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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 33




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 33

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Catherine.

I watch in horror as Andy takes off his belt, he pulls down pants leaving him in boxers.... He takes off his shirt, his bare chest in display.

I shake my head.... I can't let this happen... He wants to know if I'm still a virgin.... I can't let him touch me, I'm Khalid's wife!

"A-andy... W-what are you doing?"

He chuckled. "Isn't it clear? I wanna know if Lucifer has tempered with you.... Else I'll think you came here with another motive!"

"B-but, Andy we can't have sex.... "

"Why?! Why can't we?!"

I gulp.... His eyes showing anger.

"Andy, we are family! I do love you but not the other kind of love.... What I feel for you is nothing but a kind of love between brothers and sisters. We are..... "

"Shut up, Catherine!!" He cuts me off... He takes slow steps towards me as I also step back too. "I have kept you by my side all these years... Caring and feeding you... "

Feeding me? Or drugging me?! Be precise!

"And you said you saw me like your brother?!"

I nod. My leg hits the chair and I falls on it..... with nowhere else to go, I simply closed my eyes and fold my lips in my mouth.

"Well, bad news for you.... I don't see you like my sister!! I never thought of you as my sister!!"

I gulp and flinch away from his touch as he run his fingers along my right arm.

"Now, strip!" He growled.

"No... Andy, stop.. I know you are not a bad person. This is not you... Please wake up!" I cried.

He held my top and tore it, leaving me in my bra.... I quickly wrap my arms around my chest, trying to cover myself from him.

"Strip before I do it myself!"

I shake my head and pleas with him with my eyes... But he simply ignores me and clenched his jaw.

"Andy... don't do this... I swear, kha..." I paused, if I say Khalid, Andy will know something is wrong. "I swear, Lucifer didn't touch me..... I'm still innocent.. "

"Then fucking prove it to me!!"

I didn't see this coming.... I didn't expect Andy would be like this. What am I gonna do now?

He's getting impatient, he grabs my jean pants and tries to pull down my zipper.... I didn't let him, we both begin to struggle with the zipper.

Suddenly, we heard a loud crash.... He stopped and turned towards the door, it's the front door..... It's down.


Khalid? I smiled..... Then I saw him.... he's standing by the door, his hand clenching very tight on a gun.... his expression unreadable as he glares at Andy.

His eyes follows Andy's arm and settled on my pants zipper.... His expression changed drastically.... He looked furious like a raging vocalno ready to explode.


A gunshot is heard and Andy howled painfully and quickly jumped off me.

I quickly got up and stares at Andy on the floor.... His left arm is bleeding profoundly.

"Khalid!!" I called him warningly.

I know I was secretly praying he should come and save me..... But I didn't mean for him to hurt Andy.... I mean, we are just suspecting that his family have something to do with my parents death.

We don't know if he's really the one behind everything.

I turned to glare at Khalid, then I noticed his men staring at me with their mouths wide open.... I can see some drooling.

Then it dawned on me..... I'm practically half naked. I quickly cover myself with my arms.

"Motherfuckers.... Look away!!" Khalid roared at them and they quickly turned away from me.

He takes off his jacket and throws it at me.... giving me a very harsh glare.

"How did you get past my men?!" Andy grunts as he tries to stand up.... I guess the pain has lessened.

"You think those weaklings can stop me?!" Khalid scoffed and aim his gun at Andy. "Today, I'll kill you and get revenge for my parents and in-laws!"

"Lucifer... It won't do any good even if you kill me, you've lost everything!!"

"Really?" Khalid chuckled. "Well, since I have nothing to lose.... I should just send you to hell!"

Send him to hell?! That means he's gonna kill Andy!!

No! I can't let that happen, Andy can't die yet. I quickly rushed in front of Khalid's gun at shake my head.

"Khalid no"

"Baby, move aside... I'm gonna kill him!"

"No! You can't kill him!"

Khalid frown and stared at me in pure anger.

"What is fucking wrong with you, Catherine?! He bloody tried to rape you and now you're defending him?!"

"You can't kill him" I told him... looking at him straight in the eyes, trying to signal him that I'll explain later.

Andy laughed hysterically behind me.

"Catherine doesn't want you to kill me....are you gonna go against her?"

Khalid eyed him briefly. "Cathy, come over here!!"

I shake my head. "No, please don't kill him and I'll come with you"

"Wether I kill him or not, it doesn't matter, you are coming with me either way!!" He replied in a firm voice.... giving no room for arguments.

I want Andy dead...I want him dead more than anything but I can't let him die without finding any proof that he's behind my parents deaths.....I want to find him guilty and let him die by my hands!

God will forgive me for that.

But how to explain this to Khalid......


"Come over here, Cathy!!" He growled.

Looking around, I saw a shard of glass and picked it.....I brought it closer to my throat.

"Catherine!! Put it down!!" Khalid said quickly.

"I'll put it down and come with you if you promise not to kill Andy"

"No, Andy's death is not negotiable!"

"Oh? So my life means nothing to you?"

"I didn't say that....put the glass down and move aside!!"

Andy grab me from behind but quickly lets me go as gunshot was heard.....I turned and saw Andy's right hand bleeding....his two hands are injured now.

What if Lucifer kill him and found out later that he's not the one behind my parents deaths..... I'll feel so guilty.

"Khalid...we can't kill him without evidence! What if he's innocent?"

"Catherine... he's not innocent! He killed our parents and I must kill him too!"

