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The Hottie Next Episode 1



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Episode 1

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


I walked down the streets of Madrid at exactly 4:35 pm, dragging my luggages with me and sighing as I took every step in pains.

I was sent out of the house because I refused to get married to a man I don't love. Who would still chose a partner for his daughter during this century.

I can't marry someone I don't love. That is impossible, why can't he just understand. Mother tried explaining to father that he shouldn't force things, but he didn't listen.

And she didn't stress it, she knows how strict father is. Once he says something he would never go back on his words.

I guess I am on my own now. The solemn wind of the evening kept blowing on me and instead of feeling ease and happy I felt sad and hurt.

Where do I even start from? No house, no food, no nobody. I was still trekking down the streets when I remembered my friend Lucia.

Shared on whatsapp by Martino. 

Perfect. She should be able to help me now. Till I get a new place I would squat with her.

I picked up my phone from my hand bag and dailed her number.

Hey panting

Hey what's up ? Why are you panting.

 Fernando is here and I am on top of him. What's up?

Ah nothing just wanted to say hi. Enjoy.

I hung up sighing again before dropping it in my bag. I shouldn't disturb her with my problems. I would sort myself out.

I kept walking scanning the street sign boards for any house available for rental.

Then my attention was drawn to a house at the right hand side, it had 8 on it. I looked for the streets name and I saw it written boldly on the left side.


The house looked like a vacant one, and I think I should try it out. But who do I meet? 

I walked to the house and I saw it was locked. There was nothing living in the house. I looked around the house for anyone to talk to but I saw none.

"The house is haunted." I heard someone say behind me.

I looked back and I saw an old man holding a walking stick with him. 

"Haunted? Good day sir." I said Walking up to him.

" How are you child?" He asked in his shaky voice.

" Not so good. I need an house to rent, do you have any idea of where I could find one? Not an haunted one." I said smiling and he laughed nodding.

"I have one in mind, but it isn't a mansion. It's...." He said coughing.

" Take it easy sir." I said and he nodded shutting his eyes.

"Follow me." He said and he began to walk. I grabbed my bags and began to walk behind him looking at the street.

"So is there more haunted house around here?" I asked looking around.

" Not at all. Just that one." said and I shook my head.

We got to the front of an house and he stopped. It was a story building with I guess more than 30 apartments.

"Here is it. My cousin packed out of this house last week, and I don't think they found a replacement yet. You could try your luck." He said smiling.

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" Thank you so much sir. You are a life saver." I said and he nodded. 

" Good luck." He said walking away. I smiled staring at him before moving into the house. I got in and I saw a middle aged man sitting in front with a newspaper.

"Good day Sir." I said smiling.

"Good day young lady." He said smiling.

"Wow, I love the personality of the people here."

" Sorry I am here in search of an Apartment, do I gave any hope?" I asked looking at him.

" Of course,here is the right place." He said and I sighed happily.

" Follow me." He said standing up and I went behind him as we walked into the house.

The house wasn't that bad. At least for a start, and once I receive my salary from work I would move into a new one. I should be able to afford this for now.

We got to a door and he opened it up with a key he brought out if his pockets. He opened the door and gestured me to go in first.

I walked in and a smile curved on my face immediately I saw the apartment.

It was painted in my favorite color, Pink.

"I love it." I said and he shrugged his shoulders smiling.


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