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Water Mate - Chapter 9




Water Mate - Chapter 9

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Kassandra's standpoint

My life would never get normal as long as Suzanne is around. The tall totally handsome but scary guy was talking to Claudia quite far away from us, it was like he was explaining to her only what she could conceal. Suzanne was arranging our bags, she wanted to act like she wasn't excited about meeting the vampire again, but she was going to explode with joy. I could literally see her eyes glowing with enthusiasm.

"Okay," I screamed and flinched, jumping back with fear as he suddenly said that and was standing right in front of me. "Let's go, since I didn't come with a ship, you are riding my wolf..." He scrunched his nose, his eyes zoning out like he was having a mental conversation. After almost four minutes, he sighed and grumbled out a "useless dog".

"I thought we were going with a ship?"

"Ship?" He said sneeringly, "I don't do ships." He stepped back, his eyes strictly fixed on me.

"Why are you looking at her like that?" Suzanne asked with a laughing smile, "or is she your mate?" She snorted out a laugh after she said that.

"Tch," he scoffed, "she wish. You better look away, you might collapse if you see me shift."

"I can handle it," I said confidently, I wasn't going to let a gorgeous man see me as a wimp.

"Humph, your funeral." he shrugged as he took off his robe. He folded it neatly and handed the stainless white cloth to Claudia. He took off his shirt, unbuckled his belt and gave them to Claudia too.

Suzanne covered my eyes. "The next scene is rated sixteen, parental guidance is advised."

"Hey! I'm older than you are! Stop blocking," I removed her hands to see him shoving his shirt, robe, shoes and belt into a small golden side zipper bag. Then it happened. A growl emanated from his chest before his true nature manifested.

I watched aghast as the sound of bones popping and shifting filled my ears, the covering of furs and the huge head. He transformed very very slowly, as if he intentionally did it to get to me. In less than 30 seconds, a huge, as in gigantic wolf stood in front of me. I felt my knees buckled up as fear enveloped me. He turned his eyes to look at me, his big hunter green and amethyst eyes. It was like a green sea with little amethyst fishes swimming around in a circle.

I felt my eyes rolled into the back of my head when he groaned a little. Suzanne caught me, forcing me back to consciousness. My mouth open, my vocal acting as if the switch had been turned on. I screamed in fright, almost climbing Suzanne's head. Like literally, I climbed onto her back and found myself on her shoulders.

"Get off me!"

"It's going to eat me! I don't want to die!"

"Get off... Whoa!" We both fell backwards, would have hurt my head if not for the soft sand. I crawled away from her and tried to run for my life. Claudia held me back, holding my hands. "He's going to eat me!"

"Will you calm down!" Claudia shouted. I can swear he laughed. "Now get on or I'll break your legs, fold you like a cloth and slap you down on his back!" She roared into my face. My blood went cold, my heart temporarily stopped beating. I always cry when Claudia yell at me like that, it's scarier than any werewolf.

I burst into tears, okay, I'm a baby, deal with it. "Please stop crying, you are irritating Alpha Kale." Suzanne huffed.

"Yeah, I'm not doing this," I suddenly felt weak and soon all I saw was darkness.

★★★ Kale's standpoint ★★★

Killian was extremely angry, he hated anyone riding him but we had no choice. The one person neither of us could stand was the crying one. If that one was Finn's mate, she is as good as dead. It was a good thing the mermaid was the mate, not the baby. Talking about the mermaid, she was enjoying this way too much.

"Whoo hoo!!!" She shrieked at the top of her voice, her hands in the air. I jumped through a portal to Finn's land, surprising them but I didn't care. I wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. "This is so much fun!"

"Stop screaming Suz!"

"But I'm joyful!"


Stop shouting, we are almost there.

"Hey," I drifted to an abrupt stop when she popped her head in my face. The sudden force catapulted her far away, slamming her against a huge rock. It made her look like a fly squashed to a wall.

"Suz, are you okay?" Her sister asked anxiously. Suzanne fell on the ground in a heap.

Why would she do that? Isn't she afraid?

Killian, I don't think she has the brain to comprehend what is going on, she's high.

"That...was... awesome!" She exclaimed. "Do it again! Do it again!"

Yep, definitely no brains.

