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Through The Shadow-Final Episode




Through The Shadow-Final Episode
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


Louisa drove to beacon Hills High School. She has come to pick up Ciara and have lunch together. She strode to the receptionist office.

"Good day Miss Sullivan" the female receptionist with a blonde hair 'blondey' greeted her.

"Please have a seat. How can I help you?" She asked.

"Here to pick up Ciara Cole. Grade 8" 

"Grade 8, Ciara Cole. Okay wait for a few moment let me put a call across the mistress of grade 8" she excused and talked to the mistress through phone.

"She'll be here in a moment" she notified Louisa after she hunged up.

"Alright" Louisa nodded as she took a seat.
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Beacon Hills High School isn't a familiar place to her. She schooled here when her parents were alive.
Not much has changed since then. She thought as she patiently waited for the Mistress.

After some minutes, the door opened revealing an average looking woman in her early forty's as she walked over to the receptionist.

"Who is looking for Ciara Cole Miss Nikita?" She asked

"It's her" Nikki replied.

The mistress turned over to Louisa. " I am supposed to ask you that Miss. Ciara didn't report to school today"  Ciara's class Mistress blurted out.

Louisa chuckled lightly. " Is this a joke or what? Ciara left the house this morning right down to the junction to catch the school bus....
Where is your fucking driver? Where the hell is he? He's gonna tell me where he kept my Ciara" Louisa gave out a fuss , angrily standing up from her seat.

What are these people saying? They must be joking. They ought to be. She missed confusely within herself.

"Please calm down mis..

"Don't tell me to fucking calm down!" She shouted at the receptionist banging her fist on the table.

"Don't you dare tell me to calm down. I'm gonna calm the fuck down until I see my Ciara!" She repeated. Staring daggers at the both of them.

"You don't have to rush things like that Miss. Maybe she went somewhere else or... maybe she never left the house . You got ..

The Mistress had barely finished her statement when louisa pulled her hard by her shirt. Choking her senses.

"I know my Ciara. She will never go somewhere else. She left the damn house this morning before me. So don't you fucking tell me trash" she shouted to her face. Hands firmly on the neck of her shirt. Causing the mistress to cough profoundly.

"Please let go of her.. I beg you please" Nikki begged on her knees.

She knows what this Louisa Sullivan is capable of. 

Louisa watched as the Mistress's face turned red from her grip. Reluctantly,  she let go of her. 

Mistress gasped as Louisa freed her from her grip. She coughed hard as her face turned messy red.

"I'll be right back. And by then, y'all better provide Ciara. Or you all are in trouble. Cause I'm so gonna beat the living daylight out of the freaking staffs of this goddamn school!!" she threatened before storming out of the office.

"So mean...." Mistress coughed.
"Who the hell does she think she is!? she dare not threaten us!" She added.

"You didn't realize Miss Sharon. The lady that just left here with a threat is Louisa Sullivan. We ought to be scared of her and what she might do. Cause she mean every word." Nikki retorted in fright. 

"I'll be damned😱" Mrs Sharon shuddered.as the identity if the lady came knocking into her head


"Ciara!!!" Louisa called out as she halted from her car.

She panicked and she went over to the door entrance. Just like she thought, it's locked.

She had personally locked it before going to work that morning. No one was at home at that Time. No one.

"What's wrong ... Oh goddammit! Ciara where are you?" She shouted as her eyes became teary.

"She must be here, she must be at home. If she isn't in school, she's supposed to be home right?" Louisa talked to no one in particular.

She was running mad already with the thought of losing Ciara.

She can't take it. She don't think she'll be able to take it.
What is th....

"Louisa!!" Seon called out as he made way into the compound.

"Good afternoon again. Like I said earlier I'll be coming over to see Ciara" he shrugged as he moved closer to her. (Part of sticking to Mara's advice)

Louisa acted like no one was talking to her. She was in a state of dilenma.

Seon walked briskly towards her when he noticed her mood.

"Is there a problem Louisa? You look worried" he asked in total concern.

"Seon... Ciara. It's Cia..ciara. " she stuttered panting heavily.

"Ciara? What happened to her?" 

"I uhn....I reported to her school not long ago. She wasn't there. they said she was never in school today. Seon. Those bastards are lying... Ciara left for school this morning. What have they done to her?" In ranted amidst tears and anger.

Jeez! Seon has never seen Louisa in this state before. He never knew she could be this vulnerable. Oh God! He hates to see her in this pathetic state.

"It's okay Louisa. We're gonna find her. I promise you okay" he drew closer holding her together by her shoulders.

Louisa sniffled and slowly nodded.

"Now let's go find her.lets start with the route she took to school this morning. Maybe she's coming back home through that same route. Ciara isn't lost you hear me.."

"I knew something like this would happen. I had the wierd feeling this morning. I did. 

If Ciara isn't found. It will...

"SShhh. We'll find her Louisa. We will. Let's just do as I have said. Let's take the route she took to school this morning "

"Okay" Louisa breathe out and led the way.

She walked down a lane which seon wasn't familiar with. The very lane that leads to the junction.

Seon hoped Ciara was really alright as he had assured Louisa. He kne....

"Over there!" Louisa burst out.

"Oh my God seon" she panicked as she walked closer to what drew her attention.
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She picked it up and gasped. "Isn't that. . " Seon took it from here.

"Yes it is" she cried silently.
"It's Ciara's school bag" she confirmed.

"She's gone seon. She has been kidnapped" she cried more.

"Kidnapped? By who?" Seon asked totally confused.

"By Madam Schwezilia" Louisa sniffled. Swallowing her cries.
."who the fuck is Schwezilia?" He asked in Anger.

"Her Mistress". Louisa replied almost in a whispered.

"She's been taken back to her mistress" she repeated.

As she finally let the tears out from her eyes like rain droplets.

Ciara 😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭.

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