary eyes

"Mina I.. I...

"Don't say anything... Pls don't say anything " She whispered as she started looking around as if she lost something

"Mina I was also shocked when I found out, I really don't know how to tell you, I was scared that I am going to lose you " I said as I tried to fight back the tears that welled up my eyes

"You got marry to kayla because of that?? She asked then she shook her head and continued "Your mom killed her because of her greed and your dad also knew about this??


"People thought Chairman Wol bin wife died when giving birth not knowing she was killed and you also knew about it but you try to protect your family dirty reputation " Mina yelled out

"And that is exactly what I am regretting right now, I chose my family dirty reputation over my heart and now I hate myself for it " I manage to say

"You're a monster and I will never ever forgive you and your family ... Never " She blurted and was about to leave when she suddenly stop and touch her forehead.

"Mina are you okay?? I asked but there was no response

"What is.....

I couldn't finish my statement as Mina collapse and my eyes was wide open

I place my hand on her forehead

"Gosh... She's burning up " I said to myself as I quickly carry her and straightaway to the car

Author's POV

"Mom what do you mean?? Kayla asked looking surprised

"I was the one who recorded the video of how CJ's mistakenly killed Mina's real mother and I threatened their family with it but the video is over the internet now.. How come??

"Are you sure no one had an extra copy of it?? Kayla asked

"I don't think so, I only send one to CJ mom and I know she won't be that careless not to keep the clip safe"

"Then who could've uploaded the video?? Kayla said as she was looking at her phone

"Kayla let's forget about that, Chairman Wol bin has limited life to live and.....

"Mom?? Kayla shouted looking shocked

"What is it?? What happened??

"Take a look at this" Kayla said as she showed her the video on her phone and she was also baffled

It was the video of when she was about to inject chairman wol bin and how innocent Mina entered

"Mom look at the headline " Kayla said

The Owner of Shim Restaurant tried to kill Chairman Wol bin and blame CJ ex girlfriend who is the real chairman Wol bin daughter

"What??!! Who is doing this?? She said as she was now terrified.

Eve's POV

"Don't worry nothing is going to happen to you now " My brother said

Who could've save me??

Was it the guy that Eric asked him to protect me??

Was he the one??

My brother changed the channel and i looked at the TV

"Welcome back to the NS news, a video of how chairman wol bin wife died died has went viral and so many people wants justice, as we all know that chairman wol bin is the vegetative state, it's hard to decide now and not too long the anonymous share a video of how the owner of Shim restaurant in gwanju was caught trying to kill Chairman Wol bin and try to blame it on CJ ex girlfriend which we all know as Mina, a shocking truth was revealed of Mina being Chairman Wol bin real daughter while the popular beauty model Kayla is fake"

"Who can the anonymous be and how does the person know everything?? I thought

"Mina is Chairman Wol bin daughter?? My brother asked looking surprised

The one that shock me the most is that CJ mom is actually the one that killed Mina's mom

Gosh how is Mina going to feel??

"Chairman Ryung who is CJ father including his wife were responsible for the death of Chairman Ryung first wife and also their first daughter Chu Jung who everyone thought was dead turns out to be alive, she was spotted a month ago in the hospital by a small girl but everyone ignore it not until some hours ago she was spotted in Chairman Ryung house "

"Aish turn it off" I said as I stood up

It is really annoying

Suzy's POV

I dialed mom's number and she quickly pick it

"Mom where are you?? Do you know the police are looking for you and dad?? I said and I could tell she was now crying

"Why did you step mom?? Why?.

"I and your dad were scared, we thought she knew about my dirty secret of killing Wol bin wife so we planted a bomb in her car and....

"Mom?? I yelled "Don't you know with what you've done, you've practically ruined your son's carrer, do you know what people are saying all over the internet, they're calling him all sort of names, I wish you and dad surrender yourself to the police and end all this " I said then I hang up

I cover my mouth as I started crying

Author's POV

(In the forest)

Everywhere was silent and wei was staring at Eric's picture when Mimi came and sat beside her

Wei looked at her and then back at the picture

Mimi let out a sigh and brought out her personal book and pen and wrote something then she show it to her

"You miss him"

Wei smiled and nodded

Mimi wrote something again but this time it was long that it took some minutes then she show it to her

"It really hurt when I find out about my mom being the evil one, I miss Mina too even though she's not my blood sister, my mom is the evil one and she caused everything, your brother did not die of leukemia but someone was poisoning him and the person was my mother "

Wei was shocked as her mouth was wide open

"Are you kidding?? This is not a joke so stop joking around "

