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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 38 & 39



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 38

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

CJ grabbed my wrist and we both find our way outside the house, I angrily jerk my hand away from his grip and shove him away.

"CJ what the fuck is wrong with you?? I yelled "Why will you allow your selfish runaway sister who doesn't even care a little bit about your happiness control you?? Huh??


"No, don't say anything.. Just answer me, will you leave me and marry Kayla?? I asked and he looked away

Unbelievable!!! So CJ is actually planning to obey Suzy and marry Kayla

"Mina, Chu Jung is my sister and I.. I..

"You have no choice than to obey her?? I whispered feeling hurt

I had such great pain in my eyes, I could feel it yet I forced a smile.

"CJ, look into my eyes and tell me you will marry Kayla " I said and he looked at me but he couldn't say a word making me know that he is being forced against his will

"CJ I won't allow anyone to force you to do what you don't wanna do, I know you love only me and I will make sure I fix this " I said

"Fix what?? Someone said and we both turned to see Suzy at the entrance

She started laughing hysterically making me clench my fist in anger

"The only thing you're allow to fix is the time of the wedding between my brother and Kayla " Suzy said and I angrily walked up to her

"Let's see how the wedding is going to work " I said while glaring at her suddenly my phone started ringing, I checked the caller.. Mom??

I stared at Suzy and answered the call

"Hello mom"

"Mina can you come to Gwanju now, it is urgent pls " She said and I was getting scared

"Mom what's wrong?? I asked but she hanged up

I started panting hard and I quickly went to CJ.

"CJ, my mom just called, she asked me to come because it is urgent.. We need to go now plss" I said and he grabbed my hand

"Let's go"

"CJ, where do you think you're going?? Don't you wanna find out who's behind all the ruckus in our family and where I have been the whole time "? Suzy said and CJ stopped

"C'mon CJ, pls don't do this.. You have to follow me " I said but CJ didn't move an inch

Why is he acting so dumb?? It is soo annoying

"You're Unbelievable CJ " I said as I released his hand and dashed away

Eric's POV

Eve was sitting in front of me and everywhere was silent making me feel uncomfortable

"Evelyn, you.. Uhm... " I tried to say something but I don't know the exact words to say

"You don't have to force a conversation with me, I think I need to take my leave.. Thank you " She said as she stood up and was about to go then she looked at me

"You love Mina?? She asked and I was baffled by her question "it hurt when you love someone but the person did not love you back.. What an unrequited love " She said and I arched my brow not understanding what she meant

"I hate you " She said and with that she walked away

This girl is really weird

I sighed as I think about Mina, I shut my eyes and opened it, she's right, it really do hurt.


When I got inside, I met Chu Jung sitting down on the couch talking about the weddings and everyone was paying attention.

What is wrong with them??

Chu Jung just appear from nowhere and they don't even care to ask her what really happen, what she has been passing through, what she is up to??

I am definitely sure she's up to something, this is not the chu Jung I know.

I recalled when she said she was responsible for Mina's kidnap

Why did she want me to leave Mina and marry kayla?? I thought looking confused about the whole scenario in front of me but suddenly something strike my mind

"Oh damn..!" I cursed little louder that everyone looked at him

shocked that suddenly what happened to him.

"I can't marry kayla" I said

I wasn't in state to think about anything else than Mina,flashes of the moments i had spent with her along with ber face starts roaming in front of my eyes and I starts feeling suffocated.

Everything, what is happening is wrong.

I just can't do this. I just can't betray her... I just can't betray my heart, which beats for her only... which belongs to her. I just can't even think about any other girl than her.

Only the mere thought of betraying her was making my heartbeat sinking.

"NO... I can't do this." I shouted this time making everyone more shocked and i was panting heavily as if I had run marathon.

Everyone looked at me shocked as if I have grown two heads.

"CJ..." I heard someone shouted my name and shook him which made me came back to my senses

It was Chu Jung, she looked at me with the expression mix with shock,anger and confusion.

"I'm talking to you... Where are you lost?and stop cursing. It's a bad manners... And you know that?" She scolded me with stern voice making me recall when she do shout at me for doing something wrong but this time I am sure I am doing the right thing

"Listen, I've to go." I whispered impatiently

"What..? Have you gone mad, CJ?

"Mom, try to understand that I'm not ready for this marriage...please don't force me." I said irritated more with the

thing that my mom is forcing me for marriage when this is the biggest decision of my life

"Listen CJ, you will be getting married to Kayla and that's final " Chu Jung said as she held my hand to make me sit on couch

but this made me angry and I went out of control.

