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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 21



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 21

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina POV

I wonder what Kayla is up to, how is she going to prove to me that CJ is not a gay

I continue to looked at her and suddenly she burst out laughing.

What's funny??

"Err.. Kayla is everything okay?? I thought you wanted to prove to me that he is really not a gay so why are you laughing?? I asked looking confused

"Well... I am going to prove to you that he is indeed not a gay but not now, I know you're really eager to know if he is a gay or not but the day I am going to prove it to you is gonna surprise you cos it will catch you off guard and it will be unexpected " She said with a smile and walk away

She sounds creepy like she's up to something

"She don't need to prove anything, it's only left for you to decide whether to believe me or not " CJ said but I just kept mute instead.

🌹Eric's POV 🌹

When I got to the music industry, I parked my car and let out a sigh.

"Peek-a-boo" someone yelled from the backseat almost giving me a heart attack

"What the hell"? I shouted as I turned to see the crazy lady smiling at me

Gosh!! Like seriously

How did she even get inside?? Oh my goodness, what am I going to do with her??

I can't let her follow me inside neither can I leave her here inside the car

"The moment I set my eyes on you, my life has been incomplete "I half yelled at me

"Peek-a-boo " She said while covering her face with her hand and then opening it

This is really ridiculous

🍀Kayla POV🍀

I really don't know how to prove to Mina that CJ is not a gay, my first thought was stripping naked in front of them to see CJ reaction but I just can't do it

CJ will think I am a whore

I was pacing to and fro thinking of what to do then I stopped

Wait... I shouldn't be thinking of how to prove to her that CJ is not a gay, if Mina continue to stay in this house then at the end , I won't be able to have CJ to myself

I need to look for a way to get rid of her even before the poison start to work in her body and I know the perfect way

I need to build some hatred between them

I smiled to myself as I was proud of my new idea then I heard some footsteps, I looked up to see Mina

I smirked then she approached me

"Hey Kayla I was thinking if you could help me massage my back, I don't know what is wrong with me.. My body is feeling somehow " She said

The poison is already working

"Ohh it's nothing, of course I will help you " I said giving her my best smile

"Thank You soo much "

🌹Eric POV 🌹

I can't believe this, I was dumbfounded as I looked at the crazy lady

She was extremely beautiful

I thought of a plan by which she can follow me inside the industry, I have to tell everyone that she is my sister but I have to get her dressed up and look beautiful and not like a dirty lady she was

And after they finished dressing her up and applying some make up on her face, it was kinda hard to recognize her

So she has been hiding her beauty under her dirtiness

I could see the other females murmuring while pointing at me and the crazy lady

I immediately held her hand and walk outside

I looked at her and tucked my hand in my pocket

"Hey, you will be following to that big company and I will introduce you to everyone as my sister.. Okay? " I asked thinking whether she understand me or not

"Your name will be.. Err.. Err.. Suzy.. Okay?? Suzy?? I said and she smiled at me

i think I need to talk to her in a crazy way

I sighed and pointed my finger to myself "I.. Miles "

She did the same and said miles

"Good" I pointed my finger at her "you.. Suzy. Suzy. Suzy "

She chuckled "Me Suzy.. You Miles " She said and I was surprised

Wow she really got that now I think it's time for us to go

🌸Mina POV🌸

"It seems CJ is using you" Kayla said as she applied more lotion on my back and she started massaging it

Gawd!!! It felt food

"Err.. What do you mean?? I asked

Of course I know that CJ only bought me from my mom because he is trying to use me to prove to people that he is not a gay which he really is

He is just trying to save his reputation but how did kayla know

"CJ told me a lot of things about you about you being his fake girlfriend " Kayla said and I was surprised

Did he really said that?? I thought CJ did not really like Kayla but how come he is telling her everything

"You shouldn't worry about it but I really feel sorry for you because CJ is really trying to use you"

"Yes, it was just a plan, I shouldn't tell you this but since CJ has already told you half of it, there's nothing to hide, well CJ bought me from my mom and ask me to be his bodyguard " I said and Kayla gasped

🌻Kayla's POV 🌻

I really can't believe this so CJ bought Mina

"Why are you surprised?? Mina asked and I quickly comport myself

"Actually I knew about that too" I said trying to play along

"Aish... I can't believe he told you that" Mina muttered "I thought he doesn't like you "

"Of course he do and we normally do have sex " I said and Mina quickly jolted up as her eyes widened

"Really?? She asked and I nodded

This Mina is really dumb and can easily be fooled

" CJ is not a gay and she is trying to use you and dump you later " I said and she squinted her left eye

"Use me and dump me?? That's impossible.. I don't like him and we don't even have feelings for each other and I know he used me to prove to people that he is not a gay and I will appreciate it if he dumps me cos I can't wait to get out of here " She said

Aish.... She may be dumb but she is not easy to get

Her last word got me

"If you can't wait to get out of here then why are you still staying " I asked

"Because CJ don't want me to leave " She replied "and wait.. If you and CJ do have sex then why is he that he doesn't want to get married to you "

"Simple because ....