Mimi wrote something again that she continue to write and write then show it to Wei to read


Eric visited the restaurant and Mina's fake mom hugged her

"How are you?? Hey I make your favourite cupcakes again " She said and Eric smiled

"Let me get it for you " She said and went to the kitchen, she looked around and brought out some powder and sprinkle it on top of the cupcakes

She smiled to herself and was about to go when one of the cupcakes fell, she groaned then she ignore it and went away

Mimi who was hiding behind the table saw everything and pick the cupcake that fell down

She planned on giving it to her neighbors dog because she knew how hungry the dog is

She went outside and call the dog

She gave the dog the cupcake and the dog ate it cheerfully



After an hour, Mimi was outside doing her homework when she saw their neighbor putting Ruff (the dog) inside the car.

The dog was spitting out blood and Mimi was nervous and worried

Why is the dog spitting out blood?? Was he sick?


After some days, Mimi found out that it was due to the powder her mom put on Eric's cupcakes

Why is mom doing that??


Eric came oneday and her mother gave him another cupcakes, Mimi didn't want anything to happen to Eric so she secretly pass the backdoor when Eric was leaving and told him everything.

When Eric finished reading what Mimi wrote about her mom poisoning him, he was shocked at first not knowing why she wanted to kill him

He shouldn't have believe Mimi but he has also notice some changes in him when he was spitting out blood and how Eve had caught him

He was also suspicious of the doctor because the doctor make it known to him that he had leukemia and he has limited life to live



He went to another hospital and was told that he has no leukemia just food poisoning and they will give him antidote for it


(End of Flashback)

Wei eyes was filled with tears, she angrily stood up

"Your mom is a murderer, she killed my brother.. She

Mimi wrote something and showed it to her

Wei eyes widened in shock as her lips was trembling



Mimi wrote something and showed it Eric

"I saw this in my mom's room, I think it is a video clip of something "

She brought out the Clip and gave it to him

She wrote another thing and show it to Eric

"Mina is not my real sister, she is this man daughter " She brought out a picture and showed it to Eric

"This is Chairman Wol bin, kayla's dad " Eric said but Mimi shook her head as she continue to write down something and then show it to him



(Seoul National Hospital)

A guy swiftly enter Chairman Wol bin VVIP ward and put a CCTV camera there and quietly went out



"My brother is alive??" Wei asked not believing what she read and Mimi nodded

"But we buried him so how come?? You're lieing to me " Wei yelled

"Wei you should learn how to control your temper " Someone said and Wei stood there shock as she recalled who has told her that statement before


"Eric, I don't want you to be friends with that girl name Mina.. Gosh she's so rude and she is the talk of the town, she is a psycho " Wei yelled

Wei you should learn how to control your temper "Eric said as he continue pressing his phone

Wei slowly spun around and was shocked to see who was standing not too far from her


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 57

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Author's POV


"Mina is pregnant?? CJ asked as his eyes widened and the doctor slightly nodded as he make sure he listened to Mina's breathing who was lying unconscious on the bed and checked her pulse

"Yeah but don't worry, the baby is fine, she's just dehydrated.

CJ step backward as he swallowed the lump in his throat, he looked down at Mina's left hand and saw the iv in her hand.

"I'll be right back " The doctor said and walked away

CJ just stood there not knowing if he should believe it or not

"Mina is pregnant?? But for who?? He thought

He clenched his fist as different thought keep running through his mind

"There's no way she's pregnant for me cos we never had sex so how come?? CJ thought

He watched as Mina let out a whimper and slowly open het eyes

Mina lifted her head to find CJ staring down at her with a shocking face expression on his face

"You.. You... You're the evil one " CJ said and Mina was surprised to see tears in his eyes

"You're the liar and the betrayal " CJ said and Mina arched her brow

She was confused and did not know what has gotten over CJ

CJ shook his head and left the ward angrily, he bumped into the doctor but ignored him and walked away

The doctor entered and smiled at Mina when he see that she was awake

"What is wrong with him?? The doctor asked as he checked the fluid

"Some minutes ago, he was scared that you're unconscious but when I told him you're pregnant, he suddenly change... Isn't he happy that his girlfriend is pregnant? " The doctor said and Mina eyes widened

"Wh... What!!! CJ has find out that I am pregnant?? Mina sort of whispered

"Yea because you're really pregnant or don't you know??


