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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 40




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 40

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Lucifer .

"You are finally here! I have been waiting for you!" The hag said when she sees me enter the cell.

My men already placed a chair inside, I sat in front of her and glared at her.

"Are you here to kill me?"

I narrowed my eyes... I really want to kill her this minute but no! I want to know what really happened then make her feel the same pain my parents felt before their deaths.

"Let's cut to the chase... Tell me what happened that year! Why did you kill my parents and took over their company?!"

She stares at me and burst into laughter... then she shakes her head.

"Kill me if you must before my rescue team comes"

I scoffed.

"Rescue team?" I got up and moved closer to her, I raised my hand and land it on her cheek. "Don't even think of it.... Nobody is coming to rescue you, so, you better start talking!!"

She didn't say anything.... she simply stared blankly at me.

I held her chin in a tight grip.

"Speak! What happened that year?!"

She glared at my hand and gestures for me to let go... I did.

"You really want to know what happened?! It's no use knowing..... You've already lost everything, we have the company in our hands now!"

"I've lost?! Lost what exactly?! The company?" I shake my head. "No! I didn't lose anything.... I never wanted that company, I only want to know why you and your husband murdered my family so I can make you suffer the same fate and get revenge for them!"

She looked at me with her mouth slightly open.... I guess she's surprised I'm telling how I'm gonna kill her.

Well, she should be happy I'm giving her heads-up!

"Speak, bitch!" Chris growled next to me.

The bitch still doesn't say anything.... I guess we're gonna do it the hard way then. I aim my gun at her right leg and shoot her thigh, she simply grunt quietly.

Hmm.... I think I like her now, trying to be brave.

"Are you ready to speak?!" Chris asked.

She kept quiet and even glared at Chris.... I shot her right thigh on the same spot and she howled painfully, I smirk...

"Now that's the sound I've been waiting for!" I applaud.

"Fine! Your parents deserve their deaths, they were being stubborn and always opposing my husband both in the business world and otherwise!" She growled.

I went back to the chair and sat down, legs crossed with my gun still pointing at her....I narrowed my eyes.

"What do you mean my parents always opposed your husband?!"

"Back then we were the most influential family in America...our companies were the biggest and most successful. We won every contract and Justin was our employee" she paused.

Justin... That's Catherine's father.

"Everything was ok until one day, Justin came to my husband and submitted his resignation letter. My husband asked why the sudden resignation and he said, he and his friend had decided to start up their own business......my husband didn't think much to it, he thought they'll fail since it's just a baby company, so he agreed to Justin's resignation"

She stopped and take a short breath, then continue.

"But two years later, their business flourished and they went from zero to top 10, they've won so many contracts. They even competed with us and won a contract.....which was something that has never happened to us. Seeing as they are fast catching up with us, my husband came up with an idea....buy the company but your dad and Justin disagreed.

Some of our investors took interest in their company and decided to invest in the company.....that was so humiliating to us, when my husband told me everything I suggested he just kill them and take over the company! We came up with a perfect plan....burn them in their house!"

I grind my teeth....I couldn't control my hand, I pulled the trigger and the bullet went for her other leg and she howled.

I frown....if the company wasn't sold to them how were they able to claim ownership?!

"According to your story, Ms bitch! The company wasn't sold to your husband....how was your family able to claim ownership?!" Chris asked exactly what I was thinking.

She scoffed.

"That was easy.....they refused to sell it but they accepted our offer to invest in it, we are the biggest share holders....so after their deaths it's only right we become the owner......."

The door slamming open cuts her off, I turned and was surprised to see all my guards trooping in.

"Boss, we are here!" One of them said.

Hold on..... aren't they my mansion guards?! What are they doing here?!

"You are here? What for?" Chris asked.

"A guard said something happened and boss is out of men.....so, we came to help!" He replied.

I look around them and turned to him....I can feel something building up at the pit of my stomach but I don't know what it is yet.

"If so many of you are here....then how many of you are left in the mansion?!" I growled lowly.


"None?!" I roared angrily and held my breath.

"How can you guys be this foolish....no one's protecting boss lady!" Chris query them.

"But......." I didn't let him speak, I cut him off with my gun and his body drops in a loud thud.

I hear a laughter from that old hag....I turned to her and shot randomly at her as she hissed in pain.

"I'm not done with you yet..... I'll catch your grandsons and make you all pay for what you did!" I turned back to the guards. "Better pray nothing bad happens or you'll pay with your lives! Everyone head back to the mansion now!!"

I rushed out, reaching for my phone.

Fuck!! How come I have so many missed calls from Valerie.....then I remembered I set my phone on silent mode.

I quickly dialed her number but it's not connecting..... could it be something bad has happened?!

"Chris start the car!"

"Yes, boss!"



"Boss! Look!" Chris exclaimed.

