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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 18




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 18

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



Lucifer paced back and forth anxiously in his room, as Anika treats Catherine. He turned to Chris and glared at him.

"Chris! What happened to the car? Why wasn't anything working?! Wasn't the car checked before we left?!" He growled at Chris.... His eyes red.

Chris glanced at the other guards ad they stood still in a straight line.... They're all avoiding making eye contact with him.

"F**king answer me!!"

They all flinched.

"B-boss... We checked the car..."

"Then what happened? Why did the brakes fail?! Why didn't the doors open?!"

"It's my fault, boss... I should have rechecked it. I.... "

"Shut the f**k up, Chris!!" He glared at all of them and pulled his hair angrily. "All of you.... No salary for this month!! Get out!!"

"Yes, boss!" They said and rushed out.... excluding Chris.


"I need you to find out who did this! Report back to me latest this evening!"

"Yes, boss!" He knows better than to argue with Lucifer right now... Arguing with him will only make him angrier.

Anika taps Lucifer's shoulder and he turns around quickly.

"How is it going? Is she ok?" He asked anxiously.... his tone coaxed with worry.

Anika rolled her eyes at how worried Lucifer looked.... She has never seen him being like this before.

*Humph! Let's see if you'd still be this worried when you finds out that she might not recover her memories!* She thought to herself.

"Anika, say something!" Lucifer said.

"She is fine... she passed out from shock, she'll wake up any minute"

He exhaled loudly and pats his chest... His mind is a little at rest now.

He pushed Anika gently and rushed towards Catherine... He held her hand in his and kissed it softly. Anika inhale deeply and glared at Catherine, cursing her mentally.

*This is the perfect opportunity to tell Lucifer about her situation*

She smiled. "Lucifer.... There's something you must know"

Lucifer paused and turned to her.

"What? Is something wrong with her? You said she passed out from shock.... Is it more complicated?"

"Erm... Actually, yeah!"


She shuffles through her bag and hands him the test results.

"She's been on narcotics for years.... Her chance of ever regaining her memories is very slim!"

"Wait... You mean, she's been on drugs?!"

"Yes. Narcotics painkillers are used to relieve chronic pain, such as pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis... But if a person consumes these drugs for too long, maybe two to three years... It can interfere with long and short term memory loss!"

"So, it's not possible for her to regain her memories?"

She shake her head.

"I'm afraid, no. Judging from the test results... she's being on these drugs for more two years"

Lucifer turned back to Catherine... He couldn't believe what Anika just told him.

*So, she's being through hell all these years!* He wonders.

*This must be the Mars doing! They must be the one drugging her!*

Lucifer just confirmed his doubts... The Mars must surely be involved in what happened years ago... But how are they connected is something he's yet to figure out.

"Luci, we don't know what she is up to, it's best you chase her away.... You both have being apart for years, who knows if she's colluded with your enemies" Anika said.

Lucifer shakes his head.

"No! She needs me more than anything now... I can't chase her away"

"But she's never gonna recover her lost memories!"

"Yeah, I know... But I'm gonna be with her through this, I'll help her remember... We'll go through this together!"

"Luci.... "

"That's enough! Chris see her out!"

"But you..... "

"Chris, now!!"

Chris nods and comes in front of her and showed her the door.

"This way please" he said.

She glared at Catherine. *Just you watch and see, bitch!* She huffed angrily and leaves the room, slamming the door shut behind her.

Lucifer held Catherine's hand, and caresses her hair softly.

"Baby, I'm sorry, I failed you... I wasn't there when you needed me most... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry"

Suddenly he felt Catherine grip his hand tighter and whisper his name softly.

"Khalid... Khalid... Khalid..."

"I'm here, you're safe..." He swallowed his words as Catherine's eyes snaps open.

She sits up abruptly and look around frantically, she rushed to the edge of the bed and rests her back on the headboard.... Her chin rests on her knees as she wrap her arms around herself.

"Fire... Khalid... there's fire....."

Lucifer rushed to her and hug her... She tries to move away from him but he didn't let go, he held her tightly and whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

"Cathy, calm down.. there's no fire, you are safe!"

"No fire?"

"No, no fire... You are safe!"

She looked around again and realized there's really no fire.... She takes a deep breath and rest her head on Lucifer's chest.

"We escaped the fire?" She asked.


They stayed that way in silence for a few minutes... She pulled away when she's calm.

"Thank you, Lucifer"

Lucifer frown.

"Thank you for saving me!" She said.

