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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 22




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 22

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



Looking out the window, I met the most perfect view ever.... watching the oceans and listen to the sound of the waves... Music to the ears.

I groan loudly when I remembered khalid's failed promise, I turned to him on the bed.... He's sleeping so peacefully.

He can't sleep peacefully until he fulfill his promise... I stormed to him and poke his cheeks, but he didn't wake.. he simply groan and turn.

I continue it for a few more times but he still didn't wake... Then I suddenly pulled his ear hard and he woke up instantly, grunting in pain.

"What the hell!! Baby, it hurts!!" He growled.

I scoffed mentally.

"It hurts? I don't think so!"

He looked at me sleepily.

"How have I offended you this morning? I kept your bra back in its position, I swear!"

He falls back to continue his sleeping... Not under my watch, I smacked his shoulder loudly and he quickly sit up... sleep no more in his eyes. I smiled.

"Bloody hell, baby!!"

"Don't swear in front of me!! And when are we gonna go shopping?"

"We'll go when I'm sure you ain't gonna sneak away"

"You said that six days ago...is five days not enough to confirm my sincerity?" He didn't say anything, just stared at me.

I smiled and placed my hands under my chin and make an innocent, cute face.

"Is this pretty face not honest enough... Look, this pretty face can't think of running away"

"But... "

I frown and walked away from the bed, i sat at a corner with my back resting against the wall... I brought my knees closer to my chest and rest my chin on it.

Then I burst into dramatic tears.

"You..." Hiccup "promise...." Hiccup "to..." Hiccup "take me... " Hiccup "to the.... " Hiccup "mall...." Hiccup "but now....."

I opened my mouth widely and let out a very loud cry. Khalid quickly rushed from the bed towards me and swoops me in his arms, he rests my head on his chest and rocks me slowly.

"Ok, ok, that's enough, baby"

"No.. it's not... You lied to me.... "

"We'll go today, in fact, we'll go right now!"

I paused my crying scene.

"Really? Right now?" He nods.

I jumped off his arms and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, thank you!" That being said, I dashed into the bathroom to take my bath.

Well, let me brief you guys on what happened.... I told Khalid I'll go wide shopping six days ago and he's been postponing it up till now.

Just yesterday, Valerie gave me this tip and truly it worked... We are going shopping at last.



I came out of the closet and saw Khalid sitting on our bed, reading a newspaper, a small frown on his perfect face.... No, I take that back... no perfect face!

I frown when I take in his appearance.... He's fully dressed in plain white t-shirts and black jeans.

"You came out finally, I was beginning to wonder if something happened to you inside!" He said... Sarcasm coaxed his words.

I rolled my eyes.

"Where did you took your bath?"

"One of the guest rooms" he replied.

I picked his credit card off the nightstand and shove it in my pocket... I snatched the newspaper from him and tossed it on the bed.

"Let's go!" I said. He nod and got off the bed, then we head towards the living room.

Getting to the living room I groaned loudly at what I saw.... no, sorry, who I saw... If you can guess who!

She sprint off the sofa when she saw Khalid and I, she pushed me from khalid's side roughly and flung her arms around his waist.

"Oh, Luci... Longest time!" She said in a sweet voice.... that infuriated me.

Who does she think she is... Barging in my home and hugging my husband in front of me..... Wait, my home?!

Ugh! Nevermind! I'm doing all this for Lucifer's good.

I fell down on my own and grab my ankle.

"Oh my God! It hurts... Sweet baby Jesus! It hurts...." I cried in fake pain.

Let's see who Khalid will choose.

Khalid pushed her off and came to me.... She's glaring daggers at me, while I'm smirking at her.

*He'll always choose me!* I tell her telepathically.

I can imagine her threatening me.... tell me to watch my back, her eyes said it all. In case she doesn't know, I'm ready for her too.

"Where does it hurt? Here?" He asked touching my ankle.

"Yes, yes, it hurts!"

"sorry, baby" he turned to Anika. "Anika, can you please check her ankle?"

"No!" Anika and I exclaimed at once.

I don't want her to touch me... She might purposely dislocate a bone and get me bedridden... No, I don't want that.

"No? Then what should I do?" He asked me.... Worried.

"It's not that serious... It doesn't need doctor's attention!" I turned to Anika and pass her a tight smile. "What brought you here, Anika?"

