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Water Mate - Chapter 10




Water Mate - Chapter 10

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

I walked behind the lady as she showed me to my room, I was acting bold with head straight like I didn't just toyed with death few minutes ago. My stupid mouth kept moving on it own, and before I knew it, I was daring him to end my precious life, even went as far as kneeing him. I wanted to get behind a quiet place and then slump, my heart was beating so fast, I was extremely scared. He could have killed me back there, not that I would let him kill me, but one can't joke with life.

But if he didn't kill you the first time, he wouldn't the remaining... My subconscious said with a hint of mischief.

I rather not mess with him too much, I'm talking to the guy who turned his own mate to a pet. Finn can do anything, that includes killing me.

"Here we are, this is your room," the lady announced icily. She wasn't happy that she was stuck with the human who kneed her king few minutes ago. "Everything you need is in there."

"My bags? The one I carried along?"

"King Finn ordered that all your pitiful clothes be thrown away, he can buy back everything..."

"And who is he to say that!" I yelled with annoyance, "I have a lot of important items in those bags! And my special dresses..."

"King Finn's order."

"Go get me my bags this instant!"

"I'm afraid I cannot do that if the king doesn't approve of it," her tone was filled with so much resentment. I scoffed and turned, I was going to find them myself then. "Where are you going?"

"Find what you cannot find," she zapped to my front and blocked my way.

"I can't let you leave,"

"Are you going to hold me? I just kneed your king and he did nothing, what makes you think I can't get you killed in one seconds?" She opened her mouth to say something, but shut it. "Now do yourself a favour and get out of my way."

"What is going on here?" A make voice asked plainly. The lady stepped aside for me to see who it was. It was a blonde guy with hazel green eyes, tan skin, dressed in a preppy fashion. The lady bowed in respect.

"Dawn, what is going on? I heard her shout from down the hallway."

"I'm right here, ask me, not her," he turned his head over to me and beamed. His smile was awful, made his cheeks wrinkle up like an old man's. "Where are my belongings?"

"In your room, I knew you would need to take your valuables, so I had the maid drop them on your bed. I'm Casmir by the way, royal advisor is the best way to describe me."

"Suzanne," I smiled, I looked at the door and then back to him. "Thank you." I walked to the door, opened it, walked into my new room and jammed the door shut.

"Learn to respect her, she is the king's mate, remember?" I heard Casmir snap at the lady. That aside, I didn't admire the room, I went straight to the bed which had my bags like he said. I collapsed on the bed and breathe gently. What I did with Finn was both crazy and fun.

"I haven't even checked on my sisters, hope they are fine," I mused. I shook my head to get the worry off, I had better things to do like check out the bathroom and take a nice long bath.

I stood up from the bed, hurried to the door and locked it. Then I went to the bathroom to see what was installed for me. To my greatest delight, there was an extra large bathtub in here. Fit for royals like myself. I filled up the tub, got my soap and sponge out, tore off my clothes and took a nice bath. I removed my amulet and dropped it on the small stool in the bathroom. My skin tingled, glittering scales taking their rightful place on my legs. It felt good to soak myself in water after that exhausting ride.

Luckily, 56% of my scales had turned back to normal, the rest were still as black as a black diamond. My scales trailed up to my cheeks, rested on my forehead like a headband. I sighed with contentment and lowered myself deeper.

"Suzanne!" Finn shouted. I jerked up with shock, he was in my room after I locked it. I felt him reaching the bathroom, I didn't have enough time to get my amulet. I quickly sank myself into the soapy water to hide. "Suzanne!"

I brought my head out a little, using the foam as a covering on my face and cheeks. "What do you want?" His eyes ran over the tub, searching for any visible skin. "Finn!"

"What was that stunt back there?"

"Can we argue when you are not standing over my naked body?" He stared at me blankly, "no boys allowed, out or I'll never forgive you."

He kept looking at me with narrowed eyes and lips pressed into a thin line. I was trying not to freak out. "Okay, hand me my amulet and a towel..." I finished with a gasp when he suddenly shoved his hand into the water, going straight to my private area. "Hey!" I splashed foam in his eyes. He retreated, I quickly controlled the water to bring my amulet and wore it.

I reached for my towel and tied it around my soapy body. "Why are you so stubborn?!"

