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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 39




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 39

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Lucifer .

I stood in front of Ms Jones, my arms crossed across my chest. She seems calm but kinda sad... I turned to Chris.

"You said she was screaming?"

"Yes, boss! She was demanding to see you"

I faced her back.... She raised her head and smiled weakly at me.

"Where's Janice? Is she dead?" She asked.

Why is she asking this? Could it be she heard something.....

"Tell me the truth, did you kill her?"

I stared at her a few minutes.

"Yes! I killed her!" I replied.

I kept a straight face and looked away from her..... She's been with me for such a long time and I feel kinda bad to tell her I killed her daughter.

But her daughter was bad and I hate bad people the most!

She laughs hysterically briefly.

"I'm not angry that you killed her but I'm a bit sad..... Losing a child is not something any parent would wish for" I can hear the pain in her voice but she's trying to be brave.

Honestly, I'm feeling kinda guilty now.

"Ms Jones, I'm sorry but...."

"Don't be, Master" she cute me off. "That's what she gets for following in her brother's path"

Her brother's path? Does that mean Ms Jones knew about this? Is she a spy too?

"What do you mean?!"

"Nothing, master..... It's a pity she didn't listen to my advice, at least someone must pay for the sins my parents and brother committed!"

Hmm.... It seems like she really knows something. I turned back to her and step closer.... I squat to her level.

"Ms Jones! Do you know something?" I asked but she didn't say a word.... silent tears drops.

"Tell me what you know.... Everything you know!"

She stays silent for a few minutes before she begins.

"I don't know much of what happened because I was abroad with my newly wedded husband then.... But I remember before I left, I heard my father and younger brother talking about buying a company.

Though, I didn't know the name of the company as they always speak in italian..... One night, I overheard my mother telling my father to kill some people and make things easy.

Honestly, I didn't know what they were talking about but I know it's very bad..... I tried talking them out of it but they shunned me.

After I left with my husband, I heard news that my father and brother already have ownership of a rising company that filed for bankruptcy! I thought they bought the company, it wasn't until I got back that I realized the dirty trick by which they gained ownership of the company!"

I grind my teeth against each other and clenched my fist.... Why was I just a boy then? I could have done something.

"Was that why you came to work in boss's mansion?! To be a spy?!" Chris growled.

She shakes her head.

"No, I swear, I didn't even know master's family were the ones killed by my parents!"

"Then why did you come here to work?!" He asked.

"Because I cut off ties with them.....I wanted nothing to do with those murderers" she sniffles. "I thought I could escape from them but I couldn't.....my children are just like them! I failed in my parenting!" She whispers sorrowfully.

Seeing her so sad makes me sad too because she's just like my own mother.... she's so good to me.

"Master, believe me....I'm not a bad person, I was just born in the wrong family!" She cried.

I sighed deeply and got up.

"My mother....my mother knows everything, if you can get her, she'll confess everything" she adds.

I smirked.....that old witch! Luckily, I have her in my cell.

"Master, I've said everything I know....can you let me go? Can you spare me? I promise you, I'm not bad....I just want a peaceful live"

"Ms Jones, I'll think about it....wether to let you go or not!"

I didn't let her say another word before I head towards the cell door..... it's time to visit that old hag!




"Wow! This room is just perfect for your baby's nursery, mistress!" Valerie gushed.

I step in the room and look around, I nod.... It's just the exact size that I want.... A smile crept in my face but it quickly left.

"Yes, it's perfect but....."

"But what, mistress?"

I take her hand and dragged her out of the room.... We stood by the door and I point at I and Khalid's room.

"I don't understand, mistress"

I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"This room is too far from our room...." I shake my head. "No, we can't use this room, I can't let my baby stay in this room alone.... I'll be too worried"

She chuckles lightly.

"What's there to worry about? This mansion is heavily guarded.... It's not like someone will sneak in and kidnap your child"

"We never can tell"

I know Valerie have good intentions saying that but I can't speak for everyone else.... I mean, I spent almost all my life with Andy and grandma but they were still able to fool me.

"Let's leave this for now, I'll hear Khalid's opinion on it first!" I said.

She nods.... My stomach suddenly starts growling loudly... Like I haven't eaten for days.

"Hungry?" Valerie asked me.

"Yeah!" I nod.

The growling didn't stop, rather it keeps increasing! As if I'm ready to finish a whole cow.... and funny enough, I can't eat when the food is before me.

"Let's go down.... I'll cook you something" she said and I nod.... We both head downstairs.



# Authoress .

Andy and Don sits in Andy's car that's parked a little far away from Lucifer's mansion..... Don's driving as Lucifer has already injured Andy's arms.

A guard rushed out of the mansion and head towards them.... He's a spy sent to the mansion, he stops by the car window and Don winde down.

"How is it going?!" He asked the spy.

"Lucifer is out now.... It's just the ladies inside" he reports.

Don nods and glares towards the mansion.

"What about the security? Is it tight?"

"Yes... But I can lure all the guards away and you can carry-out your plan"

"Good! Go on, we'll be here watching!"

The spy nods and turns to leave but suddenly stops.... He hands something like a map to Don.

"There's a secret passage inside the mansion, it leads outside... a tarred road, though cars don't come by that road often"

Don stares at the map oddly.