She scoffed and eyed me but turned to Khalid with a warm perfect smile.

"Lucifer, today is my birthday and you didn't wish me happy birthday.... Have you forgotten my birthday so soon?"

Khalid smacked his forehead. "I'm sorry, Anika..."

"Don't say sorry, you can make it up to me"

"How? Do you want a present? Tell me what you need... anything and I'll get it for you!"

"I don't want anything. I'm throwing a party at my place by 2pm, I want you to be my guest.... Celebrate with me"

I narrowed my eyes.... I don't think this party of hers is gonna be just a party.... this might be a trap for Khalid.

"A party.... I'll...."

"No!" I cut off Khalid.

He looked at me with a frown.


Why? If I tell him Anika has bad intentions he won't believe me.... It's best I just let him go... No, we'll both go, I want to see what Anika is up to.

"I mean, no you can't go alone... I'll come with you, after all, it's your younger sister's birthday, right?"

"Yeah! That's so thoughtful of you, baby" he pecks my lips and I wink at Anika.

Her face goes red in anger... I can imagine smoking coming out of her ears right now.

"Luci...she can't come with you"

"Why?" He asked.

"If... If.. if she comes she'll... be bored, I mean we are family, her coming will make her feel like a third wheel... She'll be like a stranger"

Ugh, what a lame excuse but before I could answer, Khalid already did.

"She won't feel like a stranger, she's family too... My wife!"

"Yes, Anika, my husband will keep me company" I pipes in.

"But... I... You... She.... "

I raised an eyebrow at her, she's short of words.... Catherine 2, Anika 0!

"Khalid, I don't think I can walk" I raised my hands. "Carry me!"

He nod and does as I said. Anika's expression is priceless... She looked so livid... I'm sure she is killing me in her heart right now.

"Anika, see you later!" Khalid tells her and head outside.



4 hours later.....at the mall.

"Baby, can we go back now please?" Khalid whined, shifting on his foot.

I looked at the bags in Chris's hands... They should be 13 in total. I glanced at Valerie, she look so tired... I guess I have drain all her energy.

"I still have few other things to buy"

"You said that 3hours ago, baby"

"I know, but.... "

"Baby, it's 1:30pm already"


"Anika's party is by 2pm"

I clapped my hands together, put my right hand on my waist and point the other at him.

"Oh! I see, so it's all about anika's party! Huh?"

"No, it's..... "

"Why are you in a hurry to go to her party?!" I growled at him.... and it kinda makes me sound jealous.

Khalid sighed and pulled me in a hug. "Cathy, I'm her only family now... I should be there to celebrate with her" he explained calmly.

I huffed... His explanation is good, he should be there for her but a nagging feeling in my mind says I shouldn't let him go.

"If I say you shouldn't go, will it make look selfish?"

He nods.

"Fine! Let's go and get ready!"

"That's my girl!" He leans forward to kiss my forehead but I didn't let him, I stormed towards the exit.



Classic music plays as we step in anika's home..... I didn't know what connections she has, but her party is filled with people of all walks in life.

It makes me feel like I don't belong here. Though I'm dressed in gorgeous clothing but I still feel like I don't belong here.

"Everyone you see here is in the Mafia or have connections in the Mafia circle.... They are all sinful people, please don't leave my side!" Khalid told me.... Well, more like command.

"Yes, boss!" I replied.

"Don't call me boss!" He pulled my cheeks softly, I rolled my eyes.

Khalid quickly changed his demeanor.... he look domineering now, a cold and dark aura suddenly surrounded him... Is this really the man that came in here with me?

*Who is that girl with Lucifer?!*

*This is the first time he came to a party with a female companion!*

*She must be one of his sluts!*

*And she doesn't seem like a high-class*

*Even with those fine clothes she look like a pauper!*

These are the murmuring I'm hearing around me right now.... Khalid's grip around my waist tightened and I look up at him.

He looked furious, like a raging vocalno, ready to explode.

"Khalid, don't listen to them... I'm fine!" I whispered to him.

"I don't think I can ignore them, I might just shut them up with my bullet!"

I gasped... I can't let him kill someone because of me, their blood will be on my hands.... I can't bear that burden.

"Don't even think of using your gun today!"

"If there's a need for it, I'll use it"

"There won't be any need for it, ignore anyone that tries to cause you trouble"

I look around and saw Anika making a toast with a man.

