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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 45 & 46



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 45

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

I was blowing my hair with the dryer when CJ entered, i quickly turn it off and went to him.

"CJ.. I told you the plan won't work now your sister has finally find out.. What are we going to do now?? I asked and he ran his fingers through his hair as he stared at me

"I really don't know but you shouldn't worry about it " He said and i shot him a glare

"What are you saying?? She will surely tell everyone that you never lose your memory that it was just a plan and you will have no choice than to marry kayla " I half yelled at him and he pulled me close and caress my cheeks while he look straight into my eyes

"Trust me, i won't get marry to Kayla and also i believe chu Jung won't tell anyone " He said and i gave him a disappointing look then he paused for some minutes and arched his brow

"Err Mina??


"What happened yesterday night?? He asked and my eyes widened

Should i tell him that i drugged him and have sex with him??

"Did something happen yesternight?? He asked again as he looked at me suspiciously

"Of course yes something happen " I said and slowly move away from him as i continue blowing my hair

"Something like what??

I looked at him through the mirror and smiled

"You kissed me thrice even when i asked you not to" I lied

"Then can you explain what happen to my clothes?? He asked looking down at the cloth i put on him when he was deeply asleep


I need to look for a perfect lie

"Don't be silly CJ, have you forgotten that you changed your clothes yourself.. You must have been so drunk that you couldn't even recall what happened yesterday " I said and he put his finger on his temple

"Why am i feeling somehow? " he muttered as he went to the bathroom

I don't think this is the right time to tell him

Suzy's POV

I stormed into her house and i see her sitting with her leg crossed while she was pressing her phone

"I don't like what you are doing" I yelled as i walk up to her "I really appreciate the fact that you were the one that helped me but cant you let me handle this alone?? I said and she looked at me surprisingly

"Chu Jung... What are you talking about?? She asked making me scoffed

"Stop pretending.... Why did you tell CJ about Mina's identity and why did you tell him that my parent are responsible for mina's real parent death?? I asked and to my surprise she started laughing

"You think it is funny?? Huh??

"Chu Jung, i never tell CJ anything... The only thing i sent to him was your pictures some days ago .... I never disclose mina real identity to him and i don't know how he found out" She said and i was shocked

If she wasn't the one that tell CJ then how did CJ find out??

If my instinct are right then probably CJ is playing with Mina's feeling and the reason mom want CJ to marry kayla thinking it was chairman wol bin daughter must be the reason CJ is with kayla....

"You're making me regret that i helped you several years ago" She said and i was kinda hurt

"I really don't know... there's a lot to figure out and i am so sorry for not trusting you " I said and was about to leave just then she stopped me

"You claim you love Eric but you don't know what he is passing through" She said and i looked at him

"Pls don't talk about him" I said

"The reason Eve is sticking next to him is because she cares for him and want to protect him"

"Can you pls stalking all those close to me.... Yes i love Eric but he loves Mina and now he is with Eve.... pls never talk about him" I said hurtfully as i recalled about yesterday night when he asked Eve to sleep overnight and completely ignore me

"I need to fix my broken home and i don't want to get myself involved in any love shape"

"Eric has leukemia and he has limited time to live " She said and my eyes widened in shock

"Wh... What??!!

"I went for my medical checkup some days ago and i saw him in the hospital, i was quite suspicious of him so i told one of my trusted assassin to plant a camera in his office at the music industry., that is how i find out.... I am sorry for stalking him but i can send you a clip if you want" She said and without wasting time

I quickly ran out of her house..

Author's POV

(In Gwanju)

Kayla stood in front of the restaurant and was looking at how people are going in and coming out.

She was actually wearing a face mask

"Mimi" She heard someone yelled then she turned to see an average girl waving to a young pretty girl who also waved back

Mimi was about going inside when kayla stopped her and smiled at her, she was shocked at first but decided to stand still

"Hi girl" Kayla said but Mimi didn't answer "don't be shy, talk to me... Who own the restaurant here?? She asked but Mimi still refused to talk

"I know i am a stranger to you but you have to answer me because its so important" Kayla said and Mimi gave her a hand sign and that is when it dawn on Kayla that the girl cant speak.

She really don't know what the sign means but she just nodded instead



The sun was shedding its rays in her eyes when Eve woke up. She lay in the unfamiliar bed for a long time, staring up at the ceiling.

Thinking about one thing.... Eric

Haa.... How on earth did i fall in love with someone that will never be mine?? She thought

She then jumped to her feet, frowning. She needed to do

something, get her mind off things. Now.

