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Caged By Lucifer- Final Chapter




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 41

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Catherine.

"You are pregnant with that bastard's child!!" He growled and points his gun at me.

Jesus! How did he find out?! I wonder.

He chuckled and shake his head....

"You lied to me! You think I wouldn't find out!" His grip on the gun tighten and my heart stopped.

I need to keep him talking until I think of how to escape or I fear he might pull the trigger.....no!

"How did you find out?" I asked.

"How did I find out?" He scoffed. "You were unconscious when I brought you here, I feared something might have happened to you...I had my doctor come over to check you and guess what he told me!"

I stared at him.

"He told me you're pregnant!"

Oh! So, that's how he found out....why did I have to pass out?

"You fucking lied to me!!"

I glared at him and got off the bed.....I don't care anymore if he pull the trigger or not. I'm not gonna let him speak to me in such manner.....after his family has been lying to me for ages!

"Yes! I lied to you and I did that to protect my child! But what about you....what is your reason for lying to me for so many years?!"

Valerie stood behind me and gently tried to pull me.

"It's best we don't provoke him" she whispers in my ear. "We shouldn't act on impulse!"

But I paid her no attention.....I mean, Andy's reaction now is making me believe Khalid's words...they indeed have something to do with our parents deaths and I must confirm it today!

I have been receiving myself, trying to deny the fact that Andy and grandma aren't bad people but I can't anymore....I need to face the truth.

"Tell me the truth.....your family is behind everything that happened years ago, right?"

He didn't say anything, just keep clenching on his gun....his red eyes turning even redder.

"That video and recording grandma showed me....they were all fake, right?!"

Though he said nothing but his expression said it all, I'm right.

"That I saw standing in front of the house, laughing....he wasn't Khalid, right?"

Don walks in, his hands tucked in his pants pocket and a wicked smirk on his lips.

"Awwn.....wittle Cat wants to know the truth" he mocks me.

I glared at him....

"That boy was really Lucifer...but he wasn't laughing, he was crying....he was crying so much calling on his mama and papa! How pathetic!" He laughed and turned to Andy. "This guy here was the one that lit the fire on grandpa's command!"

He takes out his phone. "Since you're gonna die soon, let me play the original interview recording for you.....as a farewell gift!"

*Interviewer; Mr Justin, why is your company suddenly filing for bankruptcy?

Mr Justin: Because we trusted the wrong people....they deceived us.

Interviewer: so, who are the wrong people?

Mr Justin: The Mars!

Interviewer: Didn't anyone advise you not to let the Mars invest in your company?

Mr Justin: They did!

Interviewer: Who did?

Mr Justin: they are our best friends..... Mr and Mrs Madden!*

I gasp.....so, that's what happened? That's why they didn't want me and Lucifer to meet? But......

"How come your family have the company now?"

"We invested and we are the biggest share holders....so, after they died we naturally became the owner!"

I clenched my fist and bite hard on my lower lip...... trying to surpress my anger.

"You already had the company....what was the need of killing my parents?!"

"Ah? Just for fun!" He replied.

Animals! They're all animals.....I can't believe I spent almost all my life with these monsters!

Now I understand why I lost most of my memories.....now I know why they've been drugging me.....they want me to forget everything.

I couldn't control my hand....I found myself leaping forward and land my hand on Don's cheek.

"Animals!" I growled.

He raised his head with pure anger vivid in his eyes....he slapped me back and kicked me on my stomach.

I flew across the room and land on my stomach on the tiles....I cough out some blood.

Valerie quickly ran to me. "Mistress...are you ok?" She's scared just as I am.

I didn't realize how evil this people actually are until today..... Khalid had the chance to kill Andy but I stopped him....what a fool I am!

"Bitch! How dare you slap me?! We should killed you along with them!"

Andy rushed towards him and punched him on his nose.

"How dare you hurt her!!" He growled.

Don pushed himself off Andy and glared at my direction.

"When are you gonna let go of your obsession! She's already carrying Lucifer's child!"

"I don't care!"

He rushed towards me and helped me up, I pushed him away and nod at Valerie.....she kicked him hard on his spot where sun doesn't shine and he falls on the ground groaning in pain.