"What's going on here?? A familiar voice said and Mina quickly cover herself

"Hey, can't you knock?? Mina yelled and I turned to see CJ

I was scared.. Has he been listening to our conversation??

"Why should I knock?? After all this is my house and I am free to do whatever I want.. Anyway get dressed, we're going to the music industry " He said and Mina shook her head

I was glad he didn't hear anything

"I don't want to" Mina said

"I only give you 10min " CJ said and was about going

"CJ can I come too?? " I asked and he looked at me for some minutes then slightly nodded

🌺Eric POV🌺

I finished introducing Suzy to everyone as my sister and they could not stop whispering and talking on how beautiful she is

They tried asking her questions but she didn't say anything and I was quite happy about it, they won't like it when she start to display her craziness. 



After some minutes of talking to some group bandit as they officially welcome me for joining the industry, I turned and to my surprise The crazy lady. I mean Suzy is gone

I quickly excused myself and started looking for her, the company/industry I quite big and I wish I find her quick because now I am damn worried.. I should be worried because everyone now know her as my sister

What if she start to act crazy again??

I stopped in front of an elevator and it opened

I was beyond surprised to see CJ, Mina and with a lady..

🌺Author's POV🌺

On sighting Eric, CJ looked away and Mina smiled broadly at him

CJ held her by her wrist

Mina was still looking at Eric when her eyes sight the bracelet he was wearing, she paused

"Hey let's go" CJ said and Mina jerk her hand away as she gasped

Eric looked at his wrist and started panting, he has forgot to remove the bracelet and he never thought Mina is going to come to the industry

Mina was shocked as she recalled what Wei(Eric kid sister) told her when she was still in gwanju about Eric going to seoul for a surgery

She continue to look at the bracelet, she made it herself

She remember when Eric has decline a Video call with her

"What is going on here?? Kayla asked looking confused

"Mina you shouldn't be surprised, he is your best friend Eric whom you use to talk about " CJ said and Mina shot him a glance

"For how long have you know about it?? Mina asked as she looked at Eric

Tears manage to roll down her eyes

"Eric... " She whispered

"I don't know what he is talking about , i am not your best friend maybe you're mistaken and besides I.. I.. am now Miles" Eric said while avoiding Mina's eyes

"Eric dare not look at my face when he lie " Mina said "Eric why?? Why?? Why do you do it?? Mina yelled as she was hurt

Kayla just stood here, she knew Eric was the new star in the music industry but she don't know what relationship he and Mina has and she's quite curious about it

"Mina let's get out here " CJ said and hold her hand but she jerk it away

"Don't fucking touch me " She yelled and CJ was surprised, he could see her crying and the way she was crying was making him feel bad

"And why are you venting your anger on me?? CJ said

"For being a fucking lier, you know all this while and you refused to tell me and also you're a fucking characterless guy, fine it was my fault for not believing you're not a gay but because you think I am a dropout and that make me an illiterate, you decide to use me huh?? Mina yelled and CJ was confused

"Wh.. What are you talking about?? Where is this coming from?? CJ asked

" Don't try to act cunning, you're unbelievable.. " She yelled and then glanced at Eric "you... you.. I thought you're my best friend but you're just a pain in the ass" Mina shouted

Kayla slightly smile to herself, her plan is actually working

Mina was about to say something but her left hand started shaking profusely

"Mina, why are you talking like this?? CJ said "I never use you, what is wrong with you?? Fine if you think I am using you then I have no choice, I will send you back to your parent in Gwanju, you will be free " CJ said and with that he left with Kayla following him

"Now that he is depressed, I need to poison his mind so that he can hate Mina " Kayla thought as she grinned wickedly

"Miles...... " A female voice shouted and Eric turned to see the crazy lady running towards him

Mina looked at her left hand and panicked

"Mina what is wrong with you?? Eric asked looking shocked at her sudden change of expression

"I think she need help, I have to call for help " The crazy lady said and Eric was shocked

The crazy lady was talking normally and not in her babyish tone

"Stop looking at me like that, she needs help" The crazy lady said

Mina started shaking vigorously and suddenly fainted

To be continued.....

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