"Stop it.. , just stop it..." I shouted as I jerked away my hand from her grip, making everyone shocked with my sudden outburst

"I love only Mina, I love her so much. She is the

only girl I want in my life as my life partner and no one... and I mean it, no one can take her place neither in my heart

nor in my life... "I said whatever was in my heart. I just wanted to clear to everyone about my decision.I didn't know what I had done is right or wrong but I knew one thing; if I didn't do that then I won't be able to breathe.

"Wow.. So you finally choose Mina over your own sister?? Chu Jung asked

"I am sorry but you're not my sister because the sister I know will never do anything to hurt his brother and moreover you're the one that chose whatever is bothering you over your brother... I am still finding it too hard to believe if you're indeed my sister or not because you've changed a lot " I said and I swallowed my spit hard while I turned to the direction where my mom, step mom and dad was standing

"It shows you didn't care if chu Jung is alive or not because all you care is forcing me into a marriage even after seeing the greatest shock of your life that Chu jung which we thought was dead has been alive all this while?? How did she survive the fire outbreak?? If she wasn't the person we buried then who do we buried?? Why did she came back into the house wearing mask and pretended to be a maid?? Huh?? Can't you guys ask her that?? I am not your only child so focus on her too " I said and turned to Kayla

'You should give up because I will never marry you " I said and with that I walked away feeling relaxed for pouring my feelings out.

I need to go to Gwanju now

When I got to Gwanju, I was beyond surprised to see my mom in a perfect and happy mood, she hugged me tightly and ask me to come inside the restaurant.

Everything seems okay so why did she call me urgently

There was no one in the restaurant except a guy who was playing game with Mimi, I didn't see the guy face because he was backing me

Mimi looked up and when she saw me, she smiled and ran towards me and I gave her a hug.

She started pulling me towards the stranger and that is I got to see the stranger

He's a handsome guy with a toned figure, messy dark drown hair and vivid blue eyes

So what is going on here??




Author's POV

"Mom, I m not going to do this..." Mina shouted in anger.

"You have to because you don't have any other option and for your kind information, I’m not asking you… I’m telling you to do this." Mina's mom said in no-nonsense tone.

"I can't believe you call me because of this and what makes you think I will be getting married to him? She asked annoyed.

"Because this is the right time and He is a right person for you." Her Mom said while folding his arms across her chest.

"And how are you so sure, that HE IS A RIGHT PERSON FOR ME." Mina asked sarcastically while folding her arms across her chest, just mimicking her dad.

They are forcing marriage with the person she is in love with and now her mom is trying to do the same

"Because I know him personally and more over, I am your mom .. And I very well know what is right for you." Her mother retorted back in anger, ending their conversation...

"But mom..."

"No more arguments Mina." She said in stern tone.

"Urghh..." she groaned in frustration and then took deep breath in to calm herself because she knows her mother is not going to back out if she decides something.

"Ok fine... I’m ready..." she said after thinking for some time making her mom little relieved, but before that she could become happy on her victory, she continued,


"But...?" She asked confused furrowing her eyebrows.

"I have a condition." She said with slight smirk while looking at the direction where the guy was sitting some meters away from her

"And...what is that?" She asked with doubtful tone,

because she very well knows Mina. Something is really cooking in her mind.

"Well... Before taking any decision regarding this, I would like to see him… Alone." She said while emphasizing word ‘alone’ with seriousness in her tone.

Her mother got shocked hearing her condition, she was sure by

now that something is seriously in Mina little brain. She is up to something and she can't let that happen.

"No... you are not going to see him alone." Her mom denied.

"But mom... How could you do this to me... I mean, this is about my whole life and I have every right to take decisions of my life." she argued back seeing her plan going to be flop.

"Mom, the only person I am in love with is CJ and....

"That is the reason I am getting married " Her mother said and Mina was shocked

"Huh?? You're getting me marry because I am in love with someone else... I don't understand "

"I heard CJ is getting married to Kayla so pls let him get marry to her.. Okay??

"Mom, where is all this coming from??

"End of discussion so let's go and meet your future husband to be " Her mother said

"Future husband to be?? Mina said with a smirk as she looked at the guy "let's see how this is going to last "She said to herself as an idea of getting rid of the guy struck her mind




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 39

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Mina's POV

I was really getting bored with the unnecessarily talks, the guy who called himself Justin is just too annoying for my liking.

I don't know what has gotten into my mom??

Why would she want me to get marry against my will??

"Justin.. what's your type of girl?" My mom asked and I looked at the guy

"Uhm... A girl who is reliable,indepe

ndent,strong,brave,caring,cute,playful,has a good heart,trustworthy,and a girl that will accept me for who I am." He answered.