"Suzanne, are you alright? Did that hit affect your brain?" Her sister asked I confusion. The mermaid sprouted up to her feet, shrieking and clapping her hands.

"Ooh! I'm just so excited!" She ran back to me and jumped on our back. "Onward big brother!"

Big what?

"Hello," she popped her head back in my face, "it's me again. Will you be my big brother even if you are a wolf?" I bounced her back into position and continued running. She kept laughing, her head must be definitely hurt or the jump through my portal was making her giddy.

I flashed through the noble town, heading straight to the castle. The castle gate raised high, almost seventeen feet high. I leapt pass the gate, flying over to the other side of it. The ground cracked from the force in which I landed, the same force threw her sisters off me. Only the mermaid remained, laughing like a drunk kid. The vampires stood in alert, I snarled at them, causing them to step back.

"My stomach is never going to remain the same," the eldest sister said queasily and threw up the content of her stomach on the ground.

Get off me... Killian growled. He threw the girl off and shook his fur to smoothen it.

"Meow," she meowed and laughed. I shifted back, rushing to the bag and putting on my new pants and shirt before all my fur disappeared. Finn appeared before me with the wind, he ignored me and went to the girl.

"Dainty, you came..."

"I'm a unicorn! Neigh!" Finn looked at me puzzledly.

"Disoriented from the run, get her water to drink and pour some on her head,"

"Don't worry," Finn said, stopping the vampire from moving. He stretched his hand towards the fountain in the middle of the compound. The water rose up and floated to him in small balls.

Finn had the power to control the four elements, including other bridges as well. One of the reason he is almost undefeatable. The girl drank the water greedily, if there was more, she would have drank it all.

"Suzanne, do you feel better now?" Suzanne jumped away from him, hurrying to me with a speed I didn't expect her to have. The smart girl hid behind me, I like cunning girls.

"I didn't agree to come here so you would touch me, don't touch me," she clutched the back of my shirt tightly.

"Kale, let go of my mate," Finn commanded.

I chuckled and raised my brows. "am I holding her?" I raised my hands, I wasn't holding her.

"Suzanne, come here," she wrapped her hands around my waist to ignite his jealousy. "Suzanne, let go of him!" She blew raspberry at him.

"Okay, let's go," I walked forward, she kept holding me as we walked forward. Fin glared at me murderously, I sent him a wink. He can't do anything but be a good boy.

That warrior of his carried the one that collapsed, along with their bags, while the eldest staggered behind us.

"Psst," Suzanne whispered, "am I proving stubborn enough?"

"Add more flair but don't involve me too much." I whispered back.

"Like yell at him and call him a monster?"

"No, too far... Or yes, do whatever you know you do best."

"I'm holding you because my body keeps forcing me to go to him, what if I can't handle it? I'm scared." She whimpered.

I wasn't expecting her to get so clingy, but knowing that this body was once my sister's made me a little bit comfortable. She was the one person who would hug me very tight and refuse to let go, even when I yelled and hurt her hands. As long as it made me angry, she loved it.

"If your body keeps forcing you, find a way to get close to him stylishly and hold on for a few seconds, then back off by remembering something terrible about him."

"Something terrible like what? Thinking about the fact that he only wants me because I look like his dead mate." She said seethingly, her grip on my waist tightened.

"Suzanne, you are his dead mate, a reincarnation,"

"But I don't want to be," she whined. I glanced at Finn, his face was literally red with visible smoke puffing out of his ears. I could see that the rest had stayed back because of his looks, they were terrified he would explode and strike them, he can't strike me.

"You just have to show him that you are your own girl. Dainty is Floriana, but you are Suzanne. Can you do that? Can you tolerate him?" I asked loud enough for him to hear the last part.

"I can manage him," the bone in Finn's palm cracked from how hard he was clenching them. The red had extended to his neck and hands, steam now puffing out of his nose. "But I'll miss you though." She added, oblivion to what I was playing at.

She rest her head on my back and sighed exhaustedly, "I'm tired, I can't walk anymore."

"I'll carry you..."

"I have hands, I can carry my own mate!"

"Back off bat," she warned lazily. I carried her on my back and ran her to the throne room.

"This is where I stop sea queen,"

"Do you have to leave? Why can't I stay with you? You are nicer..."

