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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 6



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 6

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



After breakfast, i told Mina to go and get dressed which she happily ran inside, i was in my room thinking about her.

Why is my mind telling me she is going to mess things up??

During breakfast she was just smiling to herself and when i asked her why, she didn't even bother to answer.

I hope she's not planning anything evil or else i wont take it lightly with her



After i finished dressing, i was expecting her downstairs​ to have finished dressing but she was still dressing making me let out a sigh

Just because i asked her to dress beautiful, that doesn't mean she should take up to an hour, i took my car keys and was about to go out to wait for her when suddenly i sighted her coming downstairs​

I didn't know when my jaw dropped, how can a crazy girl look so beautiful, she was dressed in white with a splash of watermelon pink thrown around her neck and over one shoulder, her features had a natural symmetry in the dress almost startling in their perfection.

She flawlessly applied make-up whose shadings blended like air-brushed art

Sincerely, she is extremely beautiful

"Hey, how do i look?? She asked with a smile while she turn around

"Just let's go " I said not wanting to say anything

"Jeez... I can't blame you, the only people beautiful in your eyes are guys " she muttered but i pretended not to hear what she said.



I try to focus on what i was driving because having her sitting beside me is something else, i turned on the radio and it was actually my song that was playing.

I let out a sigh and was about to change it but to my surprise she smack my hand

"Pls let me listen to this song and i am sorry for hitting you " She said with a pout and i shook my head before looking away

"Gosh!!! this guy's voice is so cool, i wish the lyrics are for me " She said while smiling to herself

She doesn't even know i was the one that sang it

After the song finish playing, she quickly glanced at me "pls do you know who sang it.. Plsss i really love the song " She asked but i just kept driving

"That was Stay with me by CJ.. Thanks for listening"

I could tell that she was surprised but i didn't get to see her face expression

"What?? You.. You...

"So you wish the lyrics are for you?? You want me to stay with you?? I asked

"Hell noo... I take my words back " She said grumpily and looked out the window "I miss you Eric " She whispered as she stick her hand out the window and close her eyes with the wind blowing through her hair

I thought she doesn't have and has never had boyfriend so who is Eric

I intentionally stopped the car and she quickly looked at me

"Are we there yet?? She asked

"No.. Hey i want to tell you something " i said and she rolled her eyes

"Is it that important that you have to stop the car in the middle of nowhere not letting me enjoy the nature " She said

This girl is really annoying

"Well.. We will soon get to my dad house and i want to tell you that today is really a special day so most of my families will be there and when i talk about family, i mean my dad, my mom, my granny, my uncle with his two sons, my second late uncle adopted daughter and my barren step mom " i said and she gave me the "seriously " look

"Why did you have to call your step mom barren?? That's unfair " She said

I can't tell her my mom is the second wife and my dad got married to her because my step mom was unable to give him any child and also i can't tell her that i am more close to my step mom than my real mother

Yes that is right.. I love my step mom than my own mother

And Mina is crazy to be tell that kind of thing

"Hey, what i know is that i am the only son of my father and my mom.. That's it so pls Don't mess things up " i said while i glared at her and started the car

"Being barren is not her fault, if she is your step mom then probably because she was a barren your dad marry another woman which is your own mom " She said and i shot her a glance

I thought she dropout of school, how come she was able to get it right??

"Just forget about it.. Okay?? I yelled and she looked away

I noticed that something had change in her

I shouldn't have Brought this up in the first place

Author's POV

All the family were eating and Mina was surprised to see how large the dining room is and it actually contain them all

She was sitting next to CJ

She had already being introduced to everyone as CJ girlfriend

"So you said your name is Mina right?? CJ father asked and Mina replied with a nod "So how long have you been with my so?? He asked and all eyes was on her

She felt nervous and swallow his spit hard

"Uhm.. Uhmm... For about a year now " I replied

"So where were you when the rumour about him was spreading?? Why can't you show up and tell them it was just a rumour and that you are his girlfriend and also i have never seen my son with any girl so far talkless of him saying he has a girlfriend??

The questions hit Mina's hard and CJ looked at her then at his father

"Dad, Don't you think the questions are too much for her " he said

"Son, we need to know about your girlfriend, you can't even tell your own mother that you had a girlfriend " His mother asked but CJ didn't answer

"Dad.. " Mina said and it shocked everyone

"Why are you calling him dad?? Sandy, the adopted daughter of CJ late uncle asked

Mina stood up and smiled

CJ was now getting scared thinking she is going to blow things off

"Well i call her dad because i Don't have a dad and since he is my boyfriend's dad, i think i have the right to call him that, so... Dad.. I will answer your question.. It is true that CJ and i has been dating for about a year but we decided to keep it secret.. You know he is popular artist here in korea and dating should be out of the music industry " Mina said and everyone nodded

"But CJ do.. do.. lov... loves.. me " Mina said in a low tone as she looked at CJ "so we plan to secret date but three month ago, he broke up with me" Mina said and CJ shot her a glare


"Err.. He said he wanted to chose his career over me " Mina said and CJ stood up

"What!!! He exclaimed "did i ever say that?? He asked while giving her a 'you're dead' look

"Of course boyfy " Mina said and walk up to him and caress his back, CJ was beyond shocked...


"Of course boyfy " She said and walk up to me then to my surprised she caress my back

Like seriously is she okay?? And what is with boyfy??

Mina is taking this too far

"So how come you are now together?? My uncle asked

"Well... As you can see we're back together " Mina replied

"How do you want us to believe that?? My dad said "you have to prove to us that you guys are back together "


I looked at my step mom, she refuse to say anything since and i was really sad about it

"Mom, what do you have to say about this?? I asked while looking at my step mom then my real mom chirped in

"Oh my dear you should...

"Not you, i was referring to her " I said as i pointed to my step mom and everyone just kept mute, i could tell my real mother was really pissed off

My step mom looked at me then smile

"Chen Jai " she said

She is the only one that do call me by my real name

"Yes mom"

"I really Don't know what to say but you guys look together and you can prove that you guys are still in love by kissing " She said

"That's a good idea " My granny said

Gawd.. I think i made a mistake by asking her

"Uhmm.. Is that necessary" Mina asked and i could tell tell that she was baffled

"Of course my dear" My granny replied

"But.. But.. Ki.. Kiss.. Kissing in front.. Of.. Of.. you guys.. Oh goodness.. I.. I.. am shy " She stammered

I looked at her and pulled her close then without warning i placed my lips on hers and she was shocked as her eyes widened, i noticed that she didn't respond to the kiss so i pulled back.

She was still shocked

"Awwn... That's sweet " My niece said

When Mina was back to normal, she grabbed me by my arm to only God knows where

"We will be right back " She said



"Whay do you think you just did?? She said and to my surprised she started cursing under her breathe

What did i do?? I said with a shrug

"That was my first kiss " She yelled and this time i was the one that my eyes widened

Haa.. I should have know when she said she have never had a boyfriend so how is she suppose to get a kiss

"I am soo sorry i...

"Will sorry fix this?? Oh my gawd!!! Getting my first kiss from a gay?? This is baaaaaddd" She said "you have to give me back my first kiss " She yelled

"But how?? I asked

"You just have to give it back " She yelled and i immediately kissed her again and this time she slapped me

"What was that for?? You asked me to give you back your kiss which i did so why did you slap me?? I said while i held my cheeks

"But you kissed me again " She yelled

"Then how am i suppose to give you back your kiss, is it not to kiss you again?? I yelled back




To be continued....

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