"Then find evidence!"

Khalid didn't say anything....he simply stared at me for a few minutes....more like glared.

I don't know what happened but he grabbed my hand and slapped the glass away, cutting himself in the process.

He shot Andy's leg. "I don't want my wife to get guilty for killing an innocent.....but I'll find the evidence soon, I'll show her how evil you are and make her watch how I kill you with my bare hands!"

That said, he dragged me out..... actually, I know Andy is evil, but to fulfill all righteousness....I want to clear my conscience when I kill him.

The drive back to the mansion is silence.....the silence is so thick that even a needle can't penetrate.

Khalid keeps clenching and unclenching his hands around the steering wheel..... furiously grinding his teeth against each other.

"Khalid, I'm......"

His fierce look shut me up instantly and looked away from him.....his expression tells me he is in no mood to listen to me.

Soon we made it back to the mansion....he parked in the garage and rushed to my side. He opens the door and drags me out and head in the mansion.

He lets go of my hand when we arrive at the living room and begin to pace back and forth.

I acted recklessly.... maybe I should apologise to calm him down.

"I'm...I'm sorry, Khalid"

He snaps his head towards me.

"You're sorry?! You're sorry!! Do you know how scared I was?! Do you know how dangerous and stupid your move was?! What do you think you could do going back to the Mars?!"

"I..I..just wanted to....help....."

"Shut up!" He cuts me off and I cower away a little. "You want to help by making me worry about you? I didn't ask you for help, Catherine.....or do you think I'm incapable of doing this on my own!"

"Boss, calm down" Chris said and Khalid angrily throws him a punch....I guess he's being refraining himself from giving me that punch.

"Fucking stay out of this!" He growled at Chris.

"That's not what I meant" I told him.

"Then what do you mean?! I'm your husband and you are supposed to listen to me!!" He ran his fingers through his hair and pulled on them in frustration.

I guess I'm really frustrating him....I should have listened to him. Now all I did was alert the enemy.

"Khalid I'm sorry, I thought my plan was perfect"

"There's no perfect plan! All plans carries their own risks! Why didn't you think of the risk before you went there?! Huh?! What do you think would have happened had I not arrived in time?!"

Yeah.... he's right. I didn't think things through..... Andy would have raped me.

Tears brimmed in my eyes.

"I'm sorry" the tears starts running down.

"Stop saying you're sorry when you don't mean it!! Do you know how I felt when I saw another man on top my WIFE?! Do you know how angry I was when I saw him ogling over your body?!"

"I'm so sorry....."

"I. Said. Stop. Saying. Sorry. Catherine!!" He paused. "Answer me....why did you stopped me from killing that bastard?!"

I kept quiet....I don't know if what I'll say will provoke him more.

"Answer me when I ask you a question!!"

"I..I didn't want to kill him without enough evidence....."

"Bullshit!" He cuts me off. "That's bullshit, Catherine!! I don't need evidence kill him!! I had the perfect opportunity to kill him today but you stopped.... fine! You want evidence right?... I'll provide it"


"But let me warn you...this should be the last time you threaten me with your life or I swear to the God you believe that someone is really going to die and their blood will be on your hands!"

Just then his phone rings and he picks it.

"What?!" He roared at whoever called him.


"Take her to my cell, Chris and I will be there in five!" He hangs up and glared at me. "I had my boys change the password...not even Valerie knows the code, so don't think of anything reckless"

"Where are you going?" I asked softly.

"To kill someone!" He replied casually.

I didn't dare beg him to spare this person..... he's already too mad at me, I can't make him angrier.

"Valerie!!" He called.

Valerie quickly rushed down to the living room and stand next to me...her head bowed down.

She's shaking in fear....I guess.

"Take care of your Mistress! I. Don't. Want. Any. Mistakes. Or. I'll. Personally. Kill. You!!"

"Yes, master" Valerie replied in a scared tone.

He turned to Chris. "Let's go!" Then they left.

I sighed and slumps on a sofa, Valerie quickly sat next to me and takes my hands.

"Mistress, I'm sorry I sold you out....I tried to cover up for you but I couldn't....I couldn't lie to Master, he was so scary....I'm sorry"

I shake my head and gave her a small smile.

"You did the right thing by telling him....I was too impulsive"

"Are you not mad at me?"

"No.... thank you!" I told her.

If she hadn't told Khalid where I went, Andy would've succeeded in raping me. I got up to head upstairs but halts abruptly when I suddenly felt dizzy.

Valerie quickly got up and supported me from falling....I shut my eyes and open them again... everything is blurry.

"Mistress, are you ok?"

"I don't know....I'm feeling dizzy"

She touched my forehead as if feeling my temperature....she gasp and quickly withdrew her hand.

"You are burning up! You must be having a fever!"

Fever? I was just fine a minute ago...what is happening?

"Master just left, I don't know if I should call him" she murmurs.

I shake my head.

"Don't call him!"

"Then what should I do....I can't send you to the hospital, master changed the codes"

I take in deep breath. "I'm fine.... maybe I'm just tired from my failed mission, I think a little rest will do"

"Rest? No, mistress, let's call master you're sick"

Khalid is mad at me, I don't think he'll wanna hear any issue related to me now... besides, he was called on his business.

"Val, just help me to our room. I'll be fine after a nap!"


"I'm fine, really. Just help me up!"

She didn't argue and did as I told her...


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