I raised my head and saw my mansion on fire.....we are a few feet away.

Catherine! Catherine is still inside!

"Stop the car!!" I ordered him....he stops and I quickly jumped out.

I rushed towards my mansion, my boys followed me and begin to find ways to stop the fire. I dialed Valerie's number again but it didn't connect.

Fuck! I need to know if they're inside...I need to know if they're ok!

"Boss, boss lady and Val....do you think they're inside?" Chris asked in a shaky voice.... he's scared.

I'm scared too....I don't know if my pregnant wife is in there burning to death.....my wife and unborn baby! My heart tighten and an unbearable pain strike my heart thinking about it.

I can't lose my wife and child!

I turned to the boys.

"Move your asses and make sure to stop this fire within ten minutes!!" I yelled at them.

Chris is staring at the fire as it continue to rage high....his legs are shaking, this is the first time I've seen Chris behave like this....I don't blame him too much, after all, he also lost his family in a fire!

I held his shoulder and squeeze it gently.

"The fire....what if they're inside? We don't know how long the fire had been going on!" He said.

The fire seems to have been going on for a long time, the mansion is almost finished......but something inside me is telling me that Catherine and Valerie isn't inside.

It suddenly clicked in my head.....the secret passage! Valerie knows about it, maybe they went through there!

"Chris, get in the car let's go!"

"Go to where?"

"The secret passage!" That was enough for Chris to understand what I meant.

We quickly got in the car and drove off.



I put my hands on my waist and stare at the open door..... Chris also did the same thing.

"Boss, I think they escaped through here"

I nod. "Yes, but why aren't they here? Where did they go?"

"Maybe they went......" He trails off not knowing what to say.

I frown. Now I'm certain they're alive but where could they be? Or could it be.....

"The Mars!" Chris and I said simultaneously.

"It make sense, boss. Think about it....all the guards left the mansion and the happened, now the ladies are missing....it must be them, only they can play a dirty game as this!"

"You are right"

It seems their intention was to repeat what happened years ago.....kill and spare no witness or evidence!

"Come, gather let's gather the boys....we are paying them a visit tonight!"



# Catherine.

"Mistress!" A voice whispers in my ear, I feel someone shake my arm gently.

"Mistress, wake up! Mistress!" The voice whispers again.

I open my eyes slowly and gasp as I saw a pair of eyes staring at me.

"Shhh!" I blink and take a look again..... Valerie?

She quickly helped me up and rest my back on the headboard.....wait, headboard?

I look around, I noticed I'm on a bed.....last I remember was sitting in the living room with Valerie. And this isn't I and Khalid's room nor is this our bed.

"Val, where are we?!" I asked.

She puts her finger on her lips and shushed, signaling me to lower my voice.

"Where are we?!" I whispered this time.

"I don't know, Mistress"

"You don't know?! Then how did we get here?!"

She sighed and wore a sad look....I frown.

"What happened, Val?!"

"Someone kidnapped us......"

I gasped. "How?!"

"After you passed out, I followed a secret passage and escape us from the fire but unfortunately, we met a man outside.... He hit my head with his gun and.... I woke up to find us here!" She explained.

Hmm... Why does it seems like all this was arranged? Could it be someone caused the fire with the intention of killing us?!

"Who kidnapped us?!"

"I don't know but it's a man!"

A man.... Oh no! Could it be.... Andy?!

"Val, we must leave this place now! Let's find ways to escape!"

She sighed.

"It's useless, Mistress! I tried a few times but the windows all have rods and the door is locked with guards outside!"..

No wonder our hands aren't tied.... He knows there's no way we could escape.

Right on cue the door open and someone walks in.... I was right! It's him.... Andy!

Valerie moved closer to me and grip my arm... I crawled in front of her and blocked her from Andy's view.

Andy stared at me with his red eyes.... his eyes filled with anger and hate... that tender look he always have to me isn't there anymore.

"Andy, why did you bring us here?! What do you want from us?!"

He didn't reply me, he quietly walks towards me and slapped me on my right cheek. I raised my head to argue but he cuts me off as his hand lands on my left cheek.

"Mistress!" Valerie whisper and made to help me up....I signal her not to.

Andy grab my neck and tighten his hold.....I felt him crushing my air lungs, so, I bite hard on his arm and he quickly lets go of my neck. I quickly gasp for air.

"Are you out of your mind, Andy?!" I yelled at his face.....now I regret not letting Khalid kill him that day.

He reached for something in his pocket and points it at me..... it's a gun.

"Yes! I'm out of my mind!!"

I wanted to speak but since he's holding a gun, it's best I don't provoke him....who knows what he might do!

"You lied to me!"

"When did I lie to you?"

He laughs sarcastically and inhale deeply.....his eyes moved to my stomach and he cracks his gun.

"You are pregnant with that bastard's child!!"

Jesus! How did he find out about that?

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