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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 20



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 20

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



" Chu Jung?? CJ said and the look on his face was terrifying

"CJ, what is wrong with you, Chu Jung is dead " Kayla said and CJ gave me back my phone, I looked at his hand and I noticed that he was shaking

He covered his mouth and quickly went upstairs

I was really worried

"I think he is really missing his sister for him to mistook someone else voice as his sister voice " Kayla said but I didn't say anything

Is it true that he is really missing his sister??

🌹Eric POV🌹

I decided to go back to the crazy lady to take back my phone, I slow down my car as I sighted her crying

But on sighting my car, she started jumping with joy and ran towards my car

Like seriously!!!

Is this crazy lady obsessed with me??

I stopped and emerged from the car, she quickly approached me and pouted

"Why did you go.. leaving me behind ?? She said with her babyish tone

I quickly jerk my phone away from her and looked at it

"Oh my goodness!!! you called Mina?? I yelled but she seems not to understand what I was saying

She understand the fact I left her behind so why can't she just understand what I am saying

It seems she dialed her number by mistake, I need to call her back..

I dialed her number and within few seconds she picked it

"Hello Mina "

"Hello Eric, are you okay?? Who was the lady that was crying earlier " She asked and I paused for some minutes as I looked at the crazy lady

I can't tell Mina the truth.. I need to find something else to say to her

"Eric, are you there??

"Uhmm.. Mina, don't worry about the lady.. She's a gangster and she.. Uhm.. Uhm.. She stole my phone and it seems she accidentally dial your number, the people later caught up with her, that is why she was crying " I said

I can't believe I lied to Mina

"Ohh.. Okay but I hope you're fine? " she asked

"You should know that without you I am not fine " I said

"Don't be silly.. I hope nobody is bullying you in the neighborhood or laughing at you " She asked and I chuckled

"Just a few of them" I lied again

I was really feeling bad that I quickly hang up

I clenched my fist tightly and swallowed my spit hard that it hurt my throat, I was actually trying hard to fight back my tears

All my life is full of lies now

I can't even tell my best friend who I really am and now she is crushing on Miles which is actually me

I think I should continue to live as the talented handsome Miles rather than the ugly poor Eric

I noticed something was amiss and I looked around

To my surprise the crazy lady was gone and I didn't even know when she left, I was quite worried but I decided to move on

Thank goodness she is gone now

🌹Author's POV🌹

CJ keeps looking at the picture he as holding

It was a picture of him and Chu Jung, he suddenly recalls how chu Jung died


"C'mon sis, let's go and play in the tree house " CJ screamed but Chu Jung was busy making a beautiful vase

"As you can see, I am busy and I don't want to play in your dumb tree house " Chu Jung said as she focused on what she was doing

"Nobody want to play with me and the maids are just so annoying including my babysitter, she just make me write and read novels, dad is busy and mom is also busy, my step mom too is sleeping and there's nobody to play with and now you are my last hope but it seems you don't want to play with me too" CJ said but Chu Jung did not bother looking at him

"Since my sister is not willing to play with me then I should probably go and drown myself in the pool " CJ said and Chu Jung stop what she was doing

"CJ, I am six years older than you and you are threatening me right now?? Chu Jung said as she shot him a glare but CJ gave her a puppy eyes

"Don't you dare give me that look " Chu jung said but CJ didn't flinch and Chu Jung groaned "fine you won, I will only play with you for just an hour " she said and CJ jumped excitedly 



They were both playing in the tree house when CJ started having hiccup

"Let me get you water " Chu Jung said and was about to stand up but CJ pulled her back

"No you're trying.. to.. (hic).. to escape, I will (hic) get the water myself so just (hic) stay here " He said and quickly rushed inside the mansion

He went to the kitchen and get himself water to drink, he picked an apple and smiled to himself

"Chu jung loves apple, I should give her this " he said and was about to go when he heard a blast, he stopped and after some minutes he heard people screaming and shouting

"What is going on?? He thought and he quickly ran outside

He looked forward and his eyes widened as his jaw dropped, the apple fell off his hand as he see the tree house on fire

"Chu jung " he yelled and was about running but people held him back, he started crying and shouting "Chu Jung.. Chu Jung "



After calling the 🚒 and the ambulance, Chu Jung burnt body was brought out of the burnt tree house, they quickly cover her with a white sheet and was about to put her in the ambulance but CJ ran after them

"Chu Jung.. Chu Jung... " He called out in pain and cried until he couldn't cry no more and passed out


(Back To Reality) 


CJ kept looking at the picture and sighed

"It was my fault that you died, you really don't want to play with me that day but I forced you leading to your death " He said sorrowfully, just then someone barged in

He looked up to see Mina

She approached him and just keep looking at him

"Are you alright?? Are you okay?? Eric called and said his phone was stolen and the lady who stole the phone mistakenly dial my number, she was crying because the people already caught up with her and.... " She paused "I know you do miss your sister, I don't know how she died but...

"Are You worried about me now?? CJ asked

"Of course I am worried "

"Why are you worried about me??

"Err.. Err.. Wait.. Why am I even worried about you?? Mina asked as she squinted her right eyes

"That should be the question you should be asking yourself " CJ said "perhaps you're worried about me because you like me"

Mina shot him a glance and shook her head

"Never ever will I like a gay " She said

"If you call me a gay one more time then you will regret what I am going to do to you... You keep thinking I am a gay but have you ever seen me with any guy or sexually attracted to any guy.. I know you will find it too hard to believe but seriously I am not a gay, the rumors was spread because someone is trying to put me down maybe the person is probably jealous of me but seriously I am not a gay " CJ said and Mina was dumbfounded

"But.. But.. My mind keeps saying you're gay and...

"I said stop saying that " CJ yelled and pulled her close kissing her on her lips

Mina was shocked as she quickly pushed him off

"What?? Are you insane?? She yelled

"I thought I will never be able to like any girl since my sister's death cos she was the only girl special to me not until I met you, I don't know how you did it but I think I have fallen in love with you and I don't fucking care who your heart belong to, all I know is that you're mine and you are mine only" CJ said in his mind.

He wanted to say it out but didn't know how

He feels its not the right time to confess his feelings for her

"Do You think kissing me will prove that you're not a gay.. you you.. you might be bisexual" Mina said and CJ eyes widened

"Wh.. What the fuck?!!

"He is not bisexual " Kayla said as she entered and all eyes was now on her

She had already witness all what that transpired between CJ and Mina

"I am sorry for interrupting but I think you're getting it all wrong Mina, I know CJ is your boyfriend but you still find it too hard to believe that he is not gay but since he can't prove to you that he is really not a gay.. How about I prove to you that he is not a gay but a straight guy " Kayla said with a smirk and Mina was confused

"Kayla what're you up to?? CJ asked

"Just watch " She replied with a smirk

To be continued.....

How is she going to prove to Mina that CJ is not gay??

Hmmm... 🤔 🤔

Also, According to the flashback, chu Jung got burnt in the tree house so who is the crazy lady.?

So much to find out....

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