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Summer Picnic - Episode 22





Summer Picnic - Episode 21

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Nicholas's Pov:

I watched Miss Marga walk into the sitting room with a glass of milkshake.

I licked my lips.

I want a glass of that too but I can't make one.

How do I get that from her?

I scratched my head in confusion.

She sat on the couch close to mine.....

She's no longer the Miss Marga I used to know.

If she really was then I would have asked her for it.

"Oh I need a sandwich to go with this" She said as she kept the glass of milkshake and rushed into the kitchen.

I smiled mischievously.

Thank goodness....

I quickly carried the glass of milkshake.

I picked up another cup from the dinning and poured the milkshake into the cup.

I quickly dropped the weird Miss Marga's empty glass as I rushed to the dinning side to hide.

I can't let her see me with her milkshake..

From where I was hiding, I watched her enter the sitting room with a sandwich.

I chuckled.

Once she leaves the sitting room, I will run upstairs.... There I will drink the milkshake with my cake inside the room.

I watched her look around for her glass of milkshake.

Goldy's Pov:

I walked out of the kitchen with a packet of sandwich in my hand.

"Where is my glass of milkshake?" I asked no-one in particular cos no-one was there.

I scratched my head in confusion.

I looked everywhere for it but I didn't see it.

Where could it be?

I left it here....

Just then, I sighted the glass on a stool.

Oh my gosh....

Someone drank my milkshake...

The glass was empty.

My jaw dropped in shock as I looked around.

Who could have done this?

I yelled on top of my voice.

"Everything in this house is so annoying" I cried


Could it be Nicholas?

He was the only one with me here a while ago?

I gnash my teeth in annoyance.

I quickly rushed upstairs in anger throwing the sandwich on the ground.

Those children are so annoying!

I can't wait to get rid of them all....

I was so furious.

I walked into my room and banged the door.

I kept walking up and down restlessly in the room.

I was sweating profusely.

Am only holding back my anger because I know Marga is definitely not going to get mad at those kids no matter what.

I just need to take a shower to cool off.

And the mask....


It's making me so uncomfortable.

I quickly took off the mask and breathed heavily.

I walked towards the door and locked it properly.

I stood in front of the mirror and smiled.

"It feels good to be comfortable" I smiled as I touched my face.

I took off my clothes and tied a towel round my chest.

As I walked into the bathroom.

Linda's Pov:

Madam Celine walked into the dungeon wearing a sad face.

"Linda! Jerry!! Dagger.... Listen up this is what I want you guys to do" She said walking around us.

"We're all ears ma'am" We said in unison.

"I want this place burnt down tonight" She said as we gasped

"Burnt down? How ma'am?" I asked anxiously

"Shut up Lin! No-one dares ask me questions" she yelled

I don't get it!

What does she mean by burn down the house?

"I want you guys to burn down this place together with Marga" She said wickedly

"What? You want her roasted?" Jerry shrieked in shock.

"Are you stupid? Do I have any water in my mouth while talking? I want you guys to burn down this house together with Marga in it" She ordered

Though we were surprised but there is nothing we can do about it.

"Do you understand me?" She asked

"Yes ma'am!" We said in unison.

I watched Jerry and Dagger pour the petrol round the dungeon.

I feel sorry for the poor girl.

What has she really done to ma'am Celine to deserve all this hatred?

Dear child! Rest in peace though.

They walked into the dungeon and I followed.

There was a big gallon of petrol beside the weak Marga who was lying helplessly on the ground.

They chained her hands to the gallon of petrol and padlocked it.

She can never escape that believe me!

Sandy's Pov:

Nicky and I tiptoed straight to weird Miss Marga's room.

We have to find out who that lady really is.

But then her door was locked.

"What do we do now?" Nicky whispered into my ear.

"Don't worry I have the spare keys" I said as we smiled.

I hurriedly made for the keys in my pocket.

And gradually, I opened the door.

We walked into the room.

I think she's at the bathroom.

I turned on the light as Nicky and searched the room.

We searched for about ten minutes but we found nothing.

"Bad luck! I don't think there is anything here" I said as I shook my head in disappointment.

We were about to leave when Nicky halted

"Oh my gosh Sandy! What is this?" Nicky screamed as she picked up a mask.

My eyes widened in shock.

"Miss Marga's face?" I yelped as we ran out of the room with the mask .

We rushed straight to daddy's room.

"Daddy! Look!" We showed him as he gasped in surprise.

"We found this in the weird Miss Marga's room" Nicky said

"A mask?" Dad said in surprise as he followed us.

Nicholas rushed upstairs as he saw us running to Miss Marga's room with daddy.

"What's going on?" He yelled as he followed us.

Goldy's Pov:

I heard the children's voice in my room and my heart skipped.

"My mask?" I cried

I rushed out of the bathroom with soap all over my body.

They already rushed off with my mask.

Tears welled down my face.

Oh God!

Am doomed...

What do I do now?

I was still wailing when they rushed into the room.

I fell on my knees as I bowed my face to the ground in shame.

Bella's Pov:

I yawned hungrily as I walked into the dinning table.

Actually there was a refrigerator in the dinning room.

I saw a cup on the dinning table.

A cup of milk!

I guess it's the kids..

I quickly picked up the cup and gulped down the milk.


I licked my lips.

Just then, I heard a loud noise coming from upstairs and Marga's room precisely.

I smirked mischievously.

"My plans are working! I guess Marga is dying cos of the poison" I smiled.

I quickly rushed upstairs to her room.

To my greatest surprise, I saw a different person and not Marga.

My eyes widened in shock

"What's going on?" I asked anxiously

Just then, I felt a sharp pain in my tummy and screamed aloud as I fell on the ground.

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