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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 19



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 19

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


😋Mina POV😋

It was already late but i could not sleep, I put down my phone and blinked up at the ceiling, the world looking blurry. I had been reading since after dinner, and my eyes were tired and hurting.

I just finished reading an action story about the avengers

I was really bored and there's nothing i could do, i checked the red numbers on the digital clock

It says 11:17pm

I stood up from my bed and tiptoed downstairs, i went to the kitchen to get myself something to drink, i opened the fridge and my eyes sighted a wine

‘What the hell. I’ll try some of that box wine.’

I opened it and took a sip

My eyes widened as i promptly ran to the sink to spit it out.

God, is it just me or is it really vinegar? How can CJ have this kind of stuff?

I let out a sigh and pour myself a juice then i recalled what Kayla said in the evening about being sorry for whatsoever may happen to me in future.

What is trying to say?? Perhaps is she referring to getting married to CJ and i will be hurt because of that in future

I shook my head and went to the living room, i tuned on the TV and started watching Comedy skits 





“Huh… What’s going on…” I muttered groggily, my eyes half-

closed. I fell asleep while watching video and was woken up

by a loud huffing.

I opened my eyes and was surprised to see the person making the sound

It was my CJ.

He had been working out at the foot of my bed. His head bob up and down as he was doing push-up.I don’t know how long he had been going at it, but it must be quite some times, since he was sweating like crazy.

I screamed as i immediately jolted up, i recalled watching some funny videos yesterday in the living room which make me fall asleep, but how did i get back in my room and what is CJ doing in my room early in the morning

“About time you wake up.” He said between breathes. He had stopped doing push-up and just sat on the floor, breathing heavily.

“How long have you been in my room?” I asked.

“Not long. Only about half an hour or so.” He glanced over at me. I had my blanket on

Then, he got up and sat on my bed.

He wasn’t wearing any shirt. I could see his perfect body glistening with sweat. CJ wasn’t super muscular or anything, but everything was in the right place. His manly chest and strong arms can snatch away anyone’s heart.

Anyone​ but not me.. Definitely not me

“Checking me out?” He said playfully. While watching my reaction, he flopped down on my bed and rolled to the side so

he would face me.

I yelped in surprise as he continue to look at me

“Get off my bed. You’re sweaty.”

That made him actively wiping the sweat into my bed sheet and blanket.

Damn it!! The more I told him not to do something, the more

he wanted to do it.

"Eww... CJ?? I yelled

"Mina, i hope you haven't forgotten about the rules i gave you " he asked still looking at me.

He was too close that i am feeling quite uncomfortable

"Rules?? Of course i do remember " I manage to say

"Well if you do remember, you should know you've violated the rules and you know the punishment " He said with a smirk

"What!!! I exclaimed "i.. I.. did not.. not vio.. violate any rules " i stammered knowing fully well that he was right

"My first rule was that you're to sleep early and wake up by 7:00am but i guess you slept late and now check the time" he said and i slowly peered to check the time

It was some minutes after eight

"And my second rule was that you must not eat more than twice in this house but yesterday you ate more than thrice "

"But i have no choice " i mumbled

"And my third rule was that whenever we're out, avoiding saying a single word to my Colleagues.. Well that one is out of it so my fought rule was that you're not allowed to watch TV " He said as he glared at me

"But i was feeling bored and i don't know what to do " I said with a pout

"My fifth rule was that you're to feed my dog Chim four times daily but you never ever feed him "

"Well.. I don't know how " i said in a low tone

Why is he bringing up this early in the morning??

What the fuck is wrong with him??

"And my last rule was yelling, shouting, screaming is prohibited but you do that everyday " he said and i bit my lower lips "i guess you know your punishment

"CJ, you set that rules for me when i was still your bodyguards but now i am no more your bodyguard so no more rules " I said and he looked baffled

"What the hell!!!... If you're no more my bodyguard then what are you?? He asked and i was looking for a suitable answer for him

"Err... Well i am your life savior " i said and he chuckled "It's not funny, you know i was never your girlfriend,but i pretended to be... leading to people believing that you're not a gay which you really are " I said and he arched his brow

"Really?? He asked and i nodded

🌷Kayla's POV🌷

I was on my downstairs when i overheard some voices coming from Mina's room, i peeped and was surprised to see CJ on Mina's bed.

I was jealous and hurt at the same time

They were both talking silently, i sighed and i was about to go, just then Mina said something that shocked me

I stopped and was looking at them

.... "It's not funny, you know i was never your girlfriend,but i pretended to be... leading to people believing that you're not a gay which you really are".... Mina said and i gasped

I quickly cover my mouth and went to my room

So Mina was never CJ girlfriend, it was just a fake relationship, she just pretended to be in order to get rid of CJ dirty rumour then probably CJ don't have any feelings for her, he is just using her

I smiled to myself

"Gosh!!! This is my chance "

🌺Eric's POV🌺

I parked my car and looked at the Crazy lady sitting in the backseat. She just kept smiling at me if only she knew what i went through yesterday night just to make sure she's fine.