"To you, which is surprising. Get down..." I dropped her roughly and turned around. "I have been away from my pack for too long, need to go now."

"Will you come visit?"

"He won't," Finn said angrily, "and you are going nowhere either."

"Shut up grandpa." She said dismissively.

"That's it! Dawn!!!" He roared. I swallowed my laugh, it was so funny with the way he was looking. I rarely get amuse, but this couple were doing the trick.

A lady ran in and bowed. "Your majesty," she greeted with fear, like trembling with fear.

"Get her to the room prepared for her and lock her in! No one is to let her out until I say so!"

"And who are you to tell me that?!" She shouted too, jumping to her feet. "You can't lock me up like that, I'm your mate, not your pet..."

"Then you better treat me with respect!"

"Respect is reciprocal you dumb bag! I will only respect you when you prove to me that you are worth it!"

"Don't you dare talk to me that way!" Finn roared into her face, they were just few inches apart. "I am King Finn, just because I condescend to searching for you doesn't mean you can let it get into your head..." He poked her forehead. "You are nothing but my unfortunate weak human mate and will remain in your place!!!"

I expected her to keep her mouth shut after what he roared because he was at the edge of snapping. "Mien mien d'oh d'oh, you big bottom feeder! This same weak human is who you had to beg someone to find, why? Because you are not man enough to find me yourself... Or wait, I mean strong enough. All you know how to do is shout, shout, shout and boss people around. Don't you know how to do anything better?!"

"I can kill you, that's a start!"

"Then...go...ahead...I...dare...you," she slammed her hands on his chest at each words. He looked her in the eyes, his eyes as black as charcoal.

This is entertaining.

"You are lucky I need you alive,"

"And you are lucky no one can grant my wish, because trust me, you wouldn't wanna know how I want you to die," Finn winced at her words. "does that hurt? Well let that sink into your dead skull," she smacked his head. "I am not your ex-mate who couldn't look you in the eyes, I am not Floriana and will never be her. Don't test me, if you think you are a king, then you should know I am a queen and I deserve some respect as well."

"Why y... Oh God!"

Yeesh! She kneed him very hard.

"Told you not to dare me, I won't take nonsense," she threw her head away with pride and walked to the lady whose mouth had fallen open. "I'm ready to go to my room now, lock me in and swallow the key so he won't get to me."

"Y...y...yes milady." She stammered.

"See you in the future big brother, kisses." She blew me a kiss, giggled and skipped away. The lady followed her, shutting the doors behind her.

Finn remained on the floor where he had fallen on his knees, his hands placed on the cold floor and face down. He was still in absolute shock. That kick went straight to his heart, a side rejection from his mate.

"Kale, did she just knee me?"

"Yes, she did."

"Oh." He said dazedly.

"So, I'm going to laugh now," I coughed and broke into a peal of laughter. I fell on my knees, holding my stomach. It felt so good to laugh.

"Shut up, I told you to get her, not steal her h..." I laughed harder, rolling on the floor to annoy him more. "It's not funny Kale, cut it out!"

"Your mate kneed you, ha!"

"Stop it!" I rolled and laid on my stomach, beaming at him.

"Guess you got the bold one you asked for,"

"She is rude!"

"She is perfect. Just try not to kill her because she has big mouth, I'm still waiting for that call, the one telling me she ran away or you killed her."

"What makes you think I'll call you? We are not friends."

"Yeah, we aren't, but I promised to keep her alive. If she dies Finn, I'll kill you myself, and I'm not bluffing." I threatened seriously.

"For my own mate?"

I shrugged and stood up. "happy married life, and thanks for the laugh, it was fun while it lasted. Now I have to return to my miserable world, no more smiles for me. Good luck Finn, and remember that this girl is different from Florry, seize calling or comparing her to her or she will never love you."

"What do you know about love," he scoffed.

"Ever heard of the saying an elder knows better? Even if they haven't experienced it?"

"Kale, I'm more than three hundred years older than you, what elder?"

"The last shall be the first, don't disobey me and follow my advice. See ya." I zoomed off, running back to my packs direction.

I ran in my human form, wondering if my mate and I would ever be like that. I didn't want mother to choose a mate for me, but if she did, she would adore me. Who wouldn't want a powerful alpha like me as a mate? Mother can't do anything. Even if I did have a mate, we would never be like them.

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