"Look over there, let's go wish her a happy birthday" I said and he agrees.

We walked towards her. She stopped talking to the man and excused herself from there and head towards us.

"Luci! You are here!" She tries to hug Khalid but I rushed in front of him and she hugged me instead.

"Happy birthday, Anika!" I said with an overly sweet smile.

She quickly pushed herself away from me and glared at me.

"Oh, you came too!" She said.

"Yes! I came too!" I replied.

We both continue glaring at each other... Khalid clears his throat and smiled at her.

"Anika, happy birthday!"

"Thank you, Lucifer!" She quickly wear a wide smile... I rolled my eyes, what a chameleon she is!

"You look gorgeous in this dress!" Khalid said and I elbowed his rib before I could stop myself.

He hold his rib but didn't complain. How dare he praised her? Vicious woman!

"Really, thanks!" She said.

She look around and her eyes settled on a table. "Come with me" she said.

I glared at Khalid as we followed her.

"This is your table, please enjoy the party"

"Thank you!" I said.

She scoffed "I should go greet other guests!" She leaves swaying her hips as she walks.

I smacked khalid's shoulder and he stared at me in confusion.

"What did I do?"

"Why did you compliment her? And to think you would compliment me!"

"Baby, you are always the best!"


# Anika .

I stare at the bitch as she is laughing freely and getting all touchy with Lucifer.

"That's her! You know what to do!" I said to my men.

They nod and left my side.... Blending in the crowd.

Today, I'll get rid of her.


# Catherine.

Khalid and I was talking when two men approach us.

"Lucifer... Longest time, we haven't seen you in the casino lately" one of them said and sat on the opposite chair... same with the other one.

"Who's this? Your latest chic?" The other one asked.

Khalid bangs his hand on the table.

"She's my wife!!" He growled at the man.

"Your wife? She look so young!"

"Are you trying to say I'm old?"

"No, no...."

"Dylan, shut up!" The first man scold the other. "Lucifer, we are here to discuss something very important to you!"

"What is it, Leon?" Khalid asked him.

I suddenly feel the need to use the restroom, I tapped khalid's lap gently and he gave me his attention.

"What?" He asked.

"I'm gonna go to the restroom, I'll be back soon"

"Wait, I'll dismiss them and come with you"

"No, that'll be rude. Stay with them, I'll be right back"

"No, I must.... "

I placed a finger on his lips and shushed him. "I'll be back real quick!"

He hesitate but nod. "Don't speak to anyone!" He warned me.

I nod and got up. "Excuse me gentlemen.... There's something I wanna take care of" I said politely.

"It's fine" they both replied.

I quickly left there and begin to look for the restroom.... After a few minutes, passing through hallways I found it.

I quickly entered and carried out my business.... Just as I step out, two boys of probably my age rushed towards me.

"Miss, Lucifer's got into a fight!!" One said.

I frown.... It's just ten minutes I left and he's already got himself in a fight.

"Miss, hurry, he's threatening to kill the man!"

Kill? He wanna kill someone? I grabbed one of the boys' hand.

"Take me to him!" They nod and run off, I ran after them.



We stopped in front of a room, sound of glass falling and breaking were heard. I also hear grunts coming out of the room.... This must be the place.

"Miss, he's inside... He's the one breaking those glass"

Without hesitation I rushed inside.

"Khalid! Khalid! Khalid!" No one answered.

Everything became suddenly calm.... No sound of glass breaking, no grunts are heard... It's total silence.

I looked around in confusion... There's no glass on the floor.... Are these boys playing a prank on me? I turned back to face them.

"It's not April's fool day, why did you fool me?"

"Sorry, we are just following orders!" Just like that they shut the door.... I rushed towards it will bang on the door.

"Hey! Open the door! Open the door.... Don't think this is funny!"

The room went black instantly... I couldn't see anything. What is happening?!

I look around trying to find way to leave but my eyes land on a candle.... Shining in the middle of the room. My eyes focused on the small flame... My breath quickens as I tried to stay strong.... Telling myself it's just a small fire... It's just a candle stick.

But I couldn't be brave... I slumped down and hold my head.

"Fire... F-fire... Fire... Khalid there's... there's fire... Khalid.... "

My eyes move around and I noticed the fire is growing bigger and bigger..... It's like it's about to consume me.