"Why are you such a pervert!" I shouted back. "Respect a woman's privacy and don't you ever try to touch me like that again, you haven't won that privilege!"

"Do you think I will ask if I really want your body? Please, your body isn't that impressive..." He left his words hanging, as if trying to remember something.

"Not impressive, how can something you haven't seen be unimpressive?" I snapped, "don't insult my beautiful body."

"Want to know a secret, Dainty's body was better and is still better than yours flat chest... Oh, that's my new name for you, Flat Chest." My eyes widened, he just compared me to his dead wife. He smiled with satisfaction, knowing that his words stabbed me in the heart.

"Goodnight sweetheart." He patted my head and walked out victoriously.

I'll make you pay for that Finn, you'll see!




The next morning, I woke up early, took a bath and changed into a white dress with short sleeves. I searched for my sisters' room, asking the maids for direction until I found Claudia's room. I knocked on the door gently, tapping my foot to pass time.

"Who the hell is that at this time of the morning?!"

"Claudia, it's me, Suzanne!" I shouted back. I heard her footsteps, she was rushing to the door. Few seconds later, she opened the door, she looked awful. "What happened to you?"

"I'm surrounded by vampires, I couldn't sleep." She said tiredly.

"Hmm," I walked into the room, she shut the door behind us and followed me. "You want to leave, don't you?"

"I don't think I can stand it, I'll leave first thing tomorrow morning, I'll travel to Spain and stay there, start a new life."


"This is your home now, Kassandra and I don't have a say in it, or rather, we are not suppose to be here. I can't sleep well knowing that this place is filled with people that can suck my blood. Get your husband to buy me a house or something, I'm not staying here."

I glared at her from over my shoulder. "He is not my husband and will never be,"

"Yeah, right," she laughed. I threw myself on her bed and sighed.

"He keeps comparing me to his late mate," I whined, "said her body was better than mine."

"Then compare him to an imaginary boyfriend, use that ring on your finger to make it work." I sat up with interest. She laid back flat on the bed and smiled.

"How do you mean? You want me to use my royal seal?"

"Yes, pretend like your ex-lover gave it to you and you value it a lot," I stroke my chin, that was a good idea. "You can make him look like Alpha Kale, you know, use his description and make him very jealous."

"And I can show them that I am a beauty to behold," I snapped my fingers with excitement. "I'll surely make him... Wait! What if he seize my ring?"

"Hmm, that's true, we better use another thing. How about the bracelet mom gave to you? That could work."

"Yeah, that's true, I'll go get it." I said with excitement. I sprung up from the bed and hurried out of the room. I ran straight to my room, got the bracelet and put it on. I was running back to Claudia when I ran into Kassandra, she looked terrified and confuse.

"Suzanne, thank goodness I found you, vampire, a vampire is after me!" She screamed in panic.

"Who? What vampire?" I looked behind her to see a man sauntering to us. She turned, screamed and hid behind me.

"Blood sucking vampire!"

Kassandra's standpoint

I moaned softly as I turned, I could hear my own heart beating very fast. My stomach ached from the previous night. I still couldn't believe I humiliated myself before that handsome werewolf. I sighed tiredly. My body felt sweet however, like I was being touched in the right place. I was having a naughty morning, pleasure was building up in my aching stomach from my genital. I moaned softly, shifting myself down to get more of that feeling.

I could feel something wet flattering my neck, like open mouthed kisses. The same wet thing swept across my neck, the pleasure vibrated through my whole body. Then I heard it, an unsatisfied growl. My eyes shot open, there was a man hovering over me, his face buried in my neck.

"What in the world!" I exclaimed, "who are you and why are you touching m...oh..." I pushed my head back as his fingers hit the right spot. He was the one touching me the whole time. "Hey stop..." I moaned weakly, throwing my head back into the pillow.

I gasped when I felt a sting in my neck, like he bit me. The dude was sucking my blood! Vampire! I should have been freaking out, but for some reason, it made my stomach ache stop completely and brought a whole new wave of pleasure. I couldn't understand my body, I should be freaking out but I wanted more.

"I've missed you so much," he murmured between sucking my blood. He missed me? Have we met?

"Ehm, mister please stop, I don't know you." It looked like I was begging, but I was actually moaning. It wasn't like it was my first time, I had been with four guys before. This one felt different though, my entire body and spirit wanted this.