I even hang up on my best friend because of her.

I decided to drive her along, i was actually on my way to give her to the police but i lied to her instead that we're going for a shopping.

To crazy that she immediately believed me

"Hey, stay right there and don't come out of the car.. Okay?? I said but she didn't answer

I sighed and came out of the car..... I looked around but it seems the station hasn't open yet.

I noticed the hood of the car next to mine propped up, an obvious sign of distress.

I tossed my keys on my seat and made my way to the front of

the vehicle, always one to help a fellow driver who has reached an impasse, and briefly enjoyed the cool salty breeze that was blowing off the ocean.

"Can I help you?", I called out to the unknown driver as the young girl came into view.

"I'm not sure what's wrong.", she said, frowning at the exposed engine.

She was, quite simply, amazing. She stood about 5 foot tall, in

stark contrast to my 6'5" frame, and couldn't have weighed

more than 100 lbs., half my own. Although she was wearing the demure outfit of a sweatshirt and khaki pants, I could easily see the outline of her swollen breasts. As she turned to

look towards the entrance of the lot, I couldn't help but notice her incredibly perky and tight butt straining against her pants.

"My boyfriend was supposed to be here an hour ago, but he must have gotten sidetracked.", she said, and I took the hint

that she was off limits. With her dark green eyes, perfectly

tanned complexion framed by long dark tresses and a gorgeous, brilliant smile, I knew there was no chance she would have been single anyways.

She was looking at me expectantly, so I cleared my throat and

leaned in to look at her motor. I asked her what the problem was, and she explained that there was a clicking noise when

she attempted to start it, and of course it wouldn't get going. I

asked her to get in and try it for me, and listened for any tell-

tale signs that signaled a repair I might be able to manage.

After a couple attempts, she got out and joined me by the car.

I could feel her next to me, and I distractedly fiddled with her

engine, poking and prodding even though I knew her starter

was toasted. Truth was, I just wanted another couple of minutes with this young hottie before I went back to my empty


"I think your starters blown.", I said to her, which only earned

me a concerned and confused look.

"Don't worry," I said, trying to reassure her, "It's not that expensive to fix, and only takes a couple of hours. You'll have this back in no time at all."

I flashed my best smile at her, and offered her the help of a

friend who owned a shop nearby. I knew he had his own tow

truck, and he owed me a favor.

"I don't want to impose.", she said, biting her lip and looking at

her phone.

"My boyfriend should be here any minute, and I think he can

do all this...", she trailed off as she once again looked to the

entrance of the lot.

Just then, from nowhere someone threw a stick hitting the lady on her head making her winced

I turned and was surprised to see the crazy lady, she walked close to me and stood in front of the lady

"Back off.. Fuck off.. Stay off.. He is my hero not yours " She yelled and the lady looked at her in disgust

"Aw.. Your girlfriend look crazy and dirty " The lady said and immediately dashed off

I was really pissed off, i held the crazy lady on her wrist and pushed her making her fall but she stood up and ran to me smiling

"Gosh.. What kind of girl is this??

I think i need to leave her here and mind my own business

I quickly went to my car but she followed me

"Hey, stay away from me" I yelled and entered then drove off ignoring her running after my car

🌹Mina's POV🌹

I and CJ was already around the table eating breakfast as Kayla climbed down the stairs and joined us.

She was wearing cutoff jeans shorts, a pink cami, the straps of her bra visible, and flipflops.

"Good morning " I smiled at her between bites, and she returned the smile then she looked at CJ and smiled broadly

"Morning CJ" She said and CJ replied without even looking at her then suddenly my phone started ringing

It was Eric

I quickly picked it up in excitement "Hello Eric " I said but there was no response

"Eric, are you there?? I asked and then i looked at CJ who just kept eating fast, pissed off with something i don't know then i heard a female voice screaming and crying

🏵Eric's POV🏵

I was actually feeling bad for leaving her alone but i have no choice, i did not even know her

I decided to pick my phone to call manager Don but i couldn't find my phone

I stopped the car and was searching for it but couldn't find it

Where the fuck did i put it?? I hope Its not with that fucking crazy lady

Aish.... This is annoying

🌹Author's POV🌹

"Hello, who is this?? Mina asked but the person did not answer me

Who is she and why is she crying??

Where is Eric?? I hope something bad hasn't happen to him" Mina thought and she put the phone on speaker but it was quiet

"Hey, just hang up " CJ said then the lady started screaming and crying again "Ma'am are you okay?? Mina asked

CJ stopped eating and quickly pick Mina's Phone

"Hey, my phone " Mina yelled

CJ was astonished and shocked at the same time as he heard the person crying, her cries was familiar

"Chu.. Chu.. Chu.. Jung?? He whispered and to everyone surprise the lady stopped crying "Chu jung?? CJ called as he could now feel his heart beating fast

To be continued....

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