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Through The Shadow-Episode 19




Through The Shadow-Episode 19
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis

 🔔3 Days Later 🔔

"I'm up! I'm up" Ciara jerked from her bed switching off the freaking thing called alarm.

"Jeezz it's almost seven. Dammit school starts by eight. I'm gonna be late" she cried out flinging the duvet away from her body.

She hurried with her bath and other necessary stuffs. Within few minutes, she was dressed up for breakfast.

She headed to the dinning and met Louisa seated already.

" You're pretty late today Ciara" 

" Yeah I know. Just overslept" Ciara brushed her way to her seat for breakfast.

" Too bad I'm tight today Ciara. You'll have to take the school bus.  I have a very important meeting by eight and I can't afford to go late. 
You okay with that?" Louisa asked as she mulched her toasted bread .

"Sure I am. It's not that bad. First time in a school bus. Bet it's gonna be a jolly ride" Ciara smiled sipping her tea.

"You'll enjoy the ride. Cause you'll get to see some of your mate's. Don't worry. You'll thank me later" Louisa retorted.

"Can't wait for that... So tell me, when's the bus arriving today?" Ciara asked

"Are you kidding? It's not a private bus you know, you'll have to take a little walk down the junction. "

"Really. So I don't have to flag it down right?" 

"Nah. You don't. The driver just sees you and drop for you to hop in" Louisa replied. "As long as you are on your uniform" she added.

"That's cool,"  Ciara grinned.

"Yeah it is. But you ought to Know that once it's 7:50 you'll miss out.  And the time is just 7:37 so you better hurry"

"I think I am done. Good bye Louisa.i'll Report back at noon" she retorted. Picking up her lunch box and school bag.

"But you barely fin...

Ciara cut her off by placing a light peck on her both cheeks.

"No time" she muttered out.

"Okay. Wait let me walk you to the junction" Louisa dropped her coffee and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"You don't have to bother yourself. I'm gonna make you go late to your meeting Remember...

Don't worry I can Walk myself. I swear"

"I am so sorry Ciara. This won't happen again. It's a promise" Louisa stated Matter of factly.

"No problem" Ciara concluded. Walking over to the door.

"Jolly Ride Ciara. I'll come pick you up at noon" Louisa waved from the dinning as Ciara shut the door behind her.

Louisa sighed out, feeling Rusty. 

"I wonder why am not comfortable with this decision" she muttered underneath her breathe.

She drifted her eyes to her watch. She's almost late for her meeting. She better leave the house.

Maybe when Ciara returns, they're gonna talk about getting her a nanny. Cause she's really getting extra ordinarily busy each passing day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Louisa Sullivan halted in front of LINTEL Company. Meeting starts few minutes from now. 

She came down from her car, viewing the magnificent building. As if seeing it for the first time.

"Good morning Ma'am" Mrs Dawkins her secretary greeted From behind.

"Morning Mrs Dawkins" she replied

"The meeting commences few minutes from now.  The board members are already seated in place. You are the only one amiss" Mrs Dawkins reported.

"That's no problem. I'm here now" she coldly nodded  and added.
"Tell them I'll be there in a jiffy" 

"No problem Ma'am" she beckoned and left.

Louisa first went to her office. She dropped her bag and picked up some very important files for the meeting before she headed to the board room.

 " This company as we all know has a lot of chains round the world and New York City as it's head quarters. within the past weeks, this company suffered a great loss and that's why Mr seon Nichols and Miss Mara Castillo were transferred from their respective branches down here. 

And from what we know, they are the best. So I called this meeting to hear from the board members what we need to do to make the rate of our daily sales faster..." Louisa started with her speech.
Paying keen interest on all of them

Whispers clearly filled the whole room from the members. They mumbled to one another.

No one seems to have an idea to Louisa's suggestion.

"It's obvious none of you were prepared for this" she gushed out with a frown.

"Excuse me , Miss Sullivan. Talking about the company's rate of selling, I think this company is one of the best worldwide. We have patronizers everywhere. No dull sales record. 

The only problem here is the great loss we had some weeks ago. And to make up for that loss , we need a faster rate at which we sell our products. 

Though I haven't thought of a plan yet but I..

"Are you suggesting a solution or you're contributing to what I just said?" Louisa cut into Mr Patterson's words.

"What I am saying is that we have to work together as a committee to find a ....

"Excuse me Mr Patterson. If you've got nothing else to say, I think you rather not waste our Time." Louisa shut him up in an instant.
To her, he's just beating Around the bush.

"Okay " he replied, lowering his head in shame.

"Anyone else?" Louisa asked after cutting Patterson abruptly.

After a long pause.
Miss mara Castillo raised a hand up. 

"Yes Miss Castillo?"

" I and my colleague Seon has talked on this issue before and we came out with a suggestion that might be accepted and benefitable to us and  the company" 

She said standing from her seat.
TBC ✍️

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