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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 7



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 7

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV

"Then how am i suppose to give you back your kiss, is it not to kiss you again?? CJ yelled

"Gawd!! You're unbelievable " Mina said while she ran her fingers through her hair

"Uhm, what is going on?? Sandy who was passing by asked

"Ohh it's nothing, we're actually discussing about.. Erm... about.. " CJ stopped and didn't know what to say

"About what?? Sandy asked

"About learning how to return back something " Mina said and glared at CJ

"Ohh really?? Sandy said looking confused not understand what she meant "anyway Mina come, let me show you almost everything in this house " She said with a smile as she pulled her by her arm and they both dashed out leaving CJ

CJ quickly brought out his phone and straightaway to Google and began to type "How can I return back a kiss?? He typed but Google gave him another thing

"Gosh;!!! Google don't even know the answer... I don't know how she expect me to return back something which is impossible " he muttered to himself

Mina's POV

I was really getting tired, Sandy won't stop talking and trust me her gists are boring

"Do you know at first I actually believe that CJ was a gay?? She said and I rolled my eyes

"Why don't you keep on believing?? I sort of whispered to myself

"What do you say?? She asked

"Err... " i was about to say something, then her phone started ringing

"I have to pick this call " She said while she excused herself leaving me alone, I looked around and let out a sigh, I decided to go back to the grumpy jerk but that was when I realize that I don't even know the route to the dining room talkless of knowing where to find him.

The house is fucking large and trust me a first timer can actually get lost in this house

I was just walking around looking for my way out when suddenly I heard someone shouting, it was coming from the room opposite me , I quickly tiptoed towards the room and peep

It was actually CJ mom, she was shouting at CJ step mom

What is actually going on?? I know it is bad to eavesdrop but I have no choice

"Can you stay from my son?? Huh?? Are you planning to take him away from me?? Is it my fault that you're destined to be barren? " CJ mom yelled and I gasped

I looked at CJ step mom and I could see that she was trying hard not to cry... CJ mom shouldn't talk to her like that, that's so rude of her

"I can't believe that my own blood son is paying more attention to you than me... Are you planning to take him away from me how you take Chu Jung " She yelled and I could see that CJ step mom was clenching her fist like she is trying to fight back

Who is Chu Jung?? I thought then I heard someone calling my name

Ohh it's sandy... I quickly left the place and I was about going to the other route when I bumped into Sandy

"I am sorry for keeping you waiting, it was actually my boyfriend that is calling and you know he....

"Uhmm Sandy can I ask you a question?? I asked cutting her short

"Sure go ahead "

"Who is Chu Jung?? I asked and she look down sadly "ohh sorry if you don't want to tell me then you don't have to" I said

"Didn't CJ tell you anything?? You said you guys have been dating for about a year so why didn't he tell you about Chu Jung?? She asked looking confused

"Err.. You know.. Erm

"Well, Chu Jung is CJ elder sister "

CJ have a elder sister and the idiot did not tell me

"Chu Jung is a beautiful model and also one of the most popular potter in Thailand, she do make beautiful pot, flower vase and so more but.. but she died two years ago " She said sadly "you know CJ really love her so much that even after her death, he took all her beautiful pots and flower vase to his house.. I think they're all about 50 or so... " She said

My eyes widened as I recalled about the flower vase which I broke.

That explain why he was so mad at me

I sucked my lower lips sadly, I wanted to ask how she died but I decided not to ask because just bringing up her topic, Sandy mood has changed

It was already late and we're going home, I couldn't stop thinking about CJ step mom and his real mother and also about Chu Jung, his sister

I think their family is quite complicated

Why is CJ mom blaming his step mom from taking Chu Jung away from her and Chu Jung is actually dead??

Is it true about CJ loving his step mom more than his own mother??

Aish...... this is driving me insane, I should try to mind my business

"Hey, I ask Google on how to return back a kiss but it seems goggle don't even know the answer so I will appreciate it if you will tell me the answer " CJ said breaking the silence that engulfed between us

I shot him a glance and shook my head

"Just forget about it" I said softly while looking outside

"We're going to one of my concert tomorrow by 9am so you must wake up before 7am according to the rules " he said but I did not even bother to answer him

"Wait.. Are you mad because I kissed you?? He asked and I looked at him but he just focus on what he was driving

"I am mad because I got my first kiss from a gay " I yelled "or how will you feel if you get your first kiss from a lesbian " I asked and he smile while he lick his lips

"That will be sexy " he said and I arched my brow

"Pervert "

"You're actually mad because you don't get your first kiss from Eric " he said and I was shocked

"How.. how.. do.. do.. y.. you.. know.. Eric?? I stammered

"I heard you saying his name when we're on our way to my dad house, I thought you said you don't have boyfriend.. Liar "

"Eric is my best friend " I yelled "and it is your fault that I won't get to see him "

I really do miss Eric, the last time we talked.. I was actually mad at him and walk out on him because he was talking about dedicating his first song to his first love

I wonder how he is doing

Author's POV


(Seoul Hospital)


On the other hand, Eric was already in Seoul and was in the Emergency room getting ready Plastic Surgery

"Are you ready Eric?? The doctor asked "remember it is 5.02% that you will be alive

"Just go ahead doc.. I am fed up of being bullied and laughed at, I wanna be reborn and I strongly believe I will be alive because Mina will be waiting for me and I don't want to keep her waiting " He said and the doctor nodded and signal to the three nurses in the room

They injected him and he slowly close his eyes just thinking about Mina before everything went blank



When CJ and Mina finally got home, Mina went upstairs and entered her room

She took a quick shower and then her eyes met the flower vase which she was trying to fix

"I really need to fix that one day " She said to herself then she changed into pyjamas and hopped onto the bed then she slept off



The continuous loud bang on the door jarred Mina out of a sound sleep, she slowly open her eyes as she checked the time


She angrily got up and adjust her pyjamas then she open the door to see CJ grinning at her broadly

"What is the meaning of this?? this is just 12:43 am, why are you disturbing me in the middle of the night?? This is not part of the rules which you gave me?? Mina said sounding pissed off

"No complaining.. Just follow me " CJ said as he tried not to laugh at how messed up her hair is


"Why are we in the kitchen?? Mina asked

"Well.. You can't cook so I am going to teach you how to cook" CJ replied and Mina jaw dropped

"You must be kidding me.. You wake up in the middle of the night to teach me how to cook.. You're really annoying "Mina said and was about to walk away

"You don't want to know what I am going to do next" CJ threatened

"You don't have the right to threaten me because I will also tell your parent that I am not your real girlfriend that you are just trying to use me to prove to them that you are not a Gay " Mina fired back and CJ smirked

"Then I will tell them that you hit your head hard on the floor when you're taking a shower which makes you lose your memory " CJ said and Mina clenched her fist as she walked up to him

"Okay.. So...

"This is some minutes to one and we're going to end this by 5am" CJ said and Mina eyes widened

"What!!! She exclaimed "we're ending this by 5am, what exactly do you want to teach me m.. According to the rules, I must wake up by 7am and we're going to your stupid concert by 9am.. I swear this is insane " Mina yelled

"You don't have right to complain.. so what I am going to teach you first is how to boil water " CJ said and Mina couldn't believe it

"Boiling water??

"Yes I am afraid ordinary water you can't boil and also my mind is telling me that even if you try to boil water​... the water will definitely get burnt so now Chef CJ will be teaching you how to boil water and you must not sleep nor slumber " CJ yelled

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