With a stranger!

He brought his lips up to my mine and tried to kiss me, I turned my face away to avoid tasting my own blood. It didn't feel right, I shouldn't be sleeping with someone I didn't know. If only my body was listening, it wasn't. He tore the chest area of my dress open and went down to ogle my scantily-cladded chest.

"So beautiful..."

Come on Sandra, snap out of it!

I pushed him off with all my strength, jumped out of the bed and ran. I didn't know how I left his room or where I was going to, but I bumped into someone. It was Suzanne, she was still alive!

"Suzanne, thank goodness I found you, vampire, a vampire is after me!" I screamed in panic.

"Who? What vampire?" She asked puzzledly, she looked behind me and raised a confusing brow. I ran and hid behind her, the weird man was there.

"Blood sucking vampire!"

"Who are you?" Suzanne asked with a air of authority.

"Axel, and the girl you are hiding from me is my mate."

"No I'm not, I can't be mated to a dead person,"

"I'm not dead," he said impatiently, as if he wanted to rip me away from Suz but couldn't for fear of something. "Please, hand her over to me."

"And if I refuse? Will you try and kill me?" She asked chucklingly.

"She's my mate, please give her back."

"I don't want you, you are insane. A man in his right sense wouldn't take advantage of a woman's body, that's ridiculous. You seduced me, touched me without my permission, is that how you are?"

Now I look at him well, he is quite the catch. His hair colour was between brown and orange, his iris of a colour I have never seen before. The blue shading made his eyes flash like a touch. He had this scary but alluring look.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that, I lost control. If you don't let me suck the venom out of you in the next one minute, you will become a vampire."

"That's a lie," I huffed, "I'm dumb, but not that dumb. I know you are lying because if you were aiming to turn me, the bite would have been more painful and the venom would act straight away." I couldn't help the pride I was feeling, I actually know something for once.

"Look, I'm sorry, let's start allover again."

"I don't want to be with a vampire, you deflowered my blood without permission, now I have to revirginise,"

"Revirginate," Suzanne corrected.

"I know what I'm saying, don't correct me." I snapped.

"He said you are his mate, you don't have a choice, I didn't either."

"Then I'll reject him," I said determinedly.

"Sorry, I'm not a werewolf, rejection doesn't work on us. I know what I did was wrong, but please don't push me away again..."

"Again?" I asked confusedly, "have we met before?" He looked away, the pain in his eyes was intense, even I felt the sting in my heart. I wondered why he was in so much pain, why he said not to push him away again.

"Okay Axel, let's do this, give her time to digest the information and then she will get back to you." Suzanne said calmly.


"Please, our lives just changed overnight, it's not everyday you wake up and find out you are mated to a powerful creature and have to stay with him whether you like him or not. Even me, I still can't believe I'm mated to that bigheaded ugly peeled face king with big nose and lips the size of a...a...a...a...a...swollen pork!"

Axel shifted uncomfortably, he wasn't comfortable with her insulting his king, but he couldn't anything because they were mates.

"Swollen what!" I screamed and turned around at the angry voice, it was Finn. If I knew he was a vampire king, I would never had agree to go on that mission in the first place. It wasn't like I could enter the temple... Oh wait, I could, I have a pure heart... At least I think I do.

"Great, you are still alive," Suz said with an eye roll, "I must say I'm disappointed, I was expecting to hear the bells ringing, announcing the passing of their king."

I quietly stepped back just in case he tried to kill her, before I die of something I know nothing about. "Well sorry to disappoint you human, unlike you, I don't die easily."

"It's a shame though," Suz smiled coyly, "I was in the mood for a funeral." He flashed to her front and seized her by the throat.

"How about I make it your funeral," he said threateningly.

"Try it, I dare you." They just kept looking at each other while I gawked like a fool.

"We better get out of here," Axel whispered. I agreed with him, I wasn't ready to be there with them when all hell let loose. "Come on." I ran behind him, keeping myself at far distant.

"Urgh! Why can't I kill you! And didn't I tell you not to leave your room!!!"

"Don't tell me what to do! I am not your pet!" I heard Suzanne yell. She has been yelling a lot lately.

"Those two are not good for each other," Axel started with a delicate tone, like he was afraid that if he used another tone, I'll get pissed. "If one don't kill the other, this house would collapse on us all with the way they are screaming it down."

