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Through The Shadow-Episode 2




Through The Shadow-Episode 2
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


    Louisa could no longer bear the urge to go home and have some sleep. She can't afford falling asleep in this place..she hates insecured sleep.

She jerked up from her seat and walked over to john.

"Here"she said...
"That's your pay john,I'm done for tonight"
She stated tiredly.

"Oh...I see"
He smiled and took it from her,he never expected to see her go home on Time today..

"Keep the change"
She added and left.

He replied.
Louisa must be good somewhere inside of her.
At least today,He's gonna close a little earlier than before.

   Louisa entered her car and inserted the key into the ignition.
The car started but stopped almost immediately.
She tried again and same thing happened.

"F*ck! I knew something like this was gonna happen"
She cussed hitting the steering.
What was she gonna do about this?...
Its almost 10pm, her house isn't far from here though..but what about her car?
If she decides to take a walk home,what's left for her car?
She can't risk it for highway robbers.

She can down and went for its engine.
She knows nothing about car repairs but no harm in trying.
Who knows? She might just be lucky.

She gave up that thought when she opened it and saw the engine..so many entangled wirings and big metallic stuffs..
Oh no!
Where was she gonna start from??..

She immediately dialed Bayley's Number..but there was no network.

"Damn you stupid phone!"she cursed again.as she helplessly stood there.

   John was already out locking the bar property when he saw Louisa resting on her car.
He was puzzled
"Still here?"he asked 

Louisa turned to him but said nothing.
"Whats his problem?"
She asked herself..

"Something's wrong with your car??
He asked .
She nodded slightly in the dark as if john could see the slight movement of her head.

"You know I can help you with that if you'd let me"
He added.

"You can?"

"Yes...I can,But I'll have a look first..try fix what's damaged and you'll be on your way,
I ain't a professional though but a young lady like you shouldn't grow the guts by walking alone in this city at night....pretty dangerous you know"
He said walking closer to her.

"Help me will you"
And stop rambling.
She almost added that last part,but she tuned herself.
She's got to be a little polite to an helper if she doesn't wanna leave her car outside the Mashion.

  John went over to the car ,switching in his torch.
"What do we have here?"he twitched

"You'll have to wait a little,...let me see what I can do,cause with the look of things here,its like there's a wire connection discharge.
You are really lucky..could have caused something worse if it got fussed with the petrol..
Lucky you!"
He smiled...
And began his work on it.

♠♠♠♠♠Minutes Later♠♠♠♠♠

  John wiped his sweaty face with his back palm.
Feeling so exhausted,he paused and exhaled.

"This isn't a lay man's job..its tough"
He said and turned to Louisa..
"You'll have to come back for it tomorrow morning with a mechanic..I've done what I could possibly do"

"Thanks john"
She thanked,dabbing her weary eyes.

"We'll just have to push it into the bar's property and lock it altogether...we can't risk it outside her"

Louisa smiled

   They both pushed it into the compound and locked it again.

"I could give you a lift you know".he offered

''No thanks am good"
She replied coldly,turning his offer down.

''Its really dark and you can't be all by yourself"
He shrugged

'I can manage john"
She insisted.

He paused,taking a glance at her 

"There's something going on in that head of yours....that's making you act weird..."

Louisa turned to him..what was he insinuating..?
She asked herself.

"This isn't the real you Louisa....something's eating you up,something bitter....
What's ...my mind tells me there's a good in you which is hidden in the dark..
Tell me Louisa..what's wrong?why won't you just let someone help you?"

"Maybe I don't really need anybody's help..
I'm better off alone.
I don't know the meaning of good.
I've never known a goof person..

People can say whatever they want..
Its their hellhole..

What do I care?....
I've learned to live this way...and I'm used to it already.
No need talking it out of me....it has become my thing..smoke,drink,fight for my defense..its what I do.. Its me,my nature and I love it that way..."
She shuffed...

"Maybe that's what you think....I knew your aunt...I knew her good husband..Jonathan Bucks..they..

"If you don't mind john,
I've got to be on my way...like you earlier said I've got no guts to roam in the dark...its dangerous..
And sorry for keeping you this late,you can go to your family...they must be waiting for you"
Louisa cut into his words

"I'll come for my car tomorrow"
She turned to leave..

"But Louisa....

"Good night john"
She replied coldly and left..

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