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Through The Shadow-Episode 1




Through The Shadow-Episode 1
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


🎗Right Time Bar🎗


      Louisa sullivan halted in front of a bar.
"Right time"..
She looked ardrous,but she's gotta cool off,she needed the steam.
At least to think straight.

It was just 9pm,
Stepping into the rowdy place made her throttle.
Some lusty men who's never set eyes on her before tongue licked their lips.
While some who knew her pretended not to have seen her.
Not that they don't admire her Beauty and contours,
No!...they just don't wanna get beaten up by the weirdo.

   Everyone in New York City knows Louisa Sullivan,
A cold and mean brute who doesn't take nonsense.
Despite the fact she's a lady,she's defensive and too careful about the persons she mingles with.
Besides,the event that transpired a week ago at Right time bar served as an eye opener to prying eyes.

   It all started when a new bee in town,a cowboy per say  couldn't get his floppy eyes off her.
Driven by lust,he approached her in a seductive manner.

"Hello cup cake"
He grinned...
But he got no response from her.

"Hey ...sexy!..am talking to you"
He drawled..

Louisa hated the name 'sexy'...
Gorgeous was good for her or Beautiful,
Not that she cared more on how she looked.

She muttered,gulping her drink,
She's tryna keep her cool and be a little polite.
She doesn't have time for actions or talks...
She was in no mood to scary talk him out of her sight.
But the cowboy wouldn't listen.

"That's no way to talk to a dude sexy"
He repeated smacking his lips.

"Don't call me that"
She retorted giving him a piercing gaze.

"Why the rush,...of course you know the name suits ya,...
With everything you've got here..
C'mon,this is the exact definition of 'sexy',sexy."
He grinned,grabbing her butt.

Louisa spat out.
Cowboy's made a wrong move by going for her ass.
Nobody touches her Ass..
No one touches her..not again!
She isn't receptive to touches..especially from the opposite sex..

"You son-of-a-bitch!"
Louisa gripped him by the collar and pushed him ontop the table...
She sweeped him on the barkeeper's desk.

"No one touches me dickhead...not even my Ass!"..
She spat fire..
And threw him to the ground...then what followed were punches plasted on his face..
Punches that made him bleed.

The citizens of new York city wasn't surprised at all...they expected such.

Louisa's beating broke his tooth and sent him running out of Right time...
Back to his hometown.
She also made sure to bleach that fucking hand he used on her .

Damn him!
Damn anyone that'll ever do that to her again.
Her defensive skills aren't for nothing.
She fights for herself.
And everyone knows that..


 Entering into the bar,
She strode to her usual seat..
It was a v.I.p reserve for her.

Flinging a pack of cigarettes out from her bag and a lighter too.

"John".she called

The barman responded.
That was his name

"Give me my usual"
She ordered litting her ciger.

John eyed her secretly.
One of the solid rules in this bar was No smoking❌
But louis would never listen..
To her,
Its only a shitbar that allows no smoking..
But still,Right Time was her favorite.

Hell,He's got no guts to remind her,.
Or he'll have his bells for it..he thought.

What if he gets fired by his bes for allowing a rule to be violated by a customer.
This is the only place he worked to feed his family.
He treasures it a lot.

John gently placed the drinks on a tray and headed towards her 
"Here you go"
He said,and placed it on the table before her..
He couldn't help but stare at this lady who was took a drag from her cigarette and puffed it into the air.

"Smoking is highly prohibited Louisa"
He reminded under his breathe.

"What was that?"
Louisa paused with a twitch.

He fearfully replied and left

"Thought I heard something"
She huffed and took another drag.

Smoking was one of her hobbies.
Wasn't really her fault though.
She was taught by her Mr Bucks ,her aunt's husband.

Jonathan Bucks forcefully taught her at age 15.....
What was she to do??
So defenseless at that time..
But as she grew,
She adjusted to it.

   She's Really tired,
So so tired.
There are lots of things to be done at the company.
She'll start a new budget tomorrow.
Maybe after a week,.she'll hold a board meeting to Liase with the members on how to make the companys income boost more .

So much on her head.
Despite she needed to smoke and drink some bad.
She also needed sleep.

She doesn't like sleeping.
To her,...sleeps brings back her past...
Her nightmares.
Sleep makes her vulnerable and weak.

She hated to be a weakling.
She hated to look vulnerable.
She always want to be strong ,bold and smart and least,drink and smoke too.

But right now...
She wanted sleep..
So bad....

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