I giggled, that was funny. "Suzanne is usually the meek one, she has changed because of him."

"And he is changing because of her," he glanced at me over his shoulder, "that's what a good mate would do."

"The mate who turned his other half to a pet?" I scoffed.

"I agree that he did do that because of how he is, Finn is cruel by nature but over the years, he's changed. Trust me, if you knew him from long ago, you wouldn't be so bold to open your mouth and utter any word. He is still that devil, just seem to have a softer side now."

"How long have you been working for him?" I questioned curiously, hurrying to walk in line with him.

"I have been serving my king for two hundred and forty years now, but I've been the assistant general of his army for two hundred and ten."

"So, you're old,"

"I'm just two hundred and eighty,"

"You say it like it's the simplest thing in the world. I would nothing but bones by then. Humans have shorter lifespan."

"Insects have shorter lifespan," he said drily.

"I'm talking about creatures that have human form," I said with a childish pout.

"Have you met weregoats?"

"There's also weregoats?" I gasped.

"There are lot of werecreatures my dear, and weregoats die faster than humans, not just because of their age, but because even as werecreatures, they are still considered as food."

I laughed again, they are food. "That doesn't make me feel better, but thanks. Are you like him? Tell me so I'll start looking for a nice place to bury my body and the perfect words to write on my headstone." I said jokingly.

"Not really, I'm the unlucky one," he bent his head sadly. "I'm strong, noble and a valuable member to the king's inner court, yet no women that ever find their way to my heart love me back. The first one was a human like yourself, she was quite a beauty to look at and so kindhearted. But alas! She loved me as a sister would love a brother, her heart was her duty to her kingdom.

The second was an elf girl, she never truly liked me, just used me to get a family treasure of mine. Though I got it back, it didn't change the fact that I had been rejected once more. The third fell in love with my brother, the fourth my cousin, the fifth was obsess with the king and the sixth wanted Casmir. The seventh is Casmir's wife, the eight chose to explore the earth than be with the weird guy and the rest up to the twelfth girl never wanted me." He said bitterly.

How can they not want such a good looking guy?!

"Wow, you fall in love a lot for a warlord, your kind are usually stonyhearted."

"Unfortunately, I'm not iron-hearted when it comes to love, in battle yes, but never in love. Maybe it was all the times I spent listening to my love obsess grandmother, or maybe it's just me. I magnet a lot of women, but never the one I really love, just like Josephine." His hands clenched into a fist, his anger and bitterness radiated in the air.

I looked at myself, I was barefooted, my dress was still torn and my bra was in view. I grabbed his sleeve and tugged at it. "Huh?" He asked in a confuse or rather dazed state. I guess he was expecting me to back away.

"You tore my dress, you'll have to buy me a new one, but first, give me your Jac...KET!" I screamed when he suddenly carried and ran me back to his room. He dropped me gently but held me in case I was going to stagger. "Dude! A little warning next time!"

"Sorry, you can change now."

"Are you going to turn around or...?" He ran over to the bed with his speed and sat down, backing the wardrobe. I understood what he meant and smiled, that is gentlemanly enough. I walked over to the wardrobe and opened it.

"So, who's Josephine?"

"My mate,"

"Huh?" I looked at him over my shoulder. "I thought I was your mate?"

"You are, and she was too, you are her."

"Excuse me!" I turned around to face him, all I met was his back but still. "Just like your sister, you are the reincarnation of my mate. I don't know why it is like that, but I'm glad you are here. Although I won't be surprise if you don't end up loving me, it was like that with her."

Wow, this guy needs to see a chancellor, he is seriously depress.

"What did she do?"

"She loathed me. Josephine was already engaged when I met her, she was engaged to a dhampir, one she loved with her life. Normally after we met and realised what we were to each other, her love ought to waver as the bond would pull her towards me, but it didn't, instead, her love for him grew and she hated me because I was an obstacle to her happiness. Her fiance was having second thoughts about her, she hated me for that.

I loved her, I tried everything I could to get her to see me. Josephine was of noble vampire blood, from one of the most noble family in the council, and he was just a common dhampir, but she loved him to insanity. Nothing I did pleased her, I was like a puppy struck with leprosy to her. Her father who never liked her fiancé saw it as an opportunity to get her to marry into another noble family, he wanted to force her but she refused. The guy she was fighting for didn't even love her half as I did, he didn't have the strength to face the council for the sake of a girl, so he left her and disappeared from sight." He stopped, I already knew the ending, she committed suicide.