He did his best to describe his type of girl

"Well Justin, Mina is more than those words you said" My mother said and I shot her a glance

This is really getting out of hand

" Mina, you're truly amazing and I love you " Justin said as he smiled at me making me force a smile back at him

"How can you love someone you're seeing for the first time?? I muttered to myself and my mom kicked me with her leg getting me annoyed

"Okay, here it is... I am not getting marry to this boring guy.. Okay?? I half yelled as i stood up and mom was surprised with the way I acted

"Mina, do you just yelled at me??

"Sorry..." I apologized to all for my outburst, as my mother's words registered in my mind

"...and mom, please stop behaving like I'm a five years old boy." I said irritated with my mom's behavior.

"...because you're behaving like that only."My mom retorted back.

"Whatever..." I said as i rolled my eyes on her.

"Listen, mom, it's better if you ask this guy to leave because I won't get marry to him... Final ." I said again impatiently, without caring why the guy was here in the first place

I stormed out from there but not before glaring at my mom in displeasure. Getting inside a room, I shut the door with loud thud.

Author's POV

Mina was pacing in Mimi's room from here to there all frustrated. She was so much annoyed with the fact that her mom wants her to meet a guy, whom she had chosen for her.

" Can you believe it?... Means we lived in 21st century, where parents has the right to choose the life partner of their children by themselves" Mina said

She is not saying that her mom had chosen a bad guy for her...but the fact is, she is not ready for the marriage... at least not for now because she's in love with someone else now

And more over that she is not ready for arrange marriage. According to her this whole concept of ARRANGE MARRIAGE is bullshit. She always wonders that, how come two total stranger persons will live together for their whole life?

She always dreamt for a love marriage. She wanted to choose a perfect guy as her partner., and the perfect guy is CJ, the only guy that has won her heart.. But now her mom wanted her to meet a guy for a marriage, about whomshe didn't know anything...but his name.

"Ummm...What was his name again ..?" she asked herself aloud in frustration

" Justin.. Yes... Mimi can you believe this?? ." She asked her sister who was sitting on the bed

Mimi hadn't has any other option than just sitting there and hearing all this silently looking at her sister who just kept blabbering

Mina put her hands on her hips and let out a sigh

"CJ parents are trying to force him to marry someone whom he is not in love with, that goes for me too... This is really ridiculous and now CJ is acting dumb .... Oh gosh " Mina said as she lay down on the bed next to her sister

"Mimi.. Life is so unfair " Mina groaned

Mimi brought out a paper and wrote something down then she tapped on Mina's shoulder to read it

Mina sat upright and looked at what she wrote

"Mom has been acting weird lately since a rich man started seeing her "

Mina arched her brow as she read it

"Rich man?? Who is he??

Mimi stood up and opened her wardrobe then she brought out her small camera

"Wow.. You took a shot of him?? Let me see" Mina said and Mimi showed her making Mina confused

"Who can he be?? What does he want from mom?? Mina thought



Mina's mom excused herself as she stood up then someone entered, she was surprised to see CJ

She walked up to him and smiled

"Ohhh see who we have here "

"Good day ma'am, are you okay?? Mina got a call that.....

"I am fine dear.. Err what about your fiancee?? She asked and CJ raised his brow

"Fiancee?? Who are you talking about?? Hr asked looking confused

"I heard her name is kayla and you two are getting marry " She said with a smile and CJ shook his head "also look at the guy over there, that is Mina's husband to be" She added while pointing at Justin

CJ jaw dropped and he was beyond shocked

"Wh... What.. d.. d.. do you.. me.. mean by Mina's husband to be?? He stammered

Just then Mina came out together with her sister and she was startled to see CJ

"CJ.. " She called

The look on his face show that her mom had already told him about Justin

"Mina.. You should go and meet your lover, he has been waiting for you " Mina's mom said and Mina clenched her fist

"Don't worry, I will take care of your guest " Mina's mom said referring to CJ while Mina angrily went to where Justin was sitting.


After some minutes of Mina's mom telling me about Mina getting married

I can't stop the thoughts from occurring in my head. It's driving me fucking mental.

My Mina... She's mine. No one else's.

She is happy that I will be getting married to Kayla but not her daughter.

I love Mina and I can't stand it seeing her with another guy

I just can't help it though; she's fucking mine. She needs to fucking know it. Understand it. Embrace it. Appreciate it.

I can't focus. All I can focus on is the puny shit's look of pure desire, him touching her arm. I know she loves me but nothing stops me from being a jealous prick. I can rationalise all I like but I can never, ever put my mind at rest.

They were a little too close together for my liking.

Jeez, the guy even looks like a fucking douche; early 20's, sandy blonde hair, average height for a guy and barely any muscle.

Surely Mina won't fall for his charm, I just kept




5 minutes has gone past and so far all he's done is laugh… and laugh… and touch her fucking arm. I can see him gradually moving in closer but Mina is too naïve to notice.

