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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 11



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 11

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

I was feeling bored so I decided to go downstairs, I looked at the blank TV then I remembered the rule and I roll my eyes

No phone.. No watching of TV

No going out.. No game.. Nothing

I am really screwed inside this fucking boring house. I was about to go back upstairs but an idea struck my mind

"Wait.. I can go out, he didn't make any rule of me not going out " I said to myself then I quickly walk up to the door and try to unlock it but the damn door won't open

It was asking for password

I gritted my teeth and dropped to a squat

"This house is killing me with boredom "

"Are You trying to go outside?? I heard a familiar voice making me yelped as I turned to see CJ looking at me with a smirk but I chose to ignore him

"My password is quite unique and special, if you can unlock it then I promise to give you anything and take you anywhere for a day " he said and my eyes widened

"Really?? I asked and he nodded

"But it is a dream that it is not going to come true cos a lame crazy girl like you can never know the password " He said as he grinned wickedly at me and walked away

Stupid asshole

He is downgrading me already..

"Just wait till I know the password and I will make you lick my feet " I yelled and I looked at the door

He said his password is quite unique and special

What could it be?? Perhaps is it his favorite food??

Gosh I don't even know his favorite food

Maybe it is his boyfriend's name but I don't even know

I don't even know anything about him

"Chim boy come here " I heard his voice and I turned to see him sitting on the chair not far from me while Chim quickly hop next to him, he gave me a smirk and I rolled my eyes at him

I just stood there trying to figure out his password

"You should give up and just go inside cos you will never know it" CJ said and I shot him a glance

"How about you tell me the name of your favorite food if you can " I said

"Sushi " he said and I quickly typed sushi but it didn't work, I typed it in capital letters and also small letters but still it didn't work

I turned to look at him and gave him my sweetest smile

"How about your boyfriends name?? I asked and he gave me a confused look

He was also quite annoyed by my question but he smiled instead

"Michael Jackson " he said and I was about to type the name but I stopped and I glared at him

"Michael Jackson is dead " I yelled knowing fully well that he was lying but he didn't answer

I can never know the password.. Maybe I should just give up and go upstairs to complete the broken vase which I broke

I looked at CJ sadly and I was about to leave just then I stopped

The broken vase?? It belong to his sister then I recalled what sandy said

" CJ really love her sister so much that even after her death, he took all her beautiful pots and flower vase to his house.."

Then I also recalled what CJ said

" My password is quite unique and special"

Then probably his password is Chu Jung

"You should give up now dummy " CJ said while smiling but I just ignore him and I typed his sister name "Chu Jung " and to my surprise it says correct and the door opened itself

I smiled to myself and then I looked at CJ, he was beyond shocked and he looked baffled

"How.. How...

"Get grip of yourself.. I will go and get dress now, get ready cos you're taking me out for shopping " I said while giving him a smile of victory as I hurriedly went upstairs

Author's POV 

Eric was inside the dressing room preparing himself for a photoshoot when a girl entered and gave him a paper, she winked at him and left

Thinking it was a love letter from the girl, he squeezed it and threw it away then he adjusted himself

He put his hand in his pocket and brought out a bracelet, he looked at if for a while and then he squeezed it tightly


"Hey , you should stop crying " Young Mina said as she patted Eric back

"The boys beat me up saying I am ugly and I am small " Eric cried the more

"Aish... Those stupid bullies.. If I get my hand on them, I will rip them apart " Mina said angrily then she looked at Eric and tilted her head up

"Eric look at me " She said and Eric looked at her

Mina wiped his tears away and remove her bracelet "hey take this, I made this myself,.. You should keep it"

"I don't want " Eric said

"Aish.. You're annoying, I said I made it myself.. You should have it, I am giving it to you cos you're the only boy I like and you're my best friend.. Do you even know what this bracelet means " Mina said and Eric shook his head

"It means you're the only person in my heart after my mom and Mimi " She said and Eric smiled

Mina smiled back and hugged him "So don't cry.. Okay?? As long as the bracelet is with you, no one will hurt you, consider the bracelet as me " she said still hugging him

"Thanks Mina "

↔↔↔End Of FlashBack↔↔↔↔

Eric swallowed his spit hard as he recalled how Mina mom told him that Mina has gone to Seoul

He also recalled how he met him in CJ place and CJ claim that she is her girlfriend

She clenched the bracelet tightly and his eyes was now red as he manage to go outside


The cleaner was cleaning the dressing room when his eyes caught a squeezed paper, he picked it up and open it

"You want Mina to be fully yours then You have to be the Star of the Music industry and defeat CJ or else you lose your dream and also lose Mina "

What are this young boys up to nowadays?? The cleaner said and threw it in the trash can

"Trying to defeat CJ, one of the greatest star in the industry, that is impossible " the cleaner said and continue cleaning

☑ Mina POV ☑

"Hey I want that too" I said while pointing to a sparkling red purse, I looked at CJ but he was just worried

Worried because so many people are taking his pictures

Worried about what they're going to think but I did not care

He has bought me a new phone and bought me different dresses and Jewelries though they're so expensive but he has the money

"Mina we have to go now?? He whispered but I shot him a glare

"I am not done with my shopping " I replied just then two girls started screaming

"Oh my gawd!!! Eric is soo cute.. " one of them said as they were engrossed on their phone

"Wow.. He just uploaded this picture, I think I have fallen in love with him, his voice is breathtaking and his looks.. Oh my goodness " The second one said and the first girl tapped her friend and they both look towards CJ

"Who cares about a gay?? The girl said

"But don't you see the girl beside her?? The other one said

"Maybe she is his cousin or just a maid " The girl said and I looked at CJ, he was really hurt . .. I could tell

It seems this Eric of a guy is now taking over but it is not CJ fault that he is a gay

"Mina let's go " He said

"You're a celebrity right?? I asked but he didn't answer "I know you're a gay but I will make sure everyone thinks you're not a gay " I said as I glared at the two girls

"What're you up to Mina ' He growled

"Hey girls, CJ is not a gay " I yelled and I could see people bringing out their phones for record "CJ is my.. my.. boyfriend " I yelled again and everyone gasped but not the first girl

"So much for lies " she said and I looked at CJ then back at the girl "you want a prove " I said with a smirk and walked towards CJ,

"This is for repaying you for missing the concert "I whispered as I pulled him close to me and placed my lips on his

Can't believe I am the one now kissing a gay

I closed my eyes and CJ took over by forcing his tongue on mine as we both kissed

To be continued

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