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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 26




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 26

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Catherine.

Looking at myself in the mirror... I wonder if this tips Valerie gave me are gonna work.

If it doesn't work, I'm gonna be so embarrassed... I sighed, well, it's now or never.... This is the boldest step I've ever taken.

I laid on the bed and raised my hip just as she had told me... God, please let him fall for it.

Just then, I heard a knock on the door....I take a deep breath.

"Come in!" I said.

The door open and Khalid walks in, he stopped by the door and stared at me with his mouth wide open.... I watch as his adam's apple moved slightly as he gulp.

His eyes trails down my body.... Hm, seems like it's working!

I bite my lower lip as seductively as I can.....I mean, that's what Val taught me.

"Come to me, darling" I called him with my middle finger.

He starts taking slow steps towards me, his eyes never leaving my body.

"I'm ready!"

Am I really ready? He walks closer and stops at the foot of the bed, I winked at him and smirk.

"Take off your shirt slowly!" I command him.... He nods like a robot and begin to unbutton his shirt.

He shrugged off his shirt and stands in front of me with his adonis body.... his chest so muscular and strong... I feel my cheeks flame up.

"Take off your pants!" He nods again and take it off.... Now he's left in nothing but his boxers.

I signal him with my eyes to take off his boxers..... He didn't waste any time on taking it off and he stood stark naked in front of me.

My eyes trail along his body down to his.... Manhood and a very loud gasp left my mouth.

His manhood is so looong and... and... FAT!!

I suddenly feel my golden area tingling so bad.... It's making me want to massage it... touch it and I don't know why.

I look back in khalid's eyes, he's smirking..... an evil glint in his eyes. My eyes move back to his manhood and I shake my head.... I don't think I can handle this.

"Kha... Khalid, maybe we should... You know.... Just sit down and... talk... yeah, sit down and talk!"

He shakes his head and delves onto the bed, his large figure towering over my petite figure... He looked directly in my eyes.

"You've awoke me... You've given me a boner.... Are you tryna back out now?" He asked in his husky voice.

Right now my whole body is vibrating from our way too close bodies.

"Answer me, baby, are you tryna back out?" He whispered this time.

"N-no... It's just...." I trail off not knowing what to say.

"It's just what?" He raised one of his perfectly arched brows.

I gulped and licked my suddenly dried lip.... I meant to seduce him, but why does it seems like he's the one seducing me now?

"I.. I.. I don't know what to do next... I haven't done this before... I... I.. have never been... this bold" I stutter.

His smirk grew... Like I just fed his ego.

"Then let me teach you... Bit by bit!" With that he claimed my lips.

He grabs my lingerie and tore it without hesitation, I gasped loudly.

"Why did you tear it? Do you know how expensive it it?!"

"I'll buy you an even more expensive one!" He said simply.

He gently nips on my lower lip, his warm hand settling on my waist. He kisses me slowly, his mouth warm and his arms going protectively around me.

I pressed my hand against his stomach and he hissed in pleasure.... He stifles a deep sound in his throat.

I thread my fingers into his hair as he kissed me desperately.... his desperate kiss is making carve for more.

He breaks the kiss with a groan, his hair mussed, his cheeks flushed. I catch his lower lip with my teeth and give him a playful tug. He noses my jaw, tipping it up so he can kiss my neck. I shiver at the gentle brush of his teeth and tongue, my heart thrumming in anticipation.

He tips his head up, making a pleasant shiver run down my spine as he whispers against my neck.

"Baby, you don't have to seduce me... I'll always be ready for you!"

He kisses his way down my chest and slightly raised his head and stared in my eyes..... All I saw was love and desire.... desire for me!

He capture my right breast in his mouth and nips on my nipple tenderly.... His hand massage the other sensitively.

My whole body is on fire! He sparks are too much.... the chemistry is too much to handle.

His gaze is hazy as though he's drunk of me!

He holds my nipple tenderly with his teeth and I moan his name softly.


He left my breast and trails kisses along my stomach, down to my golden area! He stops there and his tongue playing with my clitoris teasingly...... I closed my eyes and suck in some air.

It's so sweet! I never knew romance can be as sweet as this..... experience they say is the best teacher!

He stops and suddenly shove his warm tongue in my opening and I gasped in pleasure... his warm tongue working wonders.... sending into my body a pack of desire I didn't know was buried within me.

I grabbed his head and pushed it in more.

"This.... is heaven...." I moan.

He removed his tongue and raised his head, he quickly replaced his tongue with his fingers and I moan his name.

First he moved his fingers slowly... slowly... slowly, the faster.... The pleasure is too much. I didn't know how to handle it, so I suck in a breath, surge forward and capture his lips in mine.

His fingers are moving too fast.... I feel something building up from the pit of my stomach and I wrapped myself tightly around his fingers.... But just at that moment he removed his fingers and broke the kiss.

I frown.... somehow disappointed.

"Hold it... I won't let you cum yet!" He smirked slyly.

I looked at him.... Impatiently waiting for him to continue, he takes my hand and pulled me out of the bed.

"Kneel down!" He said.

I did as I was commanded.

"I have pleasured you.... Now it's your turn to pleasure me!"

"How?" I asked.

"I said I'll teach you, just do whatever I ask you"

I nod and wait for him to give his order... He leans down and kissed my lips roughly, then he stands up.