Another 15 minutes has gone past. I was right, he is moving

slowly closer, daring the personal space boundaries even

more than before. It's like slow motion, every whisper touch, every twinkle in his eye, every smile his face fucking breaks

into, every centimetre he is moving closer whilst I sit here like a fucking moron and watch it all unravel.

I don't know whether Mina is oblivious or just doesn't care, but I am becoming sick to my fucking stomach watching this unravel. It's killing me but I must endure this, watch how Mina reacts. I need to know if my insecurities are justified.

I do honestly trust her.


I wait another couple of minutes, my vision turning into slow

motion as he leans in to place a kiss on her cheek

He pecked on her cheeks off guard

Everything. My breathing increasing, muscles clenching and

knuckles going white due to my vice like grip on the arm rests.

I do not know how, but I sit there in this tense moment, my body in shock as I process what is painfully unfolding in front

of me.

Mina's POV

Justin kept talking to me but I just turn deaf ears to whatever he was saying.

I looked at CJ and I could see that he was really feeling uncomfortable

Why did he come?? I thought he finally chose to be marry Kayla

"So that is how I manage to skip the test " Justin said as he burst laughing but I didn't even laugh talkless of smiling

Doesn't he understand that I don't like him??

I was waiting for the perfect timing when my mom is going to go inside the kitchen or somewhere in the restaurant for me to get the hell out of here

After several minutes of talking, he lean close and pecked me on my cheeks, I was shocked then I looked at CJ.. the expression on his face was that of shock and anger

My mom went to the kitchen.... Time to act fast

"Sorry our meeting ends here " I said as I stood up and went to where CJ was standing, I held his hand and we both make our way outside.

"The car is over there ' He said but I just ignored him and held his hand tightly as we both started running.

Manager Don's POV

I dialed the number and he answered immediately.

"Hello, I want you to do me a Favour?? I said

"Anything for you boss"

"I want you to kill someone " I said while looking at the picture in front of me


"I will send the picture to you now and I want the person dead tonight " I said


"Everything will be taking care of, just make sure you get rid of the person.. Okay???

Eve's POV

I peeped through the door as I looked at Eric, he was sitting down and writing something

I wonder what he is writing that makes him focus like that??

I stopped what I was doing and stood upright

What am I doing??

Am I stalking him or what??

What is wrong with me?? Why is my heart beating so fast?? I thought as I touch my chest

Suddenly the door unlocked as my eyes went wide in horror as only one word came out of my mouth.

"Eric.. .."

"What're you doing here?? He asked as he stared at me and I didn't know what to say "is it manager Don??

"No no.. Not at all" I said as I shook my head

"Then what??

"Uhmm... Can I take you out tonight?? I asked then quickly cover my mouth

What is wrong with me?? Why did I say that??

"You're acting weird making me feel uncomfortable, if you want to repay me about last night then you don't have to " He said and walked away

I felt heartbroken.. Did he just reject my offer??

But why did I say that in the first place?? Am I perhaps asking him out on a date?? Noo that can't be.

I was still thinking when a figure stood in front of me

I looked up to see Eric

"Fine, I accept but you will be the one paying " He said and with that he left

I smiled to myself but why am I soo happy?? Why did I feel so safe around him??

There's something for sure

Perhaps have I falling in love with him?? Noo he is in love with someone else so I need to get my grip together


"Mina... Where are we going?? I asked but she just kept dragging me into the forest but she didn't answer nor look at me

The sounds of the water get louder with every step and when we walk out onto an open piece of land there is a waterfall, cascading down from the rocks above and landing in a fast stream of water leading to who knows where.

She stopped and release my hand

I looked around and everywhere was quite

"Mina, why are we here?? I asked and she looked at me

I saw tears in her eyes and I was surprised

"CJ do you love me?? She asked and I quickly pulled her into a hug as I caress her back

"Of course I love you so much and there's nothing in this world that can stop me from loving you, I want to spend my entire life with you " I said

"Not even your sister?? She muttered

"Yes.. Not even Chu Jung "

She pulled away and looked at me

'Then let's do it ' She said and I was confused

"Do what?? I asked

"Impregnate me.. Let me carry your baby " She said and I was beyond shocked

"What!!!! I exclaimed "you want us to have sex?? No no Mina no...

"CJ if you really love me then we have to do this or do you wish to see me marry that guy.. Huh?? She cried

"But Mina.. I..

"CJ plsss let's do it... You're the first guy that took my first kiss, there's nothing bad if you also take my virginity... CJ... I don't want to get marry to Justin, I want to be with you.. If they all find out that I am pregnant for you then they will leave us alone and let us be.... Pls CJ.. Let's do this... Plssss" Mina begged in tears and I just stood there not knowing what to do.

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