"Mistress! The gun!" She yelled.

Luckily I was fast enough. I picked the gun and points it at Don.....though I've never held a gun before, my hands are shaking crazily.

But this is life or death situation.....I should put my fear aside.

"Damn it! Why didn't I bring my gun!" Don grumbled.

"D-don't move or I'll shoot!" I threatened him.

He stood on his spot and raised his hands above his head.

"Cat, drop the gun!" Andy groan from the floor he's laying....rolling in pain.

I watch Don's movement....it seems like he's thinking of ways to take the gun from me. He lung towards me and in fright I pulled the trigger.

I waited for him to snatch the gun from me but nothing.... it's suddenly silent, only the sound of the gunshot keeps ringing in my ear.

Slowly I open my eyes and saw Don's body laying on the floor with blood gushing out of his head.....his forehead to be precised.....his body stiff.

Then it dawned on me.... he's dead! I killed him!

The gun drops from my hand and Valerie quickly picked it before Andy could.

"Cat!" Andy called in shock and avert his gaze to Don's body. "Y-you...you killed him!"

He tries to move closer but Val points the gun at him.

"Don't come closer!"

Just then we heard series of gunshots from outside the room.....the shock in me increased. I rushed to a corner and hug my knees to my chest.

Soon, the door burst open and so many men troop in.....they caged Andy in a circle... pointing their guns at him.

I guess these are Khalid's men.....right on cue, Khalid strode in with Chris behind him.

Chris rushed towards Val and hugged her.... Khalid also came to me and hugged me tightly and I cried on his shoulder loudly.

"It's ok...I'm here for you"

"I...I..was do scared...I.. thought I was not... gonna see you again....I....."

"Shhh....I'm here now, it's fine!"

He kissed my forehead and wiped my tears.....he stopped and frown.

"What happened to that guy?" He gesture towards Don and I quickly hide my face in his chest as I remember I killed him.

"Mistress killed him!" I hear Valerie said..... proudly.

"Cathy killed him?!" Khalid asked.

I guess Valerie nod cause she didn't speak.... Khalid raised my head and smiled at me.

"You did a great job!" He praised me.

I just committed a very big sin and he's praising me. He shake his head at me.

"Don't think you committed a sin....you just ridded the world of one evil person" he got up and helped me up.

He turned towards Andy. "Now, I'll take care of the rest!"

Andy glared at Khalid. "Just kill me....you won!"

Khalid smirked.

"Don't worry, you're not gonna die alone and I'll make you die just as my family died..... it's your reward for a job well done"

Andy didn't say anything....I guess he accepted his fate. Though, I don't like the way he's gonna die but I let it happen.... that's what he gets for his evil deeds.

"Bring her in!" Khalid said and two men pushed grandma in.

Andy's eyes grows wide, he quickly rushed to Grandma and embraced her.

"Lucifer....you can deal with me, please let my grandma go!" Andy said.

Khalid looked at grandma and scoffed, he turns away.

"Guys, block every entrance and exit of this house.... until the fire begin, no one can come in or go out!"

"Yes, boss!!" The men chorused and troop out.

Andy grabs my leg.... grandma is crying.... crocodile tears!

"Cat, cat, don't let Lucifer do this....we were wrong, we've changed just don't let him do this.....at least think of grandma"


Khalid takes his gun and shoots both Andy's legs....he quickly let go of my leg and cling on his. Khalid also did the same with grandma's legs.

"Now, there's no way you can escape.....this is what you sow!"

He carried me bridal style and head out.... Chris and Valerie behind us.

Immediately we got out, walked a few feet away from the house..... Khalid's men set it on fire, I quickly hide my face in Khalid's chest.



Two days later.......

Everything is fine now..... Valerie and Chris are together, Ms Jones....hm, Khalid forgave her and gave her some funds to start a new life.

And about me.... Khalid and I are going to church today. I need to confess for killing someone, even if he was bad......

Khalid has decided to quit the Mafia, he said it's too dangerous for our baby.....so, he's gonna start his own business.

And we are having a real wedding soon..... Our lives will be peaceful now!



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