"Grab my dick and stroke it!" He said.

His di.... God, I can't say it!

"Your... Your....." I point at his manhood.

He grabs my hand and placed in on his manhood and starts stroking it slowly.

"That's what you'll do" he said.

I nod and continue stroking it slowly.... He groaned in pleasure. I continue stroking it slowly for a few seconds before I fasten my pace.

"Put it in your mouth" he said.

Not wasting time, I put it in my mouth... though not all of him could enter my mouth as he's too big.... I breath.

He hissed loudly in pleasure and squeeze his eyes shut.

"That's so warm, baby" he moaned.

I begin to move my mouth and I feel him shiver greatly.... like he was shocked by electricity.

"That's great, baby"

I continue moving faster and faster.... until he pulled out of my mouth and carried me back onto the bed. He laid me down and balanced himself in between my legs and caress my bare thigh.

"Are you ready for me?" He asked.

Honestly, I don't think I am.... Though I was ready before, but seeing how big... I mean BIG... His manhood is, I changed my mind.... I might die if he penetrate me.

"Are you scared?"

"N-no... but it's too big... I.. I.. don't think it'll fit!"

He chuckled and kissed my lips.

"Of course it'll fit... Remember, I'm made for you!"

Now I regret saying I'm ready.... I'm not ready at all.

"Should I?"

"Won't I feel any pain?"

"Don't worry I'll kiss the pain away"

I hesitate but nod.... He spits on my golden area and placed himself at my opening.

"I'll be gentle" he told me.

He enters slowly and waits for my body to accept him.... I feel my walls expanding bit by bit, until he's completely in.

I'm shocked, I thought he wouldn't fit.... But surprisingly he did. I nod for him to start moving.

First thrust......

"Jesus!" I gasped loudly as I feel my walls tearing up and pains stroke my back... a lone tear rolled down my cheeks.

Khalid quickly wipes it off and claimed my lips... He didn't move, he simply kissed me softly and whisper to me.

"Baby, I'm sorry... It'll go away, the pain will go away... I'm so sorry... I'm sorry love... "

He kissed me again. "I can stop if you want"

I want him to stop, but if he stops today we will still do it another day and I'll feel this pain again.... So it's best we continue now.

"Don't stop!" I whispered.

I bite my lower lip and braced myself for the pain... I nod at him to continue and he did.

He moves slowly and I bite harder on my lip to stop any sound from coming out of my mouth.

Soon, the pain subsided and I begin to enjoy his movement, a pleasuring moan escapes my throat and Khalid took that as an approval and begin to thrust faster and deeper into me..... Hitting every inch of my walls.

I don't know what came over me, but I feel like Khalid isn't moving fast enough to my satisfaction.... My hands find way to his back and dragged my long nails along his back.

"Khalid... Faster..."

He listened to me and increased his pace.... Faster.... Faster..... Faster..... Deeper... Deeper.... Faster he goes!

I'm already a moaning mess.... I'm not in my right senses now!

All I can think of is him... and the pleasure he's giving me... the way he's making me feel so good....

I was meant to seduce him... I was meant to be in charge.... But reverse is the case, he's the one in charge.... I surrender myself to him as he shows his dominance.

I pressed my hips up against him, and then our bodies are in motion....

"You are so perfect, baby"

He's the perfect one....I can't compare to him with anything.

He continued thrusting faster than before....soon, I felt that thing building in my stomach again....like it's gonna explode.

"Cum with me, baby!" He said....but I don't understand him.

Before I could ask him what he meant....my back arch and......



We both screamed each other's names loudly.....I feel something warm pour inside me and I enjoyed the feeling I got from it..... Khalid waited in me until I don't feel that warm substance pouring anymore.

He leans down and kissed me.

"Baby.....you were so great, this is the best sex I've ever had" he said.

He pulled out of me and falls next to me on the bed....he grab me in his arms and cuddle with me. He kissed my shoulder.

I'm so exhausted.....and I feel hungry. Right on cue, my stomach growls loudly and Khalid chuckled.

"Ooh, look like someone's hungry after a hot rough sex!"

I hit him on his chest and turned away from him in embarrassment.....how can he speak vulgarly like that.

"Are you shy?" He tease me.

I couldn't speak, I'm too embarrassed to.

"Ok, I should go get you something to eat" he said.

He got off the bed and round the bed to my side to get his boxer.....I closed my eyes as he stands bare before me.

He chuckled richly.

"Baby, stop being shy....I'm your husband and you've seen all of me already!"

My cheeks flushed in more embarrassment, I picked a random pillow and throws it at him.

"Get out!"

"Hm...I hope I didn't disappoint you?"


He laughs and raised his hands.

"Ok! Ok!" He continues laughing as he head towards the door.

I sighed when he's out of the room.....now I need to bath, I smell like s£x!

I jumped off the bed abruptly and I regretted it instantly.....I clap my legs together as I feel pains in that area.

"Jesus! What did Khalid do to me? I guess he's tryna cripple me!"

I held onto the headboard to support myself.....my eyes zeroed on a spot on the bed and my eyes grow wide.

Blood! My blood!

Quickly, I removed the sheets....I can't let Khalid see this, I'll be so embarrassed!

Slowly, I leap until I got to the bathroom, I entered and locked it from inside....cause I know Khalid won't mind joining me.

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled..... though it was painful but I enjoyed it!


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