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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 34 & 35



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 34

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Suzy POV

Immediately he remove the mask off my face, I quickly looked away..

"CJ " Mom yelled

He stood there for some minutes without saying anything and I was now getting scared thinking he has seen my face

"Hey look at me" he whispered and that is when I knew it was over for me

"Chen Jai" I heard a familiar voice, CJ turned away but I refused to look at anyone

"Ohh mom good morning " He greeted

"CJ, how many times have I told you to stop calling her mom?? Does she look like the woman who gave birth to you?? My mom asked

That is when it dawned on me that it was my step mom

"Chen Jai, you have to listen to your mom and...... " She started coughing and I could see CJ drop the mask as he ran to her

I swiftly pick it up and wore it back

"Are You alright?? CJ asked looking concerned

I stared at my step mom and clenched my fist, I know she is pretending, why did she want to hurt CJ who loves her more than his own mother.

"I.. I'm fine, it's just it's been long I have seen you and you know your mom told your dad to send me to the boy's quarter and I hardly get to eat good food " She said and CJ glared at mom

"Is that true?? Huh?? Is that true?? CJ yelled and I know what my step mom is up to.

She's trying to let CJ hate mom so much but I will never allow that and I know the best way to get through her


Kayla's POV

I have been looking at Mina for the past 16min now, she is cooking.

She's looking at cooking tutorial on her phone.

Why is she doing that??

Does she think she is going to be CJ wife??

I approached her and started singing but she didn't even bother to look at me as she concentrate with what she was doing

"You see... No matter how hard you try to come in between I and CJ, I will surely get to be CJ's wife?? I said but she didn't answer

"Do you think CJ parent will allow their son to some disgusting family like yours?? I said and chuckled

She paused and shot me a glance and I felt something hard landed on my cheeks

Mina slapped me??

I held my cheeks and I was shocked

"I can tolerate you insulting me but never ever talk about my family " She said and continue with what she was doing

There must be something that is giving her courage and I will surely find out what it is

"I.. I.. Will make sure you regret knowing me " I said angrily and dashed away.

Eve's POV

I really felt bad for Eric, he is really suffering

No one can know what he do feels because his smiles always cover it up

I gulped down my spit and stopped

Why do I care?? I hate him so why should I care about him??

I shook my head to take the thought away

I was about taking a turn when someone pulled me to the elevator, I looked up to see who it was

It was Manager Don

The elevator closed and I started shaking

He use his thumb to caress my lips

"Are You avoiding me?? He asked in his hoarse voice but I didn't answer

"Have You forgotten you are my toy and without me you're a nobody " He said and immediately he said that I hate myself instantly

Yeah.. Without him... I am a nobody, since the day I debuted to be a dancer working for their music industry, he always force me to offer him sex unless he will chase me out.

I really need the money badly to go to college and also cater for my family

That is why I gave in, he always manipulate my body calling me all sort of names

No one know about this big dirty secret of mine except Suzy who claim to be Eric sister.. I still don't know how she finds out

" I.. I am on my periods sir " I whispered and he pushed me hard making me almost fall down

He looked at me angrily and punched me hard in the face making me winced and tears welled up in my eyes

I shouldn't be crying cos I am used to his beating but why am I crying

"How dare you lie to me?? He growled

Even though I knew I was lying, how did he know??

Well.. Maybe because I do normally give him that excuse

"I am saying the truth, it started two days ago, that is why I was not among the backup dancers at CJ concert " I lied

Perfect lie

The elevator stopped and it open itself..

"Come to my house tonight for your punishment " He said and walked out leaving me in dismay

I sniffed as tears rolled down my eyes, I drop to a squat and started crying

I heard someone footstep in the elevator but I didn't bother to look up thinking it was manager Don

The elevator closed but I just kept crying

I felt a tap on my shoulder making me looked up

To my surprise, it was Eric

I stood up and immediately look away, I slowly wipe my tears away and I flinched because of the place where Manager Don punched me

"What happened to your face?? He asked

"Nothing ' I replied still not looking at mew

He grabbed me by my hand and make me face him, he was surprised to see my face

"Who did this to you?? He asked and I looked at his sparkling eyes

What is wrong with me??

