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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 3



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 3

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV

"Wait, do you know her?? Mina mom asked but CJ kept glaring at her

"Mom, he is the stupid psycho that smashed my phone " Mina yelled and Min ho scoffed

"Stupid Psycho?? Way to go CJ.. You need this girl cos she really don't know you at all " Min ho said as he continue eating

" I can't buy her, she's fucking crazy " CJ said

"What are you talking about psycho?? Who ask you to buy me in the first place?? Do I look like a dog for sale?? And wait.. What are you doing in our restaurant?? Ohh.. You tracked me here right?? Mina said as she smacked her hand on her forehead "ohh i know youre real motives, you are actually a pervert right?? She said and her mom angrily smack her on het shoulder

"Aww.. Mom " She winced

"The girl is really crazy " Min ho muttered

"You are no useful to me so what is the reason of having you here, all you do is to just eat my food and press phone " Her mother yelled

"Mooommmm, why are you saying all that in front.. in front.. in front of this jerk " Mina said while she shot CJ a glance

"Because that jerk is going to buy you " Her mother replied and Mina was shocked

"Wh... What do you mean?? She stammered

"Hey, I am not buying your crazy daughter " CJ said with a disgust look on his face

"And who is crazy?? Mina glared and looked at her sister who was just sitting quietly looking at the whole show "Mimi.. Has mom being taking her drugs because I don't understand why she will think of selling her daughter off "Mina asked but Mimi only roll her eyes

Everywhere was silent, just then CJ stood and smile

"How much do you wanna sell her?? He said with a smirk and Mina was speechless

"Any amount you're willing to buy her " her mother replied

"What the fuck is going on?? Mina yelled "Mom you can't sell your daughter off to a psycho, who does that??


Mina POV

I can't believe that mom sold me out and this stranger bought me, I tried not to cry as the guy keeps driving

Did Mom hate me that much for her to sell me??

Am I that useless to her??

Will I ever see her again??

What about Eric??

I kept thinking of so many things then I looked at the guy who focus on his driving, his friend gave him his car as he was ashamed to drive the one that I smashed

Why did he even decide to buy me in the first place??

Is he trying to take revenge??

Or is he trying to use me as a sex slave?? I was really getting scared because I don't know why he decided to buy me



Finally we got to Seoul , everything was beautiful in seoul but i really wanna go back home, during the drive, we didnt even bother to talk, after some minutes drive, we later got to his house

At first I thought it was a palace or even hotel, the gate opened itself and he drove in, I was shocked and surprised.. His house looks like a palace and it is damn beautiful

Perhaps is he a con artist??

He emerged from the car and so do I, he swirled the car keys with his fingers and entered the house, I was baffled when I got inside, the interior is much better than the outside, almost everything was made of glass then suddenly I felt something sniffing my leg, I looked down to see a dog

"Awwwn... So cute" I said as I drop to a squat and wanted to caress him but then it started barking making me yelp "bad dog " I yelled

"The dog even know you're not a good girl " The stranger finally said

I make a pout then I glared at the dog but it continue barking

"Chim stop " he said and the dog stopped barking

"Hey what do you want with me?? Why did you take me away from my parents and family?? Why did you bring me here?? I yelled but he just ignore me as he walked directly to the dining and pour himself a drink

I followed him and shot him a glance

"Well, my name is CJ and I need you here to...

"Wait.. CJ?? I asked and he arched his brow

"Do You know me??

"Are you an artist?? I asked while pointing at him and he let out a sigh

"I thought you don't know me " he said looking disappointed

"Hey, I don't know you.. My best friend said he wants to be like you and also.. Err.. I heard you're a gay " I said and he shut his eyes then opened it

"I am not a gay, it's just a rumor, I brought you here so I can use you to prove to everyone that I am not a gay " he said and I shook my head

"No wonder, because a straight guy will never ever in his right mind see a beautiful girl like me and smashed her phone " I said

"Beautiful my foot "

"You're gay and that's it, you don't need to prove anything " I said and I could tell that he was really furious

"I am not a gay, like I said I brought you hear to be my bodyguard so you will always stick to me wherever I go, if anyone sees that......

"I don't need your story, I am used to people telling me lies " I said and he grabbed me by my arm while glaring at me

"CJ or whatever you're calling yourself, before I can stay in the house I need to get my own prove too " I yelled and jerk my arm away from his grip

"Your own prove?? He asked then I smiled and start to unbutton my shirt "hey what.. Wh.. What do you.. you.. think you're doing??

"I am going to strip myself naked, if you're indeed a gay, you won't have an erection seeing me naked then I will stay here but if you have an erection then that means you're not a gay and I can't live here because I am 100% positive that you will rape me " I said while unbuttoning my shirt

"Wtf !! Are you crazy?? He yelled

"Well crazy is my nickname " I said with a smirk

I pulled off my shirt revealing my white inner "you must not have an erection or else I am not staying in this house " I said and to my surprise he was speechless and was sweating

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