She came out of the room and looked around, Eric apartment was tidier than it had once been.

She looked around the house, his room, kitchen.. everywhere but he wasn't home –

Eve glanced up at the clock as she passed it.

Almost Ten o'clock.

"I woke up late" She muttered to herself as her stomach rumbles

Breakfast. She would make breakfast. Quickening her pace with purpose, she made for the kitchen.

Eve groaned. The cupboards and fridge were painfully low on stock. Absolutely nothing. Well, except for a few packs of

instant ramen, but Eve was not in the mood to commit herself to something that would be done in three minutes.

Finally, she wandered back into the living room and flopped

onto the couch, throwing up her hands. "What the hell,Eric!" she grumbled, throwing herself into the cushions. She felt like screaming into them.

"Someone say my name?"

Eve bolted up. "

Eric?" she blurted in surprise.

And there he was, at the door, blinking confusedly. He had a

thick stack of papers tucked under one arm. "Um, good morning?"

"Tell me one thing, ?" Eve asked.

She walked over and leaned against the wall

He stared at her for a moment. Then he smiled hesitantly.


"Why don't you have a scrap of food – proper food," she

amended when he opened his mouth, "in your entire house?"

"I was going to go shopping yesterday but…"

Eve did not give her depression enough time to surface.

She grabbed the papers from him. "What are these?"

"Give it back" Eric said and wanted to collect it but Eve started running around but Eric caught up with her and held her by her arm as he smirked at her

"Now give it back" he said and Eve just couldn't take her eyes off him and Eric also did the same and the next word that came out from Eve's mouth really shocked him.

"Please let me be yours, i promise to always stick next to you and i will never hurt your feelings.. I know this may sound stupid but i think i love you" Eve said and Eric was startled

"Was Eve joking or is she actually confessing her feelings to him" He thought as he blinked twice just then someone barged in and they both turned to see Suzy

Her eyes was sore and teary like she has been crying which she actually was

She looked at Eric and ran to him as she threw her arms around his neck and burst out crying

Eve felt hurt and disappointed as she looked at someone she loves hugging someone else

"Did i make a mistake by confessing my feelings for him??She thought

Mina's POV

CJ has been in the bathroom for so long now... What is he doing??

His phone beeps and i picked it from the bed

"CJ.. your phone is.....

I checked his phone, it was a message.. I clicked on it and receive the greatest shock in my life, i gasped and i could feel my heart beating fast

CJ came out of the bathroom and looked at me

"I am.... "He stopped as he was surprised by my face expression then he looked at my hand to see his phone, he walked up to me and slowly jerk it away from me

He looked at his phone and the look on his face was guilty.. guilty

Tears rolled down my eyes as i looked at him

"Why.. " I whispered


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 47

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Mina's POV

"CJ you're getting marry in two days time?? I said as I slowly wipe my tears off.

What is really going on??

What is happening??

CJ booked the Rim Hall in China for his wedding, am I dreaming?? Is he really getting married??

"CJ answer me.. To whom are you getting marry to? I half yelled at him but he just stood there looking at me without altering a word

"Don't tell me it is what I am thinking?? " I said as I swallowed my spit hard

"Mina calm down... let me explain " he said as he move closer to me but I took a step backward

"Have you finally agree to marry Kayla?? I asked and I was hoping for him to say No.. that he can never do that but he didn't say anything

"Why are you quiet?? Say something " I said as tears gushed out from my eyes

It is hard for me to believe that CJ is secretly getting married without my consent

Like what the fuck is he thinking??

Does he really love me??

Author's POV

Eric slowly disengage the hug and was surprised to see Suzy crying... He looked at Eve who just kept looking at him

He felt somehow then he tilted Suzy's head up

"Are you okay?? He asked

"I should be the one asking you that... Can we talk?? Suzy asked

"You're already talking to me"

Suzy glared at Eve and then back at Eric

"I mean privately "

Eric looked at Eve who looked away sadly

"Say whatever you want to say here " He said and Suzy bit her lower lips as she looked at Eric


Damn!!!! She read the message

I was hurt to see her crying and there was nothing I could do because I felt helpless

Have you finally agree to marry Kayla??She asked but I just couldn't say anything

Why are you quiet?? Say something" She said and burst out crying...

I really don't mean to hurt her

My parents were responsible for her mom's death..

What will she do when she finds out??