"Don't thank me.... I was reckless and it almost cost us our lives, I almost lost you today because I wasn't careful enough... I'm sorry"

Catherine takes his hand... She stared in his eyes and saw sincerity.... She had thought Lucifer is a bad man and he killed her parents.

But now, she's seeing him in another light...if he's really her enemy, why would he bother himself saving her... It would have been easier for him to get rid of her in the accident, but he saved her.

*Maybe, he's not as bad as I thought* she thinks.

"Lucifer, you shouldn't beat yourself up... Nobody planned for it to happen.. we are not God, we can't predict what will happen!"

"But... "

"No buts, Lucifer... Thankfully, we are both safe"

Lucifer nods and pulled her in for a hug, she didn't push him away because she thinks he needed the hug.... In fact they both needed it.

Lucifer pulled away when he remembers Catherine calling out his real name when she was unconscious.

"Baby, I wanna ask you.... Did you remember anything? Do you remember me now?"

Catherine simply stared at him feeling lost... she doesn't seem to get what Lucifer's saying.

"You called me Khalid when you were unconscious, don't you remember?"

She frowned and shake her head.

"No... Is your name Khalid?"

"Yes, that's my real name. Don't you remember?"

"No, I don't remember anything... I don't even remember calling you Khalid"

"But.... You... If you don't remember, how come you called my name?"

She shrugged. "I don't know..... Maybe I called it on reflex, I guess it's the only name that came to my mind... But I really don't remember a thing"

Lucifer stayed silence and sighed deeply.

"I guess it's because of the drugs!" He whispered but Catherine seems to have heard him.

"Drugs?!" She asked.

Lucifer hesitate, he's not sure if he should tell her or not... Will she believe him?

"Lucifer, what drugs?"

He cleared his throat.

"Were you taking any drugs?" He asked her.

"No! Why?"

"Well.. it seems..." He trails off.

"What?!" She asked him anxiously.

"It seems someone has been drugging you... Like they are purposely blocking your memories"

"Blocking my memories? That's not possible... I don't take drugs and nobody is drugging me"

Lucifer picks the test results and hands it to her. "Here's the results... It's stated that you have been on these drugs for years"

Catherine scan the results and frown.... She squeezes the results and throws it away.

"It's not true.... I have being with Andy and grandma all my life, I'd know if they are drugging me.... It can't be them"

"Andy? Andy Mars?" She nods. " Hmm, now that you said so... I think it's possible they're the one drugging you"

"Don't.... "

"Catherine" he cuts her off. "I have always wondered how you end up with the Mars.... They could be involved with our parents' deaths.... Maybe you knew a secret that they don't want you to remember!"

Catherine move away from him and glared at him.

"That's not possible! Grandma and Andy are the kindest people I have ever seen! They..... "

"Catherine... Think, why is it that you don't remember anything about your childhood? Not even your parents! You can't trust people blindly.... They won't let you know they're drugging you"

"How do you mean?"

"I mean, they might drug your food or drinks!"

That got her thinking... What if he's right.


# Catherine.

Thinking about Lucifer's words, he might be right.

Now that I think about it, Andy and grandma never let me on the kitchen... They're always the ones who took care of my meals... But could they be really drugging me? And why would they even do that?

"Cathy, you gotta believe me... They might not be who you think they are!"

I recall that recently, grandma and Andy are against me meeting with Lucifer... They always tell me bad things about him to stop me from meeting him.

Could it be Lucifer and I are really connected? Are they hiding something from me?


"Lucifer, I want to be alone!"

"Why? You don't believe me?"

"I just want to be alone" I told him.

He didn't say anything more... He simply nods, he leans forward and kisses my forehead.

"I'll check on you later!" Then he got up and leaves.

What is actually happening? Should I talk to grandma about this? But what if she tells me Lucifer is lying?

How can I know who is telling the truth and who is lying?

I can't act rashly.... maybe I should stay here a few days and see if I can remember anything....who knows maybe staying with Lucifer can help.


# Authoress .

"Bastards!! How could you set the car on fire?!" Andy growled at his men.

"But sir, you said we should get her back by all means...."

"Shut up!" He kicked the guy. "Where's she now?! Huh?!"

They kept quiet.

"I said fight by all means to get her back not kill her in a fire!!"

The run his hand through his hair angrily, he throws everything on his desk away and bang his hand on the table.

"Just pray! Pray that nothing happens to her or I swear, I will have your heads on my table!!"


"Get out!! All of you!!"

They all rushed out.....Andy slumps on his chair frustrated. All he wanted was to get Catherine back....but it's not happening as he had planned.

*I must get you back, Cat, you are my asset!


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