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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 34




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 34

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


NB: please...guys, I didn't know how to get Anika out of the picture so I used this method.... please manage it.

# Lucifer .

"B-boss....how about following the speed limit?" Chris said in a shaken voice as he saw how recklessly I'm driving.

But I ignored him....I step on the gas and increase my speed. He held onto the seatbelt tightly....but I don't care, I'm too angry to care.

I mean Catherine was just too stupid....had I arrived late that bastard would have.....fuck!!

"Boss, watch out... there's a dog about to cross" Chris warned.

That's none of my business....I paid him no heed as I ran it over and continue with my journey....I don't care about any silly dog.

Soon, we arrived....I drive into the driveway and park my car.

"Boss, they're inside!" One of my men reports as I arrived.


"Yes, we've found out who locked boss lady in that room at Miss Anika's party"

I nod.... I'm so pissed off right now and some assholes just made themselves my punching bags.

I step in the cell and halt.... Anika?! I turned to my men for explanation.

"She sent boys to trick boss lady and locked her in the room!" He explained.

I turned back to her. She scoffed and looked away.

"Anika, why did you do that?"

"Why did I do that?! Are you seriously asking me this?!"

I narrowed my eyes as I stare at her.....had it not being because of her father, I wouldn't tolerate her misbehavior...but now it's different.

She messed with my wife.... she's the reason Catherine misunderstood me that night and left home.

"Lucifer....all I did was for our happiness....I did it for our future!"

"What future are you talking about?!"

"Are blind that you can't see how much I love you? I love you Lucifer and I'll do everything I can to keep you with me forever!"

I shake my head.

"You can't keep me. Anika, your father was a good man....he saved my life and I'll be forever grateful to him but you and I can never work!"

"We've been together for a longer time.... since we were kids. How do you expect me to lose you to someone who just showed up out of the blue.....never! It's not gonna happen!"

"Well, you don't have to lose me to anyone cause you won't have the privilege to compete with anyone" I reached for my gun.

Her eyes grew wide. "W-what are you doing?!"

"This is something I should have done long ago.....but I was hoping you'd change. Too bad, some people don't deserve second chances!" I aimed at her.

"Lu... Lucifer......"

I paused as I remembered something....I smirked. She should feel what Catherine felt that day, I'll let her have the taste of her medicine.

"You used Catherine's weakness against her.... it's only right that I use yours against you too, right?"

"I don't have any weakness!" She said boldly.

"Have you forgotten? Your mother was raped brutally in front of you...so, you hate it when men touch you sexually, right?"

Her expression suddenly changes. Fear shone in her eyes....she seems to recall that scene and she shivered...she shakes her head.

"No... Lucifer....no, don't do that....no... you've never forced yourself on any woman and I trust you won't do it now..."

"Who said I'm gonna do it.... I'll let my men do it while I sit back and enjoy the show!" I moved closer to her and whisper in her ear. "I want to see fear in your eyes before I kill you....I want you to feel so helpless before I send you to hell"

My boys move in a chair and I sat down. Chris comes to my side and stood next to me....though he's glaring daggers at Janice.

"You two" I point at two of my men, they step forward. "Go and enjoy yourself!" I told them.

"Lucifer don't do this......" Anika plead.

I smirked..... Catherine was also helpless in that room but there was no way out for her....

"D-don't.. d-don't come closer...." She said.

My boys ignore her, I have given them a task and they must complete the task. She tried to hide away from them but couldn't as she's chained to a pole.

The boys trail their hands all over her body....her whole body starts to shake as she finds it difficult to breath.

I guess she's having a panic attack.....they turned to face me, asking if they should stop.

"Continue!" I said.

They continue... trailing kisses along her neck, collarbones and jawlines....I smirked as Davis grabs her breast and she gasped loudly.

"No....mom.... s-stop... s-stop it....mom... leave... leave my...mom....get..off...my...mom....mom...."

I nod...now I'm satisfied. She's seem so weak... vulnerable. I can tell she's scared out of her life....well, it's time to help her calm down.

"That's enough!" I said and they left her. I got up and move closer to her....."Anika!" I whispered softly.

She opened her eyes slowly and stared at me.....fear! That's all I saw in her eyes.

"H-help me!" She cried.

"Yes, I'll help you!" I placed my gun on her torso.....and pulled the trigger.


I blew up her brain...her blood sprang all over me, my white t-shirt stained with her blood. This is what I should have done long ago....her father will understand.

I frown and glared at her body.... I would have loved to torture her before killing her but for her father's sake I decided to give her a quick death.

"Boss, what about Janice?" Chris asked.

"I'll leave her to you.....take revenge for your girl" I told him.

He breaths in relief.....I guess he was hoping I'd give him the chance to torture Janice.

"Do you need tools to torture her?" I asked him.

He shakes his head. "No! I just want to shoot!"

