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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 32 & 33



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 32

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV



""Kayla will you pay attention?" Her father said

Kayla snapped out of daydreams of her beautiful wedding, no matter how much Mina is trying to come in between her and CJ, she still wanted a big white wedding

She turned to see her dad glaring at her

"Sorry dad, just thinking about the wedding." She said sheepishly and her dad's face softened. "Dad, the wedding is just in five days and CJ never talk about it, he just love to cling unto Mina and it is really annoying " Kayla lamented

"Ohh my dear, i do understand " Her father said "but i think it will be better if you don't marry CJ" he added and Kayla glanced at him

"What are you talking about?? Dad.. You know how much i love CJ and i am willing to do anything in order to have him "

"But Kayla, CJ doesn't love you, he is in love with someone else and...

"Stop it dad " Kayla yelled cutting him short "dad why are you talking like this?? Some months ago, you were the one saying that you wish i could get marry to CJ and now you're discouraging me??

"That is because i never knew Mina is the.... " He stopped and Kayla arched her brow

"What are you about to say dad?? Do you know Mina?? She asked while looking at him suspiciously

"I don't really know her " her father said while avoiding eye contact


“Well.... you know my step mom do cooks all types of food for me from the scratch also i want my future wife to do the same"

I said as i finish preparing the tea

I turned around to see her puzzled expression.

“Is there something wrong ?” I asked giving her tea.

"Future wife??

“Look, I will be teaching you how to cook and this time you must pay attention "

"But CJ....

"Seat over there.” I said sternly while given her the tea.

"Okay.” she said in a low tone while looking down at her tea.

“So, how do you like your tea?” I asked

“It smells like lotus.” she said sipping.

“Yes, it is!” I responded, so much for surprising her.

“However, this lotus tea is nothing but black tea. The reason behind the name is because of it's artificial fragrance.” She Explained

I was still watching her as she drink his tea. Her lips gently

formed a circle. She was blowing his tea to prevent from getting burned.

"Where is kayla?? She asked

"She went to her dad's house " I answered

"You and Kayla are getting married in five days time" She said quite sadly and i quickly walk to her and drop to a squat

I held and hand and kissed it

Her hands are incredibly soft. Her hands smell like apples.

It was irresistible but I have to control myself.

"Mina, i promise you that i will do whatever it takes to cancel the wedding, i will never get marry to Kayla " I said and she smiled at me

Author's POV

"So you mean your step mom is trying to bring CJ down?? But why?? The woman asked Suzy

"I don't know, i am still finding it too hard to believe that my step mom would try to do such a thing " Suzy said

"Chu jung i think it's right time to tell CJ everything "

"No.. Not yet, i can't tell him now "

"Then when are you planning to tell him?? Huh?? When everything fall apart??

"I need to find out why she is planning to hurt CJ"

"Chu Jung, you cant do this alone.. What if she is the one responsible for the fire outbreak some years ago " she said and Suzy was shocked

"Chu Jung i am not saying that she is responsible for it but what if she really is responsible, trust me. You can't do this alone "

Suzy eyes widened as she ran out of the house

"Chu jung Chu Jung... " The woman yelled after her but she didn't answer as she went to 'only God knows where'

"I think it's the right time to tell CJ everything "




I hesitated before giving her the ramen to her.

" Eat. " I said

She looked at me with a scrunched face, shoulders hunched together as she reached up and took it from my hand.

"Is... is this normal?" She continued to stare at the food in

her hands and I stared at her.

Impatience struck me at her lack of fervor making me speak loudly

"Eat! " I pointed to it and she nodded. Her small jaw had

trouble during the first few bites but I watched as she

adapted how she ate to accommodate the food.

I knew she must have been hungry because the food was gone within a few silent moments. "Normal?" I tilted my head as she finished.

