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Through The Shadow-Episode 20




Through The Shadow-Episode 20
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


Louisa and the others adjusted their attention to Mara and seon as they paid keen interest to their suggestions.

It really impressed Louisa and the board members as they congratulated them on such brilliant idea.

Louisa later then shared the duties btw seon and mara.she made them in charge of the wares, while seon updates her on the progress, mara will keep the records.

With that, she closed the meeting.

"You sent for me" seon approached his Boss inside her office.

"Here" she stretched a paper to him.
"It's an endorsement letter. I have approved whatever plan you genuises are gonna make. All I need from you at intervals is just the updates." 

She stated clearly as seon took it from her .
"Okay. Anything else?" He asked with a small smile on his lips.

"No. Just leave" she replied without sparing him a glance.

Seon nodded and made for the door.
He soon stopped and turned back to louisa.
"How's Ciara?" 

"She's good" she retorted eyes fixed on her  computer.

"She's a smart kid you know. I'd love to stop by later today to see her. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure. Am good with it" she continued typing whatever she was typing.

Seon stared bluntly at her. Can't she just spare him a glance? 
She's really one of a kind. Nothing at all gets to her.
Not even advances from men😒.
Maybe if he continues with his gist, she might finally look at him with her pretty eyes.☺️

"Sunday's party  was fun . Don't you think?" He raised up.

Louisa stopped with her typing. Swiftly turning a burning gaze at seon.

"And what has that got to with you leaving my office?" Louisa frowned.

Seon Chuckled lightly. At least, he finally got her to look at him😊.
"There's something really off about you. That thing that always make you wanna push me away" he stated on a serious note.

"Push you away?" Louisa scoffed. What's up with seon?

"Push you away? Are you high Mr Nichols? Talking about pushing you away, you better get out of my office"  she shot at him. Leaving him so dumbfounded.

She is chasing him out?
"Okay" he replied in disappointment and left. Shutting the door behind him.

"Men😒! Stupid Men" she huffed and continued with her typing.
Seon handed the letter over to Mara.
"It's an endorsement letter from the Boss" He faintly added.

Mara smiled as she silently read it.
"I think she is impressed with our idea" Mara grinned fondling the letter.

"Yet she refused to express her feelings" seon grunted spitefully taking a seat beside her.

Mara sighed aloud" what's the matter seon?" 
"Did the Boss query you?"

Seon exhaled deeply 😔 "There's more to it than that"  he sadly ran his fingers through his smooth silk hair.

"Tell me, why are you sad? " Mara rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Have you ever wondered why the Boss behaves this way? Why she is so resented to herself? There is a thick wall separating her from people. Why did she build that Wall? 

Why does she despise men? Everyone knows the way she replies me any time I try to talk to her.

The irony of it all is that she feels different towards her little sister and Her best friend Bayley. 
Why is it so hard for her just to treat others same way?"

Seon bitterly complained to Mara. A trace of anger in his voice.

"Like, how do you feel when you are just thrown to the dark side of someone's heart when all you try to do all day is to get the person's attention? 

How do you feel when you are snubbed like a piece of shit by someone you want so much?

How do you feel when all your feelings are just in vain?" 

He asked repeatedly in a sober mood.

Mara stared deeply at seon. Her mouth forming a perfect 'O' . Now she knows what this is all about.

"Feelings? Feelings for the Boss? Why didn't I see that coming?"

"I know it sounds sappy. But it's the truth. You don't have to blame mefor that. It just happened. I never planned for any of it.

And it's very hard and sad to think I have feelings for someone who detest my presence.

How do I go about this? How do I tell her how I feel about her?.

Out of the whole every lady in the universe, why did my heart choose her? Knowing full well that it's never gonna work between us😞" He blurted out emotionally.

"You are not to blame seon. It's not a bad thing to fall inlove''

"No it's not. But it becomes bad when the person doesn't love you in return"
"What do you have me do Mara? Since it isn't a Crime to fall inlove. How do I go about this?🤦🏼‍♂️"

"Well, seon. I will advice you to do something that everyother girl would easily fall for.  too bad. Louisa isn't 'every other' girl. 
But there is no harm in trying.

Now, every girl gets impressed when you get close to them. Even if they seem irritated by you. Don't give up, just push on.

For the case of Louisa, try engaging in pep talks with her. Don't act timid it gentle. You gotta act tough. So she'd see you as a hard meat to chew on.

Show her she isn't the only strong headed being in universe. Poke into her business at any given opportunity. Check up on her at your leisure.

She's a human being seon. she'll definitely get the sign. And you won't be surprised the day you finally get to confess your feelings to her. She'll get to confess Same to you😊" 
Or reject you once more. Mara pouted. Almost adding the last part.

"You really think that'll work?" Seon brightened.

"Test and see☺️. Worked on me once. Might work on her too. Who knows?"

"Yeah. Who knows?" Seon retorted.
TBC ✍️

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