"I bumped into the wall.. And it's just a scratch.. Okay?? I said and jerk my hand away from his grip

"Is Suzy still threatening you?? He asked "did she send some goons to attack you?? You should tell me the truth because I make a promise to protect you and I will have myself to blame if I fail to fulfill my promise " he said and I started feeling goosebumps

The elevator stopped and I looked at him for the last time before stepping out

"This has nothing to do with your sister and also what is the point of you protecting me when you can't even protect yourself " I said and walked away




I have been trying the unknown number but it was not reachable..

Who could the person be?? How did she get this picture??

Is it true that Chu Jung is alive??

If she is alive then where could she be??..

I stood up from my bed and was about to go outside to eat the food that Mina Prepared

May God protect me?? I wish the food is safe

I really hate going to toilet after eating bad food, I hope it is good...

I opened the door and was about to step inside but Kayla pushed me back and smile seductively at me before closing the door

What is this girl up to now??


"CJ, why are you doing this?? We're both getting married in the next few days and....

"Gosh.. I hate hearing that, Kayla you're such a nice decent girl"

Wait do I just say decent?? Well I don't know

"But I can't marry you, I only take you as a sister and nothing else " I said

"CJ... " Mina called

She was upstairs and I know she's coming straight to my room

"I have to go now.. Mina is on her way here " I said

Kayla came closer to me and kissed me on the lips, just then the door unlocked and Mina stepped in

I was shocked and quickly disengage the kiss..

I looked at Mina and she was also shocked..


"Mina it's not what you think " I said but she walked outside

I glared at Kayla and she smile

"It's not my fault " She said with a shrug

She is quite excited

What am I going to do now? I guess Mina must be crying now

Suddenly Mina entered, she was carrying something

It was white in color, it look like flour and to my greatest surprise, she poured it on Kayla's body then went to my bathroom and brought out a pail of water splashing it on her body

"Kayla, how dare you stoop so low to force a kiss with someone who is already taken. Huh?! Mina yelled

My jaw dropped as I looked at Mina with total amazement

"Gross.. " Kayla whimpered like a baby, her body is now a total mess

I was trying hard not to laugh

"Kayla back off... CJ is mine and he is mine alone " Mina said and went back to the bathroom

She came back with my toothbrush and gave it to me

"Hey take and brush your teeth, I can't stand kissing you knowing this disgusting slut has kissed you " She said and I collected the brush

She grabbed me by my arm and started dragging me away

"Come and brush in my room.. I don't trust her " Mina said

"CJ" Kayla cried and I smiled at her

"Its not my fault " I imitated her as Mina dragged me away from the room

Woah... This is not the dumb Mina I once knew

Poor Kayla

 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 35

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Author's POV

Eve's eyes snapped open, and she took a quick, half panicked look the darkened room. She tried to focus, but for some reason, the warmth of the bed made it hard for her to think.

She pulled herself out of the bed, and felt around until she

found her hone. As the screen lit up, she was surprised to see 5missed calls from manager Don

She recalled about him telling her to come to his house

She sighed and peered at the time

It was 9:34pm

' I have to go now before I get into more trouble .' She reasoned, as she used the lit screen as a makeshift flashlight to look for

her things, like her bra, and her underwear

She had managed to pull everything she needed on, including

her boots.

She walked towards the door and slowly, opened the door and made her way out. The hallway was quiet, dark. Eve knew that

everyone was in bed, sleeping, dreaming about things like

tomorrow and whatever adventures the day might bring.

When she got to the living room, She pulled out her phone, and lit her way down from the rise and off towards towards the door.

"And why are you sneaking out?" The voice almost gave Eve

a heart attack. She'd jumped, literally

It was her brother, Max

"You almost gave me a heart attack." She hissed, keeping her voice low while going on the offensive. She knew it probably wouldn't work, but it was the best idea she could think of at the time.

"But why are you sneaking out?" He asked from his place on the couch. The lamp next to him had come to life, illuminating the room with it's single glow.

"I didn't want to wake you guys up." Eve tried, sounding like it eas obvious. "I'm polite like that."