"Woww... CJ it's so delicious!!! " She exclaimed

"You want more" I asked and she nodded

I served her and she lick her lower lips

"it has been long since i cooked ramen with someone" She said and i glanced at her

"You've cook ramen before?? With who?? I asked and she dropped the chopstick as she looked at me

"There were times when I saw my dad in the kitchen cooking, a good cook always keeps their hair away from the food," he will always tell me before we would ever start cooking. I always

pretended to reach back and tighten my own ponytail, even

though my hair was nowhere near long enough." She said and chuckled

He would constantly say "a good cook always washes their hands before getting started." So he would turn on the faucet and grab a step stool for me, and we would wash our hands together, splash each other a bit, and laugh. Whenever I splashed dad, he would always laugh and say that being cleaner wouldn't hurt, and then he would splash me in return."

I move closer to her and she smiled

"Once we got past the hand washing, the magic would start, dad would put some water on the stove to boil while he

told me to pick out the vegetables I liked and to wash them.

When I was in the middle of washing vegetables, he would

usually reach over my shoulder, grab a vegetable for himself

and start helping me out."

"After we were done cooking and eating, dad would turn to me and say, "A good cook always cleans their kitchen."

Maybe it sounds weird, but doing dishes with dad was a

blast. he always sang while he scrubbed, and if I tried to

get away with being quiet, he would nudge me until I started

singing with him. And if that didn't work, he would flick water

in my face, which always turned into a full-out splash war not until the day he.. he..

I pulled her close to me and hugged her tightly while i stroke her hair.

"CJ, it ain't my fault that i can't cook, when i was still a kid i really love being in the kitchen with my dad, after he died, mom never allowed me in the kitchen and she never let me do anything, she always focus on Mimi, sometimes she treat me as if i am not her daughter " She said as she sobbed

"Mina don't say that, your mom really love you and care about you " I said trying to calm her down

Suddenly my phone beeps and Mina pulled away

Her eyes was teary and i use my thumb to wipe her tears, my phone beeps again but i ignored it

"CJ, you should answer your phone " She said and i brought out my phone

It was a message from an unknown person

I unlock my phone, the person send different pictures

The first three pictures was Chu Jung picture when she was a kid, my eyes widened as i looked at the pictures, the next picture was when she was a teen and then the last picture was a picture of her on a sick bed being giving drip.

I was beyond surprised

Then the person sent a message stating that "Chu Jung is alive "

I gasped as i stepped backward

"CJ are you okay?? Mina asked but i couldn't answer

I recalled about what happened several years ago about the fire outbreak, Chu Jung burnt body was carried out of the tree house and we also bury her so it is quite impossible

"No it can't be" I whispered

Author's POV

(In the Music Industry)


Eve was sent to call Eric and she was feeling nervous

"What is wrong with me?? She thought but she ignored the thought and went inside but Eric wasn't inside

"Where could he be?? She thought and then went over to his desk, she looked at the bin next to the desk and was surprised to see tissue filled with blood.

"What is wrong with Eric?? he must really be sick??



Eric was in the bathroom washing his face while looking at the mirror as he recalled what the doctor said to him


" Eric, i am sorry to say this but you have just limited time to live, if you've treat this years ago then it wouldn't have become worse " The doctor had said


Tears manage to roll down his eyes as he recalled how the doctor had announced his condition, the reason why he had

been so pale, nauseous, and experiencing horrible abdominal

pain and muscle weaknesses over the past week.

Eve was scanning the papers on his desk, she looked at it then arched her brow when she sighted a squeezed paper on the desk.

She looked around and then pick the paper.

"Are they sending him love letters?? She thought then opened it

She read it thoroughly and gasped


Eric came out of the bathroom and was shocked to see Eve with his Hospital result


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 33

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Author's POV

Eve was scanning the papers on his desk, she looked at it then arched her brow when she sighted a squeezed paper on the desk.

She looked around and then pick the paper.

"Are they sending him love letters?? She thought then opened it

She read it thoroughly and gasped


Eric came out of the bathroom and was shocked to see Eve with his Hospital result, his eyes widened as he quickly walk up to her and pinned her to the wall.

Her back banged with the wall making her winced in pain. He brought his face close to hers, making her hold her breath. She turned her head to a side avoiding eye contact with him and the scrambled paper fell off her hand

"You are hurting me."she manage to say as Eric tightened his grip on her arm

She felt his cold breath on her cheek.

