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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 36 & 37



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 36

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Eve's POV

Every single muscle in my body aches as I toss and turn in bed. I tried to open my eyes but my head is quite literally throbbing. I can actually feel the blood pumping behind my temples and the ringing in my ears is way too much to handle., I didn't want to open my eyes because I knew that it was only going to make matters worse.

After some minutes, I managed to open my eyes, bright sunlight washed over me, warming me up, almost blinding making me shut my eyes

I let out a groan and rolled over to the other side of the bed,

hugging the blankets closer to me.

Not too long, I felt someone large, smooth hands run across my forehead and down my neck

"Ohh.. You're burning up " I heard a familiar voice making me think if I was hallucinating

I slowly open my eyes,and find Eric face just inches away from

mine. His perfect gray eyes are filled with concern and his

mouth is pressed into a straight line.

I started to drift in and out of consciousness, I felt a wet towel absorbed the warmth from my brow and I shut my eyes tightly and everything went blank

Mina's POV

I was actually getting scared with the way Suzy threatened to kill CJ if he take another step close to her.

Why will CJ think Suzy is his sister??

"Stay back " Suzy shouted at him

"CJ, the lady is crazy.. She is capable of hurting you pls stay away from her " I yelled

"Let me see if she is capable of hurting his own brother " CJ said and took a step forward

I was startled at first, but to my surprise Suzy didn't do anything

"Fine.. You win CJ" Suzy said and dropped the knife

The bodyguards quickly ran towards them, one of them picked the knife and two grabbed Suzy tightly

"Who employed this crazy masked lady to this house?? CJ father yelled

CJ took a deep breath and stretch his hand forward trying to remove the mask but Suzy protested

The bodyguards held her tightly and CJ eventually remove the mask.

It was Suzy

The look on everyone face was shocking including CJ.

"Why.. Why did she look like chu jung?? Kayla stammered

CJ cover his mouth and I could see tears rolling down his cheeks

What is going on??

Is she really CJ sister??

"Surprise " Suzy said as she jerk her hand away from the guards grip "actually I don't want to surprise you guys like this but here I am"

"Chu.. Chu.. Jung " CJ mother called as she was now shaking

"Don't call me that, my name is Suzy so get that " She said as she rolled her eyes

She shot CJ a glance .

"Next time, don't underestimate me because I am capable of doing anything, I am even capable of hurting you.. I don't care who you are " She said "and also the real Chu jung is dead, the new Chu jung is now known as Suzy, I came into this house to find out something but you.. You Mina ruined it " She said as she glared at me

If Suzy is CJ sister then why did she claim that Eric is her brother

Eve's POV

I woke up to the sound of the dripping water. Somebody

removed the wet, hot towel from my forehead and soon I

felt the coolness of the cloth against my skin again.

Eventually, I managed to open my tired eyes for only a

moment, and I was surprised to see Eric sitting on the bed, staring at me.

I looked around the room.. the walls was painted white...well, almost everything was that color.

It definitely wasn't the room that I was used to waking up in.

I tried to recall what happened last night but the last thing I remembered was being attacked by some thugs and a.. Uh..

Perhaps was it Eric that rescued me??

Why couldn't I remember anything? My mind was definitely playing tricks on me, I was sure of it, I put fingers up to my


"How are you feeling?" Eric asked

"Better," I whispered, surprised by his. question.

Suddenly he got up and left the room making me sit upright

How did I get here??

Is this his house??

No matter how hard I tried to recall what happened I couldn't

put a finger on anything that made sense.

I watched as the door opened and he entered the room with a package of pills and a glass of water in his hands.

He approached me, popped two of the pills in my hand and handed me the water.

"For your headache," he said with an agitated look on his face when he noticed I was reluctant to take the pills.

"Thank you," I said quietly, letting his eyes pierce into me.

My hand shook as I took the pills and drank the water. He took the glass from my weak hand and placed it onto the nightstand.

"So tell me where were you going yesterday night?? He asked and I looked away as I recalled about leaving my house and going somewhere.

"You're on your way to manager Don house" He said and I shot him a glance

That is when it dawn on me that I was actually on my way to Manager Don house last night but how did he find out

He brought out something and to my surprise, it was my phone

That explain how he find out..

"Give me back my phone " I said but he shook his head

"Was this why Suzy was threatening you?? Because you're a slut to a man who is old enough to be your father?? He said and I jerk the blanket off as I manage to stand up

"Don't you dare drag my dad into this?? I said while pointing my finger at him making him stand up

He moved away from me, but he was still close, his eyes

locked on mine,he stared at me like he could reach into my mind and read my thoughts, like he knew. We remained in that position until his soft voice brought me back to reality.