I sat back on my chair and fold my arms across my chest. Chris stood in front of Janice, she's on blind fold..... Chris takes out his pocket knife and tore the blindfold off, leaving a big cut on her face as she grunt.

"Are you done hiding? You thought we won't find out where you are?"

She glared at Chris and spat on his face.....I wince, so disgusting!

Chris wipes it off and slaps her very hard that she spat out blood.

"How dare you target my girl?! How dare you hurt Valerie?!"

"That bitch deserves it....she came at the wrong time and didn't mind her business"

Chris slaps her again. "You're the bitch!"

"Janice! How are you connected with the Mars?!" I asked.

"Kill me! I'm not gonna say a word!"

I'm already pissed off....I don't have time to play around.

"Alright....since you prefer death. Chris, grant her wish!"

"Yes, boss!"

Chris aims his gun at her......breast?! He pulled the trigger and Janice howled painfully.

"Bloody hell.....that was awesome, Chris!" I exclaimed.

He aims at the other breast and shoots.... Janice released another painful howl. He aims at her arms and shoots..... smashing her arms with bullets.

"Is that painful enough?" He asked her.....but she didn't reply.

She's groaning loudly in pain.

"Chris....just finish her up! She's too boring....who I want is Andy, I want him dead!"

Chris aim at her heart. "Your bullets missed Valerie's heart by an inch....but I'm not gonna miss, cause I don't miss my targets!!"

He pulled the trigger..... Janice released a piercing scream and then it's silence..... Her head drops on her chest.

She's dead. I turned to Chris.... He seems like he's still full of anger.

"Cheer up, you've got revenge for her!"

"Thanks, boss, for letting me kill her myself"

"It's nothing.... Have some boys clear the mess, I'm going out"

He nods but frown and check his wrist watch.

"You're going out?! It's 8pm already.... Aren't you gonna go back home yet, boss lady is alone at home"

I sighed.... I'm still slightly angry at her. It's best I calm down fully before going back or I might hurt her with my words.


"I don't wanna see her now.... I need some alone time"

"Boss, you should forgive her"

"I have forgiven her but I don't wanna see her yet.... I need a few drinks!"

He nods.

"Have them clear this mess" then I head out.


# Catherine.

"Ah!" I groan as I open my eyes.

I sat up slowly and wince....I move my hand forehead and rub it gently.

Why does it seems like the headache increased..... it's supposed to relieve me already.

I looked at Khalid's side of bed, it's empty....I ran my hand over it and noticed it's very cold which means he hasn't come back yet.

Glancing at the wall clock, I couldn't see what time it is as it's too blurry. Why isn't my vision clear yet....am I going blind?!

"Mistress, you're awake!" I heard Valerie say.

I turned towards her and saw her coming towards me.....she's holding something in her hands.... remember my vision is blurry so I can't see her or what she is holding clearly.

She placed her hand on my forehead and gasped loudly....I frown.

"Mistress! Your fever....I think it's getting worse!"

"Huh?" I felt it myself and frown. "It seems normal to me" I said.

"That's because you are sick! I'll call Master now!"

"No! No! I'm fine!" I stretched my body and yawned. "I need to take a warm bath, I'll be fine after"

"No, Mistress, you can't continue to be stubborn.... let's call Master and he'll take you to the hospital"

"I'm fine, Val"

"Mistress, this is no joking matter! I must call master....wait, I'll go get my phone"

"Val, I'm....." She rushed out of the room.

I sigh..... she's just making a big deal out of nothing. I got off the bed and shut my eyes....I'm suddenly feeling dizzy.... even worse than before I went to bed..... it's like everything is rotating....the floor.....the walls.

I felt a sharp pain strike my abdomen, I winced and take in deep breath to numb the pain.

I take slow steps towards the bathroom but I didn't make it to the bathroom before I fell down...... it's darkness all over!


# Valerie.

I rushed back to the room after taking my phone.

"Mistress?" I called as I enter the room but she didn't answer.

Maybe she's in the bathroom....I should pick out her PJs. I head for the closet but stops abruptly when I kicked something.....I looked down and released a loud scream.....


What happened?! I toss my phone away and squat and carried her on my lap and begin to shake her.

"Mistress! Mistress can you hear me?!"

She doesn't move nor does she answer. Maybe I should call the guards for help....but then again, Master changed the password....no one can come in.

"Mistress, can you hear me?! Open your eyes!! Mistress!!"

I should call master.... where's my phone....I looked around and saw it close to her legs but I also saw something else...... something scary.


Why is she bleeding?! What is happening?! I quickly picked my phone and dialed master's number.

He didn't pick up until the call ended, I tried again and he picked on the second ring.


"Master.... it's.... it's...."

"It's what?!"


"Catherine?! What happened?!"

"She...she.... passed out and there's blood!"

"Fuck!" He hang up.

I dropped my phone and shake mistress gently.

"Mistress! Mistress!"

Oh God.... please let master come in time.


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