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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 25




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 25

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Catherine.

I saw that little girl again, she is back in the fire scene crying and banging on the door to open..

"Fire... Khalid... Khalid there's fire..."

How are we connected? Am I imagining things again?



My eyes snapped open and I'm met with a very high, white ceiling above me.... I felt I'm lying on something soft.... A bed.

I look around, I'm in a strange room. I quickly sat up and tries to remember what happened.

All I could remember was leaving the club and..... No, could it be I have been kidnapped?

"You are finally awake!" A female voice said.

I turned towards the voice and sighed when I saw it's my saviour from the club, the therapist.... Phoebe.

She hands me a glass of water and aspirin. "Take it, I bet your head is killing you!"

"Thank you!" I said and took them.... She's right, I have a hangover.

"Where am I?"

She sat on the edge of the bed next to me. "My home!"

"Oh!" I paused. "How long was I asleep?"

"12 hours"

"12 hours?!" I gasped loudly and wince when I felt a slight pain in my head.

"Yes, you slept all through the night.... Well, almost through the night"

"Almost? What do you mean?"

"From the way you were turning and crying in your sleep, I could tell you were having a nightmare" she said.

Hm. I didn't know.....but in my dream it was the little girl crying...why am I the one crying in reality?

She chuckled. "I can see you are confused.....tell me about your nightmare, I can help you"

"You can?"

She nods with a smile.

"Remember, I'm a therapist!"

Right.... she's a therapist, maybe she might help me clear my confusion. I cleared my throat and begin.

"I started having this nightmare since yesterday, i have fire phobia, so...............








"So, I'm honestly confused, I don't know how I'm connected with that little girl in my dream" I concluded.

She was quiet for a few minutes, she stared at me and pushed my head gently.

"Silly girl, that little girl is you!"

"The little girl is me?"

"Yes....what you saw in your dream was what actually happened to you, those are your lost memories" she explained.

If that little girl is me then I was really married to Khalid....and he wasn't the one who set my parents' house ablaze.

Then why did grandma lied to me? Why did she told me Khalid was the one that killed my parents? And who was that boy that caused the fire?

I have so many questions....but who to answer them?

"Catherine, I know you have so many unanswered questions..... only your husband can find the answers you seek. All you have to do is trust him, open your heart completely to him"

I should trust khalid? But he doesn't trust me.... He'll believe whatever that vicious woman tells him.

Phoebe takes my hand in hers.

"Catherine, I have been through all this before... In fact, what I went through was far worst than this but after everything, with the love and support of my husband and my family behind me....I succeeded.

You just have to be strong, patient and trust your man completely.... go back home and talk things through"

She is very right. That little girl is me that's why she looked so much like me.... why didn't I think of that?

Like she said, it looks like Khalid is the only one I can trust for now.... He was telling me the truth all along.

I need to talk to him, I must talk to him.

"Thank you, Phoebe"

"It's nothing....and please don't be stubborn, trust me it'll land you in greater trouble....I don't want you to repeat my mistakes!" She said.

Just then, the door open and a heavily pregnant lady walks in.... she's holding a little girl of 5years.

"Momma!" The little girl squeal and rushed into Phoebe's arms.

Phoebe kissed her cheeks and smiled brightly at her. "How is my baby girl doing?"

"Fine momma!" She turned to me. "Hello! I'm Joy, what's your name?"

"Hello, I'm Catherine but you can call me Cat"

She gasped loudly. "Cat? Like meow?!"

Her statement made everyone laughed.... she's clearly making fun of my name.

"You're so smart, how old are you?" I asked.

"Five!" She said and holds out four fingers...I laughed at how cute she is.

The pregnant lady moved closer and sat on a chair next to the bed.

"Hi, I'm Brittany" she pushed Phoebe's head. "This dummy's best friend!"

Phoebe glared at her.

"I'm not a dummy....at least I can spell my name!" She retorts.

Brittany rolled her eyes and scoffed. "Right!"

Brittany turned to me and smiled. "Are you ok now?"

I nod. Just then Joy's stomach growls and she quickly hides her face in her mom's chest.

