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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 31




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 31

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Lucifer .

After signing the necessary documents, I decided to take Catherine home to get some rest.

During the drive home, I noticed her playing with her fingers tensely, then I studied her expression...... She looked guilty.... like she's blaming herself inwardly for something.

I frown.... Could it be she did something.... And she afraid of telling me?.

I parked my car in the garage and carried her inside and head towards our room....I sat her on our bed and sat next to her taking her hands in mind, caressing it softly.

"Are you ok, baby?"

She nods. "Val... she's gonna be fine, right?"

"Yeah....the doctor said she's out of danger and besides Chris is with her!"

She lets out a weak smile and continue playing with her fingers.

"Khalid, you know, before I met you.... before I recovered some parts of my memories, when I was still with Andy and grandma.....I used to think my life is gonna be easy....I used to think my life isn't as complicated as in the movies....!"

Oh no! I hope she's not regretting meeting me.

"I used to think my life will be all sunshine and rainbows.... I'd get married to my prince charming....have a princess like wedding.....go to Greece for our honeymoon and live happily ever after.....I never imagined I'd already be married. I never imagined I'll be living like a fugitive.....with some people after my life" she scoffed and wipe off tears running down her cheeks.

It's not easy for her..... losing your parents and living with their murderer for donkey years without even knowing.... that's a big blow.

I pulled her into my arms and cradled her head.... kissing her head.

"Baby.... it's gonna be fine, I'll soon make them regret messing with our family!"

"Now, Val is caught in our mess....I don't want her to die, her blood will be on my hands and God will punish me for it!"

"Shhh!" I hushed her. "She's not gonna die and God won't punish you.... you've being a good girl, you go to church and also hate to see people get hurt, so he won't punish you"

She sobs for a few minutes and paused.

"Khalid, I have a way to bring an end to all this"



I knit my brows together and clenched my jaw.....her?!

"No!" I growled lowly.

"Wait, Khalid, please listen to me....I can go back and get that video and recording......"

"I said no! Do you know how dangerous that is?! Huh?!"


I cut her off with a very harsh glare..

"Baby, I. Said. No! We never can tell what Andy is gonna do to you"

"Andy's not gonna hurt me.... Just hear my plan"

"No!! Leave everything to me. I don't mind how long it takes, I'll do it alone and I'll bring justice to our parents!"

"But Khalid...... "

I sigh angrily and got up, I help her lay down and covered her with the blanket.

"You are tired, baby"

She shakes her head.

"I'm not tired, I have a perfect plan.. just listen to it"

"You are tired, get some rest and we'll talk about your plan later"

"Really?! You'll listen to my plan?!"

"Yeah, but after you get some rest!!"

She nods and quickly shuts her eyes.... trying to force herself to sleep. I kissed her forehead and head towards my office.... there's no trace of blood, the maids has cleaned it up.

I head straight to my desk and checked the drawer and I smirked..... It's really her.... Janice!

My guess was right, she shot Valerie and she also took the wrong documents. She fell into my trap..... It's a pity Valerie came in at the wrong time.

# flashback.

I saw Janice sneaking around in my office.... Her phone rings and she received the call.



*Yes! I'll find the documents soon*


*Ok, ok!*


*I'm in his office now, I'll....*

I hit something and a flower vase fell.... She paused and snap her head to my direction but I quickly hide myself and she didn't see me.

*I'll call you back!* She hangs up and ran out.

I quickly entered my office and check all my files, they're all complete..... I guess she's looking for the company's original papers, too bad they aren't here.

But I must set her up to catch her red-handed.

# end_of_flashback .

That's how I placed that file in my locker.... Fake file.

The plan was to catch Janice and make her confess those behind her.... I didn't expect Andy to target my container containing the real documents.


"Yes, boss!" He quickly rushed in.

"Get Ms Jones here!"

"Yes!" He rushed off.

I sat in my chair and soon Jake comes back in with Ms Jones.... She frowns, maybe wondering why I sent for her.

"Master, anything I can help you with?" She asked.

"Yes! Your daughter, where is she?"

"I don't know, sir.... "

I bang on my desk and narrow my eyes at her.

"Are you trying to cover up for her?! She shot someone and ran away.... She needss to pay for what she did!!"

She stared at me with a shocked expression.

"She... She... She shot someone?"

"Valerie!! She shot Valerie!!"

"But master.... "

"Where the hell is she?!" I snarled at her.

"I don't know where she is"

Is she playing dumb with me now? I reached for my gun on the table.