Eve looked at the flower on the gravestone and let out a sigh

"I miss you Eric "She said

Her voice was low. The air was nippy, a small breeze ruffling her dress. He paid no mind to it though, allowing her gown to dance about as it wished. The graveyard was silent. A faint roar in the foreground told her of oncoming storms.

The sky above him had already turned a sour shade of grey;

the clouds hanging above a thick and dark mass.

"I should have visited sooner." Eve spoke in a whisper, breaking her gaze from the foreboding sky.

She didn't know why she was being so quiet, there was no one around to hear her word. The graveyard was deserted; the only soul present being a broken one was she

Once more Eve paused in her words. Her mind raced with

all the things she wished to say. There was so much she needed to speak.

"Eric I am scared and I really miss you, why did you have to leave??

It began to rain, the cold droplets hitting her face and sliding

down her cheeks like tears. It's the rain but she did not care.

She drop to a squat and burst out crying then suddenly she yelped when she felt someone touch her on her shoulder.

"You should take care of yourself and forget about the dead " The person said but Eve refuse to answer or even look at the person

"You're really hurting yourself yourself?! Is the person so close to you to the extend that you're crying under the rain "

"It's none of your business, he is someone special to me and I have the right to do whatever I want " Eve said

"Do you think the person will be happy to see you in this state??

Eve paused for some seconds

The vouch sounds familiar

She shut his eyes to try to try to recall where she heard the voice then she thought about the guy who saved her from Manager Don's claw

Eve slowly stood up and was about to turn but the person held her preventing her to look at him

"Were you the guy that saved me some hours ago?? She asked but there was no response

Eve knew exactly what to do

She quickly jerk his hand off and quickly spun around, she sadly looked away

It was the guy which Eric asked him to protect her

"You're the one?? Eve said looking disappointed

"Were you expecting it to be someone else?? The guy said as he looked at Eve

Her lips was now trembling, she's feeling cold due to the rain

He removed his coat and was about to put it around her but Eve was shocked as she look at the black coat

"Eric?? She whispered

"Ha.. Ohhh... Yea you're right... It is Eric's coat.. " The guy said and Eve notice something strange

The guy's face look rough and she looked at his neck.

She stretch forth her hand and was about to touch it but the guy held her hand and looked at her

"What do you think you are doing?? The guy asked

"Who are you?? She asked

"Haa... Was that suppose to be a question??

"It is not advice able to use human face mask when it is raining " Eve said and the guy manage to fake a smile

"So who are you?? She asked again


"What!!! Min ho exclaimed "You mean Mina cheated on you??

"Yeah, she cheated on me and got pregnant and I am hundred percent positive that it is for her dead best friend Eric"


"Yea, now can you see who is the evil one?? She's a lier, she lied to me, she never love me, she played with my feelings and now she's acting innocent " I said angrily

"No you're wrong CJ, you were the one that fooled her, you abandoned her and you chose your parent dirty secret over her "

"But she's already flirting with her best friend before I knew about my parent past and.... Wait.. Are you taking her side?? I asked as I shot him a glance

"Not really but CJ are you sure she's pregnant for Eric or for you??

"Am I nut ?? Am I dumb?? I never had sex with Mina, I have never see her nakedness and she had never seen mine so who else is she close to that is a guy... Of course it is Eric " I said

"So what are you going to do??

"I don't know "

"Do you listen to the news today??

"Of course I do, and I know the anonymous doing that shit is Kayla's mother and i'll make sure she pay for it "

"Pay for what exactly?? Pay for revealing your parent dirty secret.. Huh?? CJ what the fuck is wrong with you?? You've really changed, I don't even know who you're anymore " Min ho said and I felt something sting my heart

His words really hurt me but I already have another negative thought

Mina is mine and I love her and if she end up giving birth to her best friend child then everything is over

I quickly excused myself and brought out my phone

I dialed the doctor's number and he picked it


"Hello Doc. It is I CJ"

"Ohh CJ, why did you leave your girlfriend like that?? She is awake and she has been crying since you left "

"Doc can you do me a favour?? I said

"Sure anything "..

I looked around and shut my eyes then let out a sigh and open it back

"Actually my girlfriend isn't happy about the pregnancy and I want you to.......

I paused as my heart keep beating fast

What is wrong with me??

Why am I thinking that way??

"To what??

"Terminate her pregnancy without her consent... Don't let her know about it "

"What!!! The doctor exclaimed

"Just do it doc and i'll do whatever it takes to repay you just do it " I said and he was silent for some seconds

"Uhm.. Ohh... Okay"

"Yea" I said and hang up as I clenched my fist tightly

To be continued....

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