"Momma, I want spaghetti" she grumbled. Phoebe pleads with Brittany to make her some and she agrees.

"Joy, come, aunty Britt will cook some delicious spaghetti for you!"

She nods and follows Brittany out....she doesn't take after Phoebe, I guess she took after her father.

"She's so cute...when is she expecting her baby sis or bro?"

Phoebe's smile falters and she looked away from me.

"She better don't expect any, cause she ain't gonna get any" she said somehow sad.

"Why won't she get any? Let me tell you being an only child is no fun... so, you must give her a brother or sister"

She sighed and shakes her head. "I'd love to but I can't"


She cleared her throat.

"Remember I told you not to repeat my mistakes.... Well, I won't be able to have anymore kids because of my stubbornness. It was a miracle that Joy could survive!" Her eyes brim with tears... though she's trying to hold them back.

She can't have babies? What exactly did she went through?

"If I should get pregnant now, it'll cost my life!" She takes my hand again. "So, please, I'm begging you... Listen to your husband, no matter how much he offended you, try to forgive him... Be on the same track as him"

"I heard your advice, thank you!"

I glanced at the wall clock and sprint up immediately.... It's 11:40am!

"I should be on my way now!"

"Yeah, I heard none of Lucifer's men slept last night"

I frown. "How did you know his name?"

I remembered I didn't tell her Khalid's name. She simply laughed.

"My husband wouldn't let some random stranger in his house... He did a quick background check on you!"

I nod... that makes much more sense.

"Ok, thank you very much"

"You're welcome.... Oh, can you get a cab or I should help you get one?"

"Don't worry, I can get one myself!"

"Alright! Take care on your way back!"

I nod.... She's a kind woman and pretty wise, it's a pity I didn't get to meet her husband... I'd have thank him too for accepting me in.



I entered the mansion and everywhere is silence....almost all of Khalid's guards are in the living room but none was smiling.

It's not as if they ever smile....but right now their faces have no trace of joy....

"Boss lady?" One of them called.

Soon they all raised their heads... relieved sighs filled the air. They moved aside as Chris rushed towards me.

"Boss lady! Where did you go?! We were looking you all night!! The boss...he...." He trails off.

I take a close look at him, he's got dark circles....I guess Khalid made it hard on them.

"Chris, I'm fine... where's Khalid?"


"What is he doing?"

He shakes his head. "It's best you saw it yourself!"

I nod and rushed upstairs....right outside the door of our room, I heard a loud crash and I flinched back.... mostly because, that was the same sound I heard at Anika's party before I was trapped in that room.

I heard the crash again....this time louder. I ran in without hesitation and stopped right at the door.

I looked around at all the damage done.... Khalid haven't seen me as his back was facing me.

Our bed is broken...the couches in the room broken....the glass table broken.... our room currently looks like a madman's cave.

He rushed to the big flat screen TV in the room and pulled it off the wall...he raised it up but before he could let it fall, I called his name and he halts.

He turned around slowly and stared at me....he stared at me as if he couldn't believe I'm actually here!

Like seriously? I was only gone for a night and this is what he's become?

"Catherine?!" He called softly.

He throws the tv randomly and it crashed....he rushed towards me and sweeps me off my feet, he crashed his lips on mine and kissed me roughly.

Though, the kiss was rough and brief.... I felt all his emotions. He rests his head on my chest and sob.

He looked at my body frantically as he's looking for any injuries.

"Baby, are you hurt anywhere? Did anybody bully you at the club? Do you know how worried I was...I sent my men to all the clubs but they couldn't find you...I was so scared! Where did you go?! Are you ok?!"

I frown.... What's wrong with him? Is he still the fearless Lucifer?!

He doesn't let me speak before he starts apologizing.

"I'm sorry... Baby.. I'm so sorry, I.. i.. didn't listen to you, it's all my fault! I was too careless and didn't check on you... I'm sorry.... I swear from now on I'll listen to you... I'll only listen to you...I'm sorry...."

"I'm fine.... "

"No, you're not fine... Chris said you had a panic attack and I wasn't there to comfort you... I'm sorry, please forgive me... "

"Really, I'm fine!" I told him.... but he doesn't stop muttering sorry.

