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Summer Picnic - Episode 21





Summer Picnic - Episode 21

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Goldy's Pov:

I opened my mouth and closed it again.

Words refused to come out of my mouth....

This kids are the worst children I've ever made.

All eyes were on me and I wished the ground should open so that I can fall in.

Alex looked at me puzzled.

"Come on Miss Marga speak up! How did you grow allergic to gizzard sauce?" Nicky screamed as I was smacked back into consciousness.

I flinched and gulped hard.

Nicholas glared hard at me and I held my breath.

For the first time, I was short of words.

"Err... Uhmm... You see I just developed that of recent" I managed to say.

"Really? You developed allergy of recent? Is that even possible?" Mr Alex cut in.

Oh God!

How do I get out of this mess

I have to save myself from this shame.

I suddenly started coughing uncontrollably.

"Miss Marga are you OK?" The kids asked as they rushed to me.

"Marga what happened?" Mr Alex asked as he helped me up.

"Dad I think she needs some rest" Sandy said as Mr Alex helped me to the room upstairs.

I didn't stop coughing.

I laid on the bed pretending to be really sick.

Thank goodness I pulled that stunt.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

But those children are really getting on my nerves.

It's high time I get them out of the way....

I really have to get rid of them before they ruin in my plans.

Bella's Pov:

I walked restlessly up and down the room lost in thought.

That girl Marga is really getting on my way.

I have to show her the way to hell.

Worst still Alex cares about her so much and he chooses her over me.

I kept thinking and thinking.

We have just few days to leave for Manila.

And if I don't act fast, those crazy kids might end up persuading Alex to take that Marga along and I wouldn't want that.

Suddenly an idea got into my head and I smiled mischievously.

"This is the best solution all along" I smirked as I walked towards the door.

I banged the door and locked it up.

I ensured it was properly locked.

I can't afford to get my plans messed up by those pesky kids.

I quietly opened the drawer and brought out a small can.

I smiled with so much excitement.

With this, she will be gone for good.

Wanna know what this is?

It's actually a bottle of snipper poison.

This is going to be your end dear Marga.

I grinned wickedly.

Goldy's Pov:

I watched the baby cry so loudly.

She's so annoying....

"What the fvck? I can't carry that stinky baby?" I groaned as I sighed.

Sometimes I wonder why Marga is so gullible.

I mean why is she so nice and loving to this annoying kids?

How does she even get along with this God forsaken children?

Now I have to carry a baby just because am impersonating her.

If only she had stopped this her "GOOD GIRL" stuff then this wouldn't be so difficult.

I walked closer to the baby feeling disgusted.

I managed to carry her and she stopped crying immediately.

She knows the face I guess.

She chuckled softly as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Well there were still tears circulated in her eyes

She's cute but so annoying!

Just then, she threw up right on my face.

"Eww... What an annoying baby!" I yelled as I quickly dropped her on the bed roughly.

She burst into tears again.

The door swing open and I saw Sandy standing in akimbo.

She eyed me angrily.

"How dare you? How dare you shout at baby like that?" She screamed aloud.

I flinched in shock.

That little witch!

"She threw up" I said sharply

"I know she did so why are you shouting at her?" She queried

"Really? Should I dance with her for messing me up?" I yelled angrily at her.

"Are you being serious Miss Marga? You once told me that I shouldn't shout at baby Kira whenever she throws up cos she's only a child so why then are you shouting at her? How can you make laws and still break laws?" She asked as I opened my mouth to say something but I couldn't.

"Did I say that?" I asked scratching my head.

"You don't remember? Do you have an amnesia or something?" She asked as I forced a smile.

"Now I remember" I lied as she sneered at me.

She walked past me and carried the baby.

I breathed heavily as I sat on the couch helplessly.

Why can't I do anything right?

I shook my head.

Bella's Pov:

I peeped from the keyhole as she prepared a glass of milkshake for herself.

I mean Marga.

I smiled mischievously.

I hid so that she wouldn't see me.

I watched her walk out of the kitchen leaving her milkshake there.

I was overwhelmed with joy.

I tiptoed into the kitchen making sure no-one saw me.

I quickly brought out the bottle of snipper poison.

This will do the whole magic.

Immediately I added the snipper into the milkshake.

I grinned wickedly as I sneaked out of the kitchen.

Minutes later....

Marga walked into the kitchen and picked up the milkshake.

She was about to drink the milkshake....

To be continued....

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