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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 8



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 8

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



"So that is how to cook pasta " I said but there was no response from Mina so I looked back and I was surprised to see her sleeping

I checked the time, it was just some minutes after three, I let out a sigh and walk up to her, I was about to wake her up but I stopped when I see her smiling

What is she dreaming about now that is making her smile ? I thought then I shook my head before walking away



Mina's POV

Something was tickling my face.. It was really ticklish that I laugh a little but I still refuse to wake up then I felt a wet thing on my face making me to open my eyes

My eyes widened as I see Chim right on my face, I yelled and quickly jolted up

I looked around and I found out that I had slept on the floor, no wonder I couldn't enjoy my sleep that much

"So you're finally awake " CJ said and I saw him coming downstairs, he was already dressed up, he was really looking cool

"Err.. Where.. Where are you going?? I asked even though I knew the answer

He was going to the concert and I was to follow him but why did he not wake me up

He looked at me with disgust as if he was about to puke or something

"Hey do you even know how you look like?? Your hair is messy and you have drool at the corner of your mouth" he said in total disgust making me use my hand to wipe the drool away

"I give you just 10min to go freshen up and then come to meet me downstairs

"What?? 10min?? To brush my teeth, take my bath, wear my cloth then apply make up?? Just 10 min?? I yelled

"Nine minutes more " he said and I gritted my teeth before running upstairs. I really can't believe this, CJ is really getting on my nerves

Author's POV

Mina hurriedly went inside the bathroom, she hung the towel and was about to enter the tub but she mistakenly twisted her leg making her groan in pain

CJ who was downstairs heard her voice, he wanted to ignore it at first but her voice grew louder like she was in pain

"What is it again?? He muttered to himself as he ran upstairs and straightaway to her room, he knock the door but there was no response

"Mina Mina are you okay?? He called but still there was no response, he decided to enter but Mina was not in the room, he decided to check the bathroom but knock on the door first

"Mina are you there?? He asked

On hearing his voice, Mina gasped she was helplessly lying down naked on the floor and her towel was far away from her and she find it too difficult to stand up

"Mina?? CJ called as he held the door knob "I am coming in"

"Nooo" Mina yelled "Noo pls don't come in " she said and CJ was surprised

"Why?? What happened?? You have to be fast or else I will be late for the concert " CJ said a little bit annoyed

"I think you should go without me " Mina said trying hard to stand up

"Like seriously?? Are you nut?? What the heck are you doing inside?? He yelled

Mina was now in pain as she was really trying hard to stand up but she groaned in pain instead making CJ wonder what was going on , just then Mina began to cry

"Mina, what is wrong?? Are you okay?? He asked looking worried

"No No I am not okay, I was... was.. about to take.. take.. my bath then I.. I.. slipped.. I.. think I sprain my... my ankle.. and also.. my back " Mina cried

CJ shut his eyes then open it as he ran his fingers through his hair, he knew the main reason she doesn't want him to enter was probably because she was naked

"Gosh!!! What am I going to do?? He said to himself then his phone started ringing, he checked the caller

It was Manager Don, he was probably calling him because of the concert, he cut the call and switched off the phone

"Mina there's nothing I can do than to enter and help you " CJ said

"No no you can't, " She cried the more

The thought of a guy seeing her naked body was so embarrassing and it makes her cry the more

"Why are you acting like a baby?? after all I.. I.. am a.. gay so you don't have to freak out just because I am going to see your body and besides a girl's naked body isn't as sexy as a guy's body and I am not really interested in a girl's body " CJ said not knowing why he said all that

Mina was quiet and didn't say anything

"So should I come in?? He asked

"No " Mina yelled and CJ clenched his fist tightly

"You like it or not, I am coming in" CJ said as he pull down the door knob and entered

On sighting him, Mina yelled and CJ quickly shut his eyes

"Err.. I didn't see .. see.. anything.. I swear " he stammered then he slowly turn away from her, he was now backing her

He open his eyes and grab her towel and without looking at her, he threw it on the floor

Mina immediately grabbed it and was about to wrap it around her body but she winced in pain

"A www...

"Are You okay?? CJ asked

"I don't think so but pls don't look back " Mina pleaded and CJ let out a si--------------------



The doctor was surprised as Eric looked at himself in the mirror, the other nurses gasped as they started drooling

Eric was beyond shocked as he gently touch his face

"I never knew you could survive it" The doctor said

"And also Doc. he is the first patient to undergo plastic face surgery for just 24 hours, I even thought it is going to take up to a week or even a month " One of the nurses said

Eric smiled to himself as he kept on admiring himself

"Doc. I think the nose kinda look weird " one of the nurses said and the doctor looked at it

"Well, you're right... Eric I think we need to re-fix the nose " The doctor said

"What is today's date?? He asked

"Today is Friday 24" The doctor replied

"I think today is when CJ is performing at Seoul Festival Concert " he said and one of the nurses gasped

"You know CJ??

"Doc. Please I need to go to HIT Entertainment Music industry, I promise to be back to get my nose done " Eric said

"No Eric, it's quite dangerous, you need to rest for like two days to three days, your face isn't that strong.."

"Trust me Doc... I promise to be back " He said



Mina was lying down on her bed with a blanket over her, CJ was sitting next to her and was using a lotion to massage her ankles.

"It's my fault that you didn't get to go to the concert " Mina said a pout

"Thank God you fucking know that " CJ half yelled at her

"But I asked you to go without me and you're also at fault because I was in a rush to take my bath making me slip, you gave me just 9min to get freshen up.. Like who does that?? Mina said

"Will you pls shut up?? CJ said while he continue to massage her ankle

"but why did you do that?? You should have just go to the concert and leave me then you won't be late because of me " Mina said

"Well I don't know why I didn't thought of that in the first place " CJ said as he glared at her, he brought out his phone and switched it on

It was 11:06am

The concert was suppose to start by 9:00am, he decided to call Manager Don..

"Hello Manager Don, I am really sorry for...

"You don't need to be sorry after all the reason you refuse to come was because you're afraid because of the rumors of you being gay well thank goodness you didn't come today


"Because a random guy just blew off the stage and it seems so many people really wanna know who he is, they're really curious to know when he is going to perform again " The manager said and CJ eyes widened

"What do you mean a random guy?? He asked

Mina on the other hand was curious to know what was going on

"Well my boy, I think we have a new star in the industry but don't worry you are still a star so don't feel down but trust me the guy's voice is really good and his look is that of an angel " The manager said and CJ angrily hang up and smashed his phone hard on the floor making Mina gasped in fear.

CJ wonder who the guy maybe??

"Are.. Are you okay?? Mina asked and CJ shot her a glance

"Do I look like I am okay?? He yelled at her "because of you I didn't get to attend the concert and a random guy got to replace me and now everyone thanks he is perfect than me all because of you ' He yelled at her angrily and Mina swallowed her spit hard

"I.. I.. am sorry " She sort of whispered and CJ let out a sigh

"I am sorry for yelling at you, I think you should rest now.. I will get you something to eat " He said and walked out of the door

Mina looked at him sadly as he walk away

"Everything is my fault, I broke one of the flower vase which was his dead sister memory and now because he was taking care of me, he missed the concert and a guy was asked to replace him " Mina thought

"I am sorry CJ.. I owe you a lot " She whispered

To be continued.......

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