"Why are you here?? Are you stalking me?? Huh?? Eric said and Eve tried to get out of his hold but of no use. He was too

strong for her.

She struggled in his grip. She turned her head to make an eye contact for the first time. What she saw frightened her.

"Eric, let go of me." She winced

"Tell me, what were you doing here and what do you see?? Eric said and Eve shot him a glance

"I was asked to call you and I find out that you have leukemia " Eve said and Eric tightened his grip on her arm tightly making her yelped in pain

"If you dare tell anyone about this, you will have yourself to be blame.. Now go " Eric said releasing her.

Eve rubbed her arm, and glared at him then walk away

Eric sighed as he picked the paper from the floor, he squeezed it and threw it in the trash can beside him

All of a sudden his cell phone started ringing. He picked

it up and looked at the screen, he rolled his eyes before he answered.

"Hello Wei "

"Eric, Are you done with your surgery?? I really miss you so much, when are you coming back home " His sister whined


He was about to talk when she heard someone voice, it was his mother

"Don't you dare come back to this house, you ugly pumpkin, you're of no use to me, all your mates are doing great but you're wandering around the street " His mother said and Eric swallowed his spit hard that it hurt

"Mom, give me back my phone "

Eric could hear Wei voice pleading for her mom to return her phone

"I even heard the girl who you call your so called best friend is now dating one of the most popular idol in Seoul, aren't you ashamed of yourself, I can't blame you cos you are just like your late pervert drunkard useless father " His mother said and hang up

Eric Scattered everything on the table , he went over to the wall and clenched his fist and started punching it as he cried in agony

His hand was bleeding

He didn't care if he is going to bleed to death because he is going to die anyway

Suzy's POV

I looked at the house in front of me, it was the house I grew up

I recalled about my past and everything

I let out a sigh as I adjusted the mask on my face

It is time !!!


The woman in front of me looked at me for some minutes then back to the small document I gave her.

I continue to look at her and I felt the tears welled up in my eyes

It was my mother.. My own mother

I looked around the big living room where my pictures was always placed but it was no more, I couldn't see a picture of me in the house.

I feel my heart beating fast

Will I be able to handle this?? Will I be able to live here inorder to find out who is the snake hiding under the green house??

"So your name is Jian and you always wear that mask because you had an accident when you're young making it destroy your face?? My mom asked

"Err.. Yea, an acid was mistakenly pour on my face and...

"It's okay, so why did you choose to work here as a maid?? She asked but I just kept looking at her

She hasn't change, her blue orb eyes and her beautiful smiley face, I really miss her a lot

Did she miss me too??

Mina's POV

I was quite worried because the way CJ acted before storming out of the house.

He refused to tell me anything

What if it is something serious and dangerous??

I hope nothing bad happen??

Kayla's POV

I was looking down at Mina from the stairs, she was pacing to and fro

When I came back from my dad's place, she told me that someone texted CJ and she think the message ain't good but I was literally not bother about that.

Something is quite fishy

I feel like my dad know something about her but he is hiding it, the more I looked at Mina, the more I think about my dad

I think I need to find what my dad is hiding but before that I need to teach her a great lesson for taking CJ away from me

I shouldn't care because I am getting married to CJ in the next five days but I have the feeling that Mina will try to come in between

I have to do something

I brought out my phone and went downstairs

"Hi Mina " I said and she looked at me

"Yes?? "

"Err.. You know I am getting married to CJ in the next few days and I actually don't know which wedding dress to choose, they all seem beautiful " I said while showing her several wedding dress pictures

"You're one of my best friend and I really want you to be the one to choose for me" I said and she smile making me smile back at her

"I am sorry Kayla, I also consider you as one of my best friend but I can't choose for you " she said and I was pissed off but I manage to calm myself down

"But why?? I asked

"Because.. Because... " she paused for some minutes then she shut her eyes and then open it back within few seconds

"Because I and CJ are in love with each other and you don't expect me to choose a wedding dress for someone who is planning to get married to someone I love " She said and I gritted my teeth

"Mina, why are you saying this all of a sudden?? I thought we're friends and you know how much I love CJ" I said quite sadly and her face expression changed