"You don't know where she is?" She shakes her head. "Well, maybe I should just kill you since you are of no use to me!!"

She falls on her knees and cried out. "Please master, please master.... I swear, I don't know where she is.... I swear I don't know!"

I clenched and unclench my hand.... My fingers trying to resist the temptation of pulling the trigger.

"Jake, take her away and lock her up in my cell, until we find her daughter no one is to let her out!!"

"Yes, boss!"

"Also, send Travis in!" He nod and drags Ms Jones out.

Had it not being she has worked for me for long time, I'd have killed her already.

The door open and Travis strides in.

"Boss, you sent for me"

"Yes! Take some boys and find Janice.... Whatever it takes to find her, bring her back to me alive, she have some unfinished business with Chris"

"Yes, boss!" He leaves.

I had promised Chris he'll be the one to punish her.


# Catherine.

Later in that night......

Khalid got in bed with me, he typed on his phone furiously for a few minutes and kept it on the nightstand.

"Khalid, about what I told you....."

"I'm tired and I need to rest, can we talk about it tomorrow?"

I frown....why is he avoiding it? Why can't he see this is the only way to solve all these puzzle?

"Khalid, please trust me on this. Let me go, I promise I'll get them"

He sighed.

"Baby listen, Valerie is already hurt because of this....I can't let you get hurt too"

"I'm not gonna get hurt, he....."

"That's enough!" He snapped at me. "What the hell is wrong with you? Why can't you see I'm trying to protect you?!!"

I didn't say anything more since he won't listen. He laid down and turned away from me, he turn off the lamb on his side and covers himself with the blanket.

I simply sat there staring at him.....I wish he could just listen to my plan.

Time flies by......Now it's two weeks later!

I sat next to Val as she bite on her apple.....she woke up two days ago and told Chris everything.....which Khalid already knows.

Now Chris and Khalid are busy looking for Janice, leaving me to babysit Val.

"Mistress!" She wave her hand across my face.

I blinked and smile at her.

"What were you thinking?"

"Nothing..... it's just... Khalid is at a dead end and only I have the way out but he won't let me help!"

"You can help? How?"

"I want to go back to the Mars!"

"What?!" She gasped loudly.

"G-go back?!" I nod. "Now I understand why master doesn't wanna listen to you"

"Going back is the only way to end this..... I'll go back and go through Andy's childhood photo album... it'll help me recover the other half of my memories" I paused. "I guess"

She tilts her head and stares at me in confusion.

"Sorry, mistress...but I don't get what you mean. How can his childhood photos help you recover your memories?"

"Well, Andy never let me go through his childhood photos....in fact, he hides them from me and told me they're irrelevant.....what could he be hiding?"

We stayed in a brief silence.

"His photos won't help you" Valerie said.

"Why do you say that?"

"Think about it, you were with him through out your childhood....you both grew up together. If staying with him everyday couldn't trigger your memories, then I don't think his mere photos can do it"

Ok, when she puts it this way I think she's right....but I can't just sit back and do nothing....

"Mistress, it's best you let master handle things...you can't go back to the Mars"

"I can go back, trust me, Andy is not gonna hurt me....he can't hurt me"

"How are you so sure about that?"

"Because he's obsessed with me.....his obsession won't let him hurt me"

I know Andy....ok, at least I know some things about him. He will be happy that I came back, all I have to do is pretend I'm happy to be back.

"He won't believe you!"

"He will, he doesn't know I have some of my memories back....he still thinks I know nothing"

She shakes her head. "No, I can't let you go. You should discuss this with master first"

"He won't listen"

Each time I bring it up, he'll either be tired or turn it into a hot make out session or hot sex....he tries everything to stop me from talking about it.

"If he doesn't listen, it simply means he doesn't want you to leave the mansion!"

"Valerie, I'm not asking for your permission...I'm just letting you know I'm leaving, I staying here is just prolonging the feud. I must go back and find out what happened"


"Val, that's enough....I have made up my mind!"

I'm doing this for everyone's sake..... Valerie was shot this time and she managed to survive.....who knows what might happen next.... maybe Chris will lose his life too or Khalid.

It's better I sacrifice myself for everyone's happiness.

I gave Valerie a tight hug.

"Please, don't tell Khalid where I went......"


"Shh... don't try to talk me out of it, my mind is made up!"

I feel her sighed in my arms and takes a deep breath.

"Fine! But please be careful"

"I will" I unwrap myself from our hug and got up. "Remember, don't tell him!" She nod.

I got up and head towards the door....I only pray it all end soon.

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