"But why are you sneaking out of this house?" He asked again and this time Eve was pissed off

"Hey, its none of your business so go and sleep " Eve said and went outside ignoring her brother who was calling her and threatening to tell their mother.


Mina's POV

"So..?? I asked as he tasted the food

His face expression changed as he forced a smile on his face

"Uhn... Is it bad?? I asked looking worried but he continue eating the food then stopped eating

I could hear it... It was a stone

"Hey, spit it out" I said while stretching my hands forth but to my surprise he swallowed it

"CJ?? " I exclaimed

"How do you expect me to spit it out when the food is soo tasty " He said as he continue to eat the food

I decided to taste the food myself

I picked the chopstick and eat the first bite, my eyes widened as I quickly ran to the sink and spit it out

It was the worst food I have ever tasted in my life.

I looked at CJ but he just continue eating the food, I walked over to him and wanted him to stop eating the food but he refused

"C'mon stop eating the food, you might get sick" I said and he shot me a glance

"Can't I eat in peace?? you don't expect me to waste this food because you really try hard to cook for me" He said and continue eating.

I just kept looking at him

The food was really bad but he didn't care...

I quickly went to his back and wrapped my arms on his neck and hugged him tightly

"I love you CJ and I promise that the next one will be better " I said and he caress my hand as he continue eating



Eve's POV

Weaving in and out of the crowded streets slipping into an empty alleyway. I panted from my sweltering layers of clothes

Counting the change in my hand to see how much I had for a bus ticket I walked right into something

Stumbling back with the coins cluttering to the stone ground. I managed to stay on my feet looking up to see I hadn’t walked into a wall, but a man in a bright orange clothes

His eyes trailed up and down my body causing me to

nearly gag while guessing what he was thinking about.

"Excuse me." I said trying to walk around him, but another guy blocked my path.

"Isn't it hot for all those clothes?" the one blocking me asked.

"Let us buy you a drink what'd you say?" the one I bumped into asked.

"No thank you. I must be going." I answered sternly trying to

rush past them, but one of them tried to grab me getting a

hold of my hood. Turning I slapped his hand away.

From the force of the yank, i realized my hood was now off for

all to see. Turning around facing the men they gasped and

their jaws dropped.

"Wow.. Isn't she one of the backup dancers of uhm.. What is it called?? One of them said and I tried to walk past them but they pulled me back

I felt a hand on my shoulder, I was suddenly thrown into a wall by my shoulders.

I let out a squeak and he smacked me across the face hard, I clutched my cheek and kicked him in the shin, I tried to bypass him but he slammed me harder into the wall and I tried to

scream, he shoved Cotten in my mouth and kicked me in

the side. I fell over, he grabbed me by my neck and held

me to the wall.

Tears rushed down my face, the only thing keeping me conscious was the killer pain in my side.

"She's a pretty one, this is going to be so much fun." The

man holding my neck whispered to me deviously, I made

a sound that resembled at growl, only to be kicked in the


"If i were you, I will never do that " A familiar voice said and they turned

It was a guy and he was wearing hood, I couldn't get to see his face because I was now feeling sick due to the pain and everything was getting blur

"You should back off unless you don't want to get hurt " One of the guy said and the other guy laughed

"Of course i really wish to back off but I just can't because I make a promise to the girl that I will always protect her and you should know promise is a dept, and I don't like owing people so you should be the one to back off " The guy said

I know who it is.... Eric??

What is he doing here?? And how did he find me??

My head started to ache badly making me groaned in pain then suddenly everything went blank

Suzy's POV



Everyone gathered around the dining table and was eating, I stood opposite the door looking at them...

I know with me wearing my mask, Mina won't be able to recognize me

CJ was sitting beside Mina and I could sense that Kayla was jealous

"CJ, exchange your seat with your cousin and sit down beside your future wife " Mom said but CJ didn't answer as he continue to eat

"Why did you even bring her to this house?? Huh?? Mom yelled but CJ didn't even bother to look at her.

"It's okay mother, Mina has poisoned CJ mind that he has even forgotten that you're his mother making her chose Mina over you" Kayla said while glaring at Mina

CJ stopped eating and looked up at them

"What's the purpose of this meeting?? Dad is not here and mom is also not here " CJ said and I gritted my teeth from where I was standing

CJ should stop calling her mom, she is evil

She's not whom he think she really is.

