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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 21




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 21

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



I can't believe my men are so stupid.... It's been five days since Lucifer kidnapped Cat, but up till now those useless men of mine haven't been able to bring her back.

I angrily slammed my laptop on the floor... Without Cat, we can't get those documents.

"Cousin!" Donovan strolls into my office and balanced himself on a chair.

His gaze moved to my damaged laptop on the floor and clears his throat. "What is making my cousin so angry?"

"Lucifer!!" I said and clenched my fist... I so wanna kill him right now!

He smirked and got up, he walked towards me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Lucifer won't be our problem soon... I have the easiest way to get Catherine and those documents from him"

"What do you mean?!"

"Well, for one, we have my sister in his mansion and I'm sure she will get those documents in no time.... Then as for getting Catherine back, I have someone who doesn't want her to be together with Lucifer... If we can work together with that person we'll get Catherine back!"

Hmm, this is a brilliant idea... since Lucifer is too tough for me to handle, this will be the only way to get Catherine back from him.

I nod. "Okay, when can I meet with this person?"

"Today, at noon.. she'll come here"

"Hm. That is good!"

He studied me through narrowed eyes for a few minutes.

"But Catherine is just a pawn in our game... Why do you want her back so badly?"

I glared at him but he didn't flinch away, he stared at me straight in my eyes.

"Though she is just a pawn, but I can't let Lucifer have her!!" I growled.

He smirked but didn't say another word....


# Valerie.

I smiled as I trimmed the flowers in the garden.... Since our mistress came to the mansion things he been going on fine, master doesn't keep his usual long, cold face anymore.

He's more like a human being now.... We haven't heard of him killing anyone recently, which is a great achievement.

Usually, before mistress came, he'd kill more than five people each day.... But that hasn't happened for the past five days.

And mistress... Ugh! Let's say she's having a battle with Miss Anika!

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around with the water hose still in my hand and.....

"Holy sh*t!" Mr Chris?

I quickly threw the hose on the ground and turned off the tap, I turned slowly back to Mr Chris.... He's standing still with water dripping off him.

He raised his head and I smile nervously.

"M-mr... Mr Chris... I.. you... I...." I shut my mouth as I couldn't form a straight word.

"Don't worry, I'm fine!" He said and takes out a handkerchief from his pocket and wipes off as much water as he can.

"I'm so sorry... I didn't know it was you" I said.

He smiled at me and I'm surprised.... This is the second time he's spoken to me... I have always admired him, I have a crush on him but I have never mustered enough courage to approach him until he did.

"It's okay, well, Val I couldn't ask boss for a day off for you yet... but I'm gonna ask him soon, will you still be available?"

My hands quickly find way to my cheeks as I feel them flame up.


He nods and turns to leave but stopped abruptly as if he remembered something.

"Er... Val, I want you to help me do something"


"You know boss is so good to us, so we should keep him safe at all times, right?"

I nod.

"So, I want you to keep an eye on Janice... Report back to me what she does everyday and who she meets with"

I frown.

"Janice? Why? Is she a bad person?" I asked.... Janice seems like a sweet girl to me, I don't think she's evil.

"She might be a bad person, we're not sure yet... That's why, I want you to help me keep an eye on her"

Hmm... Well, we're all working for Master and I can't watch anything bad happen to him.


His phone beep and he checked it. "Boss lady wants you in their room!" He told me.

I nod.

"I still have other things to do, I gotta go" he said and rushes off.

I quickly head towards the mansion.... I head upstairs towards the master's bedroom.

I feel that Master and mistress have become closer these few days.... Mistress never leaves master's side, especially when Miss Anika comes for a visit... And she always make sure Miss Anika never gets master's attention.

I guess maybe mistress is acting jealous....

Though she always argues with master, but I can clearly see she loves master just as much as he loves her... Like.....

*Khalid put down my bra!* Her voice cuts me off from inside their room... I'm outside their room right now.

*Wait, I'm trying it on!*

*You're a man, have you heard of a man wearing a bra?*

*Well, I can be the first*

*Put it down before I lose it!*

*Baby, I don't think this bra is gonna fit me... Don't you have a bigger size?*

*Grrrrrr!! You're sleeping on the floor tonight!*

*Baby, don't be like that... I....*

I tone them off, clearly this is not the right time to serve mistress... I will just come back later.

So, you see what I was saying.... These little argument is what brings them closer.

It's either master tries on her jean pants...bum short...crop top and so on...and they'll argue about it which will end up with master apologising non-stop.

And sometimes mistress would send him out of the room when she's had enough of his troubles.

They're so cute and makes me wish to be in a relationship.



# Andy .

I looked at the lady sitting in front of me....she is so gorgeous and makes me wonder why she'd waste her time on Lucifer.

"Are you gonna say something? Or you want to continue staring at my face?" She said.

Now I know she's a bitch! She and lucifer will really make a perfect match!

Don cleared his throat. "Let's not beat around the bush....we all have the same aim here. Andy this is Anika... Anika this is my cousin Andy"

The bitch smirked.

"Well, Andy, I want Lucifer and you want that bitch!"

I glared at her and banged my hand on my table.

"Catherine is not a bitch!" No one is allowed to insult her....only I have the right to.

Her smirk grew wider.

"Oh? But that's what she is!"

"I said she is not a bitch! I won't listen to you insult her!"

We glared at each other....Don looked between us and sighed.

"Guys...we shouldn't fight each other, remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend" he turned to the bitch. "You want Lucifer and we want Catherine.... let's work together to keep them apart"

The bitch scoffed and look away from me.

"I have a plan already but I need your help" she said rudely.

"How do you need our help?" Don asked her.

"I need to know her weakness....her fears!"

I sprint from my chair and gripped her neck tightly, to the extent she's choking.

"Why do you want to know her fears?!" I growled in her face.

Don pulled me away from her and she gasp for air.

"Andy!! I don't care why she wants to know....all I want is the result, that's all that matters!!" He said.

I glared at her and she glared right back at me unfazed.

"Fire...her fear is fire!" Don told her.

"Humph! I see!" She said....The bitch got up and carried her bag.

"Tomorrow is my birthday, I'll lure Lucifer out of the mansion and you'll have to find way to get her out before evening!" She leaves without saying another word.

"The bitch is so arrogant!" I growled.

"Andy, she's our only hope of getting Catherine back... don't do anything stupid!"

Lucifer! If I get Catherine back I'll definitely come for you.... I'll kill you, Lucifer!!.

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