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The Hottie Next Episode 3



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Episode 3

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


I am Sandra Santiago, I am 26, and I am a working class woman. I am beautiful, people do saw that well. My Father Chris Santiago, is one of the most successful business men in the whole of Madrid.

As you know, I left all the comfort of my rich home because he wanted me to jeopardize my happiness for his friends.

He asked to get married to someone I don't love. I haven't even had a face to face conversation with him. All I know about him is the ones written in the front pages of news paper, and those on the TV news headlines.

I already talked about my dead ex and I don't want to talk about it again. Moving on with father's attitude is damn hard.

"Thank you." I said to the woman to sold milk to me.

I carried the bag full of the stuffs I bought and headed back to the road in search of a taxi.

I stood close to the road waiting when I saw someone jogging. He was coming to my direction. He had an Hoodie on. I wonder how he sees where he is going.

His head was bent to the ground. And why would a person jog in the afternoon? 

He kept approaching me and before I knew it, he snatches my bag and began to run.

"Help!!!!!! He just snatched my bag!!! Thief!!" I yelled running after him. Then I saw a man rush to my front and began to run after the man.

After running some meters I felt tired and hopeless. I just used almost all the money in my bank account to get those stuffs.

Tears began to roll down my eyes. The taxi driver was actually true. Some are bad some are good. I held my head in frustration and before I knew it the man that ran past me came back holding my bag with him.

"Here Miss." He said passing the bag to me.

" Thank you so much." I said looking at the bag to make sure nothing fell off or was taken.

"Taxi." I heard him call and I looked at the road.  The taxi driver stopped and he opened the door.

"Get going. This place is dangerous." He said and I nodded smiling.

" Thanks. You are a life saver." I said as I sat in the taxi. He shut the door and walked away without looking back. He looked extremely hot. He was damn handsome and had this killer lips.

"GERARDO NURNO STREET. House 11." I said to him and he nodded igniting the engine. He began to move and i loked back to check out the man that helped me but he was gone.

I sighed and looked at all the stuffs in my bag. They were complete. All thanks to that man I would have lost everything.

The taxi came to an halt, and I picked up my bag. I paid him his money and headed for my apartment. Some people were seated outside but I ignored them.

I need to be100% careful with people around here. I picked out my key and opened the door. 

I walked in sighing heavily. The incident that happened earlier was still a great shock to me. If that man had not Intervened. I would have been stranded.

I dropped the bag on the kitchen cabinet, and began to offload the items in it. I began to stock the fridge with the groceries and many more things.

I was done arranging and I picked up the cereal I bought from the market. I poured little in a bowl and then poured some milk too.

I carried it back to the couch and sat ready to devour. I switched on the TV with the remote next to me.

And while I was coming up, I heard a very loud breathing from behind my walls.

I switched off the TV in fear and walked to the wall placing my ear on it.

The breathing became more intense and I wondered what that person was doing that made him / her breath that loud.

I moved out of the room tracing the sound and then it was at the apartment next to mine. I knocked on the door nervously. Maybe they need help.

The door opened after some seconds revealing the same man that helped me with my bag.

"You?" I asked I shock.

"Hi." He said. He used the door to cover his body, only his hear was visible.

"I am sorry to disturb. I heard noises so I thought you needed help." I said and he smiled.

"It's just some exercise. Nothing to worry about." He said and I nodded.

" Thanks for earlier." I said and he nodded.

" I.. will be in my apartment." I added and he nodded. I walked away from his door and opened mine walking in slowly.

I sighed and sat on the couch carrying my bowl of cereal. 

So he lives here? Did he know me and that's why he helped me? 

How come I didn't get to know him? Maybe he isn't at home often. I was still watching the movie on the TV when I heard a loud bang from his room.

I jumped up in fear and ran out of my room. I rushed to his and I saw his door was slightly opened. I reduced my pace and looked in to see him naked.

He was hitting a big bag that was hung on the ceiling. He was punching it in anger.

"Is he okay?" I thought staring at him in awe. He stopped and looked at me turning all his body to face me.

"Ahhhhhh." I gasped as I saw his broad shoulders and abs. Omg, he looked f**king hot. 

"Can I give you anything?" He asked approaching me as I get drooling.

"Ah.. yeah...no . Not at all. I heard a loud bang and I was scared. Came to check if you are good." I stammered nodding and smiling.

" Oh I was hitting that bag. Sorry about that." He said and I nodded look away from his body.

"I will leave now." I said and he nodded shutting the door.

I walked back to my room like I had seen a god. Sh*t, his body was f**king built like that of a wrestler. 

His trousers was right on his waist, and his abs OMG. I can't even describe it.

I sat back on the couch and stared at the TV still in shock. I have never seen an hot man like that before.


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