I turned around and picked his cap sleeved T-Shirt. "So, she committed suicide, that girl is stupid."

"She didn't commit suicide," he paused, like the next words were too heavy for him to say. And indeed it was. "I killed her."

"Okay, what! Hold on," I walked over to him, threw the shirt on the bed and stood in front of him with arms akimbo, "explanation?"

"Josephine grew too bitter, her hatred for me was too overwhelming and she wanted me to pay at any course possible. She knew killing me wouldn't satisfy her, so she attack my little sister..." His voice shook, a hard lump in his throat. "I should have saved her, I could easily do it but I chose not to hurt my heartless mate, she killed my sister and I let her go."


"She disappeared after that, I had to live with the guilt and pain, watching my mother mourn her only daughter. Isa was killed because her big brother couldn't hurt his mate. She was just a baby, mom dreamt of having her for years and when she finally did, I took that happiness away from her. My mother still hates me till today, my father detest me and my brother, he rather be dead than stand in the same room with me.

Josephine showed up after seven years, she teamed up with one of King Finn's enemy and it was through her information Floriana was captured and killed. Even though I later killed her, it didn't change the fact that I am the cause of the death of my sister, my king's mate and the lost of my brother's left eye, and it didn't change my affection for her one bit."

Wow, just wow.

It sounded so unbelievable but yet it was true. I watched him battle with his tears, holding his breath in to keep it from falling. Honestly, the man is too open-minded, I've found out a lot about him within minutes. I didn't like seeing him like that, he didn't deserve any of the guilt he was carrying. To think that someone with my face did that, how would his family accept her reincarnation?

"And to think my lookalike did this, your family will never accept me. If I were you, I would kill me for what I did."

"You didn't do it, she did. You might have her face, but you definitely don't have her character and personality. I can tell that you have a good heart, but I'm sure you will end up resenting me as well, all ladies I love do."

I sat beside him on the bed and brought his head to my chest, he stiffened with shock. "Can you hear my heartbeat? It's beating not just because I feel your pain, but because you are someone I'm warming up to. Don't conclude on my affections without trying to win me over, I will only love you if you make me. Now stop forcing yourself to not cry and let it out, I won't tell anyone your secret, I promise."

"Win your heart," he said with a sarcastic chuckle, "I've never succeeded in doing that, what makes you think I will succeed with you?"

"Me falling in love with you depends on you, I don't know how love feels, I have never felt it before... What makes me different from Josephine in appearance?"

"Your eyes and your hair, you are loud and the way I see it, playful, Josephine was like a retired military officer."

"Heh heh, then that's good enough for me. I'm not going anywhere, but I will if you make me. So let's start allover again," he was enjoying my open chest way too much. I pushed his head back up and stretched out my hand. "Hi, I'm Kassandra Wolf, I'm a professional thief, I'm twenty-seven years old, second daughter and child to my dead parents and a sleep enthusiasts. My specialties includes running, agility and robbing. My hobbies, sleeping, eating and reading romance novels."

He gawked at my hand, "if we are gonna be a thing, then you better get use to my wackiness, shake." I demanded. He smiled unsurely and took my hand.

"Axel... Axel Gary-cox, assistant general of the vampire army, born to a noble vampire family and friend to the king."

"There, we are friends now. First, I bathe, next, I dress up and have breakfast and then you show me around the castle... Do you live here?"

"No, I only stay here sometimes, I have my own house, want to visit?"

"Sure! I'll love to, but first, mama gotta eat and sleep for extra two hours, or three." I zoned out, I still needed to read that book. A super good love book, I was almost at the good part. The prince is so cute.

I averted my eyes to him when he started laughing. "The prince is so cute? A novel character you haven't seen?" He said laughingly.

Did I say that out loud?

"I have seen him!" I defended.

"Oh yeah, where?"

"In my dreams," I murmured sheepishly. He fell on the bed and continued laughing. I'm not the only one who fantasies. The way he was laughing was enough to scare a baby, but to me, it was beautiful.

I realised then that I have indeed found my own prince.

To be continued. 

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