I need to tell her something else

"Uhm.. Mina you're right, I am getting married in the next two days " I said and her jaw dropped

"What"? She whispered

"But I am getting married to you " I lied and her face expression changed

"To me??

"Yes, I wanted it to be a surprise but damn.. you've found out yourself " I lied and her face softened

She wipe her tears and forced herself a smile on her face

"Like seriously?? " She asked and I nodded

She quickly wrap her hand on my waist and hugged me tightly

"I.. I.. thought you were going to leave me and marry kayla " She said as she sniffed

Of course that is what I wanna do, I slowly caress her back as the feeling of guilt washed over me

Flash Back

(In The Restaurant)

Wait, do you know her?? Mina mom asked but CJ kept glaring at her

"Mom, he is the stupid psycho that smashed my phone " Mina yelled and Min ho scoffed

"Stupid Psycho?? Way to go CJ.. You need this girl cos she really don't know you at all " Min ho said as he continue eating

" I can't buy her, she's fucking crazy " CJ said

"What are you talking about psycho?? Who ask you to buy me in the first place?? Do I look like a dog for sale?? And wait.. What are you doing in our restaurant?? Ohh.. You tracked me here right?? Mina said as she smacked her hand on her forehead "ohh i know your real motives, you are actually a pervert right?? She said and her mom angrily smack her on her shoulder

"Aww.. Mom " She winced

"The girl is really crazy " Min ho muttered

"You are no useful to me so what is the reason of having you here, all you do is to just eat my food and press phone " Her mother yelled

"Mooommmm, why are you saying all that in front.. in front.. in front of this jerk " Mina said while she shot CJ a glance

"Because that jerk is going to buy you " Her mother replied and Mina was shocked

"Wh... What do you mean?? She stammered

"Hey, I am not buying your crazy daughter " CJ said with a disgust look on his face

"And who is crazy?? Mina glared and looked at her sister who was just sitting quietly looking at the whole show "Mimi.. Has mom being taking her drugs because I don't understand why she will think of selling her daughter off "Mina asked but Mimi only roll her eyes

Everywhere was silent, just then CJ stood and smile

"How much do you wanna sell her?? He said with a smirk and Mina was speechless

"Any amount you're willing to buy her " her mother replied

"What the fuck is going on?? Mina yelled "Mom you can't sell your daughter off to a psycho, who does that??

"But pls you have to excuse me " CJ said as he forcefully dragged his friend and they both went outside

"Hey why did you do that?? Min ho asked with a pout

"Don't you think the girl is too dumb and crazy for me to use and besides why will she want to sell her own daughter?? Who does that? CJ asked and Min ho rolled his eyes

"Of course it is possible, poverty do cause that you know " Min ho said

"To sell your own blood daughter??

"C'mon CJ why did you care about that?? All what matter is for you to buy the girl and make her your personal bodyguard to stop all this rumor about you being a gay " Min ho said "you can even use her and make her act like your fake girlfriend cos she's beautiful" He added with a stylish smile

"Yuck... I...

"Wait.. look over there " Min ho said pointing at a white SUV car


"That's Chairman Wol bin car " Min ho said and CJ arched his brow

"Chairman What??

"C'mom.. It's Kayla's dad, the model girl who was...

"Ohh I know her but what is her dad doing here in gwanju and what is he doing next to this crazy girl mother restaurant " CJ said

"Maybe this is his favorite restaurant " Min ho said, just then Mina's mother came out and CJ quickly pull Min ho backward

"Hey.. What's the meaning of that??

"Shhh... " CJ said as he placed his finger on his lips then he looked at Mina's Mom who quickly went to the car and then the glass was whined down and she was given a brown envelope, she looked left and right and nodded then the car drove off

"Woah... What just happened?? I think there's something between the great chairman wol bin and this woman " Min ho said

"I know this is none of my business but I am definitely buying that girl to find out " CJ said



(Still on Flashback)


CJ was in his room then his phone started ringing, he quickly pick it up he see that the caller was his best friend

"Hello.. How's the result?? He asked

"CJ.. Getting Chairman wol bin strand of hair was really hard, you don't even care to ask me how I got it.. you're already asking for result "

"Sorry Min ho "

"It's okay.. well the girls strand of hair and that of chairman wol bin has been tested and the result came out positive.. 98.9 stating that they're related " Min ho said and CJ eyes widened

"So So the girl which I bought is Chairman wol bin's real daughter??