I fold myself in a corner as I screamed loudly,... tears running down my cheeks.

"There's fire.... Khalid.... Fire... there's a huge fire.... Help... Help me.... Someone.... Fire.... "

Why is no one coming? I'm gonna die.... I'm suffocating.

"Khalid... Khalid.... Fire..... " Darkness!



I watched as the little girl is running in the garden, her kite flying high in the sky.

"Khalid...look! My kite is flying high!" She giggled happily.....why does she look so much like me?

"Stop running! You're gonna fall" the boy cautioned her.

I can't see his face clearly but I can tell he's happy.

"If I fall you'll catch me!" The little girl laughed.

I don't know what happened but that scene wiped off and I saw another scene....the little girl saw on a study desk, drawing on book.

The boy sat on another desk, writing. He stopped and faced the little girl.

"Cathy, are you done with your homework?" He asked her.

"Yes!" She answered.

"Show me"

She turned her drawing book and the boy groan. "Cathy this isn't your homework, what did you drew?"

"You! I drew you!"

"Me? This doesn't look like me!"

"It's you! And I'm gonna marry you!"

The boy laughed at her bluntness and takes the drawing book from her.

"Okay, I'll keep this painting of me and cherish it"

Just like before that scene wiped off and another scene came.

In this scene, the little girl, the boy and four adults....two women and two men. They sat like they are in a meeting.

"Cathy, remember how you always hang out with Khalid and said you wanna marry him?" One of the men asked the little girl.

She nod quickly with a smile.

"Good! Now you have the opportunity to marry him, do you want marry him now?" He asked her again.

"Yes! Yes! Finally!" She exclaimed.

"Good! Take, sign here!"

She takes a pen and sign something that looks like a certificate. She turns to the boy and whisper in his ear.

"Wait, I have a present for you!" Then she rushed off.

Another scene came...the little girl holds a box in her hands, she giggles as she head towards the house.

But she stopped and frown....she saw a boy locking the door to her home, he rushed to the back and set the building on fire....she throws the box and ran to the door. She bangs on the door as she yells.

"Fire...fire.... there's fire..... Khalid..... Khalid.... there's fire!" The little girl cried.

I wanted to help her open the door but I couldn't....she tries to break the key but couldn't...she continues banging on the door.

"Khalid.... Khalid....break the door.... there's fire....the house is on fire.....!" She slumps on the floor.....she holds her head and cried loudly...

"Fire...fire... Khalid...." She whispers.

I want to embrace her and comfort her but I know I can't....I'm here, I'm seeing everything happening but I can't help because it feels like I'm not here.

Just then a man came and hits her head with a bat and she passed out!



My eyes snapped open and I sit up, I look around frantically, looking if the fire is still on but there's no fire.

The little girl too is no where to be found....I'm back in Khalid's room.

"Mistress, you are awake!" Someone said.

I turned and saw Valerie holding a bowl of water and a small towel in her hands.

So, that was a dream? The little girl losing her family in that fire....it was a dream? But it felt so real, like it really happened!

And she looked so much like me....a younger version of me..... could that be my lost memories? Or maybe it's my imagination!

"Mistress, are you ok?" Valerie asked me.

I nod.

"How long did I sleep?" I asked.

"4 hours!"

I nod and sighed... I rest my head against the headboard....I knew those boys were pulling a prank.

"Who brought me back?"

"Mr Chris!"

I frown.

"Chris?!" She nods. "Where is Khalid? Why didn't he bring me back?"

"Oh, master, he took Miss Anika to the hospital"

"He took Anika to the hospital? And left me in that room?"

"Don't get him wrong, mistress, he ordered Mr Chris to bring you back because he's the only family Miss Anika have. He......"

"That is not an excuse! I'm his wife! I'm supposed to be his priority....he abandoned me to save her?"


I cut her off with a glare. I don't blame him for choosing to save her.... she's gorgeous, went to one of the best schools and she's got a legit job....a doctor, but me, what do I have.... nothing!

I'm nothing but a waitress at a very local restaurant!

I need some air.... I'll go to a place where I'll forget my sorrow and stop feeling sorry for my pathetic life.

"Valerie, help me get dressed"

"Are you going somewhere, mistress?"



"A nightclub!"


I smirked.

"Dress me like those girls that goes to nightclub!"

God forgive me....I just want to be free tonight!

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