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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 12



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 12

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



I was in my room thinking about the kiss, I don't really know why I kept thinking about the kiss, I lay down on the bed and cover my face with pillow but I still keep thinking about the kiss

I jerk the pillow off and stood up, I open the door and went straightaway to Mina's room but she was not there

Where could she be??

I went downstairs and I was surprised to see her sitting on the couch and smiling to herself while she press her phone, she was so engrossed with her phone that she didn't even know when I came to the sitting room

Like seriously this girl is unbelievable

I walked up to her and angrily jerk her phone away from her making her quickly looked at me

"Ohh.. What is the meaning of that?? She yelled

I looking at her phone and I was baffled to see the reason why she was laughing

The crazy Mina was busy staring at African guys abs

"What the fuck!!! I exclaimed

"Hey... Give me back my phone?? She yelled and I threw the phone back at her

"Mina, I am fucking worried and I can't even rest just thinking about.. about the.. the...

"The what?? She said looking at me then my eyes drifted to her lips and I gulped down

What the hell is wrong with me??

"About the kiss... Don't you feel anything?? It seems you don't cos if you do.. Then you won't be smiling happily while staring at abs of a guy " I said sounding a bit annoyed

"And what do you want me to feel?? I don't feel anything.. I have never kissed a guy before and you were the first guy that stole my first kiss and I think the reason I don't feel anything was because I am kissing a gay " She said as she rolled her eyes then she continued to press her phone

"Well if you don't feel anything about the kiss then you should be worried " I said with a smirk and she shot me a glance

"Worry about what??

"Thank goodness you have a phone, how about you check what is trending right now " I said and she gave me a serious look before looking back at her phone

After some minutes, she open her eyes wide open in complete shock and I could tell she had seen the news

"Wh.. Wh.. What?? She yelled as she looked at me "what is the meaning of this??

 Author's POV

After Eric finished watching the video, he yelled out angrily and smashed his phone on the wall

He was really hurt

Tears started to roll down his eyes, he clenched his fist tightly and start hitting the wall hard while thinking about how Mina kissed CJ

He continue to hit his hand on the wall until it started bleeding

He got out and went straightaway to his car, he emerged in looking dismay, he started the engine and started driving to his apartment

Manager Don gave him new car and new apartment as a gift and he don't even know why but he accepted it

He continue to drive as blood was dripping down his fist but he didn't care

"Mina will never do anything to hurt me" he thought

She promised to always stand by him, she told him that he was the only guy in her heart

"I think CJ is the one forcing her to do it probably to just use her to prove everyone that he is not gay "

CJ picked his phone on with his other hand and dial Manager Don number but his phone went straightaway to voicemail

"Hello, I just want to inform you that I finally agree to your offer, I will make sure I get rid of CJ.. I promise " Eric said with a frown before hanging up and he began to drive fast 




When he got to his apartment,the gate opened and he was about to drive in but was surprised to see a lady sitting outside the gate, she was dirty and untidy, she was dressing in rags and her hair was messy

"Now what the fuck is this poor lady doing here?? He asked himself as he stepped out of his car

He approached the lady and make a signal for her to leave but the lady refused

"Gosh!!! What a bad day!!!!

Suddenly the lady gasped and walked up to him but Eric quickly drew back

The lady pointed at his bleeding hand and she looked at him sadly

Eric looked at his fist that was bleeding then back at the lady

The lady rushed to him but this time Eric pushed her off and to his surprise the lady started crying still pointing at his bleeding hand

The lady stood up again and remove the veil she use to cover herself and walked up to Eric, she pulled Eric hand with her dirty hands and tied the dirty veil on his fist to stop the blood

"Sorry sorry.. It hurt right?? She said in a babyish tone and Eric quickly remove the veil and pushed her away

The lady looked at him sadly and pouted

"I will tell my mommy " She cried and that is when it dawned on Eric that she is crazy

He looked at her for the last time before entering his car then he drove inside



🌺 CJ's POV🌺

"Wh.. Wh.. What?? Mina yelled as she looked at me "what is the meaning of this??

"Are you perhaps asking me?? I am a popular celebrity and you kissed me in public and you yourself told the girl that I am your boyfriend so why are you asking me?? I said with a shrug

"It says that I am your girlfriend, everyone thinks I am your girlfriend.. that we're couples " Mina said then she smiled and I was astonished

"Why are you smiling?? You should be worried " I said

"Well I happy because I am able to repay you.. Now you are free, no one will think of you as a gay " She said and I continue to look at her

She is right, she actually helped me

"But you still think I am a gay " I said and she nodded

"Of course you're still a gay... but you don't have to worry cos I promise that I won't tell anyone but...

"But what??

"The kissing video.. Will Eric see it?? She asked and I gritted my teeth

"Which Eric?? Your best friend??

"Noo.. Not that Eric.. I mean that cute guy that came here the other time.. that hottie" I said while smiling

"You mean the guy that replaced me on the stage " I said grumpily and she pouted

"Of course everyone will see the video and.. why are you curious if he see the video or not.. Wait.. are you perhaps crushing on him?? I asked and she looked away while blushing

"Unbelievable " I muttered to myself

"Uhm.. also CJ.. you bought me because you want me to always stick next to you in order for you to prove to everyone that you're not a gay and now I have helped you.. Can I go back home now?? I need to go back to my friends and families " She whimpered

She was right. The main reason I bought her is to use her to prove that I am not gay and it has been done

I should let her go but I don't know what is wrong with me.. I don't want her to go

Even though she's crazy and I find it too difficult to cope with her craziness.. I still don't want her to go

"Err.. CJ?? She called and I looked at her

"Well.. You can't go " I said and she frowned

"But why??

"Because.. because.. You still have a lot to learn, I need to teach you how to cook and how to make you stop your laziness, also your job isn't done... "

"What!!! She exclaimed

"You prove to them that I am not a gay but now they know you as my girlfriend and you're not even my girlfriend so you need to prove to them that I am not your boyfriend " I said while grinning at her broadly

"But if I told them that you're not my boyfriend then they will think you're still a gay and I will forever be here as your bodyguard " She yelled and I just reply her with a shrug

"This is ridiculous " She said

"You're staying with me till further notice " I said and walked away

What is wrong with me??

To be continued...

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