"Very soon, you will get to know the purpose of this meeting " My mom replied with a smirk making me think she's up to something.

Mina was silent throughout and wasn't saying anything

Mina's POV

I really don't want to come here in the first place but CJ forced me to come and I am beggining to hate this..

"Jian.. " CJ mom called

Then a lady wearing a mask came out, she was wearing a maid uniform but I just ignored her and looked at CJ

I think he is also getting bored

He looked at me and smiled, i manage to smile back

"I need more tea" CJ mom told the weird maid

Why is she putting on mask??

She carried the jug and started pouring the tea in the cup, I was about to look away but my eyes caught something on her wrist.

There was three star tattoo on her wrist.

It looks familiar, i have seen it before but where

I looked at her and she immediately hid her hand at her back and was about going

"Suzy?? I called and she stopped

Everyone looked at me and I stood up

"Suzy?? Is that you?? I said knowing fully well that she is the one but what is she doing here

"Mina, what are you talking about?? CJ asked

"She is crazy lady who think Eric is his brother and normally live with him " I said

"Her name is Jian and....

"Noo, i saw the three tattoo on her wrist when she was pouring you tea " I said while cutting CJ's mom short

"Are You insane?? Three star tattoo on the wrist?? Who does that?? Kayla said and i shot her a glare

"Chu jung " CJ muttered

"What are you talking about?? One of his uncles who was also present at the family meeting asked

"Chu jung also have three star tattoo on her wrist " CJ said

"I don't know what you guys are saying but if you will excuse me " She said and was about walking away but CJ stood up and quickly walked up to her

"What is going on here?? Someone said and I turned to see CJ dad as he approached the dining table and also CJ step mom followed

CJ pulled her arm and checked her wrist to see the tattoo

His face reddened as his eyes widened

What happened??

"Three star tattoo?! He said as he gasped and she quickly jerk her hand away

"Let go off me " She said

"CJ, what is your problem with the new maid?? His father yelled

CJ was now shaking as he took a step backward

What is wrong with him??

", Chu.. Chu.. Jung " He stammered and I was baffled

Why is he calling Suzy chu jung??

"CJ, you've completely lost it.. Chu jung is dead.. Can't you admit that?? His mother yelled

"The three star tattoo on chu jung wrist are not equal and..... " he stopped as he shut his eyes

. Flash Back

"Chu jung, what are you doing?? Isn't that a tattoo?? CJ asked looking surprised

"Yeah it is dummy, you must not tell mom about this.. Okay??

"The tattoo is not even attractive " CJ said as he rolled his eyes

"Aish... Get out of my room right now " Chu jung yelled

"Hey, let me help you" CJ said as he pulled her sister hand forth

"What are you doing?? Chu jung asked looking confused

Just then CJ drew three little star on her left wrist

"Hey stop, let me take a look at that " she said as she looked at what CJ was holding.."I don't want a permanent tattoo " Chu jung yelled and CJ was Astonished

"This one is permanent?? But what of the you use on your right wrist "

"That one is temporary dummy, what am I going to do now?? The tattoo is not even equal and it looks ugly and what is with the dot here?? Chu jung frowned

"Sorry.. It was a mistake " CJ said as he lowered his head

"Permanent mistake "



Author's POV

"Permanent mistake " CJ said and Suzy eyes widened...

CJ took a step forward and wanted to remove the mask but Suzy quickly stepped back and she quickly pick a knife

"If you dare come near me then I will stab you with this " She threatened and everyone gasped but CJ didn't care as he keep moving closer

"I know you won't want to hurt your little brother " CJ said as he looked at Suzy

"CJ step back " Mina yelled looking scared

CJ took some steps forward and Suzy continue to threatened him

Her hands were shaking and she was sweating

"I will continue to do this until I remove that mask " he said and took a step forward

Everyone was scared and the bodyguards rushed inside but couldn't do anything as they were startled to see the scene before them

if.. You take one more step then I won't hesitate to use this knife " Suzy said

To be continued...

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