"Then why are you telling us this?!" He growled.

"I'm not sure but I think the ladies might escape through there"

Hearing this Andy quickly snatched the map from Don and stares at it frantically.

He opens the door and steps out.

"Where are you going?!" Don asked him.

"Don't worry, I will not ruin the plan.... I'm tryna make it more perfect" he replied.

"What do you mean?!" Don asked again in confusion.

Andy smirked and shoved the map in his pocket.

"Carry on with the original plan!" Then he rushes off.

Don stares at him a few minutes until he's out of sight.... He turns back to the spy.

"Go on, lure them away!" He orders.

"Yes, boss!" The spy runs off towards the mansion.

Don lean back on the seat and grits his teeth.

*Andy better not save that bitch!* He said to himself.

Meanwhile, the spy had gathered all the guards.... About fifty of them.

"Guys... There's a situation in the cell rooms, boss is running out of men! He needs everyone there right now!"

The guards frown and starts grumbling amongst themselves.

*How can boss run out of men?*

*Besides, why will he call all the guards from the mansion?*

*We can't leave unless we heard it from boss himself!*

The spy smirked and took out his phone and dialed a fake number and pretend he's making a call.... When they were busy arguing, he changed it to a voice recorder and begin to played a recorded message.

Hearing their boss's voice... they all rushed off. The spy laughs at their foolish and messaged Don that he's succeeded.

Suddenly, Don's men came out of hiding.


"It's time!" He said and they nod.

*Lucifer... I'll make you feel the pain of losing someone so dear to you before I personally kill you!*

He watched as his men pours petro round the mansion and set it on fire.... A proud smirk on his lips.

# Catherine.

"Valerieeeeeee!" I screamed.

"I'm coming! Hold on a sec!" She said from the kitchen.

Currently, I'm laying on a sofa, rubbing my stomach to calm my baby down.... I don't know if it's my baby that is hungry or me... all I know is that I need food right now and I can't wait any longer.

"You are lucky I can't step foot in the kitchen or else I'd have turned you to B&B!" I yelled.

She walks into the living room and drops a plate of mushroom soup in front of me.

I quickly sat up and inhaled deeply.... I close my eyes to savour the aroma.

"Valerie... the aroma is so satisfying!"

"Hm. You've been troubling me... now drink it before it gets cold!" She commands me.

I carried it and brought it closer to my mouth and take a sip.... little by little I finished the soup and I rest my head back on the sofa.

Not up to five minutes, I begin to feel hot... Like someone just increased the heat inside the house. Maybe it's because of the hot soup I drank.

I turned to Valerie and noticed she's also sweating profoundly.

"Val, why are you sweating?!"

"I don't know. I just suddenly feel hot!" She replies.

I frown... Something isn't right.... how come we're both feeling hot?

Then I perceived it.... Something is burning. Could it be Valerie forgot to turn off the gas?

"Valerie, did you turn off the gas?"

"Yes, I did!"

My gaze moved towards one of the windows and I saw smoke... black smoke. I quickly tap Valerie as I already feel my heart beating fast.... I can feel that my panic attack will react soon.

Valerie got up and rushed to the door, she pushed it trying to open it, but she hissed loudly and withdraw her hands.

"It's hot... very hot!" She said.

Oh no! Don't tell me this mansion is on fire.... My breath quickens.

"Guards! Guards!" She screamed.... no body answered.

She peeped through the window.

"Holly Molly!" She moved away from the window. "The mansion is on fire!!"

My eyes grew wide.... Fire?! No! No!

# Valerie.

"I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die!" I hear mistress muttering... I turned and noticed she's having a panic attack. I rushed to her and held her in my arms.

She clung to me tightly and shakes her head.... Her whole body shaking too.

"Fire... there's fire... we're gonna die...."

"No, Mistress, nobody is dying"

"B-but... fire... fire..... "

I'm scared too, I mean we can't go through the door now and as it seems the fire will penetrate in any time soon.

What should I do now?!

Master! I should call master! I quickly reached for my phone and dialed master's number.

The phone rang a few times but master didn't picked... I continue trying and trying and trying, he still didn't pick up.

I noticed mistress was about to fall off the sofa, I held her tightly and my phone fell off my hand. I quickly picked it up but it's broken.... I frustratingly threw it across the living room.

"Khalid.. Khalid... there's fire... huge fire...." That's how she passed out.

My eyes zeroed on a particular door and I remember the secret passage.... I tried waking mistress but failed. Suddenly I heard a crash, I turned and saw the door fell down.... The fire didn't waste time coming in.

Not having much of a choice, I struggled and carried mistress on my back and head for the secret passage.

I don't know if all pregnant women are heavy.... But I do know that my mistress is way too heavy!



I smiled as I saw we made it out of the mansion.... I gently slip mistress off my back and stretch my body.

"Mistress, we are safe now!" I said happily.

I hear a throat clearing and raised my head up.... a man stood in front of us with a gun in his hands.

"Safe is not the right word!" He growled.

I quickly stood in front of mistress in a protective stance.... he simply chuckles and hits me on the head with his gun. I guess he hit a bad place... I soon found myself falling and everything was blank!

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