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The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 11



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 11

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


"So we are bringing Christain to life?" Kel asked and she nodded.

"Yes we are. His spirit hasn't laid to rest, we can bring him back." The Bennett witch said and I was so happy.

"But is it possible?" He asked.

"Of course it is. She is a witch, and it was a witch that brought Enzo back to life in Christian's body, by put his wandering spirit inside Christian. We can do the same thing." I said and she nodded.

"Yes Kel. I can bring him back. His spirit is not laid to rest because he isn't done here. His soul isn't received in the other world yet." She said and Kel looked at me.

"You are very happy to get him back." He said and I nodded smiling.

"Yes. I have missed him so so much. I want to see him again. It's been 3 years of me thinking he is dead, but he isn't he is out there waiting for me to help him." I said and he sighed facing front.

"We are here." She said and we hopped down the car. Kel headed to the boot of the car and grabbed Enzo, while I walked to the side of the river.

"We will get you out Christian." I said smiling.

"Drop him here." The witch said to Kel, and he dropped him at the river side. The witch began to set up the candles while Kel walked up to me.

"Sandra can we at least talk before we bring Christian back?" He asked and I shook my head.

"Say anything you want to say after he is back Kel." I said holding his face.

"Do you still love me?" He asked holding my hand.

"Kel why would you ask that? You know I love you." I said looking at him.

"I don't know what I know anymore. You seem so eager to wake him up. And I am feeling you would go back to him and leave me here." He said and I shook my head.

"I would never do that. My releasing him is because he is still my friend, we didn't have a fight before all these happened."

"We were planning to get married, so if I see any chance to save him from suffering, I will. He isn't worth it. He is suppose to live his life the way he wants." I said and he nodded.

"If you leave Sandra, I won't be able to bear it." He said and I smiled kissing him.

"I will never leave you Kel. I love you." I said hugging him.

"I love you." He said and we began to hear the women chant.

"Modis Ruana Sangiogia. Ol rans festatos." She said and a great wind began to blow on the surface of the water.

She increased her tempo and the wind increased. The most surprising part was that the fire on the candle couldn't stop burning. Though the wind was blowing heavily.

"Modis Ruana Sangiogia!!! Ol Rans festatos!!" She yelled and the winds died down. I held Kel tight waiting for the none expected.

I looked over the water and I saw a body floating on the surface of the water.

"Is that Enzo's body?" I asked and she nodded.

"It Is. Christian is in there, he could hear me. Kel help me out." She said approaching the body as it floated to the shore.

He walked to the body and they both dragged it to the shore, far from the waters.

I looked at the body and I saw the burns were still fresh.

"Why is the body still fresh after 3 years?" I asked looking at the witch.

"It's probably the spell of the Hoddie man. Didn't just trap his spirit, but preserved the body." She said and I nodded.

"Let's get this done first." Kel said bringing Christian's body close to that of Enzo's. The witch brought out a book and placed it in front of her.

"What is that?" I asked.

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"It's my grandmother's spell book. This spell I am about to cast isn't an ordinary spell, it takes lot of energy." She said.

"Lots of energy? Are you prepared?" I asked.

"I think I am. I need to get this done though." She said opening the book and placing it in between them. She placed her hand on both of them and shut her eyes not uttering any words.

I walked up to her and looked into the book, when my eyes caught something. If too much of energy is channelled by a witch,she could die. And this is the energy required to sweep Spirits.

"No Bennett! Stop the spell! You would die!" I yelled trying to stop her but I noticed I couldn't move.

"Kel do something!" I yelled and when he tried to move he was stuck too.


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