"I am sure you're perfectly okay now so get dressed and let's go to the industry " He said and with that he left the room quietly

What the fuck is wrong with me??

Why is my heart always beating fast anytime he stared into my eyes.. For chrisake, he is someone I hate

Author's POV

"How.. How come you're alive?? CJ dad asked

"You want me dead?? Suzy asked sacarstically "anyway you will get to know that later but you guys should know that the old chu Jung is dead and the new one is suzy " She said and CJ went to her.

The tears continue to flow down his cheeks as he looked at Suzy.

"I will never ever call you that name Suzy cos you're still my sister and you will forever be" CJ said

Eve's POV


I was scared when someone came to tell me that manager Don needs me urgently.

My head still hurt badly but I don't know why Eric force me to come to the industry.

I waited for some minutes thinking Eric will show up and then escort me to manager Don office but he is nowhere to be found


I let out a sigh as I held the door knob and entered

Manager Don was sitting on the desk as he adjusted his glasses while he looked at me

"Where were you yesterday night??

That was the first question he asked me

"Don't even think of lying to me bcos I was told you didn't sleep in your house yesterday so who do you have sex with yesterday?? He asked and I clenched my fist

To hell with this man, does he think I am a slut to be giving my body to any sort of guy.. Well maybe to him, I am

He was the first that took my virginity and turn me into his sex doll... I wish I could stop this but I can't

He stood up and move closer to me

"Answer me " He yelled "who do you give your body to last night??

He was about to slap me when someone entered

It was Eric

He quickly rush towards me and pulled me to his back while he held Manager Don hand

"How dare you raise your hand on a lady?? Eric said sounding pissed off

I could tell that Manager Don was shocked and scared at the same time

"You want an answer then I will tell you, She was with me throughout last night " Eric said and I looked at him

Yes it's true, I was with him last night but Manager Don will take it another way

"Miles, do you know what you're doing?? You can lose your job because of this " Manager Don said

"You yourself know that I can't lose my job because the money I am making for this industry is thrice the money you can ever get in your lifetime " Eric said and Manager Don glared at me

Eric stood in front of me obstructing him from looking at me

"There's nothing you can do, if you want her then you have to get through me first because she's someone I promise to protect and I will surely keep to my promise " Eric said and held my hand before storming off his office



He released my hand and looked at me

"Are You okay?? Was I too late?? Did he touch you?? He asked but I just kept looking at him

Suddenly I don't know what came over me as I quickly threw my arms around his neck and hug him tightly

I don't care if people are watching us, all I care about is knowing that I have someone who is protecting me

Mina's POV

This is getting more tough...

"CJ, in order for you to know.. I was behind Mina's kidnapping some weeks ago " She said and everyone was shocked including me

She was the one who kidnapped me!!??

"That's not all, some days ago during your concert, I almost wrecked it but all thanks to someone who save Mina from receiving the greatest shock of her life " She said and I cover my mouth

I recalled about receiving a message​ but Eve was too quick to smash my phone on the floor making me not to see anything

"But it's okay, if you want your old sister back then fine.. All you have to do is to fulfill your sister little wish if you really do care about me " Suzy said while looking at CJ who just stood there looking at her with total surprise

"And your sister little wish is to get marry to kayla and forget about Mina, so it's your choice... Marry kayla and then you can have your old sweet sister back or be with Mina and be my enemy " Suzy said and I don't know what to say

Why is she making it too hard for her brother??

"Chu Jung you....

"Hold it there father " Suzy said while giving her dad a hand signal to keep shut then she look back at CJ

"Your choice?? She said and I swallowed my spit hard

"CJ" I called and he looked at me

I was startled to see his face, it was red and his eyes look teary and sad

Doesn't Suzy know that she is hurting him??

I can't stand it.. No I can't stand someone hurting him

"Suzy, if you think you can stop CJ and I from being together then you're wrong "

She scoffed then she looked at CJ

"CJ, your choice " She said but CJ didn't say anything "fine, your silence has answered it all, you chose to be with Mina right?? Then so be it " She said and was about walking away but CJ pulled her back

"The wedding is in three days time right?? He asked

"CJ what are you talking about?? I asked but he refused to look at me

"Fine, I will get marry to Kayla and fulfill your little wish " he sort of whispered and I couldn't believe my ears.

"CJ noo.. I know you're doing this to please your selfish sister who doesn't care about your happiness " I yelled feeling hurt there's no way you will be getting marry to kayla.. Not when I am alive because we're meant to be "

To be continued...

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