"Yes that's it and you're right, the woman wasn't the one that gave birth to the girl and they're aren't related at all, according to my hard secret research... Chairman wol bin gave Mina to the woman after the death of his wife so in order not to let people ask him where his daughter was, he exchange his own daughter with that of the woman's own" Min ho said and CJ was baffled

"Unbelievable.. What a life!!! But why can't Chairman take care of her own daughter and decided to take care of another woman's daughter "

"I think the reason is best known to him" Min ho said Just then Mina entered and CJ quickly end the call

"Hey can't you knock before entering?? What if I am dressing up? " He asked as he glared at her

"Well you're not dressing.... That's a relief... " Mina said as she glared at him back

"What are you doing here?? He asked

"I want to go back home " She half yelled

"Well... I already bought you and now you're mine, so just go out and go and feed my dog " He scolded and Mina angrily left his room and slammed the door hard

"Can't believe I am asking the daughter of the great popular chairman in seoul to feed my dog " CJ muttered to himself



(Still on Flashback)


CJ was locked up in the closet in Mina's room, Mina intentionally lock him up because he also lock her outside in the rain

"Open this door right now" CJ yelled

"Your mom called " Mina said and CJ eyes widened

"What?? Hope you didn't answer it??

"Well I did, she called to inform you that she's marrying you off to the minister daughter and you should be present in the house by tomorrow " Mina said and CJ was shocked

What is mom up to?? Why is she marrying me off all of a sudden?? He thought

"Mina open this door " CJ yelled but Mina didn't answer as she just kept humming

CJ clenched my fist in anger

Why is mom suddenly marrying me off without my consent?? She is definitely up to something no good" CJ thought



The next day, CJ went to his parent house early but was told that her mom was in a meeting...

He secretly went inside his mom's room and started looking everywhere for something which he don't know yet but he didn't see anything

He was about to leave when his eyes caught something, he walked to his mom's vanity and check the back of the glass, he saw a brown envelope

He picked it and opened it, there was a Sony Zoom compact camera, he turn it on and the first thing he see was a video..

A woman was in a room, it look like a hospital room.. The woman look like the late chairman wol bin wife, he click on play and he was shocked to see his own mother shouting on her about the business shares telling her that it should be 60/40..

Chairman wol bin wife just gave birth and she looked weak, she said no and CJ was shocked when her mom remove the oxygen and ask her to speak

"Tell me" She yelled "I will have the 60% while you have the 40%" She said and Chairman wol bin wife was struggling to breath while the machine kept beeping.

CJ cover his mouth as he watched the video

Chairman wol bin wife suddenly stop moving and CJ could see that her mom was scared

"Hey, talk to me.... I know you're just pretending so talk " She said but there was no response and that is when CJ dad enter the ward.. He was also shocked to see that Chairman wol bin wife is dead

"You killed her?? He asked and CJ mom nodded, she wanted to scream in fear but he quickly cover her mouth and they both quietly left the place.

CJ could feel himself trembling as he watched the video..

"My parents are responsible for Mina's mom death " He said then a paper dropped from the envelope, he picked it and read it

"I hope you've seen the video, I have different copy of this video.. Do you think you're free after killing someone?? Your past will keep haunting you!!! I will post this video on media to let everyone in the world see what you've done but if you don't this to happen... Make sure you get your Son Chen Jai marry to Kayla before this month end unless your dirty big secret will be revealed to the whole world "

CJ hand was trembling as he read the letter

"This is the reason mom is suddenly marrying me off"



"So when are we going to China for the wedding?? It is secret wedding right?? Mina asked and I clenched my fist in pain as I nodded.

My phone beeps and I glanced through it, it was from my best friend

"I am in the front of the hotel so get your ass off that place and say your last farewell to your ex lover "

"What's that?? Mina asked looking at me

"Err... It's just about the wedding preparation " I lied...

I can't believe I am lying to the person I truly love

"Since we're both getting marry, there's something I want to tell you about what I did yesterday......

"Mina I have to go now " I said and she looked at me sadly

I think this is going to be the last time I will be seeing her lovely face, I bit my lower lips so hard that it started bleeding

I can't believe I chose my parents safety over my heart

If I don't get marry to Kayla then everything will be over for my parent and also if Mina later find out about this, she will hate me forever but before she do.. I have to leave her

Tears rolled down from my eyes and she was startled

"CJ what happened?? You're crying "

"Mina whatever happen is for your own good " I said and she gave me a confused look

"What're you talking about?

I pulled her close to me and place my lips on hers and kissed her passionately

I guess this is going to be the lass kiss

To be continued....

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