He's feeling guilty and he's supposed to as he's at fault... But he's not the only one at fault here, I'm also at fault... I didn't handle things wisely.

I should find way to make him stop blaming himself.... then it clicked.

"Khalid, I have good news!"

"I'm sor.... Good news?!"

I nod. "I remember!"

He frown... I tap him to let me down and he did.

"I remembered it all... You weren't lying to me! We have really being married since we were children"

The worry lines on his forehead wipes off and his lips quirked in a smile.

"Really?! You remembered?!"

"Yes... And I'm ready to give us a chance! I want to give our marriage a chance!"

This is the only way for us to move forward and find the answers we both need.

"You are ready to give us a chance? Like.... You and me?" He asked unbelievably.

I nod, I went on tiptoe and pecks his lips.... I smiled at him.

"Yes, I wanna give you and I a chance!" I paused and look around the room. "Get the boys to put everything in order and I'll show you how serious I am about giving us a chance!"

"How are you gonna show me?!"

"If you wanna find out, tell them to clean the mess you caused now!" I winked at him and head out.

"Then where are you going?!" He asked after me.

"None of your business!" I replied.



After searching the whole mansion, I finally found Valerie in the garden trimming flowers.


She turned and saw me, she dropped the water hose and rushed to grab me in a very tight hug.

"Mistress! You are back!" She squeeze me more.

I cough and taps her back. "C-can't.. breath!"

"Oh!" She quickly lets me go. "Mistress, where did you go last night? Why didn't you come back home?"

"I passed out from drinking too much but luckily a good samaritan found me and took me to her home" I explained.

She sighed.

"Thank God you're okay, Master was so angry and nobody in the mansion could calm him down!"

I rolled my eyes... tell me something I don't know.

"Don't mind Khalid, he was behaving like a cave man!"

She laughed at my statement... She showed me to a bench and we sat discussing about random stuffs.

Some minutes later, Janice came and join us..... Since I didn't like being around her.. I stood up just as she sat down.

"Valerie, I should head back to my room... It's been a long day and I need a warm bath"

"Oh, should I help you with your clothes?"

I shake my head. "No, I can do it myself" that said, I left immediately.

I won't give Janice any chance to get close to me... who knows what she might use against me.



"Wow!" I nod in contentment as I step back in our room.

It doesn't look as if this was the room Khalid turned upside down moments ago.... Everything is back to their original place.

"So, you said you wanna show me your sincerity?" Khalid whisper in my ear.

When did he get to my back? I moved away from him and pushed him towards the door.

"Go out, I wanna take my bath!"

"Do I have to go then?"

"Yep!" I shut the door on his face and smirk.


# Lucifer .

I arrived downstairs.... It was noisy but silence took over when they noticed my presence.

"Boss!" They chorused.

I nod to acknowledge their greetings.

"Thank your fucking stars that my wife is safe... I don't want something like this to repeat itself!!"

"Yes, boss!"

Chris came to my side.

"Boss, you punched one of our men and he...."

He swallowed his words as I glared at him.

"Take him to a fucking hospital and get him treated!"

"Hospital? I thought you'd ask me to call Anika"

"She won't be coming here no more! Tell the boys, no one should let her in my mansion!!"




It's been more than thirty minutes.... I wonder if Catherine is done bathing.

Currently, I'm sitting in the living room... Smoking! The boys have all gone back to their post.

I got up and head upstairs.... I knock on our door and hear her say come in.

I opened the door and stepped in...... My mouth suddenly ran dry at the sight in front of me.

I gulped loudly as I take in her appearance.

She laid on our bed in red lingerie.... she raised her hips seductively.... she bites her lips and I find myself imagining I'm the one biting those lips.... She winks at me and calls me with her middle finger.

I felt my d+k twist in my pants.... She doesn't know what she's doing to me!

Or is this the sincerity she was talking about.

"Come to me, darling!" She slurs throatily.

My legs acted on their and starts moving towards her.

"I'm ready!" She said.....

T. B. C

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