"But I don't know what to do Kayla, I seriously love CJ and he loves me too " She said and this time I couldn't take it anymore

"You're a betrayal, you are a bad girl.. I thought you are a good friend but you're not, you are nothing but a low life sucker, you act as if you're kind and sweet but you're a devil " I yelled and I could tell that she was shocked with the way I speak to her

"Kayla, if you're saying all this for me to give up on CJ then you're wrong cos I will forever continue to love him and I will never ever let anyone come in between" She said and I was baffled

"Just because of the lust you have for him, you're already losing those that love you for instance Eric " I said and she shot me a serious look

"I did not lose Eric and also you're the one lusting over CJ and not me, there's a huge difference between love and lust, so pls get that " She said and with that, she walked away

Gosh!!!! She has really changed

She is not the dumb fragile Mina I once know

What really change her??

I will never give up on getting rid of her

Suzy POV

"So you are the only child?? She asked and I nodded then someone barged in and my eyes widened.

It was CJ

He was with some of my dad's bodyguard but he asked them to leave as he approached mom

He glanced at me and I quickly look away

"Mom, we need to talk" He said

"If it is about you and Kayla's wedding then I am sorry, I have nothing to say " My mom said and I looked at her

I really don't understand what she is up to

She and dad are both responsible for Chairman wol bin's wife death and thinking Kayla is his real daughter, she is trying to get her son marry to her.

What is she up to??

"I am not here to talk about any fucking marriage that will not even happen but I am here because of Chu Jung " He said and I was beyond shocked as I looked at him

My mom glanced at him but didn't say anything

"Can You pls excuse us?? He yelled at me but I am not willing to leave, I need to know why she's here because of me

"And why should she excuse us??

"Mom, I think Chu jung is alive " CJ said and I feel my heart racing

I looked at mom and she sighed

"CJ I don't know what is wrong with you nowadays, your sister died several years ago and we all attended the burial, why will you think she's alive?? My mom said and CJ brought out his phone and show something to mom

"Someone sent me this pictures " He said and my mom looked at it then look away

"The person must be a fan Chu jung "

"Mom!!! What about the last picture of chu jung in the hospital?? Huh?? When Chu Jung was alive, she hardly go to hospital because she hate it and look at the picture very well, she look a bit different here " CJ said

I clenched my fist as I knew who sent the picture to CJ.

"CJ, enough of this.. Chu Jung is gone so forget about this " My mom said not looking at him

"You and dad really find it too easy to forget about chu Jung but I can't, Chu jung died because of me, if I haven't force her to play with me in the tree house then she will probably be alive by now and do you have any idea how hard it is for me?? Huh?? CJ yelled

He was really hurt and I gulped down my spit , I could feel it

I wish I could go to him and pull him close to me then hug him tightly and tell him I am alive but I just can't

"CJ.. your wedding is in the next few days and so you should be getting married, and don't forget about the family get along dinner meeting which is tomorrow and I want You to invite Kayla over.. " My mom said then she looked at me

Did she even miss me at all?? Has she forgotten everything about me??

"You are employed, I think you're fit for the job" She said and I looked at CJ, he just kept looking at mom

Don't worry CJ, I am here to fix everything

"Mom, you're unbelievable " He said and was about to walk away then he look towards my direction and stopped, he arched his brow and continue to look at me making me look away

Why is he looking at me that way??

To my surprise he walked up to me

"Remove the mask " He said and my eyes widened

"CJ, what is wrong with you?? Mom said

"I said remove your mask " he yelled

"I.. I can't, .. my face look burnt and ugly and I always feel embarrassed when people see my face " I replied but he didn't care as he order me to remove the mask.

" CJ, get lost now.. I am okay with her wearing the mask all day so stop " mom said but he didn't even bulge

" Aren't you the girl I saw in the dressing room two days ago at my concert with a scarf covering her face, you are together with Eric right?? Did he send you here to spy??

Ohh that's why...

"I.. I.. don't know what you're talking about " I said and then suddenly he caught me unaware as he remove the mask off my face

To be continued.......

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