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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 30




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 30

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Andy .

Janice finally came. She threw some files on the table and slumps on a chair breathing heavily, like she's been running.

"Don, I won't be going back to Lucifer's mansion!" She said.

"Why?" Don and I asked at once.

"I shot someone" she takes the gun and throws it at Don. "I shot someone in Lucifer's office"

"What? Are you stupid? What if they're cameras in his office?!" I asked.

She shakes her head.

"I have lived in that mansion for a very long time.... I know exactly how to avoid the cameras.... Don't worry they won't know it's me"

It's good since she knows how to avoid the cameras....

"Wait... You avoided the cameras, but what about the person you shot... didn't him/her saw your face?" Anika asked.

I nod.... that's a good question.

"That's the reason I can't go back..... I don't know if she'll survive"

My phone rings.... It's one of my boys calling, I quickly answer it.

"Boss, we've been ambushed!"


"Lucifer's men... they've got the container back and they killed some of our men!"

"Fuck!!" I roared and angrily throw my phone across the room.

Why is nothing going as I had planned it.... It seems I can't hide anymore, I must confront Lucifer and fight him face to face.

"Andy, what's wrong?" Don asked me.

I ignored him and turned to Anika with a deadly glare.

"Is this your so called perfect plan?!" I roared in her face.

"Hey, it's not my fault... Your men are just incapable!"

I fist my hands and grit my teeth.

"Andy..... We have no choice but to kidnap Catherine now and hold her hostage, I'm sure Lucifer will submit the documents for us to release her" Don said.

"Kidnap her?"

"Yes! It's the only way.... After all, we're still gonna kill her anyway!"

Yes, it's true.... Our original plan was to kill her after getting the documents but I had changed the plan.....

Get the documents and take Catherine far away and spend our lives together..... She doesn't remember what I did anyway.

"We'll kidnap her, but we won't hurt her!" I said firmly.


# Catherine.

I watched as nurses rushed in and out of the ICU.... My heart beating fast in fear.... fear that I might lose a friend.

It seems like it's a critical situation.

"Boss lady!"

I turned and saw Chris..... worry clouded his face and he seemed out of breath.

"Val, where's Val? What's wrong with her? What happened? Say something, boss lady!!"

Looking at his expression now I can't tell him what happened.... mainly, because I don't know what happened..... I'd rather stall him until the doctor comes out.

He holds my shoulder and shake me.... "Boss lady, say something!"

"Chris, calm down.... Let's wait for the doctor's news"

"I need to know what happened... Why is Val in the hospital?" He asked anxiously.

His hold on my shoulders tighten and I winced slightly..... Just then Khalid came and pulled him away from me.

"Chris!" He growled warningly.

"Sorry... It's just I don't know what happened... I... Sorry.." he said and turned away from me.

Khalid search my body frantically as if looking for any injuries... He sighed when he found none.

"Are you ok?"

I nod and glanced at Chris.... He's sitting on the floor now, his head bowed and he bites his nails.

"What happened to Valerie?" Khalid asked me.

"I don't know what happened.... I only saw her lying on the ground with blood flowing around her"

"Blood?!" He frowned. "Weren't you two together? How could she get hurt while you don't?"

Right.... I can't let him know I sent Valerie away so I can escape.... He'd be angry.

"She.. she.. she was getting..." What did I asked her to get?

"She was getting what?"

Ugh! How could I forget so soon... Juice!

"She was getting juice for me... But I don't know how it happened, I saw her in your office"

"My office?! Valerie knows not to enter my office without my permission" he narrowed his eyes at me. "Are you lying to me?!"

I quickly shake my head. "No!"

He stared at me for a few minutes.... trying to figure something out, then he sighed.

"Let's just wait for the doctor and pray she makes it" I said.

He nod.... I really pray she wakes up or I'll forever blame myself.... Had I not sent her to get me some juice.... Had I not think of escaping.... none of this would have happened.

She wouldn't have got shot.... It's my fault!

After waiting for a long time, the doctor came out... we rushed towards him.

"Doctor, how did it go? Is she ok?" Chris asked.

"Who are you? Are you her family?" The doctor asked him back.

"I'm her boyfriend!" He replied.... this is no time for jokes else I would have teased him.

"That's ok.... Well, the patient's situation is critical but we've managed to stabilize her... the bullet was only an inch away from her heart.... "

"Bullet?!" We all exclaimed simultaneously, interrupting the doctor.

He stared at us in confusion.... I swear I'm also confused. She was shot and I didn't know it? How come I didn't hear any gunshots?

"Yeah, bullets...she was shot twice" he looked at our lost expression. "Don't Tell me you didn't know that.."

She shake our heads...he sighed.

"Well, she was shot and luckily she was brought in, in time or I fear we couldn't have saved her......so, now she is stable but when she'll wake up it's up to her" he explained.

I released a long breath I didn't even know I was holding.....at least she's safe. I can't afford someone's blood on my hands.

"Thank you, doctor!" Khalid said.

Just then we saw two nurses came out with Valerie on a stretcher.....they seems to be pushing her somewhere..... maybe a ward.

"Val? Where are they taking her?" Chris asked...he stands in front of the stretcher, blocking their way.

"Oh, we are transferring her to a ward" the doctor said.

"Ok! I'll go with them....can I?" He looked at the doctor.

"If you do who's gonna sign the necessary documents?"

"Let him go, I'll sign them!" Khalid said.

The doctor nod and Chris moved from the way and followed the nurses.

"Come with me, please" the doctor invites us.

Khalid wrap his arm around my waist and pulled me to his side.

"Let's go!"


# Chris .

They've settled Val on a bed and left....it just we two now. I held her hand and kissed it softly.

I heard a sobbing sound and look around to find who's sobbing....I found no one, then I realized it's me...I'm the one sobbing.

Though the doctor said she's fine now, I'm still worried....I want her to open her eyes and talk to me....I want to hear her sing her ocean songs.

I reach for her cheeks and caress them gently.

"Val, open your eyes.... sleeping doesn't suit you.... open your eyes and tell me who did this to you...I swear I'll make he or she pay....I will make them pay for hurting you in a more painful way...just wake up, ok?"

I looked at her eyes closely.... they're shut tight....not even a blink. Seeing her like this makes an unbearable pain stroke my heart.....I feel blood pumping fast...too fast in my heart.

It's like my heart's gonna tear in two parts.

I wish I was the one lying here instead of her.....she must be going through pains, I wish I could take them away.

If only she could just wake now and tell me who did this to her!


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